Hope Fucks in Cars Ch. 01

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This story is to be made up of four chapters, each chapter telling about an adventure enjoyed(?) by Hope Dowell. Each chapter deals with a sexual experience in an automobile. This is Chapter one. Chapter two will follow in a few days. Reader’s comments are appreciated. Please enjoy. Oh, and please comment.

Variation 1. Gavotte, Capriccio

She was drunk, but she wasn’t so drunk that she didn’t know what was happening.

She was too fucked up to know exactly what was going to happen. But she wasn’t too fucked up to know that she was going to get fucked. She wasn’t sure if she was going to get gangbanged; though, if she’d have been able to think about it without strange hands all over her, lewd suggestions being offered by the men around her and alcohol obscuring rational thought, she would have to admit that it did seem probable, getting gang banged, she meant.

It had been a long night for Ms. Hope Dowell, and it was looking as if the night would be getting even longer…and more eventful.

Hope and three friends from work were at the club to relax, maybe to do some flirting. It had been a tough week at work. They had wound up at a big table with four hot looking guys. After a while, her friends had gone home. Hope stayed at the table. She was looped silly, laughing and giggling, was enjoying herself too much to leave. It had been quite some time since she had been the center of attention like this. She was being kind of slutty, but it was fun. Her husband was away for the week, and she had no pressing appointment this night.

Maybe she should have stopped things the first time one of the guys ran his fingers up her calf, saying that he wanted to check out how high heels affected calf muscles, but she hadn’t, she’s gone along with the guy, flexing her calf muscle, lifting her toes up and then down while the guy squeezed here calf and ran his fingers up and down her leg.. The other girls had gone, and the guys at the table with her were saying what a good sport she was. So she stayed and accepted more drinks when they were brought to the table. The guy’s hand had moved above her knee and then to her inner thigh and, finally, to touch her vagina. This time, he didn’t give a reason. Meanwhile, someone on the other side of her was fanning his hand against her boobs, getting her to giggle loudly when he pointed out to the others how hard her nipples were. There were so many hands and so much talk and she was so too drunk. It was too complicated and too late for her to try to put a stop to things, and her wet pussy indicated she didn’t really want to stop. So things didn’t stop. Usually demure, normally prissy, Hope Dowell wanted to experience what was going to happen. Nothing like this, being the center of attention to four guys, had ever happened to her before. It was exciting. So she just sat back, accepted the touching, giggled at each raunchy innuendo and kept on drinking whatever drink was put down before her.

x x x x

Well, that was how she ended up here now.

Her head was spinning. Hope Dowell was walking on the hard concrete of the dark club parking casino şirketleri lot. She was being escorted towards her car, or maybe one of the other the cars in the parking area, she wasn’t sure which. There had been talk about her not driving home and about sobering up in the car and other stuff. She had had way too much to drink and wasn’t too sure of much of what was happening, of much of anything.

Steve, that was his name, was guiding her. She was wearing those stupid stiletto heels, the heels that made her calf muscles tight.

She stumbled. One of the other guys she had been drinking with had his hand under her skirt, inside her panties. She could feel his pinky exploring the crack of her ass. as he was squeezing her ass cheek, pushing her forward. That, the stilettos and her intoxicated state had her ready to fall to the ground, but she concentrated very hard and managed to keep her equilibrium. She didn’t want to fall. She didn’t want to feel foolish in front of these guys.

“Over there, the red wagon.” It was Ernie. It wasn’t her car. Her car wasn’t a wagon. It wasn’t red. Ernie’s hand on her ass was pushing her along towards the red wagon at the rear of the parking lot. It was dark there. There were only a few other cars nearby. He slipped his hand down and gripped her thigh way up so that now his fingers were pressing against her cunt.

“We’ll see about sobering you up so you can drive,” said Steve. “You okay?”

Hope giggled.

“Hey, that’s not my car. We passed my car,” She said, her voice slurred, as they approached the red wagon.

“Hey, little lady. We’ll get you back to your car. Don’t you worry,” said Steve. “Right now, you need some rest and relaxation.”

“Rest? Relaxation? You think I’m dumb? You mean to say that you guys aren’t going to try to have your way with me?” she giggled. They were at the wagon now. Steve opened the door. Ernie, his hand between her legs, cupping her soggy cunt, helped her into the back seat. She hoped he wouldn’t realize just how wet she was. He’d think she was a slut or something.

“Is this where I can rest and relax?” she asked as she sidled into the back seat of the wagon. Steve was in the back with her. He was doing something. He was laying her down. It was like a bench seat in the back, and he was laying her down. He had lifted her skirt so that it was bunched around her stomach. He was removing her panties. She lifted her ass to help.

Hope had led a relatively unremarkable sex life to this moment. Oh she wasn’t a virgin when she married four years ago. She had never cheated on her husband before tonight, but before she got married, she’d been blown; she had sucked, fucked, and even, once, been part of a threesome, but, somehow, she’d never had sex in the back seat of a car. That was one of the things they had been joking about in the club. She felt Steve’s face down by her cunt. His tongue was pushing against her slit. She was already wet there but now she felt her labia lips begin to separate, open like the petals of a leaf. His lips moved and his tongue pressed hard against her throbbing clit.

“Oh, oh, ohohha, casino firmaları she shouted.

