Life Turned Into Black

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-1. KALEIGH SAT AT the edge of her bed, pondering upon whom she had just encountered. Her brother’s girlfriend of all people; she thought, I must have gone insane. She had been an orange-faced, salmon-pink vest top bearing girl- the type of which could barely spell their own name; let alone hold a conversation worth responding to. However, Kaleigh could not help but find her somewhat abhorrently intriguing. For someone- for someone to willingly fall into such a disgraceful way of life; it was a thought completely intangible to her. She, an ideology held rather firmly by her father; believed that everyone should aspire to greater things than they are capable. So, why a young, attractive woman- such as her brother’s girlfriend –would knowingly decide to lower ones self- well. The whole idea sounded notably crazy, and she had often pondered the exact same thing in regards to her brother, Travis, whom had fallen into the simplicities of gang culture rather enthusiastically. In fact, from loose gossip she had overheard while campaigning over animal cruelty in their local town centre, Kayleigh had even heard evidence that her brother may have seriously injured someone with a knife. She had thought it not true at the time, of course, believing she knew her brother to be a kind, quiet boy. Times had changed since she had moved temporarily to go to University, obviously. The places she regarded as being ‘rough’ had simply become normal, and all of the originally nice places had became rundown; much like the rest of their small town. Gang culture, knife crime, regular beatings and sometimes gun crime; these things all became normality. For someone with such high moral beliefs, what her town had turned into, it devastated her and confused her. She, however, remained much the same. Kayleigh remained strong in her vegetarianism beliefs, in her Lesbian sexuality; and in her individuality.

Hearing the faint echoes of her brother’s thuggish voice, as well as his common as muck arm candy, coming from the living room area in her apartment- she hastily broke herself out of the daydream. It had been for so long since her brother had willingly visited her that she felt under obligation to throw him away. She had even wasted a good red-wine on them; in fact, it had been the one given to her by an ex-lecturer. Travis had at least attempted to drink it, but his girlfriend- named Stacey –had simply dismissed it as tasting ‘disgusting’. However, sophisticated pallets begged to differ. Another thing which had come to annoy Kayleigh greatly, had been the way Stacey- his girlfriend –would refer to her as sounding ‘posh’ and had often stated in confusion how she used ‘so many big words’. Kayleigh had thought, in a slight amusement, to herself; you should try reading a book then. Nevertheless, Kayleigh could no deny she felt an odd attraction towards his girlfriend- something she definitely did not want to feel! There was something in the nervous glint in Stacey’s eyes, however, which indicated the feeling was reciprocated.

“Fucking ‘ell,” Travis had suddenly proclaimed as Kayleigh had returned to the living room area once more, “that wine ‘as proper gone to ma ‘ed.” Stacey, too, had been giggling as if she were miraculously tipsy. For none-stop partiers, Kayleigh had thought to herself, these kids sure are lightweights.

“Oh, I’ll phone Dad or something.” Kayleigh had suggested, clearing up the slight mess her visitors had made; as if by natural reflex.

“Nah, sis’ let us stay ‘ere for the night or somethin’.” Oh, great, Kayleigh had thought to herself, even thinking in a sarcastic tone.

“I’m not sure whether that would work, I only have one bedroom and my couch isn’t exactly…”- Kayleigh looked towards the ‘couple’, realising they would be staying the night despite however much she may have debated. “Okay, I probably have some spare blankets hidden away somewhere. One of you will have to sleep on the floor, of course.” There was an odd silence; no, Kayleigh had thought, no they weren’t going to sleep in my bed.

“If you sleep on the couch it’ll be easier, sis’.” Stacey had nodded in agreement. Typical, she had surely dug herself into too deep a whole now.

After a short silence, the reluctant Kayleigh finally agreed, simply nodding her head.

“Thanks.” Stacey had said, usually she remained quiet. Something about the way she smiled showed she was actually thankful to Kayleigh, as well as possessing the look of slight guilt; like a kid who had just stolen a biscuit from the cookie jar.

“I want to go to bed at eleven though; I have work in the morning.” Kayleigh said, glancing towards the digital display flashing across her television screen. It was exactly 22:10, which meant they had fifty minuets to calm themselves down enough to sleep; a thing Kayleigh doubted would happen in time.

