Finding Travis Ch. 10

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Collapsing onto the soft queen-sized bed Katie breathed an exasperating sigh mixed with anxiety, frustration and a hint of hope. Having to emotionally deal with Monique seemed to have zapped what little fortitude she had. Convinced that seeing Tianna anytime soon was a bad idea she had stuck to her commitment to move out despite Monique’s persuasive persistence. Whether she’d ever return was up for debate but now was not the time to even think about making that decision. There were simply too many emotions at play and she resisted doing anything more that might sever a bond with a friend that had been years in the making. Deciding sleep was her best and only option she climbed into bed, set the alarm and fell into a fitful slumber.


“OK boys,” Chevonne said cheerfully from the top of the stairs. “Time to rise and shine! Wake up down there!” She could hear the stirring of creaking chains and a hint of a stifled voice. The guys had hardly slept. Their bodies felt raw and weak from hanging. Every part of them hurt.

“Cat got your tongue?” she chirped cynically.

Still no response.

Ten minutes later both sisters came down, still in their sexy nighties. Their long muscular legs and silky panties brought the guy’s cocks to an immediate erection. Travis, especially felt the stir of excitement. His pulse quickened at the thrill of seeing his mistress in all of her sexy beauty. Even though he had spent a miserable eight hours and currently felt pain with every movement there was a part of him that wanted to reach out and kneel before the luscious black woman with a body he couldn’t help but drool over. He couldn’t believe he actually possessed such a desire all she had done to him but his cock didn’t lie. He loved seeing her and wished she’d take him to be used in some way.

Jordy felt similar pangs, although not nearly as intense. All night he had been thinking about his future. The fact that he was about to be moved into a container truck and then hauled several hundred miles to some secluded place to be ‘trained’, whatever that meant, had an appeal at its core. Although there was a natural fear of the unknown he had come to respect these four women at some ironic level. It took balls to do what they had done to get him and Travis here. It took balls for someone or some ones to organize a facility that handled, processed and trained men to become slaves in a femdom household. It took balls to buck societal norms by insisting a guy pledge allegiance to the female who owned him.

It was the oddity of all that both confused and attracted him. There was the astonishing reality that he was now a part of it all. And then there was Jenny. God she was so beautiful. She was noticeably different from the others. There was a gentleness to her presence. But unlike Katie who was repulsed to seeing the pain she saw him endure, Jenny maintained a quiet strength that was palpable. He could sense her resolve. He sensed that even if she had come alone, she’d not have let them go. He could see it in her eyes. Nothing was going to keep her from transporting him to the front gate of The Farm and add him to the minions already there. What was so different about her was her compassion. He didn’t believe she had the same brusque and barbaric mindset as the other three.

After Tianna set a few buckets down both girls pressed their bodies against the two boys. While Tianna worked on Travis, Chevonne did the same with Jordy. A few seconds later their cocks were lathered with cream and the ball-gags were removed. The anticipated groan of relief was heard. The sisters cupped the cheeks of their slaves in their soft hands and kissed them deeply for some time.

“I’m going to miss you Travis. I’m going to miss this most,” she squeezed his rod and gave it a few strokes.

“You don’t have to send me away He said hopefully. “You could keep me here.”

She smiled, almost coldly. “I can’t keep you here, boy. I signed the papers and have already been paid. And besides, I’m in debt to my mom and you’re my ticket out of that debt.” She slapped his face, almost playfully but hard enough to make him wince. “Don’t worry though, you won’t be going alone. “He’ll,” she nodded to her right, “will be right there with you every step of the way.”

Travis started to say something but Tianna placed an index finger over her lips. “Shhh, no more questions. You’re going to The Farm. That part is settled. Now let’s get you ready.”

The two stared at one another for a long time; Travis feeling the tear in his heart from the forced goodbye. Mistress however felt a satisfying relief. She shared little of the deep emotional feelings her boy shared for her. This was business and nothing more. The end was always the toughest for the boys. Everyone who had ever hung here went through the same feelings of rejection and loss. They came here hoping for so much and left getting almost nothing of what they had been promised. Ti knew that if she felt anything, it would come an hour or so after they were gone. If there were feelings of grief to be had, it had more to do with having casino şirketleri no one else on the hook than it did with wishing she could keep the slave in route to The Farm for her own. It was that emptiness that made this whole process such an addictive one and Ti knew she’d be online within the week hoping to lure yet another.

