Avery and Jenna Pt. 09: Visitant

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Harley Quinn


Avery slowly shook his head. Around it was a soft pillow. He wiped his eyes with his hands. He slowly reached to turn off his alarm clock, but a few moments later, he realized the alarm clock was not sounding. He sighed gleefully and turned to look at the window. The sun was rising fast. As the light pierced through the blinds, it danced across the bedroom, waltzing its way toward the bed. Slowly, a small hand began to glow in the radiance. That hand was attached to a slender arm. That arm was attached to a naked shoulder, which rested atop a thick, navy bedspread. That shoulder was attached to a thin neck and a slim face. Adorning the face were a set of full lips, an adorably petite nose, long eyelashes, and an average forehead. Decorating the top of the face was a splendid crop of red hair. When the sunlight reached it, it began to glisten. It was strewn out across a pillow not dissimilar to his own. Avery very gradually moved his hand from his face to hers. With all the delicate precision, he could muster at such an early hour, he rubbed the tip of her nose with his index finger. Initially, there was no response, but with a little more coaxing, the beauty lying next to him began to stir. She let out a small, loveable sound. Her head moved downward slowly. As her eyes opened, Avery felt himself at ease. What stared absentmindedly at him was a pair of green eyes, sparkling in the morning light like two emeralds. Seeing them in waking sunlight made Avery’s morning. He smiled at her as she began to collect herself.

“Wow,” Avery said quietly, still looking at her sparkling eyes.

“What?” Jenna whispered, moving her hand slowly to slide it through her hair.

“I just fell in love with you all over again,” he said. Jenna closed her eyes and smiled. A very soft giggle vibrated from her closed mouth.

“What’s so funny?” He asked, still lightly rubbing her nose with the tip of his finger. She sighed and inched towards him.

“Nothing’s funny. I’m just thinking,” she replied with more volume. She was beginning to wake. Her muscles began to feel themselves. One area of concern was her ass, which was sore from a sustained, intense session the night previous.

“What are you thinking?” He questioned her. Jenna moved a little closer to Avery and slowly raised her leg to drape it onto his.

“Do you know why I love you?” She asked, looking into his eyes as though she were staring directly into his mind.

“Tell me,” he responded, savoring the strong yet soft thigh atop of him.

“I love you because of the way you’re looking at me right now. I can tell a lot of things when you look at me, and the way you’re looking at me now is special. It tells me, you love me. It makes me feel like I’m the only woman in the world. And you make me feel that way all the time,” she responded, capturing his hand in hers. She leaned forward and kissed the back of it.

“How could I not love you?” He asked, drinking in her face with his eyes. She moved his hand to her face. She spread his fingers open and placed his hand onto her cheek. It was warm, flushed with blood, and though Jenna possessed fair skin, he could not see if she was blushing. Yet, he could tell she was.

“You make me feel so beautiful,” she said. Avery scooted a little closer to her. Jenna’s foot was draped over his butt. He leaned in and kissed her softly but with all the passion he held for her. Jenna moved her other hand to the back of his head and held him there as they kissed. Jenna moved her tongue into his mouth, spinning it around his while their lips tried to engulf one another’s. She felt herself growing hot and showed it by squeezing Avery with her draped leg. Avery responded by kissing her more deeply. With his free hand, he lightly moved up the soft skin of her thigh. Much like the sunlight, he skipped up her waist and around her back. Without breaking the kiss, she leaned her body away, offering herself to him. He kept his hand onto her back. Jenna had a few things that were truly blissful to her: a good workout, a long deep-tissue massage. Feeling Avery’s hand on her skin was among them; she directed his hand from her back to her breast. Avery lightly squeezed it. She moaned into his mouth, breaking their kiss long enough to speak a few words.

“I want you,” she whispered, still clutching his hand to her chest.

“What would you like me to do?” He asked, ready and willing to do as she pleased. She turned her body and crawled on top of him. Jenna straddled his naked body, positioning her pussy atop his hardening cock. The heat emanating from it was immense. Its dampness smeared against Avery. Throwing her hair to the side, she flashed a sexy smile at him.

“Just lie back,” she spoke. He put his hands onto her ass and gave it a placid squeeze.

“Ooh, baby, please be gentle. My ass is really sore from last night,” she said bluntly.