“Oh my days sis’, when did you become such a goody-two-shoes?” Travis send, mockingly as he had rose to vacate into her bedroom. casino şirketleri

“Since forever”- she followed him in, not fully trusting him with her possessions. Inside her wardrobes lay things she did not want her brother; or anyone other than a lover, to see. It bore an assortment of sexy lingerie, sex toys; as well video tapes, DVDs and literature of the pornographic nature. See, the thing about Kayleigh was she was a good girl, but she was also a very sexually liberated woman underneath. She didn’t want her brother, of all people, to see this side of her. It would mutilate their relationship even further. “Don’t touch anything; you know how I like things nice and tidy.” She said, quickly scanning the room to ensure she had not left any conspicuous items lying around. There was nothing, as far as she could see.

“I won’t, as if I can be arsed to go looking through your weirdo stuff.” Stacey came wondering into the bedroom next, gently brushing hips with Kayleigh on her way through the narrow doorway. She nervously coughed, as if clearing her mind of an arousal. Kayleigh, however, remained standing with her arms beside her hips with a smug-smile dancing across her lips. How obvious could it become, before her own brother would realise he was ‘dating’ a girl who was into other girls, too.

“You have a nice bedroom,” Stacey said, almost out of the blue “I suppose you know what looks good.” Travis, suddenly overtaken by a need for the toilet, rushed past his sister and left the two girls alone together.

“I also know who looks good,” Kayleigh had said, a suggestive and aggressive tone taking over.

“Not me.” Stacey had begun eyeing up her boyfriend’s sister, noticing the largeness of her bright green eyes. She had perfection about her, something about the fine point of her jaw, or the pail-perfection of her skin that looked as though it would be baby-soft to touch. A look, Stacey thought to herself, a rare amount of women would ever achieve. Kayleigh looked as though all she had to do was wake up, and her whole aurora would resonate a divine beauty. But, Stacey said pulling herself out from her own thoughts; she did not find Kayleigh sexually attractive. Or did she?

It had been in the early hours in the morning, around two-am, when Travis had finally taken his girlfriend to bed. As Kayleigh lay there, watching some drab late-night television quiz show, she began to think about Stacey; and what things she would do to her if they were left alone.

-2. IN HER FANTASY, Stacey would be handcuffed to the headboard of her double bed, with her eyes covered by a black blindfold. She would be completely naked, where as Kayleigh would be dressed in her favourite underwear, which consisted of a black and red laced bra and a pair of matching black and red laced thongs. Kayleigh would revel in the position of power and tease her slave for all she was worth. She would whisper dirty words in her lover’s ears, before crouching down before her and licking her erect, pink nipples. She would moan with incredible pleasure as she began to want more and more; as Stacey begun to beg her to fuck her. She would, her own pussy throbbing with excitement, go in her wardrobe and pull out a large black dildo, and strap it around her crotch. Stacey would be so wet, so ready; she moans in complete ecstasy as Kayleigh presses her body against the captives, and fucks her pussy hard. At each rhythmic push, her lover would scream ‘more, oohh. Fuck me harder’ and Kayleigh would, in fact, fuck her stronger and give her more. Just as Stacey would be about to climax, she would pull her massive rubber cock out and rub ice cold cubes down her lover’s stomach. She would be screaming ‘oh shit, no’, ready to have the most intense orgasm of her entire life. Kayleigh would carry on teasing her, until she felt she had been cruel enough and she would eventually burry her head in-between her lover’s thighs, and seek out her crown jewels. There it stood, the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen in her life. It lay pink, unshaven, wet; but most of all it smelt of lust and desire. It sent all of the senses in Kayleigh to orbit, and she had not even tasted her yet. She would lick her clit, slowly and in circles at first, and then she would thrash it hard in up and down motions with her tongue. She would be fucking her so hard with her tongue, her head would be moving in combination with the up and down movements. Stacey’s moans would rise in pitch until finally; she would cum in her mouth. Thick, juicy, pale liquids would poor out from her pussy, and Kayleigh would drink it all up and still be thirsty for her musky-sweetness. She would untie her, and then be done with her. They would never smile at each other and exchange pleasantries, they would never hold each other or kiss; they would never emotionally link themselves to one and another.-

Kayleigh prised her eyes open and glanced about her living room. She had fallen asleep for about an hour, and had been rudely awoken by the casino firmaları sounds of her brother and his girlfriend at it in her bedroom. It made her feel sick, the thought of a man and woman having rough sexual intercourse in her bed. She could imagine her brother to have Stacey in the doggie position, and be fucking her like a piece of meat. She could imagine her bed to be rocking back and forth, hitting her wall and chipping away at the wallpaper. The disrespect for her personal area was the thing that angered her most; let alone he was fucking a girl she really wanted to, herself.

