Mary Jo and Her Ah-Ha Moments

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Mary Jo 1: The Ah-ha Moments

Mary Jo was a confused young woman. She had been raised within a somewhat monolithic, community. She was intelligent, aware of what was happening around her, acceptably attractive and a nice, fun person to be around. She was now attending Boston University on a full ride academic scholarship. Since coming to school, she observed how other students were living their life and how considerably different they were to the way she was living hers. She recognized, though, that she did know enough to judge.

Mary Jo’s sexual experience was limited. She was a virgin. Her orgasms came from her own fingers. She felt guilty when she masturbated but it did feel good. She had made out with some guys but only to kiss and to touch and be touched.

She was aware from taking showers after working out at the gym that there were some women who had nicer boobs than what she had and had more interesting pussies. She was envious. She wondered why she wasn’t so blessed. Had she dome something wrong? There were some boobs and some pussies that she felt a desire to touch but she believed that that would be wrong.

Boston is a college town with several significant universities and colleges within the immediate surrounding area. It is a diverse city made even more so by the thousands of students from all over the world attending the schools there. As she observed how many were pursuing their day-to-day lives, it became obvious to her there were many different ways to live one’s life. Her way was not the only way. The thought came to her mind: “Could I be living a better life?”

Mary Jo’s “ah-ha” moment come in a philosophy course. During one discussion a student raised two questions. One about something that he said was the “Right of Self” and the other, about what he called the “Subtleties of Evolution”.

He described the Right of Self as recognizing one’s capability to do what they wanted with their body or life; that one had free will. He gave as examples: one can terminate one’s life and if a woman and pregnant, can terminate a pregnancy; one can surgically modify their body or decorate it with tattoos and piercings; one can ingest whatever they wanted; and one could have sex. It said nothing, though, about what one should or should not do.

He said that the Subtleties of Evolution recognized the differences in how we are created from the chromosomes of our parents. Some are combined randomly and others conditionally within the overall context. Some persons will have more whatevers than others. Some will be smarter, stronger, faster, taller, thinner, more logical, more creative, more empathetic, more attractive, more whatever than another. We are what we are.

As Mary Jo casino şirketleri walked back to her off-campus apartment she gave thought to the Right of Self and the Subtleties of Evolution.

She came to realize that her religious teachings were directed at telling her how she should and should not exercise her Right of Self. Her parents raised her to be a responsible, independent and self- sufficient person, to be all that she could be with her inherent capabilities. Mary Jo felt that she was up to the task to determine for herself how she should exercise her Right of Self. She was confident in her abilities.

When she reflected on the Subtleties of Evolution, she realized how foolish she was about being envious of other women’s bodies. Because of the randomness of selecting chromosomes, it is a “crap shoot”. This led her to consider gender stereotyping. The campus LGBT group was very vocal about accepting lesbian gay, bi-sexual and transgendered fellow students. Maybe they were a product of the subtleties of evolution. Mary Jo decided to keep an open mind.

“Should not one’s time at a university be spent learning about oneself as well as from books?” she asked herself. Mary Jo had to find someone with more worldly experience with whom to discuss all of this. She had made friends with a young woman who lived in the next apartment, Cindy. Mary Jo would ask her.

In earlier days, Cindy would have been labeled a courtesan. Nowadays she is referred to as a high paid escort. It is not about sex. It is about a relationship with recognized expectation, sex not being one of them. Cindy was “eye candy” on anyone’s arm, male or female. But she was more than eye candy. She was a well educated, intelligent, articulate, self-confident woman at the young age of 26. Her undergraduate degree was in Political Science; her Master’s degree in Finance. She had graduated both with high honors. She was fluent in French, Russian, German and Chinese and her native tongue, English. She had travelled extensively throughout the world as a child of parents who were State Department diplomats. She was bi-sexual. She enjoyed a good capable cock but found that it was a “hit or miss” situation. She had learned that she could always find satisfaction in the arms and bed of another woman.

When Cindy responded to the knock on her door, she was surprised and pleased to see Mary Jo standing there. When she first met Mary Jo she was immediately impressed and drawn to her. She quickly recognized her innocence, intelligence and self-confidence. She welcomed Mary Jo in and leading her to the couch, asking her what prompted the visit.

Mary Jo related her ah-ha moment and her subsequent realizations. She hoped that she could discuss it with Cindy casino firmaları and learn. She was so confused and depressed by it all. Mary Jo began to cry. Cindy moved next to her and brought her into her arms and held her until the tears stopped. She pushed Mary Jo away slightly and looked in her eyes. She saw a need. She saw a “lost little girl”. Cindy’s heart opened. She pulled Mary Jo to her and kissed her lovingly on the lips. Mary Jo melted into the embrace. She felt safe. She returned the kiss equally.