“I apologize. I was really rough with you last night,” he returned, opting instead to put his hands around her thin casino şirketleri waist.

“You don’t have to apologize for being rough. It felt amazing last night. But occasionally it leaves me a little achy the next day. Today’s just one of those days,” she said, lying on top of him. Avery moved his hand between the two of them and very gently rubbed her clit. Having been together for many years, Avery could find it immediately, be it absolute black or while his tongue was painting a picture against her. Or in a moment as they were now. Avery moved his hand away just long enough to put his thumb into his mouth and wet it. He could taste her flavor. It was very strong, as remnants of the night before and her current excitement blended. Avery moved his lubricated thumb back to her clit and started rubbing it again. His saliva made for an excellent makeshift lubricant.

“You know everything I like,” she said, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling of her clit being stimulated by the love of her life. Avery increased his speed but kept his hand at a distance far enough to be interpreted as both a tease and a delight. Her pussy lips grew hotter and wetter. He detected the changes immediately. Jenna moved her hand between her legs and took a firm hold of Avery’s cock. She leaned forward and positioned him just the way she wanted. Slowly, she lowered herself, sucking him inside of her. They both moaned as her pussy gobbled him. She lowered her head and kissed him as her pussy inevitably, entirely, consumed Avery.

“I love it when you go inside of me slowly like this. I like feeling how long you are,” she whispered as she kissed him deeply. Jenna felt stuffed, as though he were reaching far into her abdomen. Avery groaned as he felt the lips of her pussy around the base of his dick. Jenna grew hotter from the sounds he made. She began to grind against him slowly. Through her movements, Avery held onto her waist loosely. He did not want to completely let go of her tight body, but he wanted her to have the freedom to do as she wished. Jenna, on the other hand, was only interested in feeling Avery inside of her. After their intense session, last night, it would be a strenuous venture for her to get off this early, but despite that, she still wanted him. It felt amazing to her just to have him inside of her. Flesh grinded against flesh lovingly, as Jenna’s hips rolled in a wave-like motion. Avery bit his bottom lip and curled his toes as Jenna began to drain him just as she had done last night. Throughout their lovemaking history, she had learned the exact method Avery liked her to ride him, and it was fortunate that she liked it as well; perhaps more so than he.

As Jenna grinded against him, she rose and waved her body back and forth. Avery placed his large hands onto her strong legs and watched the show Jenna’s body was screening. Jenna’s entire abdomen would tighten as she rode him. The definition of her stomach muscles as she contracted inward and outward. Jenna shuddered each time her clit was rubbed against him. She loved when Avery watched her fuck him. His facial expression told her he liked what he saw and felt; it made her hot knowing that he enjoyed what she was doing and how she looked doing it. Avery reached up and played with Jenna’s breasts as she lovingly pleasured him. He circled her nipples with his thumb and index finger, then as gently as he could, he began to pinch them and did so until the pressure went from a slight nip into a full grip. He knew exactly what Jenna liked to be done to her breasts: they could be pinched but not too hard, nibbled but nothing too extreme, and his personal favorite, squeezed around his cock and fucked. Her nipples were particularly sensitive, so a little force went a long way. Feeling his hands on her chest was motivation for her to continue. She leaned downward to his face, still moving herself back and forth.

“You feel so amazing. I don’t want to stop,” she managed to say through several moans, spreading her juices all over his cock each time she slid down onto it.

“I don’t want you to stop. You feel too good,” he moaned back, putting one of his hands on the back of her head, holding it firmly.

“Tell me you love me,” Jenna said, further increasing her speed.

“I love you so much Jenna,” he answered. He closed his eyes and surrendered to her.

“Do you like the way I feel?”

“I love the way you feel.”

“Say it again.”

“I love the way you feel,” he said, moving his hands from her tight body to the bedspread. He tried to hold on longer, but Jenna was too skillful, too familiar with what he enjoyed. She knew by the lip biting that he was close. She would soon get to see her favorite show: watching Avery get off to her.

“Are you going to cum inside of me, Avery?” She said, keeping her gaze fixated on his expression.

“Yes, Jenna.”

“I want to hear you say it.”

“I’m going to cum inside of you,” he said, feeling his balls begin to tighten as she bared down onto his cock. casino firmaları Hearing his words, Jenna moaned excitedly.

