Cheryl’s Extra Credit Ch. 2

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Cheryl knelt there, leaning back on her legs, her face still glossy with my cum as she seemed to come back to earth. She looked at her fingers from which she had, only seconds before, been licking clean of my semen as if they might have belonged to someone else. Looking up at me and my still hard cock, she giggled nervously. I don’t think she was quite aware of how she had let herself go during my climax, the way she had talked to me like a dirty whore, the way she had begged me for my cum. She was a sight to behold, and I was far from through with her.

“Cheryl,” I said, “I want you to stand up, face the desk, bend over it and reach back and raise your skirt for me.” A bit wobbly on her legs, she complied, turning and laying her upper body across my desk. Slowly she reached back and pulled her cheerleading skirt up to her waist and then gripped the edge of the desk, waiting for what was to happen next.

I rolled forward in my chair, my breath sucking in at the sight I beheld. Her white panties were such an erotic contrast with her tanned flesh. Those panties along with her cheerleading uniform, sneakers and white ankle socks made her the perfect fantasy for any man who lusted after a young schoolgirl tease. Her ass, clad only in thin, virginal, cotton, was so tight, so perfect, it was all I could do not to tear those panties aside and bury my face in it. But I vowed to go slowly and enjoy her to the maximum.

I reached down and wrapped my hands loosely around her ankles and started to slide my hands upward. Her skin was silky smooth and flawless, and the feel of her taut calves and thighs beneath my hands made my cock harder still. Reaching her ass, I cupped those tight, eight-teen year old cheeks in my hands and squeezed, exploring those globes, teasing myself with the fact that her panties still separated her ass from my sight. I ran my hands back down her legs, then up the insides of her thighs until I cupped her pussy. I was pleased and turned on to find the crotch of her panties damp, and I traced the outline of her bulging vaginal lips with my fingers. She moaned, and wiggled her ass ever so slightly. I knew then that she was mine, that even if I gave her an A+ right now she would not get up from that desk.

I brought my face tantalizingly close to her pussy and ass, breathing in her musk, and then, lowering my head, I let my tongue slide out and taste the flesh of her inner thigh. She jumped, as if a current of electricity had passed through her body, and I let my tongue trail it’s way upwards, teasing her now with my snails pace, slowly, so slowly, working my way closer and closer to her panty covered pussy. I could see the wet spot on her crotch growing from the size of a nickel to the size of a quarter, and then lengthen and spread beneath her ever-moistening slit. At long last, I let the tip of my tongue touch her panty crotch, tasting her juices for the first time. She gasped and groaned out loud.

I continued to tease her, sliding my tongue up and down the wet material of her panty crotch, feeding my own panty fetish until the white cotton was sopping wet with my saliva and her nectar. She began to pant and thrust her ass back at me, but I refused to give her what she needed so badly just yet.

After several more minutes of this torment, I finally reached up and took hold of the waistband of her panties, and slowly peeled them away from her ass. The crotch clung to her soaking pussy as I pulled them free. I lowered them to her knees before refocusing on her now naked ass and cunt.

Her ass was so round, so perfect, so tight. Her neatly trimmed blonde pussy pouted at me, glistening with her excitement. “Reach back and open yourself for me.” I commanded, and she did, gripping her own ass cheeks and pulling them wide, exposing her open cunt and asshole. Her legs were trembling now, and pre-cum was drooling from my engorged cock head. I leaned forward and darted the tip of my tongue into her bare slit. The taste was pure heaven, and she pulled herself even wider. I did it again; dancing my tongue ever so lightly up and down her slit, each time going a bit deeper, licking a bit harder. Her breath was coming in sharp gasps, “Ah, ah, ah, ah…” she repeated with each thrust of my tongue. At last, unable to contain myself for another second, I let myself go and buried my tongue into her sweet casino şirketleri hole!

She came then, her hips bucking and jerking, her juice flowing into my mouth. I could feel the muscles in her thighs clenching, and I tongue fucked her until her feet came off the floor. She rode one shattering orgasm after another, and as they began to subside, I slid my lips down to her clit, capturing it and lashing it with my tongue. A fresh wave of climaxes hit her, and a long, “Ghhaaaaaa…” escaped her throat. I wouldn’t let her stop cumming. I snaked my tongue deep into her cunt, scooping out her juices while I rubbed her clit with my fingers. Then I slid first one, then two fingers into her wet hole and I moved my mouth up to her puckered, rosebud ass hole and commenced to rim that sweet treasure. Stiffening my tongue, I slid it into her tight ass hole, and she exploded again, clawing franticly at the desk, squirming around on its surface.

