Caught in a Lie: Almost

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No oversized dickeys or racks here – No ANAL


Just A Dumb Trick-Great Outcome

My brother an I are fraternal twins and were 23 at the time of this incident.

Our father was working up the ladder in a major corporation so we moved a lot as we grew up. The result of this was a closeness which was very similar to what most lifelong ‘best friends’ seem to achieve.

The other could do almost no wrong and could be depended upon to keep any secret and would be almost totally non-judgmental.

We saw each other in every state of dress and undress and never thought to be titillated by what we saw. After all we were siblings and sex was not part of the sibling relationship. Right?

Anyhow my name is Sue and my brother is Dave. When we graduated high school at 18 we went off to college. However since we had made different career choices we went to different colleges.

As we were preparing for our first separation we happened to discuss the fact that several friends had gone to college as great students and then become sidetracked by the sex and the fun stuff.

We vowed not to do that. long story short we decided that when at college we would pretend to be each other’s love interest. We would post the other’s pictures around our rooms and when we called or wrote we would pretend to be boyfriend/girlfriend.

This worked real well. We pretended that we had the other’s permission to date casually and it helped us avoid entanglements.

Dave elected a small college in central West Virginia noted for it’s Biology and Pre-Me programs while I did the Ivy League bit.

We graduated college with a day of each other and our parents presented us with a first class trip to Hawaii which included a high priced suite at one of Honolulu’s best hotels.

We were having a great time and on our third night there we made reservations at a Dinner Theater which was reputed to be the best on the island.

Dress up was definitely in order and I dragged out my favorite (and only) dress up dress for the occasion. It was linen, sleeveless, just above the knee and while up to my neck in the front exposed most of my back. I seldom wore a bra so that of course was no problem.

I did however usually wear a half slip and panties with it. When I checked myself in the mirror I found that the couple or three pounds gained since I wore it last meant that their presence left clear outlines.

Well I was on vacation, thousands of miles from home and anyhow who would notice let alone care. Easy decision. No bra, no slip, no panties. Just the dress and me and I looked and felt great.

Dave was his natty best and his 190 pound 5’11” well shaped body looked great in it. He played varsity tennis so he was tanned and lean and handsome.

Me? I’m 5’8″ and was up to 125 pounds. I’m no centerfold but I’m not embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit. So much for that.

So out we went. We taxied to the Dinner Theater and found our seats. It was a table for four and the other seats were still empty. We were enjoying a drink and commenting about various things and people when all of a sudden I heard Dave say. “Oh, oh. There’s trouble.”

I looked where he was looking and saw an attractive blonde girl of about our age and a guy and an older couple. I assumed them to be a couple and the parent’s of one of them.

“What’s the problem?” I asked. Just then I noticed that the girl had focused her eyes on Dave.

“That’s Donna casino şirketleri Thompson. She never wanted to accept that I had a girl back home. Here she comes. Don’t let me down ‘girl back home’.”

She approached our table with her male companion in tow. “I don’t believe it. Dave Johnson. Is this your girlfriend? Hi. I’m Donna, this is my fiancee.

“He’s Jim.” Then she added to Jim. “Jim. Meet Dave and …………?”

“I’m Sue. Dave and I have been arguing about engagements. Should he buy me a ring or save the money for furniture. What do you think Donna?”

She seemed a little taken back and then said. “I’d hold out for the ring but then I’m originally from Georgia and that’s a strong tradition down home.” With that they seemed to remember the parents and excused themselves after asking where we were staying.

The food was great and the play also. Then they cleared the stage area and a dance band started up. About every third song was slow I assume because of the large number of Seniors present.

Personally I liked slow dancing. It can become very sensuous. I dragged Dave out telling him that he needed to slow dance with me if he was going to perpetuate the myth. He said that he’d better as he wasn’t sure how serious Donna was about Jim. That she had told him early on that the parents were pushing the marriage but that she really wasn’t much interested.

So we began to dance and I kept up the act by pushing close and we danced intimately. As we danced we were touching from thigh to face. Pretty soon Dave noticed that under the dress there was only me. As the information penetrated his brain it apparently sent a signal to his penis. I felt it become suddenly erect.

Dave tried to pull away and I wouldn’t let him. “Remember what we are trying to do here.” I whispered and I pushed close and repositioned myself to feel his erection where it would do me the most good. It felt very nice and I was enjoying the sensation.

Dave apparently had a stern conversation with himself. His erection faded somewhat before we finished the set. We returned to the table and Dave was quieter than his normal self. After a couple of minutes he grabbed my hand and urged me toward the exit.

Outside we were on line waiting for a taxi when Donna and Jim drove up. They offered us a lift which we couldn’t very well refuse and we got in the back seat of their convertible. It was a very pleasant evening as they asked us if we had discovered the Aloha Overlook.

We had not heard of it and they said that it was the prettiest night view on the island and they proceeded to drive us there.

They were right. We could see the lights of the city reflected on the water and distant mountains and hills against the night sky. We took in the ships in the harbor with their full lighting and plane after plane landing and taking off with their flashing lights.

Dave and I were sitting close and putting on the lover act when Jim and Donna began to neck and kiss. Dave and I were kind of at a loss as what to do when Dave whispered to me saying. “Sue, honey, ‘When in Rome'”

Next thing I knew we were kissing. At first it was for show. Pretty soon though our mouths began to devour each other and our tongues began going wild. My head started spinning with desire. All this without there ever having been an ounce of desire prior to this night.

When we finally broke Dave took the obvious next step and said. “Jim. Please take up back to our hotel before we embarrass ourselves by casino firmaları committing lewd acts and getting us all arrested.

