Confessions of a Slutty Cousin Ch. 02

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In the morning, I woke up barely able to open my eyes, from the cum sticking some of my eyelashes together. I managed to clean up a little with some stale water from a bottle I dug out of my bag. It would be enough to get me to the shower, at least.

I peeled off the stiff clothing I was still wearing and put on the robe they’d left on the back of my door before tip-toeing further down the hall to the room I remembered the shower being in. I locked the door securely behind me.

It was probably the best shower I’ve ever had in my life. The dirtier you are, the better it feels to get clean, I think. I got to scrub off all that dried cum and wash it out of my hair, and try to gingerly rinse away the tender ache in my pussy, and the cloudiness in my head.

It had been fated to happen, I decided, as a hot flush crawled up my skin. The humiliation and pain and guilt were thrilling, and I hated and loved it.

“What kind of whore am I that I liked being raped by my cousins?” I thought miserably, and pushed my finger down onto my clit, sliding wetly through the lips around it. “Still, I knew something was going to happen when I walked in there. They had me marked from the get-go.”

I circled my clit with my fingertip over and over, until the water started to run cool and I gave up. “Too soon, somehow,” I thought, and left the shower frustrated and unsatisfied.

I dried carefully and slipped back into the robe, making a dash back to my room.

I got dressed haphazardly, putting on my clothes based on the order they came out of the bag. I squeeze a stretch black miniskirt on, then one of my baby-blue knee socks, before pulling on the stretchy mock corset I’d brought of the same color. After I laced it up, I found the other sock, dug out my black boots and laced them on (they come up to just under the lacy tops of the socks, in case you were wondering).

But I couldn’t find my underwear.

I pulled everything out of my bag, and laid it out on the mattress. I looked under the bed, scanned the floor, checked the empty drawers of the armoire, and found neither of the other two pairs of string bikini panties I’d brought with me.

“Fuck,” I said aloud. I guessed I wouldn’t be sitting down much, that day. Not that that was such a bad thing, with the pounding I’d taken the night before. But I still felt alarmed.

Could Jamie or David have snuck in while I was sleeping, and stolen them? Just to know I was walking around that way? What if I’d slept through something else? What if they came back tonight?

I rushed out to breakfast. I hoped I’d maybe be a little safer in the group, though I don’t know who I thought might protect me. Maybe Jacob. But maybe not.

When I saw him, though, I gave him a tight hug, desperate for some small sense of security. We broke, and he pulled out the chair next to him for me, grinning mischievously.

“So,” he said, “somebody sure got to bed late, last night.”

“Who?” I asked, too quickly to not be suspicious. I sat down as cautiously as I could, trying not to look like I was tugging my skirt down as hard as I was.

“You, you little sneak. Whaddyou mean, ‘who?’ Are you picking up guys at your family reunion, Kid? Because that’s pretty twisted, if so.” He tickled my side, to show he was razzing.

“Actually…” I started, but before I could think of how to defend my name, or disparage my attackers, I was cut off by the sight of David stepping into the room, sitting down not far from them with a cup of coffee and a very relaxed air. He smiled at me.

“…We just stayed up late playing cards,” I lied, quietly, disappointed.

“Uh-huh. I’ll bet.”

I fell silent.

David came to my defense. Nastily, I thought. “I’ll vouch for her, and Paul and Jamie will, too. She was with us until almost 2 am.”

I’d been hoping my silence and discomfort and really bad lying might alert Jacob to what had really happened, but that hope fell when my story was corroborated. Whatever Jacob thought of my virtue, he wouldn’t expect I’d have been involved in a gang-bang in the game room.

But Jacob asked, “Is that so?” and my hope resurged, slightly–he sounded a little cold, and when I looked at his face, I could see in his forced smile that he was challenging David. It looked like any affection he might have had for his cousin had dissipated all at once in a wave of–of what? Distrust? Anger? casino şirketleri Jealousy?