“Yes! Please! I want you to cum in me. I want you to fill me up,” she whispered to him lustfully as she at last began to abandon her restraint. It was her goal to get him to release. To do that, she would do what she knew he liked.

“Do you like the way I fuck you, Avery?”

“Yes Jenna.”

“Tell me you do.”

“I love the way you fuck me.” Avery gripped the bed harder. Jenna doubled her efforts. She could feel his cock throb as her pussy wheedled it to orgasm.

“That’s it. That’s it honey. Let me have it,” she enticed. Avery could feel his balls begin to tighten harder and his fluids starting to swell up through his shaft. Jenna saw the complex look of rapture on his face; he was so close. She readied herself to accept his seed. It was always an experience to be filled by his fluid.

“Give it to me, Avery. I want it. Please,” she inveigled. Hearing her sexy voice, feeling her massaging his hard rod, and seeing her gorgeous physique caused him to expel his cum. Jenna shuttered pugnaciously when she felt the warm fluid collide with her cervix and the walls of her vagina. Spurt after spurt filled every nook it could find. Throughout the climax, Jenna kept her eyes squarely on Avery. Her pussy gripped around him tightly. She could feel his cock pulse with each spurt of cum. These were earnest, intimate moments she loved sharing with Avery. They did not always need some sweaty, messy finish. Some intimate love making sometimes was all that was required. She persevered, making sure to mine every drop he had.

“Oh, my God. I love it when you cum inside me,” she said, resting her head onto his chest. Avery wrapped his arms around her gently. “Watching your face when you cum is so sexy.” She squeezed him in her arms as she relaxed herself.

“How do you want to cum?”

“It’s all right. I want to wait until tonight for you to make me cum,” she responded. “But there is something you can do for me, since I got you off,” she said, sitting up to look him in his eyes.

“What’s that, baby?”

“You can serve me breakfast in bed. Scrambled eggs with black pepper and cheese, four strips of bacon, half of a grapefruit and some orange juice. Please,” she said, kissing him on his lips. Avery laughed when he heard her wishes.

“Your wish is my command,” he said, kissing her sweet lips again. “Happy birthday my dear Jenna.”

“Thank you, sweetie. Now, get your cute butt out of bed and into that kitchen.”


Today was Jenna’s 25th birthday. Avery had a big plan for the evening. While Jenna ate her breakfast wrapped in their thick bedspread, Avery sat with his computer at the foot of the bed, checking his email. Among the messages he received were: a memo outlining an impromptu meeting he had to attend later in the morning, a reminder to reorder his razor blades, and a correspondence from his stepsister, Alicia. She was in town to visit an old friend from her undergrad years in college.

“So, I did make some plans for us this afternoon, since I thought I would be available. Unfortunately, per the memo Mr. Warren sent out, everyone must go into work today for a meeting. What are you going to do while I’m at work?” He asked Jenna, sitting with his legs crossed at the foot of the bed. She put her plate down onto the mesh tray he brought for her and quickly finished chewing her food.

“Well, I would like to at least get my hair done. Maybe get my nails done too, if I have enough time,” she replied, picking up her cell phone as it made a loud beeping sound.

“That’s fine. I did manage to get dinner reservations for us at The Blake tonight. I remember that’s where you wanted to go,” he said, closing his computer. He sat up to begin to undress.

“That’s right,” she answered as she finished sending a response on her cell phone. “Is your meeting at work going to be a long, drawn-out affair?”

“It’s mandatory, but it’s only a meet and greet, so I should be done around noon or one,” he said, taking off his boxers and tossing them in the hamper.

“All right. The reason I asked is because Janelle texted me and wants to take me out to lunch, so I will try to convince her to come with me to the salon while you’re at work. So, can we get back together towards the end of the afternoon for dinner?”

“Sounds good to me. Since you’re going to have lunch with Janelle, do you mind if I meet up with Alicia after work? Just to catch up with her?”

“Oh, Alicia’s in town? What’s she doing here?”

“She’s visiting a friend from college and emailed me if I had any time to spare so we could get coffee or a drink.”

“That’s fine. So, why don’t you and I meet back here around five-thirty? How long does it take to get to the Blake?”

“It’s a long drive; it’s almost an hour away and that’s without traffic,” he answered, stretching his arms in the air.