“Are you going to let him eat?” Tianna looked at her sister as she shoved another heaping spoonful of oatmeal into Jordy’s mouth.

“Here Have at it.” Ti took the bucket and spoon and started cramming food down Travis’ throat as fast as she could. For the next ten minutes they forced as much of the thick bland mush into their mouths until they turned their heads away to signify they had enough.

As soon as Jordy was done eating Chev lowered the bucket and held it in front of Jordy’s cock. “This is your chance to take a piss. I know you have to go.” He looked at her blankly while emptying his bladder. “Good boy. I bet you feel better.”

Jordy nodded and the bucket was passed to Ti who held it for several minutes before Travis could relax enough to urinate. When he was done she walked behind and held the pail to his ass. “If you have to take a shit do it now.”

Travis shook his head adamantly. “OK, your choice. “How about you?” She pressed the bucket against his muscular cheeks. Soon the room filled with that familiar organic stench as Jordy emptied his bowels. “Sorry Jordy,” she said with a slight giggle, “we don’t have any toilet tissue down here. Whatever is still stuck is going to stay stuck.”

Tianna carried the slop-pail upstairs and disappeared. Just then there as a bang on the door.

“Looks like your ride is here,” Chev said.

“You want to go first Travis? Sure you do,” she declared not giving him an option. “Let’s get you ready.” Chevonne released the chain, letting out about three or four feet.

Travis let his arms fall to his side and started to weep. The tears came from a combination of relief and pain. His shoulders screamed their protest at their new position at his side. The surge of oxygenated blood flowing into his hands felt like knives lacerating him from the inside out. His hands were gray and had no feeling. His shoulders throbbed painfully as did his elbows and torso. God he had never felt such agony. Although he was thankful beyond words to finally be free of the hoist, his body revolted at the sudden change.

Chevonne let him be for almost a minute. When she grew impatient she asked, “Now, are you going to go out peacefully or do I need to make sure you can’t do anything stupid?”

Her voice remained distant although he was listening. All he could think about was how good it felt to finally be somewhat free. Although his hands and feet were still cuffed he no longer had the gag stretching his jaw and he could actually move – a little.

She repeated herself. “Do I need to hog-tie you boy?”

Travis, with tears still falling from his eyes shook his head.

“OK. But if you try anything foolish you’ll regret it.” She pulled the rest of the chain free of the pulley. After feeding it all between his legs she coiled it in one hand and pulled enough to bend the boy over. Travis’ hands were pulled back between his legs and his torso was brought to a forwardly bent posture. “OK, let’s go. Hop up the steps. Take them one at a time.”

After making it up into the hall he saw Jacqueline, Jenny and Tianna sitting in the living room. They all had a cup of steaming coffee cupped between their hands. They paid Travis and his noisy intrusion little attention.

Jenny started to rise but Jacqueline put a hand on her shoulder and pulled her down. “Let her do it,” she said softly. “He’s not going anywhere and this is her job; not ours.”

Jenny watched Travis hop down the hallway and out through the door that led to the garage. Travis was brought to within a few inches of the main garage door and told to wait. Chevonne opened it and in front of him was the rear of a cargo truck. It had been parked so that it nearly butted against the house. Although he couldn’t see the front of the truck it reminded him of the thousands of similarly sized vehicles that could be found on highways everywhere.

“Grab onto your ankle cuffs and stay there. Don’t let go and don’t say a thing.”

She dropped the chain long enough to pull the ramp free from beneath the trucks’ frame and then ascended the steel slope. Lifting the overhead roll-up door she beheld two gagged and hanging slaves. One was white and the other black. The white one was several years older than the black guy and appeared to be about Jordy’s age. She smiled coolly, paying them the degree of attention they warranted – none at all. They hung there in obvious discomfort and the floor was slick with urine.

“OK, up you go,” she said pushing him toward the ramp. “Not a word. Just keep moving.”

Travis lifted his head to stare at the two slaves hanging. Their eyes were devoid of emotion. He could empathize fully with their nonexistent emotions. Not 30 minutes ago, he felt the same way. Resignedly he casino firmaları sighed knowing he too would be hanging with them shortly.

