Found Ch. 07

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“Come on man let me go!”

“You see, it’s not that simple friend. I have seen you around and have seen first hand the deals that you do. I need someone like you in my pack.” Braydon said as two of his thugs held a 20-year-old drug dealer against his will. Braydon spent the better part of 3 weeks eyeing the young dealer. He was business savvy and knew how to make money fast.

“Pack—what do you mean pack? Come on man, I didn’t mean to sell dope out here if this is your territory, but I’ve been here for years and never had any trouble.” the frantic drug dealer said.

“Pack…did I say pack? Braydon said sarcastically as he eyed the young dope dealer who was trying to free himself from the grips of the two thugs. Braydon planned on turning the dealer into a werewolf, but he also wanted a little “play mate” to satisfy his every sexual need. “As far as territory, this isn’t my territory yet.”

“What the fuck are you talking about man? LET ME GO!”

“What is the rush friend? You are the life of my little party here and it would be very rude if you were to leave so early. Just play with us!” Braydon said as he started to rub his dick. He looked at his two thugs signaling to them to get the dealer ready for what was about to come. Braydon had gone without sex and the taste of blood for a good while. Normally one of his pack members does the turning; he didn’t like getting dirty. But every so often he gets that urge to taste blood.

The two thugs took the young dealer to a nearby boulder that was in the far corner of the county park. Braydon unzipped his pants and took out his thick cut cock. He couldn’t wait to drop his huge load of cum into the dealer’s ass. And since he is such a “nice” guy, he’s going to let his two thugs take a turn.

“What the fuck are you doing? I’m no fuckin’ faggot. Leave me the fuck alone!” Looking back, the dealer could see Braydon walking towards him with his cock out. He frantically started moving, trying to free himself but his strength was no match for his handlers. He could see the glow in Braydon’s eyes and he stared right into them. He thought maybe it was the cocaine he had sniffed a few minutes before he was captured, but he had never seen people’s eyes glow before.


“I said it would be very rude if you were to leave early. The fun is now beginning and I don’t want you to miss the fun.” Braydon’s cock started to drip precum. He placed the head of his dick right on the dealer’s asshole. With one swift push, his whole cock was deep inside the young dealer. Hearing the cries of pain made Braydon’s cock that much harder. Harder and harder he thrusted his bare cock into the young dealer. Braydon’s thugs laughed as they held him down.

“Come on boss when is it gonna be our turn?” one of them asked.

“Fuck off, you’ll get a chance.” Braydon said as he kept on fucking.

“OOOOOOOOOUUUUUCCCCHHH!!!” the dealer cried out. He could feel his insides being ripped apart by the massive bare cock. He had never experienced anything like this before. The grip the two thugs had on him was nearly cutting off the circulation from his wrists. Also the position they had him in made his back ache, along with the pain in his knee that he cut on a jagged piece of the rock.

“Please stop man! It fucking hurts!”

Deeper and harder Braydon’s cock went in the nice tight asshole. He felt his balls tighten up and he was soon ready to blow his huge load.

“Don’t worry, I will be finished soon. But first I will make you a proposition—join my gang.”


“I didn’t fucking ask you. Join my gag and you will have all that you want and more!” Hearing the dealer sniffling and crying, Braydon asked him if that was a “yes.” The dealer, wanting his raping to stop, agreed. Braydon let out a massive howl and shot his huge load inside of the dealer’s ass. As he thrusted one last time, Braydon’s fangs extended themselves and Braydon bit down hard on the young dealer’s shoulder; blood pouring out into Braydon’s mouth. The smooth, coppery taste of it; satisfying every taste bud in Braydon’s mouth. The dealer, already hoarse from the crying and yelling, let out a faint scream of agony. With his mouth still clamped down on the dealer’s shoulder, Braydon pulled out his still hard cock that was covered with cum and blood. Both thugs began licking their lips at the sight of the cum and blood soaked cock; they wanted their turn.

“Leo, come clean me off. Eddie, see to it that our newest recruit is cleaned. Get the new clothes from the trunk and burn the ones he has on.” Braydon ordered.

“But boss, I thought we were gonna fuck him too!” whined Eddie.

