Another Erin Story

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction concocted entirely within my imagination. Any resemblance to real people shouldn’t be surprising since most of my stories are based on people I know. While I hope you enjoy this story and are compelled to provide feedback, I don’t expect the subject matter will appeal to everyone who reads it. As such, I discourage venomous, nasty feedback full of violent wishes against essentially fictional characters in fictional situations. If this story does not appeal to you, there is undoubtedly one somewhere on Literotica that will, so your energy will be better spent on finding it rather than on vilifying me.

Note: If you are familiar with my work, you may have noticed the reoccurrence of Erin in a few of my stories. I did really date Erin in high school, she really did dump me at the beginning of our senior year and we really never got beyond second base. The stories that have featured her are, like so many others I’ve written, fantasies I’ve had in lieu of ever actually getting her naked and enjoying the pleasures of her flesh. I can’t say that this will be the last one featuring her; I’m sure she will continue to visit my fantasies and reveal herself to me in new ways.

What a way to spend the holidays. Michelle and I had spent part of the night on Christmas, after exchanging gifts, talking about breaking up. We’d decided against it and were planning to work things out, then decided on New Year’s Eve to break up anyway. We’d been dating since shortly after I’d graduated from high school, but once I’d gone off to college, things had gotten rocky. Breaking up was actually probably the best thing in the end, but I sure didn’t feel that certain about it as the new year started. The last thing I probably needed was Erin complicating things; she’d dumped me at the start of our senior year in high school and had been wishy-washy about whether she felt it was the right thing for over a year since. She was home on Christmas break, too, and when she called me to get caught up on our respective first semesters at college, naturally she asked how things were going with Michelle.

She seemed more distressed than I was when she learned of the decision that we’d made, but I started to question her sincerity when she called me up a little while after we’d hung up to invite me up to her parents’ house to watch a movie that night. She claimed that she was just concerned about my well-being and I figured I had nothing to lose, so I accepted her invitation. I was surprised when I arrived to find that we were the only ones there; her parents and little sister had gone to see some relatives for the evening. I was further surprised when she told me that she’d received tickets to Les Miserables on Broadway for Christmas and wondered whether I’d be interested in going with her, presumably because I was going to school in NYC and knew my way around. When I hesitated, she told me that there were no strings attached and that she was just hoping to glom off my knowledge of the city for an afternoon. Again I figured I had nothing to lose, so I accepted.

We settled in to watch the movie and it really was just like back when we were dating again, except without the threat of a parent or sister interrupting us. It wasn’t long before we were making out and ignoring the movie. We’d never made it beyond second base when we’d been dating but I didn’t think tonight was the occasion to try to push it, so I was content to suck her tongue and fondle her petite boobies through her blouse again. She didn’t try to push it, either, so when the night drew to a close, we were probably both a little bit fired up and I will admit that I harbored a bit of hope that I’d gotten her worked up enough to give her something to think about while she lay in bed that night. The only other thing I did was squeeze her ass a little as I kissed her goodnight.

It was a Saturday evening performance that she was taking me to a few days later, so we dressed up pretty nicely for a couple of college kids. I will admit that she was looking pretty stunning in a red silk blouse and snug black skirt with her long black hair worn loose about her shoulders. We took the train into Penn Station, then got on a subway heading uptown. The weather wasn’t bad for early January, so we took a walking tour of the campus before heading over to my dorm room. It was kind of weird to be in the dorm, which was usually a hub of activity, and have it be so quiet, but it did end up being conducive to what we spent our time there doing. We shed our coats and sat on the edge of my bed and were very quickly making out again. It seemed by mutual, unspoken agreement that we started to recline and, after kicking off our shoes, were soon completely horizontal on my bed.

Naturally, my bahis firmaları hand soon ended up on her perky tits, though this time I unbuttoned her blouse and caressed her hard nipples through her black bra before popping open the front clasp of that, as well. It had been a long time since my hand had felt the soft, smooth bare flesh of her tits and probably equally as long since I’d seen them or licked and sucked her nipples. Consequently, I was soon kissing my way down her neck and along her collarbone before taking a quick peek at her tits, her hard nipples and her small, pink areolas. My mouth was soon alternating from one nipple to the other, flicking them with my tongue or sucking them gently between my lips. Erin’s response was of somebody who was thoroughly enjoying having her nipples licked and sucked. Since she seemed really into it, I went ahead and ran my one hand from her bare waist down along her ass and upper thigh until I found the hem of her skirt. As I continued to work on her nipples with my lips and tongue, I started to slide my hand up under her skirt.

I was pleasantly surprised when, not only didn’t she stop me, but she actually spread her legs to allow me easier access. My only concern was that I didn’t have much experience with pantyhose and how to deal with them, which ended up not being a problem when I reached the top of her stockings and found that they were clipped to an elastic strap. When I realized what I had encountered, I raised my head and looked at Erin who had opened her eyes to see why I had abandoned her nipples.

“You’re wearing garters!” I exclaimed, stating the obvious. When she nodded, I asked, “Can I take a look?”