“Pick a number: one or two,” Chevonne said poking him in the ass.

“Uh two, why?”

“Two it is.”

Travis was led toward the younger black guy. Soon he understood why. Overhead and bolted to the ceiling were two pulleys. The white guy was hanging from one and the black guy from the other. Travis noticed that each pulley had multiple wheels permitting more than one chain to be fed through each. Travis watched Chevonne feed the end of his chain through the free wheel of the black guys and pull. As she did, his body was pressed against the other guy

“I’m going to let you two get to know one another,” she teased. After securing the chain to a nearby carabineer she took the several feet of remaining chain and wrapped it around the two men twice more before once more sliding a link back through the same carabineer.

“Please don’t do this!” Travis pleaded quietly. Please don’t!”

Chevonne popped him with her hand against the side of his head. “Shut up boy.” Just then she pulled the ball gag from inside her panty and pressed it inside his open mouth.

Admiring her work she inhaled and blew out a long breath. “One down; one to go.”

She left Travis. He had no choice to either stare into the blank face of the unknown slave or look at the nondescript plywood that made up the side and ceiling of the truck’s interior. He heard the black guy groan. Together they hung, suspended with only the balls of their feet touching the floor. Travis felt the tug of his weight against his shoulders and understood just how much this other guy must be hurting. He had hung for most of yesterday and all of last night. Just then he felt a warm sensation against his loins. His partner was urinating. He flinched and stared at him as if to say, “what the hell?” but the guy didn’t even open his eyes. He realized that he too would most likely be doing the same thing before the trip was over. The liquid pooled around his feet and spread outward as his bladder emptied.

Jordy joined them several minutes later but unlike Travis, he was bent forward. A zip-tie held the ankle and wrist cuffs together. Chevonne and Tianna drug him up the steel ramp and like Travis, fed his chain through the pulley by the other guy hanging. Only after they were certain he couldn’t do much did Ti cut the zip tie. Chevonne pulled the chain and within seconds he was hanging just like the others.

“Check everyone,” Jacqueline said to Jenny. “Make sure they are secure. I don’t want any trouble during the ride.”

“Yes Jackie,” she said and climbed into the filthy compartment. It stunk like urine and feces but she continued in. Making sure every chain was taut and every carabineer fully engaged she next checked each recruits’ cuffs. When she got to Jordy she gave him a gentle pat on the ass. “You’ll be just fine. Hang in there.”

He peered into her soft almond eyes, his mouth fully engaged with the ball-gag. He felt completely at her mercy. It was such an odd predicament to be in. Never before had he ever felt so helpless. With his body forced against the other man’s and his own body stretched to its maximum, he knew The Farm would provide no reprieve for whatever physical and emotional hardship he’d endure during their time in transit.

Jenny moved to the black guy and then to Travis. After pulling here and yanking here she exited the compartment and lowered the roll-up door – leaving the four men in near darkness. Only because the seam between a portion of one wall and ceiling wasn’t fully sealed could the guys see anything at all. Jackie and the sisters waited just outside.

“Time to go,” Jackie said. She padlocked the latch and secured the ramp. “Hope to see you two again at some point,” she said grinning.

“The hope is mutual,” Tianna answered. “You really saved me from my mother’s wrath.”

“In a few months you should be getting another check in the mail,” said encouragingly.

Ti and her hugged. “One can only hope.”

“They’ll do fine. Their young and both are good looking. They’ll get selected.

Looking at Jenny she smiled. “We need to get going.”

The Farm girls pulled out and headed west, making their way through Chevonne’s neighborhood and eventually onto the busy primary roads. Even at this time of day there was traffic. Fortunately it was heading mostly into the city while they were traveling away. Jackie and Jenny planned their day, deciding they’d try to go at least three hours before lunch. It was important to Jackie that they stop in an out of the way place where others were less likely to go snooping around their truck. The last thing they needed was someone alerting the authorities. Once on the highway they both relaxed. Jenny began telling Jacqueline the story of Deb, Bobby and herself. About ten minutes in, she received a text.

“Can we stop at the rest area up ahead. It’s a few miles before we get to 81 south.”

Jackie looked at her quizzically. “I thought you peed before güvenilir casino we left,” she said not pleased with the thought of stopping.

“It’s not that. I just got a text from Katie. She’s at the rest area up ahead and wants to talk to us.”