I think Jim also had lewd acts on his mind as he didn’t argue and he drove us back to the hotel. At the entrance we quickly said thanks. Since they were departing the next day there was no need to talk get togethers and we were soon in our suite.

Once there I went to my room and took a shower and then put on my old but comfortable oversized T Shirt. As was normal I wore no panty under it since I almost always masturbated as soon as I hit the bed.

Dave was equally casual wearing an old pair of pajama bottoms which he had cut off just above the knees. He was channel surfing as I entered and was carefully avoiding eye contact. I understood his problem but it was so unlike us that I couldn’t stand it.

Way back when we were about ten and about equal in size and weight we often got into the mode of not speaking if we were at all miffed at the other. One day dad got upset by this and made us wrestle to settle the tiff of the moment.

Since then we have wrestled often and with little provocation. It may have been a way of sexual contact without acknowledging that fact. I’ll leave that for the experts to debate.

At any rate I felt the need to break up this silence so I got behind him and used one arm to get a choke hold on him. Then I used my free arm to tickle his belly button which was his weak spot.

Well it worked. We soon were chasing each other around the room and laughing and pillow fighting. Suddenly I tackled Dave and threw him to the floor. We rolled around the floor and even though I was smaller, I was also quicker and I was able to keep Dave laughing and therefore kept the fight equal.

Then suddenly he had me pinned. My legs were around his waist as I tried to push him over and escape. Then the unintended. the unexpected, the incredible happened. His cock which had escaped his pajama fly opening and had separated the lips of my pussy and was pressing at the entrance to my cunt.

Now I was by no means a virgin nor was Dave. As we realized the situation the world stopped. Our faces were only inches apart and we looked into each other eyes. Dave was the first to break the silence.


My mind couldn’t form and answer but my body could. My lower legs tightened pulling his hard cock slipped into me. As I said there had been other cocks and various other items inside of me but none had ever been so instantly welcome or felt so good.

Once Dave was deep inside of me my muscles tighten around him wanting to hold him there forever. We kissed and let our tongues explore each other and this continued for some time. Meanwhile our bodies remained locked together.

We stopped kissing and again Dave looked at me and said.

“Sue? Are we going to do this? If not say so quick. It’s so hot and slippery in there that I might come without warning.”

I nodded and as I did I humped against him. He got my message and withdrew a little. We did not wait but pushed back together. We did this again and then again. Soon anyone watching would have no doubt what it was that we were doing.

We were fucking. Our movements began to get quicker and our strokes longer. We screwed as if we had been practicing for a lifetime. Dave’s cock felt wonderful as it slid in and out of me. We anticipated each other and we responded.

Each time Dave was beginning to pull out I squeezed him tight as if trying to milk the güvenilir casino cum from it. As he was ready to begin his inward journey I would loosen up so as not to prevent it reaching deep into me as possible.

Soon, all to soon, we managed to achieve what some couples never achieve. Simultaneous orgasms. Just as my orgasm began to flow through my body I felt Dave’s hot cum fill me. It was accompanied by those hard movements against my pelvis which signal the male orgasm in all it’s glory.

Always in my previous experience my partner would soon begin to slow down and then stop after his orgasm. Sometimes he would resume more often he would not. This time was different. Dave did not even slow down.

How great it was. This time I was to be fully satisfied and not left hanging. I quickly came again and then we found a new rhythm. Long and slow and deep with kisses and tit play and words.

It was about ten minutes I would guess before we came again. This time I felt it deep in my body. My hands were on the cheeks of his ass and helped his dick penetrate my uterus to the total joy of us both.

As his hot cum flooded areas that had never felt that lovely sensation one little corner of my mind regretted the fact that I was ‘on the pill’ and therefore safe from pregnancy.

We were still on the floor but next to a bed. We remained coupled as we rolled over on our sides. Dave reached up and dragged down a pillow and the spread and we managed to get comfy as we lay there together.

After a few minutes Dave began to harden again and we attempted to adjust ourselves to accommodate the situation. Then I felt leakage from my pussy and decided that it was pee and shower time.

A few minutes later we were in the oversized shower stall kissing and soaping each other’s bodies and laughing over our new found closeness.

We actually did sleep sometime later that night. We slept wrapped in each other’s arms. For the next two days we hardly left the room as we tried many positions of coitus and of oral activities.

Of course we quickly invented our own version of sixty nine. One thing I taught myself early on was to learn to swallow. I had then kicked myself for having waited so long.

The next day mother nature as she usually does each month interrupted us. Since our time just happened to be up we traveled home where we were able to convince others that nothing had changed between us.

Nevertheless things had changed. For a few weeks we fucked each other into oblivion any chance we got. Eventually however we began to miss the old us. We had lost the relationship that we previously had and we missed it.

It took a year or more but finally we regained the happy friendship that we had almost destroyed and satisfied our sexual appetites with others.

About ten years later I was in Silicone valley deeply involved in the Y2K problem and Dave was somewhere and out of touch. It had been six months of silence when I received an e-mail as follows.

“Sue-you are not going to believe this. Our class threw an area reunion in Atlanta. Being nearby I decided to attend. Who should be there but Donna. Turns out that she and Jim divorced not long after their fifth anniversary.

“We hit it off so well that she came down here to Florida for a visit. Well long story short we eloped and then spent a glorious week in Portugal. We are now setting up housekeeping.

“Of course I had to tell her about us. It took me awhile to build up the nerve. Her comment consisted of four words.

‘Been there. Done that.’

“Be happy for us.


“PS We intend to have a more traditional wedding on the first anniversary of our reunion. Donna wants you to be her maid of honor. Please.”

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