Confronting Mother

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My name is Kelly Thompson. I am a senior in high school at an all girls school in upstate New York. I am 5’7 117lbs and have nice size breasts. I am a brunette, athletic and have nice long legs. My sex life has been pretty average. I’ve had sex with 4 guys in my life and enjoyed the experience each time. My love life now has slowed up a bit. I take care of my needs by playing with myself.

My parents split up when I was 10 and I’ve been living with my mom Cathy. My mom was my age, 18, when she had me so she is fairly young. She works out once a week and has a nice body.

It’s Winter Break and I am off for two whole weeks. It’s a time to relax, a time to hang out with friends and a time to forget about college applications and the like.

I had just come back from the movies with a couple of my girlfriends and I noticed that the house was empty. That was strange. My mom usual is home by 6pm. It’s 8:30pm right now. I check the answering machine and sure enough my mom left a message.

“Hi sweet, it’s mom. Just wanted to let you know that I’m going out with some friends for a drink and I’ll be home around 10pm. There’s TV dinners in the freezer. See ya tonight, love ya Kelly. Bye.”

No big deal. Mom goes out a couple nights a month like this, so I wasn’t worried. To tell you the truth, I think mom needs to get out more often. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in 3 years. I hope she has fun.

I had just finished talking on the phone with my best friend Monica when I looked at my clock radio and noticed it was past 11pm. I hadn’t heard mom come home yet. So I walked toward the window and saw a car pull up. For a week now, mom has been getting rides to work from her co-workers because the car has been in the shop. Our window has those blinds where you can see out, but people can’t see in. As I waiting for mom to get out of the car, I noticed that she was kissing someone. Pretty passionately if I say so myself. I assumed it was a guy, but when my mom got out of the car, I could see by the light of the street lamp that it was a woman. She had long hair and it looked like a dress on. I was flustered. What was my mom kissing a woman for? My mom was quickly approaching the door,so I ran to my bedroom, turned off the lights and pretended to be sleep.

Needless to say, I didn’t sleep that much that night. I kept asking myself, did I see that right? It was dark out, and the light wasn’t all that good. Maybe it was a man. I was hoping. My mom couldn’t be a lesbian could she. The thought of mom making love with woman disgusted me, and at the same time excited me. I quickly dismissed any such thoughts and went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and didn’t remember what happened until I saw my mom in the kitchen. I asked her how her night was and she told me that she and her friends went out dancing. She spoke of this real cute guy she danced with. I was confused. Maybe what I saw last night was wrong. She had to be kissing a guy. Then again, she could be lying to me.

Off to work mom went. I went out with Monica and tried to forget the whole thing. It didn’t work. While at the mall, all I could think of was that mom was fucking women. I would look at women my mom’s age and wonder if my mom would fuck her. I didn’t tell Monica anything. How could I? I wasn’t sure myself. After being dropped off at home, I decided that I would confront my mom. I had too. I would play it cool and just ask who she was kissing? Hopefully she would tell me the truth.

Since I didn’t get much sleep the night before, I took a long nap. I woke up around 7pm and decided that I had to ask her now. I rehearsed what I was going to say and approached mom’s bedroom. I knocked and there was no answer. She should be home by now. I opened the door and no one was there. I was somewhat relieved. A curiosity came over me and I started to look around for clues. I opened her underwear drawer and saw a big dildo. I was shocked. My mom masturbates. I smelled it and it smelled like it had been recently used. I instantly felt a tingling between my legs. I put the dildo down and picked up some of mom’s lacy underwear. I smelled them and started to get wet. I couldn’t believe it. I was getting turned on by my own mothers panties.

I looked around one last time in the drawer and found a book. I took it out and it was her diary. There was no lock. I told myself it was wrong, but I opened it anyway. I read a couple of entries. They were pretty lame. Then I started reading about this new lady at my mom’s work. Her name was Tori. My mom seemed to like this woman. She would write that Tori had a beautiful dress on today, or how she loved the way Tori had her hair made up today. It sounded as if my mom was having a crush on her. Mom thought that Tori was extremely funny and beautiful. A couple of more entries later, my mom revealed to herself casino şirketleri and to me that she was falling in love with Tori.