Jenny held up the phone for Jacqueline to read: “At rest area just before 81. Can you meet me?”

“I’m just as surprised as you are.”

“Tell her we’ll be there in about 20 minutes.”

Katie stood, leaning against the back of her rented sedan at the far end of the parking lot. She had been there for over an hour. No other vehicle was within a 100 yards of hers.

“What’s this about?” Jackie asked, still seated and buckled.

“I want to buy Travis from you,” she said without introduction. She held up a thick wad of $100 bills.

“I can’t do that!”

“Of course you can. And I’ll pay you a thousand more than you bought him for.”

“I – I don’t know,” Jackie stammered.

“Can you at least call? Call your people and get the approval. I know you came here only expecting to pick up one.”

“Yea, so what?”

“Well, even if you sell me Travis, you’ll still go back to The Farm with the same number of guys you came to get.” She paused, waiting for an answer but Jackie remained unmoved. “C’mon, just call and ask. You can at least do that.”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to get on anyone’s shit list.”

“Then make Jenny call,” her voice becoming more insistent.

Jacqueline looked at Jenny. “Make the call.”

Ten minutes later Jacqueline handed Jenny the key to the padlock and within another ten minutes the truck was on its way, minus one recruit.

Travis sat dumbfounded next to the beautiful Katie Martin. He watched the truck pull away, carrying his friend Jordy and two others to some unknown location in Tennessee. Staring at the white, nondescript vehicle he watched it merge in with the other myriad cars and trucks heading west on Interstate 66.

“Are you ready to go?”

Travis turned and for the first time really saw, not only Katie’s outward beauty but the depth of her compassion. She paid to have him freed! “Why did you do this?”

She smiled softly. “Because I had the means to do it.”

“But, but how?” He asked raising his palms in surrender.

“Let’s just say that I have connections.”

“You bought me. I saw you giving that lady a lot of money.”

“And so what if I did. I wanted to,” she said starting the car and pulling onto the highway.

“I – I don’t know how to thank you.”

“I do. You can thank me by finishing your hike.”

“My hike! How can I do that?”

“All your gear is in the trunk. We’re going to go shopping and then I’m taking you back to Harper’s Ferry. You can pick up the trail where you left.”

Travis couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His shoulders ached from hanging for the better part of twelve hours. Having resigned himself he was going to be forced to live at The Farm, the sudden change in his fate was difficult to absorb. Yet here he was, sitting next to his savior. Where she got all that money he had no idea. Why she paid all that money he couldn’t even fathom but he’d never forget seeing her counting out all of that money to the older woman while he stood nearby free of the chain and shackles.

Katie looked at him. His handsome and boyish face seemed lost in thought. “I have a couple of requirements that you need to follow. You can call it part of the deal of me getting you out of that truck.”

“Anything! I’ll do anything Katie. I can’t believe you did this for me,” he said for the tenth time in the past few minutes.

She smiled softly.” Here’s the deal: no phone on your hike. You spent way too much time on it during your hike so far. I’m sure there are hikers that will let you borrow theirs if you have some emergency.”


I have the one Mrs. Kennedy gave you. I found it in your pack. I’m going to send it back to her when I get the chance. When you’re done, you can call me. I’ll make sure you get picked up.”

“Are you going to pick me up?”

“You just focus on making it to Springer Mountain. I just want you to know that you will be able to get home once you’re finished.”

“Thanks Katie,” he answered. He still couldn’t believe the turn in his fortune.

Two hours later they pulled into Harper’s Ferry. The view from the West Virginia side looking at the rocky cliffs on the far side of the Potomac River was beautiful. With a pack loaded with a weeks’ worth of food Katie and Travis hugged. Travis thanked her again and again. When she asked for a hug, he didn’t want to let go.

“Just go!” she said grinning. “You have to get in twelve miles today and it’s already past noon.”

Travis reluctantly turned his back and walked down the well trodden path. Katie watched him begin the second half of his journey as a tear found its way down one cheek. He was her guy and although even she didn’t understand what had caused her to call her neighbor Deb late last night, asking to borrow several thousand dollars, she had. Seeing him free; seeing him heading into the woods with a pack on his back and knowing in a few months she’d receive a call letting her know he had finished was well worth the expense.

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