“Look at him; he wouldn’t survive another session. Do as I say and get him cleaned…NOW!” Braydon growled and pointed his hand towards his car. After eyeing Eddie as walked to the car, Braydon looked down at Leo who was lapping up the blood and cum from his cock. Braydon growled out in ecstasy as the tongue slid back and forth over the shaft and sensitive cock head. Taking Leo’s casino şirketleri head, he slowly began to face fucking. Leo gagged as the cock hit the back of his throat. Braydon smiled, “Come on, you can take it all!” Leo took out his own cock and started jerking off. Being Latino, Leo was uncut and oozing with precum. Braydon could smell the musk coming from Leo’s cock. Braydon licked his lips at the sight, but he didn’t want to get dirty so he just watched Leo play with it. Leo played with cock more and more. Leo slowly pulled the skin back exposing his enflamed cock head. Braydon eyed the cock, fucking Leo’s mouth more and more. The tension in his dick began sending shivers all throughout his body, the next cum shot was going to be intense.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

“FUCK…FUCK…FUCK!” Braydon shouted as he leaned on Leo’s shoulders to help support him. Braydon thrusted more, making sure every bit of cum was down in Leo’s throat. Tasting the cum and blood from the drug dealer and now the his boss’ cum, Leo pointed his cock upwards and blew his load all over his dick. Leo let out a guttural growl and Braydon responded back with his. Reaching down, Braydon coated his fingers with Leo’s cum and then slowly licked it off. Blood and cum in his mouth; one as dangerous as the other.

“Come here!” Braydon grabbed Leo and forced him to stand. Taking him, Braydon licked Leo’s lower chin, licking off the cum that managed to escape from Leo’s mouth. Leo opened his mouth and deeply kissed Braydon. Braydon could taste his cum and the blood in Leo’s mouth.

“Are you fuckin’ kidding me? I get the kid cleaned up and you all mess around!” Eddie shouted out.

“Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you when we get back home.!” Braydon hollered back as Leo and him cleaned up and fixed their clothes. Eddie responded with sigh as he walked back to the car. “I hope so!” he answered back.

Walking towards the car, Braydon stopped dead in his tracks sniffing the air. He scented another lycan far off in the distance. The scent was faint, meaning the other werewolf was miles away.

“What is it boss?” Leo asked.

“It’s nothing—let’s go!”

Walking back to the car, Eddied opened the door to the back seat and let Braydon in. Leo sat upfront in the passenger’s seat. Shutting the door, Eddied got in the driver’s side and drove away. Seeing the young dealer by his side, coming in and out of consciousness, Braydon smiled. Soon he will have enough members to rival any pack!


Also that same night, Lucas, Melania, Marco and the rest of Martin’s pack, sat in the dining room all awaiting for Martin to enter. Melania and Marco sat opposite of each as well as Grant and Lucas sitting opposite of each other. Grant spent most of the day meeting various members of the pack, which also consisted of a few humans who were mates to some of the pack members. Most of the chit chat was about his law firm and the business deal he helped close with Martin. He was eager to catch up with the members since he didn’t live near the pack anymore. He was please to hear of their business ventures and the going’s on with each member and offered them any legal advice. Martin soon entered the dining room and everyone stood. Seeing his pack made him smile and realize what he has was truly a blessing.

“Everyone please sit down. Tonight we are going to celebrate and have a great feast!”

“What are we having, Taco Bell again?” Lucas asked as he winked and gave a sly smile at Martin. The pack all giggled.

“Why yes Lucas. By the way, when you bite into your taco, that is a special kind of sour cream I had one of the cooks put in it—just for you!” Martin replied back.

“Ah that sense of humor that no one understands!” Lucas shot back as he winked at Martin. All of the special occasions that are held in the main pack house, are always catered by Martin’s catering company; Sear’s Catering. Martin started this company with his late human mate, Tim. Tim spent the better part of the first year finding some of the best chefs he could find; one of which came from Brazil. Money was no object and both Martin and Tim made sure their chefs and servers were well compensated. Word got around of the delicious food that was made by the company that Tim launched another Sear’s Catering to meet up with the demands. Business was good for Martin and Tim. After Tim’s death, Martin had a hard time trying to manage both companies and entertained the idea of selling the other branch, soon he hired a great chef from Mexico, Paco Dias, to handle all of the business dealings.

