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Just a little introduction: I am a married 50 year old white man who recently started experimenting with my sexuality. I am 6 feet tall and 230 pounds, very hairy and have a trimmed mustache. Just your average guy. I have always been considered a very macho type of guy; military vet, biker, hunting and fishing. I’ve always been attracted to women and have had more than my fair share of encounters with them.

I met a guy (J) on the grind app and had hooked up with him once. He is in his 30’s, my height and weighs around 185. He is dark and handsome in that Spanish/Italian way. He is nicely firm bodied with a cock that is a weapon! He measures a little over 8 inches long and I can just fit my hand around its girth. I had been able to spend an hour or so the first time and as much as I tried, couldn’t get that fucker all the way down my eager throat, too much girth! Thanks to a very deep cleansing and dildo play prior, I was able to take him as he rode me hard. That first time was fun but not great.

This story is about our second time though. We had an entire evening to get together with no time constraints. I arrived at his place and he wrapped me in a big hug and immediately started kissing me. I’m not a big kisser of men but went with it and soon we were wrapped up in the hottest tongue duel I have ever been in. His raging monster was lodged into my groin through my sweat pants and was threatening to make a front hole to use in my sac. We got into his bedroom without breaking our embrace where we shed our clothes amongst much rubbing of muscles casino şirketleri and groins. I shoved him onto the bed where I fell between his legs and tried to take that beautiful uncut cock into my throat. I lubed it up and tried my hardest but just couldn’t get it all the way in. As I came up for air one last time, with a crazed list on my face I fell face down on the bed where he rolled over and slid that mighty sword into my lubed up ass. He worked that fucker in till he was buried to the hilt and then stopped, just occasionally flexing it while hilted in my hot hole.

I had him raging from the oral edging and he bit the back of my neck and said I better be ready. He started slowly stroking that phone pole of a dick into me, building speed while long dicking me. Picking up speed, he started pounding me into the mattress and all I could do was let him fuck that hard rod into my depths! He was going so deep that I expected to feel it come out my mouth and o, the feeling of him reaming me out had me thinking he had ruined my ass. In his fury of thrusting, he grabbed my ear with his mouth and said “get ready” and with one mighty thrust he buried himself so deep I thought he would definitely fill my mouth from the other end! He was buried so deep in me and I could feel that meat missile pulsing in my ass. We held like that for what seemed ages while he pumped me full of hot cum. All I could do was just lie there and let him flood me!

We headed out onto his apartment terrace to have a smoke and recover. His marvelous cock never went completely casino firmaları soft as I played with it through his sweat pants in the semi public area.

Back inside, he sat on the couch with that semi-hard cock and I just naturally fell to my knees and started sucking that wondrous meat again. He let me go for a few minutes till he was hard, then he got up and went into the kitchen to grab us a couple of beers. I was so cock drunk, I followed him thinking that I would get him back in my mouth. He turned with the beers in his hand and said “still want more, huh”. Without waiting for a reply, he turned me around, pulled down my sweats and pushed me over the sink counter. Without further warning, in one swift thrust, he shoved that glorious cock up my hole to the end. He held it there for a minute, reaching around to pinch my nipples. Then he grabbed my hips and proceeded to fuck me senseless! I was just a cock slot and he rabbit fucked me deep and hard with each thrust, letting me feel the entire length and width ruining my hungry hole.

All I could do was keep from hitting my head on the counter with each powerful thrust. This felt like it would never stop until suddenly he thrust into me one last time so hard he lifted my feet off the ground and held me supported on his cock against the counter while he pulsed another huge load into me. As he pulled his still hard cock from me I could feel his load starting to bubble out. Lying with my chest on the counter and barely supported by me quivering legs, I reached down and could feel where all güvenilir casino my pre-cum had soaked my balls and was dripping off. I reached back and scooped out some of his cum and licked it off my fingers, loving the taste, and knowledge that he had just unloaded it fresh for me.

We drank our beers and went back to bed, where he spooned me and kept rubbing that cock along my sac. I eventually shifted and he slid right into my man cunt where he just slowly stroked while running his hands all over my body. After a while J pulled out and asked me to ride him. I straddled his waist and lined his cock up with my hole and slowly sank down on him until I had him completely sheathed. OMG!! He went even deeper than before! I leaned forward and we again engaged in an epic tongue duel while he slowly stroked in and out a couple inches. He licked my neck, nibbled my lips, kissed my ears and deep thrust his tongue into my mouth, all the while stroking that talented cock in and out, stimulating a new feeling in me!

I had never felt this stimulus this way before! I began rising and falling, taking him out until just the tip remained in me, then slowly sliding it in to run the length of my prostate. Fuck, I was in heaven! No lover, male or female had ever given me this pleasure before! Before I knew it, I was raising and falling and he was slamming his hips into me so very hard, fast and deeper than ever! The orgasm was the best ever! J came deep, so deep in me and I flooded the space between us in a mind numbing cum! I collapsed onto J and we lay there and cuddled.

Eventually we moved and I licked his cock clean and sucked my cum from his belly.

We had another beer and then called it a night. I am writing this now as I am again going to have him fuck my brains out in the morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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