I was hot at this time. My hands gradually went in my pants as I started to fingering myself. I continued to read, and found out that Tori and my mom shared their first kiss. It got more graphic, as my mom described the taste of Tori’s pussy. I felt like I could taste her myself. It turns out that mom had been sleeping with Tori all those late nights.

I was about to close the diary when a Polaroid fell out. It was a picture of a naked Tori licking my mom’s tits. This did it. I was mesmerized by the beauty of my moms body. She had fantastic tits. I took off my shirt and panties and picked up mom’s big hard dildo and slowly pushed it into my wet pussy while wishing I was fucking my own mother. I pictured myself as Tori, going down on my mom’s wet pussy while she moaned her daughters name. I started to play with my tits. I’d lick my finger and circle my hard nipples. This felt so good. I continued to shove the dildo into my cunt, only this time with more speed. Oh how I wanted to stick my tongue in my mom’s mouth and kiss her. Looking at her naked body sent shivers down my spine as I was starting to cum. I started moaning as my orgasm got more intense. I was whispering to myself,

“Mommy, fuck me, oh yes, lick my pussy mommy.”

I must of really been into my fantasy, because I never heard my mom open the front door. I heard her yell my name and I quickly shoved the wet dildo and her diary into the drawer. I took my clothes and ran into the bathroom all wet and sweaty from masturbating about fucking my mom. Luckily mom didn’t suspect a thing.

I woke up the next morning just like every other morning. I had totally forgotten what I had seen the night before in my mom’s room. I got dressed in my jeans and T-shirt and went to the kitchen for some breakfast. Everything immediately came back to me once I saw my mom. She was absolutely stunning. She was wearing some dress pants and a gorgeous V-neck sweater that complemented her ample size breasts. I couldn’t stop staring at her. My mom gave me some toast and started to talk to me. I wasn’t listening to a word she was saying. I was watching her red full lips as she spoke. What would it be like to kiss those pouty lips? Then I heard my mom say,

“Kelly, why are you staring at me like that. Your starting to make me think you have a crush on me.”

We both laughed. She was joking, or was she. Could she possible know? I then thought about the dildo and the diary. I had just shoved it into the drawer. She probably could tell it had been moved. The picture of my mom and her lover, Tori was probably in a specific page. She must know that I was there last night. Not to mention, the wet dildo that I left. I started to panic and left the kitchen. As I left, I looked behind me and saw my mom’s head turned looking at my ass. Could she be feeling the same way as me?

I went to my room all hot and horny. I had to be imagining this. After a while, I convinced myself that my mom doesn’t know about last night and she wasn’t checking out my ass. That was just ridiculous. My mom would never do that. Still a little horny, I decided to take a nice cold shower.

A couple of minutes into my shower, mom came into the bathroom. She told me to remember to replace the soap when it was finished. She opened the shower curtain a bit and pointed to the counter where the soap was. As she did this, she stared at my naked wet breasts and smiled. She promptly left the room and headed off to work. I was asking myself, did I see what I just saw?

Was my 36 year old mom checking out her 18 year old daughters tits? Again, I wasn’t sure. My mom has opened the shower curtain before and pointed something out in the bathroom. I never thought anything was strange then. I dismissed it once again. I decided I needed to go out and get my mind off my mom. It was wrong. I shouldn’t be feeling anything sexual for my own mother.

My best friend Monica and I decided to go to the mall. We walked and talked as usual. We pointed out hot guys and stared at their tight asses. Monica pointed out this one guy sitting on a bench. He was absolutely hot. Monica was getting real turned on by him. While I liked him too, I concentrated on the person sitting next to him, his girlfriend. She was hot. A tall, slender blonde with luscious lips and and a gorgeous face. I was definitely getting off more by looking at her than her boyfriend. What was happening to me? Throughout the whole day at the mall, I was checking out all types of women, from pregnant ones to women in their mid 40’s to 15 year old girls. By the end of the day, I was starting to get worried. Was I becoming a lesbian like my mom?