“I think it’ll güvenilir casino be worth it. I heard their restaurant is one of the best in the state,” she spoke, moving the tray to the other side of the bed.

“Yeah, it’ll be amazing. I’ll have to wear something exceptional. Apparently, the restaurant has a very strict dress code,” he said, heading towards the bathroom. Jenna stared at his ass as he walked. The muscles expanding and contracting was such an enticing sight to her.

“Walk a little slower. I’m enjoying the show,” she joked. Avery turned his head towards her and spanked one of his butt cheeks. She laughed out loud as he did it. He snickered at it as well and proceeded to go to the bathroom to shower.

Avery adjusted his silver tie as he headed into his office. It was a small office in a small building, yet despite the size, his company was one of the largest investment banks in the state. It was his first adult job, obtained after four years of all-nighters and thousands of dollars in textbooks. After graduating a year prior, they relocated to Maryland. Their new apartment was a very modest one-bedroom in a condo building. They chose that option so they would not have to worry about paying for water or electricity; everything was included in the rent. They both also were pursuing Graduate degrees. Jenna’s office was farther away than Tony’s, and the work more demanding, so Jenna opted to take courses online to begin her Master’s program. Avery decided to go to a nearby college. Winter break was almost over, though it could hardly be called winter. There was no snow and the temperature, excluding today, hovered above fifty degrees Fahrenheit for much of the season.

A year had passed since a brush with perfidy almost permanently ended their relationship. After that fateful winter, Avery had not heard from Mika, nor did he expect to. He and Jenna did what they could to move on from all the drama. Jenna credited their relationship’s survival on rediscovering their friendship. That friendship is what drove them to be more attracted to one another than ever before. They exercised together, prepared more meals together, and did their best to explore new activities, effectively removing them both from their comfort zones on occasion. Like all couples, they were not without the irregular disagreement, but in a new state and city, it was truly a fresh start for them, away from all the madness of the previous year. Janelle, Jenna’s oldest and best friend, was born in Baltimore and recently relocated there, which was not too far away from their apartment, so they spent many weekends with her.

Securing a folder from his desk, he left his office and ran towards the elevator. He pressed the button for the top floor. As the doors begin to close, Avery saw his co-worker hunched over, also carrying a folder. He had sprinted to catch the elevator.

“Hey man. Whew! I’ve been running around all day. I was late this morning. Mr. Warren caught me trying to sneak in. He didn’t look happy,” Carter said, lowering his head and catching his breath. Carter was athletically built, stood as tall as Avery, with short, dark brown hair.

“I think Mr. Warren has more important things to worry about. This Blake Hotel account is a huge acquisition and no one wants to be the person who screws it up,” Avery replied, pressing the button to close the doors.

“Aren’t you taking Jenna there tonight?”

“Yeah. We’re going to the restaurant. She heard it was fantastic. We’ll probably get a room for some overnight festivities,” he answered, with a big smile. “You know, you have to keep the girlfriend happy. Especially one like Jenna.”

“Yeah, especially since she tolerates someone like you. By the way, have you seen the new girl in Human Resources? Smoking hot. Blonde. Great face. Tight body. She’s got a stellar ass,” Carter said, adjusting his belt and shirt.

“No, I haven’t met her yet.”

“So, you know how the Blake is owned by a Korean company, right?”


“Well, for whatever reason, they were convinced that they needed to have an interpreter so absolutely nothing is lost in translation. Even though, I heard Mr. Kim can speak English just fine. He just prefers to speak Korean. And I also heard they’re paying this new girl close to six figures literally just to sit in during meetings and interpret.”

“I highly doubt she’s being paid anywhere near that much. Mr. Warren is just catering to him. It’s a multi-million-dollar account, right? He just wants to keep Kim happy and comfortable.”

“Well, the new girl can keep me happy and comfortable all she wants.” Avery did not think anything of the rumor. When the elevator opened, Avery could see an unfamiliar woman standing outside of the conference office. She was wearing a navy-blue dress suit. Judging from the sumptuous, rounded ass spearing out from her skirt, he assumed it was the girl about whom Carter spoke earlier. Her hair was an uneven blend of blonde and brown, tied back into a perfect ponytail. As they approached, she shook hands with two of Mr. Kim’s associates and turned to acknowledge he and Carter. Avery recognized her face immediately. It had matured substantially since he last saw it, but he knew who she was.

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