“I, I, I,” she screamed. Steve’s mouth and tongue were everywhere, in her cunt, on her clit, pressing against her cunt lips.

“Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god,” she whispered. This was sooooo intense.

“Whawa ah, ohhh, yes, yes, yes YES,” she uttered and she came. Her body shuddered. Everything around her came silent.

When she woke again, a few seconds later, she became aware of movement and guys talking in the car.

Someone, she wasn’t sure who but it wasn’t Steve or Ernie, was saying that maybe they ought to undress her first.

“Nah,” someone else said, “But role down her top so we can get a good look at her tits.”

Hope felt hands grabbing the top of her dress and rolling the dress down after she freed her arms from its sleeves. Now her dress, both the top and the bottom, was all bunched around her middle. Her brassiere was still clasped close but had been pushed up over her breasts and now hung high on her chest.

“Someone had put his finger, two fingers, into her wet cunt. “Hey, this slut is sopping wet,” a voice murmured. She didn’t like being called a slut but didn’t say anything.

“How we gonna fuck her?” asked one of the voices in the car.

“I’m first,” that was Steve’s voice. She did recognize his voice, it was so strong. “I got her ready, so I’m first.”

Well, she realized, she was going to get gang banged. It was going to be one more first time for her. She had never been gang fucked before. Hope had thought about getting fucked by a bunch of guys, but she had never even come close, not even in college.

Someone was playing with her tits, rubbing the palm of his hand over her nipple, which sent electric signals down and up from her tit. Someone else was squeezing her ass cheeks. Steve, his mouth reeking of Hope’s cunt juice was kissing her. Her hands were flaying, moving in an attempt to get some sort of purchase ON SOMETHING. Her head was spinning. One of her legs had been raised and was now bent behind at the knee and up over the back of the seat bench she was laying on. Her hand had latched on to someone’s big, prick and she began stroking the hard cock. Bodies had shifted position in the car. Steve was lying there between her legs. Her pussy was wide open for his cock, wet and wide open. He had opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants, pulled his zipper down, lowered his briefs and pressed the head of his cock against her cunt. His hard cock felt nice and warm against her cunt lips though she was a bit disappointed that he had only lowered his trousers mid thigh instead of taking them off.

“You’re going to fuck me?” it was a question.

“You are going to get fucked,” Steve replied.

“O, goodie,” she managed. Her head was reeling. She wasn’t sure exactly what to say or what to do. His cock slipped into her cunt. She was so wet she hardly was able to feel him in her. She wished she wasn’t so drunk. She wasn’t able to concentrate. She was so wet. Steve’s cock made a slurping sound each time it slipped in and then out of her cunt.

From güvenilir casino the front of the car, she could hear the guys talking, but she couldn’t make out what the words they were saying meant. Steve was fucking her, someone else had his finger in her mouth and she was sucking on the finger. A hand was squeezing her tit. She heard a voice tell Steve to hurry up, the other guys wanted a chance too. Hope began to giggle again. It was hard for her to concentrate with the hands, the cocks and the talking. Too much was happening. Her clothes bunched around her middle and were uncomfortable. She felt Steve cum in her cunt, but she hardly felt his soft cock exit her cunt with all the talk and murmuring and the changing of positions that were going on in the crowded car, not to speak of the cock that was pushing against her nose. She knew that cock was trying to get to her mouth, but she was too drunk to help align her mouth with the cock. She felt someone new between her legs now, trying and finally succeeding in getting his cock into her cunt. She tried to help, but she was sooooooo drunk. She heard someone call her a slut. She hardly knew who was in her or whose cock she was touching or which cock she was sucking. She could hardly feel anything. This was nothing like she thought it would be.

She half was awake, half dozed off. Her head was whirling. The guys were changing position again. Her cunt was wet and soggy and the cock in her cunt was sloshing around. The guys were making remarks and she kept on dozing off and waking up. The guys were taking seconds, some using her mouth, some her sloppy cunt.

From above her, she heard a voice ask if “you are having a good time.” She held him tight and pulled him to her. “Yeah, yeah, this is great,” she slurred her answer. She was desperate to feel something, more than she was feeling. Her mind was reeling. She kept on losing consciousness and then quickly waking and then losing it again. And she kept on feeling hands and cocks and cum. She had guys cum in her mouth and in her cunt. She swallowed and she spit out. They came in her body, on her body, on her face and on her hair. She felt gooey and tired. She had been gangbanged in the back of a car.

Hope Dowell’s sexual exploits had reached a point she hadn’t really anticipated. She really hadn’t anticipated that after all the cocks and all the fucking, that she hadn’t herself cum.

When they were all finished using her, one of the guys gave her a towel so that she could clean up a little. She didn’t want to go back into the club to wash up. She looked too skanky. She wasn’t sober enough, so one of the guys took her car keys and drove her car home. Another guy followed with her in his car to her home and picked up the guy who had driven her car. They both politely declined her invitation to come in for a cup of coffee. She was glad they had declined.

She thought, “Well, for sure, I’ll never do anything like that again.” She was wrong!

To Be Continued.

The author waits reader’s comments prior to submitting the next chapter of this planned four chapter story. The author has attempted to make the story seem as realistic as possible and is particularly interested in readers’ comments about the realism and about whether the realism adds or subtracts from the story’s ability to arouse. Please comment. Oh, and please vote.

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