She nodded again so I moved down to kneel between her legs and slowly slid her skirt up until I saw the pale flesh of her upper thighs between the tops of her stockings and the black bikini panties she’d pulled up over the garters. I leaned down, intending only to kiss that exposed flesh but, when she reacted with a squirm and a moan, I ended up kissing the front of her panties before pulling them aside. Her black bush was trim and neat but I only admired it for a moment, never having seen it before, then lowered my head while jutting out my tongue and licked up her slit. She was practically overflowing with pungent juices and moaned again as I ran my tongue up the length of her pussy before focusing it on her clit. Once I’d slipped a finger into her snug, slippery pussy and started to lick her clit, she let out a louder, much longer moan and gripped my head in her hands.

My cock was throbbing as I devoured Erin’s pussy but I wasn’t even considering fucking her at that point. I’d obviously need relief before we left my dorm room, but the fact that she was wearing stockings with garters and bikini panties and I was eating her pussy was so much more than I had been expecting already that I would have been more than content with a handjob. Making her cum wasn’t even my primary concern as I was licking and sucking her clit while fingering her tight hole; I was just relishing that I had been given the opportunity to do what I was doing. I glanced up, making sure to etch every detail into my memory and saw her pink nipples aiming at the ceiling, topping her pale breasts. Beyond that, her green eyes were hidden behind her eyelids, but her mouth was open as she moaned continually louder. I looked back down at her trim black bush and glanced around at the garter belt, garters and stocking tops, still thinking how surreal the whole thing was.

Her hips were starting to rock faster toward my face as I felt her pussy becoming even more engorged and slippery around my probing index finger. I was pleased that it looked like she was definitely going to cum but, at the same time, I wasn’t sure that I was ready to be done eating her pussy. I had a feeling, though, based on what she’d selected to wear and what she was currently feeling, that this wasn’t going to end up being my only opportunity. With that in mind, I focused on getting her the rest of the way to an intensely pleasurable orgasm.

She started tensing up as though she was almost there, but not quite, so I continued what I was doing until she let out a wail and her whole body began to shake. I could feel fresh juices flooding her pussy as she came and lapped them up as they seeped around my finger. As her convulsions tapered off to tremors, then to the occasional aftershock, I raised my head, slipped my finger from her pussy into my mouth and let her panties slide back over her bush. While she lay there recovering, I moved up to lie beside her, watching her tits as her chest heaved until she’d caught her breath.

“That was the first time somebody else ever gave me an orgasm,” she confessed, breathlessly, turning her face kaçak iddaa toward mine, her green eyes glowing. “In fact,” she continued, “I had my very first orgasm after you left the night that we watched that movie.” My feeling of incredulity must have shown on my face because she went on to explain that I’d left her feeling so worked up that even the guilt that her parents had ingrained in her for any feelings of sexuality was overcome by her desire. She’d lain in bed touching herself and pretending it was me until she’d felt an explosion of pleasure unlike anything she’d experienced before. She’d further masturbated every night since then and vowed to do whatever it would take to have orgasms produced by me, as well as to provide me with some herself.

“Now,” she went on, “I want you to make love to me, to take my virginity and to have another orgasm with you inside me.”

“That’s a tall order,” I replied, smiling back at her, “but one that I am willing to take on with a couple of conditions. The first is that I would like you to be entirely naked except for the garter belt and stockings. The second is that you will be on top and in control so that I am not taking your virginity from you, but you are giving it willingly to me.”

She was amenable to my conditions so we both stood and started to undress each other. Her blouse and bra slipped off easily as she unbuttoned my shirt, which I then shed, followed by my undershirt. As she went to work on my belt and slacks, I was reaching behind her to unfasten and unzip her snug black skirt. She let my slacks drop to my ankles and was working my underwear down as I was sliding her skirt over her ass and letting it drop, as well. When my rigid cock sprung out, she took it in her hand and began to stroke it, feeling its throbbing hardness. I pushed my underwear the rest of the way down and stepped out of them and my slacks while she remained transfixed. I gave her a minute before sitting on the edge of the bed, putting my cock out of her reach, and starting to slide her bikini panties over her ass and down her legs, my focus on her trim black bush.

Once her panties hit her ankles and she stepped out of them, I realized we’d need a condom, but I knew I’d packed mine up and taken them all home for the break. Luckily, I still had one in my wallet and quickly retrieved it from my pants, tore it open and rolled it on. I reclined on the bed as Erin moved closer and tentatively straddled me. I helped her guide my cock to her hot, wet pussy as I admired her nearly naked physique. I told her to take her time as she started to ease herself down onto my cock and, while it appeared that she was suffering some discomfort, she also appeared determined to do this. Once she’d accepted my full length and was just sitting there, I confirmed that she was okay and she smiled at me and nodded.

She started to slowly move up and down on my cock while I reveled in how tight she was while at the same time so hot and slippery; if I hadn’t been wearing a condom, I was sure that I’d have already blown my load into her. It was a slow process but I was fine with that as it allowed me to enjoy the feel of her pussy as she got comfortable with having my cock inside it. Once she started moving more, I encouraged her to try different movements until she found the one that felt the best to her. She ended up humping her pussy against my cock rather than sliding completely up and down on it and was soon wearing a big smile on her face while moaning softly.