When they parted from the kiss, both were smiling. Cindy had forgotten that she was only wearing a robe. In the kissing hug, her robe loosened. One of her breasts became exposed. It was a beautiful breast! It was a nice handful, round, firm with a most attractive nipple. Whatever motivated her, Mary Jo’s hand came forward to caress and explore it. Mary Jo’s eyes were transfixed upon it as her hand felt a breast other than hers for the first time. Cindy watched in enjoyment.

In time Mary Jo realized what she was doing and looked up at Cindy. Mary Jo was embarrassed. Her face was flush red. One look at Cindy’s face, though, and she knew everything was an OK. She leaned into Cindy seeking another kiss. The hugged tightly and held the kiss for some time.

When they broke the kiss, Cindy stood and taking Mary Jo by the hand led her into her bedroom. Mary Jo went willingly.

Standing next to the bed, Cindy dropped her robe. Mary Jo gasped. Cindy was beautiful. Her body was toned. Her pussy was bare.

“You like?” asked Cindy.

Mary Jo just nodded. Her smile was ear-to-ear.

Cindy began to undress Mary Jo. She unbuttoned Mary Jo’s blouse, pulled it from her skirt and pushed it back and off her shoulders. She leaned down and showered the bare skin with kisses giving special attention to the tops of Mary Jo’s breasts that were not covered by her bra. Cindy kneeled and showered Mary Jo’s stomach with kisses as she unfastened the clip and pulled down the zipper to remove Mary Jo’s skirt. She removed Mary Jo’s shoes and socks.

Cindy rose and took Mary Jo into her arms and kissed her. As they kissed Cindy caressed Mary Jo lips with the tip of her tongue. She rubbed her body against Mary Jo, first the breasts than the mons. As she was doing this she reached behind Mary Jo and unhooked her bra, slipping it off her shoulders and moving back a bit to let it fall to the floor. Maintaining eye contact she again rubbed her breasts against Mary Jo. This time, it was breast-to-breast, nipple-to-nipple. Mary Jo swooned. Cindy brought her into a tight hug, whispering into her ear: “Take your panties off.”

As Mary Jo hooked her hands and began to remove her panties. As she leaned down to push them further güvenilir casino down her legs, Cindy took her face in her hands and brought her lips to her nipple. “Kiss it. Tease it with the tip of your tongue. Suck on it.”

Mary Jo did just that. She continued to work her panties down until she was able to raise her legs, one at a time to remove them completely. Cindy brought Mary Jo up and kissed her again this time rubbing her mons-to-mons as well as nipple-to-nipple.

Cindy navigated them until Mary Jo was standing with the bed behind her. She broke the kiss and gently pushed Mary Jo to sit on the bed. Cindy pushed Mary Jo’s knees apart and kneeled between them. She pushed Mary Jo back to lie on the bed, pulled her hips forward until her bottom just hung over the edge and leaned forward. She pushed and held Mary Jo’s pussy lips apart to get the hair out of the way. It was long and unruly. She raised her head slightly to say: “We are going to have to get rid of that hair.”

She proceeded to “attack” Mary Jo’s pussy. She dragged her tongue from bottom to top repeatedly, wiggling it, probing with it. When she’d reach Mary Jo’s clit she would tease it with the tip of her tongue, stroke it with the flat of her tongue and draw it into her lips as to suck upon it. She inserted a finger into Mary Jo’s pussy pulsing it in and out. She searched for Mary Jo’s G-spot and having found it, would vibrate the tip of her finger over it. She would engulf Mary J’s pussy with her mouth and hum into it to cause vibration.

In all of this, Mary Jo was squirming. The sensations that she were feeling were like nothing she had ever experienced before. She came rather quickly and tried pushing Cindy’s head away but Cindy resisted and continued her attentions until Mary Jo came again. The second orgasm seemed to be more powerful than the fist. Mary Jo’s body stilled.

Cindy collected as much as Mary Jo’s nectar as she could and stood, leaned over and kissed Mary Jo lustfully. Her mouth was a wide as she could open it without losing a drop of nectar. She used her tongue to open Mary Jo’s mouth and she shared her bounty. Mary Jo did not resist. Mary Jo was in a stupor.

She pulled Mary Jo completely up onto the bed, spooned behind her with her hand cupping Mary Jo’s pussy. Cindy just laid there holding her.

When some semblance of awareness returned to Mary Jo, she felt Cindy’s body against her and Cindy’s hand cupping her pussy. She liked how she felt. She moved her hand to cover Cindy’s and pushed it harder against her pussy. She hummed.

They slept that night together, Cindy spooning Mary Jo with a hand always cupping Mary Jo’s breast or her pussy.

As Mary Jo fell off to sleep that question came to mind; “Is this what the Right of Self and the Subtleties of Evolution are about? It seemed so natural, so normal. It felt so good.

Cindy fell off to sleep thinking of all the things she had yet to introduce to Mary Jo.

(To be continued.)

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