“You shouldn’t keep her up past her bedtime, Dave,” he said. “This is a school-kid we’re talking about, here, she needs her rest.” The jab had a very serious undertone to it.

Jacob was warning David off of me.

I committed to stick by him all day.

That had its own dangers, I found out, but at least it kept the other boys off of me, for a while. Jacob pawed me in his usual fashion, half-wrestling, half-tickling, occasionally restraining just for the hell of it.

By lunchtime, though, Jacob was the one posing me troubles.

“Hey, Kid,” he asked, pointing to a spot on the grass several feet in front of him, “what’s that?”

“What’s what?” I asked, confused.

“There’s a bug there of some kind. You did biology or whatever, you know these kinds of things, what is it?”

“I took one Zoology class,” I said, sure this didn’t make me an entomologist. “Jake, I can’t even see it…”

“So go take a closer look. By the sprinkler head.” He swatted my butt to push me forward, and I went, reluctantly. I looked over the area he was pointing to, but I couldn’t get a good look at anything on the ground, and I certainly didn’t want to bend over, pantiless, in this skirt.

“I still can’t see it from here, Jake…”

“So bend over! What, is your back broken?”

“I–my skirt’s short, Jacob, I shouldn’t…”

“You shoulda’ thought of that before wearing it, then, shouldn’t you? Bend over.”

I closed my eyes, and felt my skin turn red. He must know, somehow, that I wasn’t wearing underwear. How? Still, I couldn’t refuse him. I couldn’t refuse Jacob anything.

I bent over as carefully as I could, trying to tug my skirt down and at least cover some of my snatch with it. But I still didn’t see any bug.

“Nothing, Jake.” I tried to sound scolding, but it was weak.

“Keep looking, Kid.”

And then I was certain he knew. If he hadn’t expected it, he’d have been teasing me about it, by now, but instead he was telling me to stay bent, to, in essence, keep flashing him. I could feel him staring at me.

My cousin–my beautiful Jacob–was staring at my pussy.

Desperately, breathlessly, I called back, “Jacob, it’s… it’s not here, anymore. It must be gone.”

“Fine, fine, Kid,” he said, his voice a little too light. “But if I see it again, I’ll let you know.”

“Okay, Jacob.” I couldn’t look at him. I kept my eyes on my boots as I walked back towards him, past him. “Hey, Jake…”


“I’m’onna’… I’m just gonna’ go take a nap, I’ve got a headache. If anybody asks, tell them–tell them I’m out walking, or something, okay? Tell them I’m not here.” I didn’t want anyone else coming looking for me. God, I needed to soothe my nerves.

“You bet, Kid,” he said. There was something strange about his voice, almost eager, restrained, but I gave up on trying to interpret it. I just tried to get back to my room as quickly as I could.

I woke up rather suddenly, to find myself on my stomach (I’d started out on my side like always), with a hot, damp pressure on my mouth.

“Hand,” my groggy brain finally identified it.

And then I realized I couldn’t really breathe, from the weight of a solid man on my back. I could tell it was a man from the unmistakable erection pressing up against the cleft of my ass, through my skirt, though the size of the hand would have been enough. It was very large, and the fingers were thick and hard and long.

“Sorry I kept you waiting,” was whispered against my ear. “Got held up on the way here. Do you want to undress or just do it through our clothes?” He let go of my mouth, so I could answer, and I tried to crane to see him, but the angle was bad and the room was dim.

I heard his fly unzip, and realized he was pushing my thighs apart. “Who…?” I blurted, because I still didn’t recognize the voice, and the hand closed down on my mouth again.

“Shh, not so loud… Hey, if you want to play it that way, we can… ‘Anonymous intruder breaks in and compromises young piece of ass’s virtue…’ Or ‘dirty older relative sneaks into slutty girl’s room and has his way with her,’ that’s probably more like it…”

I panicked, and started to struggle wildly, but he subdued me effortlessly, I’m not sure how. He reached to the nightstand, and casino firmaları produced what I was certain (once they were in my mouth) were my damp panties from the night before. He must have picked them off the floor before climbing on top of me.