“So tonight we celebrate the closing of one of the biggest ventures that I am really proud of. Most of you know that I wanted to venture into the real estate market, but never knew how to go about it. So after getting my broker’s license, I thought about opening my own business from the ground up. But after losing Tim, I didn’t have the strength to do it and I came close to giving up on this dream. It wasn’t until 2 months ago, a colleague of mine casino firmaları who is friends with Lisa Haven, told me about her wanting to sell Smith’s Realty. I got in contact with her and then soon after I made her an offer and she accepted.” The pack members all applauded. Martin smiled and lifted up his champagne glass, “A toast, not only to Lisa for selling it, but also for me for buying and looking dashing in the process!” Most of the pack huffed and Lucas coughed out the word lame. Martin held in his laughter but soon let it out.

“Ok, seriously, I really want to give a toast to Lisa, for selling Smith’s Realty to me at a time when I needed something different. May we have many successful business dealings for all years to come!” Everyone lifted their glasses and sipped their champagne.

While waiting for the food to be served, everyone chatted amongst each other. Usually, Martin tries to have a huge pack meeting every few months to see what is going on with the pack members. Since most didn’t live nearby, he wanted to catch up with everyone: what they were doing, what is going on at their jobs, family life, new members, typical stuff an alpha deals with. He truly loved everyone in his pack and everyone loved him back. They were there for him when Tim died and he was there for them when they needed them. He also loved the human mates to his pack for accepting their lycanthropy and loving them no matter what.

Martin sighed until he felt a little kick from under the table.

“Earth to Martin.” Melania joked.

“Sorry. I guess I spaced out for a second.”

“What’s on your mind Martin?” asked Grant.

“Nothing much, just thinking.” Martin smiled. “Speaking of which what is going on with you? You were in a very good mood at the meeting, haven’t seen you like that in a good while.”

“It was a interesting day.” Grant answered back with a grin on his face.

“How so?”

“Well I when I got into town, I was talking to my colleague and we finally reached a settlement on a big case we were working on. Then I went to lunch after I met someone who I recognized as my mate!”

“What?!” Martin said nearly choking on the water he was drinking. Composing himself, Martin focused his attention on the bachelor.

“You found a mate- here in town?”

“I know, hard to believe a small town like this I would find someone. Right after I talked to my colleague this scent just hit me hard and saw this man walking towards the post office. I got out and introduced myself. He is totally the one; handsome, young, and successful.”

“Who is it?” Martin asked. He was shocked with the whole idea of Grant finding someone.

“It’s Calen.”

“Who?” Martin asked again making sure he heard right.

“Calen…….Ortiz. He works for you now at Smith’s.”

Martin looked at Lucas and then back at Grant.

“Are you sure?” Martin asked. This was the first time he has heard of 2 werewolves recognizing the same person as their mate.

“Yes I’m sure! Why do you ask Martin? What is it?”

“Grant, Calen can not be your mate!”

“Why the hell not? My inner wolf recognizes him as my mate.” Grant said sternly wanting to know why Martin is questioning his mate selection.

“Because he belongs to Lucas.” Martin replied back seeing the anger in Grant grow.

Grant looked at Lucas and could not believe what Martin just said. He could not process it.

“LUCAS! Why does he get him?!” Grant said loudly as he stood up from his chair, causing the rest of the pack to look in his direction.

“Watch your tone with me!” Martin said as he rose from his seat and ready to put Grant in his place. Grant sat back down just eyeing down Lucas. His gaze went back to his alpha.

“Why does he belong to Lucas? I saw him first!” Grant demanded.

“You’re wrong.” Lucas said softly.

“What?” Grant asked looking at Lucas.

“You did not see him first Grant- I did!” Lucas said in a calm manner. Melania’s heart began to pound faster in her chest. Her husband Marko put his hand on her lap to ease her.

“That’s bullshit! When did you see him first? You were at the office already and he wasn’t even there yet?” Grant growled out. He knew the pack was looking at him, but he didn’t give a damn. He wanted Calen!

“You’re right, I didn’t see him at the meeting until he showed up late, but he and I met way before you ever met him.”

Martin stood up from his chair and asked Lucas, Grant, Melania, and Marko to head over to his office. Things needed to be sorted out now and not in the company of others.

As they walked into Martin’s office, Martin shut the door behind him and took his place behind his desk. He asked Lucas and Grant to sit down. Lucas took his seat while Grant grabbed his chair and pulled it farther away from Lucas. Martin took out his cell phone and called one of the elder pack members and insisted that he and his wife head to the house. He gave no explanation as to why for the urgent meeting, but asked if they could come over quickly.