I came home in the late afternoon and took a nap. When I woke up I saw two casino firmaları beautiful women standing over me. One was my mom and the other was a stranger. My mom introduced the stranger as a co-worker named Tori. (I remembered now. Tori, my mom’s lover. I didn’t recognize her with her clothes on)

I was shocked to see Tori over at my house. Were they going to tell me of their relationship? My mom explained that Tori will be staying the night at our place because her apartment is getting fumigated. Tori seemed like a very nice lady. She was a little younger than my mom, about 32. She was a brunette with a very nice body. She had nice eyes and was as my mom described her in her diary. While Tori was very good looking and a funny, personable lady, something in me didn’t like her. Maybe it was the fact that she was fucking my mom. I was very cold to Tori, as shetried to be my friend. On the other hand, my mother was smiling from ear to ear. She was extremely happy. I never seen her so happy before. This made me sick to my stomach. Suddenly the thought of having sex with another women repulsed me as it did before.

We had dinner together. Tori and my mom told stories of their time at work. They were somewhat amusing. After dinner, my mom and her “hidden” lover offered to do the dishes together. That was fine with me.

I went in my room and watched some TV. I came out a bit later and checked on them. They were watching a movie. Tori’s arm was around my mom. I felt a burning hatred for Tori. Why should she get to wrap her arms around my mom. After all, she is my mom. I stopped myself from continuing this line of thought. I suddenly realized that I was jealous of Tori. I secretly wanted to be my mom’s lover, not her.

It was getting late and the subject of sleeping arrangements came up. My mom offered to let Tori “share” the bed with her. They were so obvious. I decided to foil my mom’s plan of all night sex, by offering Tori my bed. After all, she is a guest. Tori said it was unnecessary, but I lead her to my room anyway. I followed my mom to her room. She was noticeably depressed. I couldn’t help but smile. Then it hit me. I was going to be sharing a bed with my own mother. Ordinarily this would be no problem. With my fantasies of fucking my mom, and her being horny because she couldn’t have sex tonight brought a truck full of problems.

I watched my mom from the corner of my eye. She was taking off her sweater. She then took of her shirt, which gave me a good look of my mom in a bra. She had wonderful tits. I was changing at the same time. I took off my jeans as sexy as I could. Moving my hips back and forth I slipped my jeans off and bent down in hopes that my mom would take a peek at my tight teenage ass. I turned my head and sure enough, she was. We both laughed and giggled. Our pajama’s were on and we both slipped into bed together. Side by side we looked deep into each others eyes and my mom spoke,

“What do you think of Tori?”

My heart sank. The last thing I wanted to was talk about her. I told her she seemed nice. I was expecting her to tell me about themselves. She didn’t. My mom smiled, and closed her eyes and went to sleep. I couldn’t go asleep. I was horny and mesmerized by watching the beautiful face of my mother sleeping. Oh how I wanted to kiss her lips and her neck. I was hot for my mother. I got out of bed and tiptoed to my mothers underwear drawer and pulled out the picture of her and Tori. I quietly snuck into the bathroom, locked the door and proceeded to finger my wet, hot cunt. I looked at the picture of my naked mom and masturbated myself to orgasm. After I was done, I put back the picture and crept back into bed with my fantasy woman, my mom.

The next morning I woke up and my mom was not beside me. I looked at the clock and it was about the time when she left for work. I got out of bed and peeked into the kitchen and saw my mom and Tori passionately kissing. I went into my bedroom with very mixed emotions. I wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore. These feelings for my mom were were totally foreign to me. These feelings were also very wrong. I would have to control my hormones no matter how hard it would be. I think the reason my mom’s lesbianism turned me on, was the fact that she was hiding it from me. I figured that when she finally admitted the truth, the novelty would wear off and my feelings would change.

After spending the day loafing around the house, I decided to confront my mom. No distractions and no excuses. This charade had gone on long enough. The truth must be told. My mom came home at her normal time. She sat down on the sofa to relax after a hard days work. I was nervous about confronting her, but I had to do it. I approached her and we had some small talk for a bit. I then went for it. I asked her,

“Mom, I know about you and Tori. I saw you kissing güvenilir casino in the car the other day and in the kitchen this morning. What’s going on?”