With my mouth gagged roughly on the wad of panties, he was able to free his hand from my mouth, and grab both my wrists in it. He’d twisted my arms back behind my back, and folded them, and now he’d trapped them easily in one fist.

Jacob…? Could it be?

I couldn’t believe it. I struggled, still, trying to wriggle free of his grasp, but it didn’t seem to faze him. His other hand was free, then, and he used it to push my squeezing legs further apart as he sat back, between my thighs. His hard, thick fingers were soon probing my swollen pussy, twisting them around inside of me, and I moaned quietly before I could stop myself.

“Please, please be Jacob,” I prayed.

That didn’t mean I would stop struggling, of course. Oh, no.

“That’s right,” he whispered, “I’m going to teach you a thing or two, girl, about getting fucked.”

I moaned again.

I alternated between the certainty that I was being used by a stranger (or worse, David), and the certainty that Jake was pretending to force me. Both of them were almost unbearably hot possibilities, and my body struggled, in my confusion, to try to get away from the fat, hard cock now struggling to slide up into my pussy. I tried again to twist and crane my neck to see if it was really my favorite cousin running me through with his dick, but I still couldn’t be certain.

Whoever it was fucked me fast and hard from almost the very beginning, running in my body like a manic piston. I was taking a pounding worse than the one David had given me.

But the thought of it all… I was so turned on I was dripping, and as he got slicker, he moved faster, went deeper, and I squealed into my gag, with my face buried in the pillow. I struggled, and got wetter, thought I would die if I couldn’t come soon.

“Just been waiting for,” my assaulter gasped, “Uncle or Daddy or someone to come fuck you, make women out of you, huh? Twisted, horny little slut…”

I was wailing, as quietly as I could. I begged, drooling around my gag, “Please, please, let me come, please,” but it was unintelligible.

“You do like being held down, pushed around,” he muttered. “Or did walking around like a whore with your snatch showing just get you too horny to care?”

There. Then I knew it had to be Jacob. I squeezed his cock in gratitude, and tried to push back to meet his pounding, which slowed him down and made him groan. I moaned, too.

Now I really was fucking my cousin.

But abruptly, then, he stopped, and I groaned as he pulled out of me. My pussy was twitching. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted, why in the world he’d stop, but he started dragging me around, to change my orientation on the bed. It became clear when he forced my chin straight out onto the mattress, though, leaving me face to face with his cock.

Jacob was bent over me, still pinning my wrists, but his other hand gripped my mop of hair fiercely. “Since your mouth is always hanging open, I figured you wanted something in it. I’m going to take those panties out of your mouth, and you’re going to suck my dick, and you’re going to swallow my jizz. If you try to bite me, I’ll just hump your ass instead,” Jake warned.

Why was everyone threatening me with ass rape, this weekend? I tried to open my mouth a little wider than my gag filled, to suggest I was willing, but he didn’t notice.

“So,” he went on, “you better be nice. Maybe if you’re really nice,” he panted, coming up from the whisper to a low mumble, “I’ll go down on you. Or maybe I’ll finger you, instead, Kid.”

I moaned deeply, hearing him call me that.

This was my Jacob! Really, really my Jacob! And he was here, right now, just about to let me at his cock.

He let go of my hair and pulled out the gag, setting it back on the nightstand, again. “Do you want to hump my hand?” he asked, as he pulled my head up by the hair again, just enough to slide his dick–still covered in the juice from my pussy–right down my throat.

I couldn’t answer; I gagged on his cock, and hoped he’d withdraw it a little soon, because I couldn’t breathe. Once he did, I “Mmmh!”d, and gasped for a breath, before he could push güvenilir casino his dick into my throat again. Which he promptly did. I couldn’t even manage to raise a panic for my breathing. If I were fated to die by gagging on something, I hoped it’d be Jacob’s cock.