The next morning was awkward, as one could imagine, and neither Stacey nor Travis dared to look Kayleigh in the eyes. Dressed in their clothes from yesterday, the couple had gotten up and expected breakfast almost immediately.

“Listen, sis’,” Travis had said, rubbing his eyes and stretching as the couple both sat next to Kayleigh, upon the leather sofa chair. “I need- we need to ask you a lil’ favour.” Kayleigh sighed, knowing she would probably be backed into a corner again, until she could not refuse what ever he was going to ask of her.

“Go on.”

“Well, Stacey’s Mum kinda’ chucked her out and she has no place to stay. I’d let her stay with me at Dad’s place, but he said no.” Travis had done all of the speaking for her, perhaps she had been too nervous to ask because she felt an attraction towards her, she thought.

“Oh, has she no place to go, else where?” Kayleigh had responded, trying to seem as though she did not feel comfortable with the suggestion, when in fact, she would have been more than grateful for the opportunity.

“No,” Stacey said- butting in before Travis had the time to reply “well, probably, but all of my friends are into none stop partying and things; I just want a place to stay until my Mum calms down.”

“Well, if that’s what you want, how can I refuse?” Their eyes met, both glistening with the same lustful desire. Already Kayleigh’s fantasy about her brother’s girlfriend had become closer to happening. However, one part of it would never be; they would never be emotionally disconnected from one and another.

-3. ALMOST A WEEK HAD PASSED since Stacey and Kayleigh had been living together. At first it had been awkward and cumbersome, but after a while they both realised they shared many things in common; they had both begun to enjoy each others company. In fact for Kayleigh, a person whom had become so emotionally detached, it had become her very own healing process. Since graduating from university, despite being a very sexually confident woman, she had not encountered another woman quite like the one she had fallen in love with. Her name was Jane, and she had been studying English Literature. They had planned to live together after university, and probably start their own little family unit; but Jane had secretly just wanted to pursue her career. This had all became apparent in the latter stages of their graduation, when Jane had ended things with Kayleigh at a party. Ever since that night, she had became emotionally guarded and refused to even allow herself to believe she wanted a relationship with another woman; ever again.

Stacey had never been in a loving relationship, and she wanted it more than anything. She saw emotion in Kayleigh, but she also began to realise how apparent she despised it. Stacey, despite originally noticing her stunning looks, had been mostly attracted by the warmth- a kind of warmth her brother did not possess, and probably never would, especially towards her.

The pair sat upon Kayleigh’s leather sofa chair, staring mindlessly towards her television box. Stacey’s legs had wandered across to Kayleigh’s side, lured in by the warmth of her body in comparison to the cold night. They had been watching the dull program for about fifteen minuets, before Kayleigh began to bore.

“You know”- Kayleigh said, interrupting the American sitcom and turning to face her friend, “I don’t know what you’re doing with a slob like Travis.” Stacey laughed in response to her comment; a good reaction, she thought to herself.

“It’s hard to believe you two are related,” Stacey smiled and then glanced despondently towards the carpet. “I’m kinda’ scared I’ll cheat on Trav’.” She had blurted it out, as if unintentionally but not regretting what she had said afterwards.

“Oh, with anyone in particular?” Kayleigh had asked, she was playing along knowing all along she was the one Stacey wanted.

“Yes.”- Silence loomed the household for a few moments, the televisions din becoming just a silent-noise. All either of the girls could think about was touching each other, tasting each other; and fucking one and another.

“I know I should tell you not to, being his sister and all, but that’s not what I want you to do.” Kayleigh, switching off the television set via the remote, turned to look at the girl she had once regarded as common and irritating.

“I”- Stacey began, closing güvenilir casino her eyes and clenching her jaws, as if to confess a great sin.