My mom was red in the face. She couldn’t hardly speak. She then admitted that she was indeed a lesbian and that Tori was her lover. Hearing her talk about how wonderful Tori is, and how she has never felt this way before, made me feel sad. I had always thought of my mom as straight. Now she wants me to accept Tori as her lover. Tears started down my face as she continued. Reality hit me hard. I knew she was a lesbian, but now it was official. I began to really cry now and ran to my room. I was crying for 10 minutes when my mom knocked on the door.

“May I come in?”

She came in and sat at the side of my bed. She gently wiped a tear from my eye and asked me if I was ok. I sheepishly replied yes. She then took me into her arms and hugged me. My head was up against her breasts. She then looked me directly in the eye and asked if I had ever had any feelings for other girls. I blushed and admitted that I had. She then asked if it was my best friend Monica. I told her no,

“It is someone who I love more than anything”.

My mom smiled and kissed my nose. We continued to stare into each others eyes as I leaned forward and kissed my mom’s luscious lips. My mom did not pull back. She danced her tongue in my mouth as we passionately kissed. My mom started to kiss my neck while she unbuttoned my blouse. She took off my blouse and stared at my breasts. She licked her lips seductively and started to gently kiss my shoulders while she unstrapped my bra. My tits sprung free as my mom caressed them with her hands. She then laid me on the bed and started to tease and bite my erect nipples. My wet pussy was getting jolts of electricity with every flick of her tongue on my tits. She then rose up from my rack and proceeded to take off her top. I was in awe of the size of my mom’s breasts. She went down and kissed my lips, while I was feeling her breasts. I decided to get aggressive. I turned over on top of my mom, licked her bottom lip with my tongue and began kissing her neck. I kissed her ears and gently placed my wet tongue inside. I whispered,

“I love you mommy”.

My mom seemed to like that. She moaned,

“Yes, Kelly, I love you too”.

I proceeded to place my face in front of my mom’s tits. I licked and sucked her nipples. The same nipples that I sucked 18 years ago. I then moved my way down her stomach, stopping to admire and taste her navel. I began to take off her pants. I was pleased to see her panties were all wet from making out with her own daughter. I felt so naughty and sexy. I slipped the panties off and brought them to my face. I smelled the sweetcunt juices and began to suck on her panties and touch myself like I did in her room that night. My mom interrupted my activity and erotically said,

“Honey, my snatch needs your attention”.

I threw her panties behind me and stared hungrily at my own mother’s pussy. I went down and licked her thighs and fingering her pussy. My mom was moaning and playing with her tits as my face was in her pussy. It smelled fantastic. I put my tongue inside her and explored her love box. Itoccurred to me that I was giving oral sex to the same pussy that I came out of. This turned me on enormously. I found her clit and smothered it with my hot wet tongue. My mom was getting loader,

“Kelly, oh yes, Kelly, sweetheart, eat mommy’s pussy, oh yes!”.

My mom was so wet, that juices were flowing all over my face. She then instructed me to get into a 69 position with her. I did as I was told. My mom was a professional cunt eater. My pussy was twitching and flowing with every sexy stroke of my mom’s tongue. It was hard to concentrate on the pussy in front of me while I was getting eaten. My boyfriends had never eaten me this well. I guess what they say is true, girls know what girls like and mom’s really know what their daughter like. I could feel an orgasm approaching. I was screaming,

“Mommy, oh mommy, I’m cumming, oh yes, mom, faster, oh yes mom!”

I had the biggest orgasm ever. It was the best feeling in the world. My orgasm must of turned my mom on, because her pussy was violently contracting and she was screaming in extasy.

After we both came, we French kissed and touched each others bodies. We both slept naked together the whole night in my bed. I was in heaven. My mom was now my lover. I couldn’t think of anything better.

We woke up in the morning to the sound of the telephone. I fallowed my gorgeously naked mother as she answered the phone. I began to kiss her neck and play with her pussy while she talked. I pinched her nipples and tongued her belly button. My mom was breathing heavily and was having a hard time concentrating. I giggled to myself as I thought that the person on the other line had no idea that my mom was getting sucked and fucked by her little daughter while on the phone with them. My mom quickly wrapped up the conversation and said goodbye, “goodbye Tori” that is.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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