When he’d done that three or four more times and I was starting to manage to breathe relatively well in between, he whistled. “Wow, baby can deepthroat. I had–” he grunted, going in to the hilt, again, “–no idea… how much a slut you really must be.” Again. “Nnh, and you’re good at it.” I was swallowing on his shaft, as much as I could, doing anything I could with my tongue when he moved, and he kept choking when I did. In a weird way, I was proud of myself, because I really didn’t have much experience deepthroating (but, okay, yeah, enough), and I really wasn’t all that bad. Generally, though, doing it at all is enough.

I was getting a little worried about asphyxiation, though. I moaned, whenever he pulled back, hoping to egg him on, and I licked desperately, and after not too much longer, now humping my face quick and short, he came, way down my throat. I coughed, and he pulled out quickly, to finish spurting onto my face, instead, while I choked and gasped for air. Before I really had my breath caught, my mouth was stuffed full of panties, again.

I sighed in relief when he let go of my hands, and I shifted my shoulders free, trying to shake the feeling back into my arms. Immediately, he’d rolled me over onto my back (still panting, trying to catch his own breath), and was warning me to behave while he flattened his palm low on my belly and leaned some of his weight into it. “In fact,” he decided, “put your hands up over your head, and hold onto the bed. I’m warning you…”

I writhed, and did what he said, watching him eagerly, now that I could see him. My Jacob, my beautiful Jacob…

“Bend your knees,” he demanded. “Put your ankles back against your ass. No, spread your legs wider than that.”

I obeyed, of course.

I felt like I’d been flayed. I was spread out so far, completely exposed, terrified and thrilled, and he was taking advantage of it, sliding his two middle fingers right into my cunt. I shuddered when he moved his thumb forward and teased my clit with the pad of it.

He started into a slow, soft, maddening rhythm with his thumb, only barely touching it, but he thrust his fingers haphazardly into me, sudden and random and hard. I started humping his hand, just like he’d said I would.

I fucked his hand desperately, trying to look inviting, encouraging. “That’s right, honey,” he said, teasing, “fuck me.” I promise I only wanted to kick him a little.

I rolled my hips as much as I could, and tried to push down on him, doing most of the work. I blindly reached to try to pull his hand in closer against me, and I didn’t even realize I’d broken the rules until he snapped, “Hey, none of that. Put them back.” He pulled his hand away, and I groaned in frustration.

“Put them back,” he insisted, and reluctantly, I did.

When he was satisfied I’d waited long enough, I guess, he ran each of his fingers into my pussy, one by one. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing, but in an instant, he’d turned his hand and shoved his first two fingers in, and his littlest finger up my ass. I squealed, again, and grunted as he pumped hard into me.

“I really should fuck your ass,” he mused. “Maybe it’d make you hold still–you wouldn’t be able to walk for a week, anyway,” he boasted, “so you wouldn’t go far.” I moaned my plea for mercy, and tightened my grip on the bed to show I was a good girl.

He did show a little mercy, and moved his hand from my belly to my mound, so that his other thumb was on my clit. It’d slide over it and back if I humped him, I knew. So I humped him. Desperate and hard and panting like some bitch in heat, moaning as loudly as I could through the gag, I fucked his hand for all I was worth, and eventually came all over him.

“Damn, Kid,” Jake murmured, and I could make out my favorite grin through the gloom of the room and melted.

I let go of the bed, gingerly, and pulled my panties uncertainly out of my mouth, using them to wipe some of his cum off of my cheek. “Damn,” I echoed, weak.

“So,” he said, low, “maybe tonight when I come looking for you, you’ll actually be here, right?”

I couldn’t stop a little ghost of a moan, and he laughed at me. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes,'” he said, patted my leg, and after briefly arranging himself and wiping his hand off on my shirt from the day before, he snuck out.

“I’ll try,” I whispered as the door clicked shut.

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