“I know, I feel it too.” Kayleigh, being the confident one, placed her hand upon the timid girl’s lap, and slowly began to dig her fingers into the flesh of her jeans. “There’s something amazingly personal about you, something I’ve never met in a girl around here; nor expected. You’re a beauty rarer than any, and just feeling your body against mine makes me wet.” Both girls paused, as if what she had said had been somehow untrue, or perhaps taken the moment too far.

“I’m not a lesbian.” Stacey said, jumping up from the sofa chair, “I should have never”-

“Never what?” Kayleigh interrupted, also standing.

“I don’t know!” She shouted, sitting back down, but Kayleigh remained standing.

“It’s not wrong to find me attractive, it’s normal. You probably aren’t a lesbian, but either way I know you want me as much as I want you.” She knelt down to Stacey’s sitting level, and then placed both of her hands upon the orange complexion of her face.

“We can’t”-


“Because”- By this time, the moment had passed and both girls had moved away from the embrace. It was late, Kayleigh noticed, and I have work tomorrow morning.

“I’m going to bed, you are free to sleep in my bed with me; and that doesn’t mean to have sex. It means I feel guilty for you sleeping on my sofa chair all of the time, it’s your choice whether you take it or not.” Without waiting for the reply, Kayleigh had wondered off to her bedroom, expecting the timid brunette not to accept. Pondering over it for a good five minuets, however, Stacey had decided she would spend the night in her bed.

The door creaked open, and both girls glared into one and another’s eyes as Kayleigh sat upon her bed’s end undressing herself. The more garments which were taken off, the more Stacey began to feel uncomfortable; yet she was expected to undress too. As she glanced through the long mirror situated upon the open wardrobe door, she could see Kayleigh’s perfectly form naked body. She had bigger breasts than she had assumed, and they were at least a B cup, perhaps a C, and her hips glided in an almost perfect hourglass formation. She had a small and perk bottom; one Stacey could imagine grabbing onto as their bodies entwined together under her white linen sheets.

“Why don’t you just look, instead of peaking at me through the mirror?” Kayleigh said, mockingly, as she closed the wardrobe door. She was still completely naked, but had the garments she was going to change into in her hand.

“I’m not.” Stacey lied, beginning to unbutton her thick jumper and undress herself ready for bed, too.

“Well, can I watch you undress?” A body freezing fright suddenly took over Stacey, a girl once brazen and frank about her sexuality, now shy and timid.

“Sure…” She replied, crossing her arms over her body as if creating some kind of shield.

“Why do you wear those clothes, you look better naked.” Stacey blushed, she had never been paid a compliment about her body; usually the men she had slept with had just fucked her and forgotten.

“If I dressed like you everyone would think”-

“They’d be jealous of how sexy you are.” The bed rocked and creaked a tad as Kayleigh knelt upon it and crawled over to the edge where Stacey sat. She placed a soft hand against her shoulder, which had become bare since she had removed her jumper. Stacey closed her eyes, the fluttering of her heart and the ice in her stomach over taking her senses; she took a deep breath in then opened them once more. Her deep blue eyes had begun watering over from a mixture of emotions; fear, lust, love, anticipation and guilt. Her skin had begun to tingle and her pussy had begun to throb; no male had ever created this sense of arousal in her. Kayleigh lowered her head, and then gently pecked her friend upon the nape of her neck. The feather-soft touch of her chapped lips had sent tidal waves of pleasure down her spine. For the first time, she thought, she had actually been touched by another human being.

“Why are you interested in someone like me?” Kayleigh continued to kiss the area surrounding her neck, “because you’re amazing and I’m just average.” Kayleigh, shocked by what her lover had just said, pulled back and wrapped her arms loosely around her waist,

“Never say that again, because it’s not at all true. If one of us is average it’s me.” Stacey began to blush once more, however, this time she had turned around to reciprocate the attention.

“I hardly know ya’, yet I feel like I could”-

“Fall in love with you?” They both said together, afterwards gently laughing in each other’s arms.

“Since being around you I’ve started just being myself, not trying to act like everyone ’round here, you know?”

“Yes.” They stared intently into one and another’s eyes.

“I really want to- with you- I don’t know how and I don’t want to cheat on Trav’.”

“I understand.” Kayleigh said, with a noble smile spread across her face. “I guess I’ll speak to you in the morning then, when we’ve both had time to sleep on our emotions.” Stacey nodded. “Night.”

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