My hands had been resting on her upper thighs, feeling the elastic garters, but once she appeared to be in the groove, I moved my hands up to fondle her tits. As I caressed the soft, smooth flesh and ran my palms lightly over her hard, pink nipples, I wasn’t sure if her louder moaning was as a result of my hands or my cock. She was starting to move a bit faster, obviously past the initial discomfort that she’d been feeling, and her tight, slick pussy felt amazing even through my latex covering; my orgasm was beginning to build. My hands eventually gravitated down to caress the curve of her ass as she continued to hump my cock, though I didn’t try pulling her down any harder preferring to leave her in complete control. I watched her small tits bouncing and the expression of pleasure on her face while feeling the smooth flesh of her ass under my hands.

As I felt my orgasm getting closer, I was hoping that she was nearly there herself because I really didn’t want to leave her high and dry. She was giving every indication of being close, so I did my best to hold on. I breathed a sigh of relief when she let out a gasp and her body started to tremble as she came. I relaxed then and, by the time she was coming down off her orgasm, I was exploding with pleasure into the condom. kaçak bahis Once I was spent, she leaned forward and we kissed passionately as my cock began to shrink and slipped out of her. We lay together for a little while before deciding that, if we wanted to eat before the show, we’d better get dressed and get going.

There was a little bit of blood on the condom, but nothing to be too concerned about. Erin wore my robe to the bathroom and, when she got back, reported that everything seemed fine and that she wasn’t feeling any discomfort. We reluctantly pulled our clothes back on and straightened ourselves up before making sure we had everything and heading out the door. We had dinner at a nice little bistro near the campus that was much less busy than the restaurants in the theater district would have been, then headed to the theater. We enjoyed the show and either held hands or my hand rested on her thigh the entire time. It was pretty late by the time we finally boarded the train for home at Penn Station, so we found a seat away from the few other travelers and snuggled together.

We had our coats over our laps, so I soon had my hand under Erin’s skirt and inside her panties. She was massaging the bulge in my slacks as I lightly caressed her clit and she rocked her hips rhythmically. I could tell that she was trying very hard not to moan and was instead doing some controlled breathing. I was watching her face, enjoying the conflict of pleasure versus discretion that was playing out there. I was also enjoying the fact that my hand was inside her panties, which before that day was not something I ever expected to experience. When I noticed that she had a nearly white-knuckled grip on the armrest and was pushing her ass up off the seat, I presumed that she was right on the verge of cumming. It impressed me that, having only that day had her first orgasm by somebody else’s hand, she still seemed in tune with her body enough to cum both pretty quickly and quite intensely. She buried her face into my shoulder and, when her body started to quake, her cry of pleasure was barely muffled.

Her orgasm again seemed long and intense and when she was finished cumming, she was practically gasping for breath. She smiled at me, told me how amazing it had been, then kissed me hard before putting both hands to work opening my pants under my coat. She fished out my throbbing tool and began to gently stroke it in one hand while the other caressed my balls. I was pretty worked up by that point so I wasn’t thinking it would take very long before I was spewing, which I really didn’t want to do on my coat. This turned out not to be a problem when Erin whispered for me to let her know when I was close because it would be less messy if I just came in her mouth. Just the thought of that pushed me that much closer.

I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of her petite fist sliding up and down my tool while the level of pleasure built up slowly and consistently. I was watching her while holding up my coat as a curtain so that she could see what she was doing but, if anyone passed by, they would be unaware. She was watching attentively, glancing up at me occasionally as if to remind me to let her know before I spewed. I’d have told her to just go ahead and suck me off for as long as it would take if I wasn’t concerned that it’d be more difficult to disguise what she was doing if she was doing that. I finally gave her the go-ahead to put her mouth on me and did my best to keep it from looking like what it was. I had to restrain myself from moaning as her hot mouth engulfed my throbbing tool and her lips slid down.

I watched as she held my cock and slid her mouth slowly up and down it, pausing to lick up and down the shaft and around the head. My breathing was becoming labored and I tried to keep it under control as my orgasm continued to rapidly build up. My cock swelled as I reached the verge and the pleasure reached its highest level. I didn’t know whether I should warn her or not, but I assumed that she was expecting it since it had been her idea. With a soft gasp, I started to cum and she continued to suck me off while swallowing my load. When I was completely spent, she let my cock fall from her mouth and straightened up in her seat, smiling at me as she wiped her mouth.

“You’ve never done that before?” I asked, finding it hard to believe in light of how good it had felt. She shook her head, so I told her that she had to be a natural because it had been outstanding.

“Still,” she replied, “I’d like to keep trying to refine my technique. Are you up for that?”

“Not at the moment,” I answered, “but any time you feel like practicing, I’ll be there.”

I got myself tucked away and we dozed a little before we arrived at our destination. She’d driven, so she dropped me off at my parents’ house after making out for a bit in her car. We were drained, literally and figuratively, so we didn’t mess around any more that night, but made plans for the next opportunity.

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