Candy , Buddy’s Romance

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Candy had just come home from class on a surprisingly warm Spring afternoon. She drove past her best friend Ann’s house on the way home, wondering about how she’s doing at her first year away from home. She reminisced the time they went skinny dipping in broad daylight when they were 12 years-old. Bicycling around the neighborhood with someone riding on a skateboard tied to the back end. Candy also remembered the embarrassing moments that her nose would suddenly bleed as well, half-blind because she’d take off her thick-lensed eye glasses before jumping into the pool with her nose-pinched.

“Ahhh…the memories of my geeky childhood,” she thought to herself. Half-relieved to have overcome it, but thankful that she and Ann were still good friends and had good laughs to remember it by.

As she pulled into her own driveway, she felt this sudden urge to take advantage of this unusual Spring heat and thought about taking up Ann’s offer to use her swimming pool anytime in the afternoons. Ann’s dad was always real cool to Candy, and she figured that he probably wasn’t home, after a glance at the empty driveway.

After Candy quickly rushed into her house to change into a bikini, she grabbed a towel and drove over to Ann’s house across the street. As soon as she stepped into the back gate, she looked around to see if anyone was home, or around. She brushed off her cautiousness and went on in, stripping away her t-shirts and cut-off shorts. She dipped her red-painted toes into the cool water, and she tingled at the shiver of the warm casino şirketleri breeze that engulfed her mostly naked body.

She stepped onto the hard diving board, took a step forward, and dove straight into the deep end of the pool. The refreshing water engulfed Candy’s athletic body, and swept away the perspiration that had been building up from the high temperatures. She stuck her head out of the water, midway in the swimming pool. She stood up, looked around to double-check one more time if anyone was looking and started to swim laps. “Might as well get a workout while I’m here,” she thought to herself.

After about 30 minutes of swimming, with some breaks in between laps, Candy placed her hands on the concrete above the side of the pool and pushed her wet, glistening body up onto the firm ground. She slowly dried herself off, and decided to lie down on one of the deck-lounge-reclining chairs. She could tell the sun was going to set shortly, so she decided to take advantage of the late afternoon’s rays to improve her tan.

As she lay there, she had this weird feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around, but didn’t hear or see anyone, so she figured it was just the uncanny atmosphere of being alone in someone else’s backyard.

Somehow in the midst of her afternoon suntan, she began to doze off. She could feel herself drifting off, seeing images of her dog Lucy chasing after the neighbor’s cat. During all of this, she also felt a presence by her body. A slight draft in the wind? She groggily opened her eyes to casino firmaları see a figure blocking her from the sun. She squinted, while trying to make out who the hell was blocking her rays! She soon came to realize that it was Ann’s dad “Buddy”. Apparently, she had waken up when Buddy had just gotten off of work.

He looked down at her, with the corner of his lips curled up, in a grin. “Well, how are you today, young lady? Enjoying the warm temperatures that the groundhog gave us this year?”

Candy, half-embarrassed that she was wearing only a bikini, half-self-conscious that she was sprawled out in front of her best friend’s dad, began to blush. “Yes, sir. Ann had told me I could come over some time, when you guys weren’t home. I’m sorry, I must have fallen asleep.”

Buddy chuckled and under his khaki pants and polo short, Candy could see quite a firm silhouette that her best friend’s dad had, against the sun’s light. She quickly turned her attention away from Buddy’s body, and began to get up. She accidentally dropped her towel on the ground and bended head first over to grab it, when suddenly Buddy had beaten her to it, with his face inches from hers. He still had that grin on his face, and Candy had a feeling that he was looking at her rather too intently. She quickly thanked him for picking up the towel and began getting dressed.

“Don’t let me interrupt your afternoon tan. It seems that you were really enjoying my backyard. In fact, I was thinking while in traffic, how good it would be to take a swim myself,” Buddy güvenilir casino says in an assuring, casual manner looking around and taking in the nice weather.

Candy had always seen Buddy as an attractive man, but up until now, the tiny fantasy had never become more than that. She wondered if something was fishy here…. “Oh, it’s ..uh.ok.. I should be heading back. I’m sure you’ve had a big week.”

Buddy steps forward one step, and said “Well, I was just going to lounge around this weekend and take it easy. With no wife around, I sometimes get a little lonely,” he said casually, as though no big deal.

Candy continued to wonder if this was really happening. Was Buddy implying that she could keep him company?

She saw his wink, but was more blushing at the gorgeous smile he was giving her. It wasn’t perverted looking, but sort of innocent and eager. She decided to press the envelope some.

“Oh… that’s too bad. I’m sure it’s so quiet in this big house all by yourself,” she half-teased, with a smile.

“Oh. Well, having the house to myself is peaceful, as well. But I’m a big boy– I can handle it,” he replied with a jolly but sexy laugh. “But if you have plans tonight, don’t let me hold you.”

“Actually, I didn’t plan anything for tonight. I had a big week with exams and all, and just wanted to stay low-key for the weekend,” she said, trying not to sound like a loser.

“Well, I have some leftover steaks in the fridge. Do you want to come up and help me cook them? They’re mighty tasty … and juicy, I may add.”

Oh, what the hell, Candy thought to herself. “Sure. That sounds really great. I’m starving!”

…and so Candy and Buddy walked up the back patio and into his air-conditioned house.

To Be Continued…

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