Putting his cell phone down on his desk, güvenilir casino he looked at Grant and Lucas. Grant, with the look of anger on his face, looked towards Lucas. Lucas didn’t make any kind of eye contact. His inner wolf was running wild inside of him. He wanted to attack Grant for laying claim on Calen, but his human side kept him composed. Grant’s inner wolf was running wild inside of him too; running around in circles not knowing what to do. Part of him wanted to rip Lucas’ throat out, but another part of him didn’t want to hurt someone who he saw as a little brother. But he felt betrayed not only by Lucas, but by Martin.

Martin sat at his desk and clasped his hands together. Martin once again looked at his 2 dearest pack members and sighed heavily.

“Well?” Grant asked, breaking the silence in the room.

“Joseph and his wife Susan are headed here and will know what to with this situation.” Martin replied.

“Fuck.” Grant said under his breath. He wanted things to be sorted out now. He wanted to leave and take Calen with him. Calen was perfect for him. He is basically running a business and thought that along side him, they would be a great power couple.

“As your alpha, its not my place to tell someone who they can or can not be with. If your inner wolf recognizes someone as your mate then so be it. And as your alpha I can’t keep you from your true love, but I do have the power to accept or deny them to the pack if I feel that they will be a liability to us. That’s the extent of my power. I have never in my life ever heard of 2 lycans recognizing the same person as their mate. That is the reason why I called Joseph. He will have the answer…hopefully!”

Grant slouched in his char and looked away. Lucas finally looked over to Grant and knew his pain. He knew what it felt like to have someone then have them get ripped away. But Calen was his and if need be, will fight Grant for him.

“Lucas, I think you should tell Grant about you and Calen. Maybe it will help sort things out.” Melania suggested.

“Yes! Grant you need to hear this. I know it won’t make it any easier but it will explain everything.” Martin said, agreeing to Melania.

Grant sat up straight and looked at Lucas. He could sense his nervousness but wanted an explanation as to why he couldn’t have Calen. Facing Grant, Lucas began telling him everything that happened the last decade. Slowly, Grant began feeling defeated with each word that came out of Lucas’ mouth. Calen was slipping away from him.

After what seemed like hours, Joseph and Susan were soon escorted to Martin’s office. Both elders greeted everyone in the room and could feel the tension in it.

“I’m glad that the both of you were able to come on short notice, but our situation is rare and maybe you can help us.” Martin said as he sat back down at his desk.

“I sense it’s something of great importance. The tension here is thick, what is the problem?” Joseph asked.

“Well our situation deals with mates. Both Lucas and Grant have fallen in love with the same man and both recognize him as their mate. I have never heard of two lycans falling for the same person. We really need to sort this thing out.” explained Martin.

“I see. It’s not an uncommon ordeal. It is very rare, but not uncommon.” Joseph said as he nodded his head. Susan, his wife, was not a werewolf but a white witch could sense his love for the young man was pure. She turned her gaze over to Grant and sensed greed, power and position. She felt love too, but it was of not a priority for him.

“When was the last time something like this happened Joseph?” Lucas asked.

“Over fifty years ago. Two brothers from the same pack fell for the same young girl. They were from the same pack. They both loved her and both were willing to do anything for her. After many confrontation between the two, their own father who was alpha, made them fight for the young woman until one of them died.”

“Their own father made them do that?” Martin asked.

“Yes. His hope would be that maybe they wouldn’t fight for her and forget about her. He even wanted to have her killed. But no matter what, the brothers both loved her and would do anything. So they fought.” Joseph said.

“Then what happened?” asked Melania, fearing the worse.

“A long battle was fought between the brothers. Each trying to weaken the other into submission. What little sanity they had left, kept them from killing each other.”

“So they didn’t fight to the death?” Martin asked.

“No. The instinct was there to do so, but the victor could not do that to his own brother. However, fighting to the death is the more acceptable. But the decision was made for the loser to leave not only the pack, but the town as well.”

Lucas heard this and breathed in deeply. He didn’t want to fight Grant, much less kill him, but if it came to it, then he would do so. Grant didn’t want to fight either, but he wanted Calen for himself. Melania grew even more nervous. She remembered when Lucas first told her about Grant and Calen. She knew something like this was going to happen and didn’t want to hear what was going to happen. She excused herself and went to the living room. On her way out she told her husband Marko to stay just incase anything happened.

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