“Oh gaaawwdd!” She squealed. The words fell from her mouth in an uncontrolled flood. “Your tongue in my asshole, oh god, so dirty, its so fucking dirty Mr. Smith and it’s making me cuummmm! Oh please don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop licking my ass oh goooodddd!” And she was off again, another orgasm wracking her body. Her hips jerked and bucked under my assault, but I stayed with her, French kissing her asshole while my fingers continued their assault on her drooling cunt. Her juices glistened on her thighs and her heady aroma filled my senses, driving me mad. I reached down with my free hand, tugging her panties completely off and wrapped them around my cock, nearly cumming at the feel of the damp cotton on my shaft.

I licked her ass and fingered her through several more climaxes before granting her a brief reprieve. I leaned back in my chair, slowly jacking off with her panties while I watched her. She lay limp across the desk, her hips still shuddering involuntarily, little girl sighs escaping her lips. I brought her panties to my nose and inhaled their intimate fragrance, and even though I had had my tongue in her cunt just minutes before, the scent of her panties was almost more erotic for me. My love of soiled panties brought me to the brink of cumming again, but I stopped short, letting my passion ebb for a moment.

I stood up behind her and rested my swollen cock between her ass cheeks. “Are you a virgin, Cheryl?” I asked.

“No,” She replied, “I’m not. But I’ve only gone all the way once, and it wasn’t with a cock like yours, Mr. Smith.” She suddenly looked over her shoulder, a worried expression creasing her features, “B-but you can’t fuck me, please! I’m not on the pill, I can’t get pregnant!”

I laughed. “Not to worry, Cheryl, I’m vasectomy safe, and as a matter of fact I CAN fuck you, and I’m GOING to fuck you, and your going to thank me for it, isn’t that right?”

She looked back at me, looked at my cock sliding between her ass cheeks. “Yes, Sir.” She whispered, and without my telling her to, she reached back again and spread herself wide for me. “That’s a good little slut.” I said, gripping my cock and lowering it to her soaking pussy. I nestled the purple head inside her lips and teased her with it, running it up and down her slit, getting it wet, rubbing it over her swollen clit which brought fresh whimpers from her. I pushed forward just a bit until my cock head disappeared into her snatch and she groaned, wiggling her ass. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you Cheryl?”

“Oh god…” she panted.

“Don’t you?”

“Yes! Oh Mr. Smith, yes! I need it so bad!”

“Then beg me for it! I want to hear you beg for your teacher cock!”

She pulled her asshole and pussy as wide as she could, frantic now for my cock. “Mr. Smith, please! Oh fuck, please fuck me! Please ram your cock in my dirty little hole! I’ll be a good girl, I promise! I’ll do anything you say! I’ll be your fuck slut slave if you’ll just fuck your cock into me! You can rape it if you want to. I want you to! Please, oh please, Mr. Smith, rape my little pussy! I’ll be such a good girl for you!”

I could take no more. With a single, long thrust, I forced my throbbing dick to the hilt into her teen-aged pussy! She was so tight! Oh god, she was so tight! I could feel her cunt stretching around my cock, and she gasped, her whole body suddenly going taut, her back arching casino firmaları upwards, her mouth opening in a silent scream. My balls rested against her clit, and she let go of her ass as her body began to thrash. She clawed at the desk top, knocking pens and papers everywhere as an orgasm hit her like a thunderbolt. God, but this girl was a catch!

“Mr. Smith!” she groaned, her voice quavering, “Your doing it! You’re fucking my little pussy! Ohhhh, you’re raping it!”

And I was.

I drew my cock out of her until only the head remained buried within. I paused to admire the way my shaft gleamed with her juices, and then I plunged back in to the hilt. Again and again I slammed my cock into her. I gripped her sweet ass in my strong hands and thrust over and over so hard that my desk scooted several feet forward. And all the while, she blurted out the most wonderfully pornographic things.

“Yeessss, Mr. Smith!” She grunted, her voice, a throaty growl, wavering with each thrust, “Your fucking me, it’s so fucking good! Ram it! Fuck me like the tease slut I am! I’ve been such a bad girl! I’ve been so bad to you and I need to be punished! I need your big cock in me! Oh I’m such a filthy tramp! I’m your little cum whore! I’ll do anything you say, Mr. Smith, just don’t stop please, ohhh I’m cumminnggg!”

I didn’t stop. I pounded her tight cunt mercilessly for upwards of fifteen minutes, using her body the way that she now begged me to. All the pent of years of watching her drove my hips to slam home again and again, bringing her to the peak of orgasm after orgasm until she could simply take it no longer and went limp, her body shuddering with tremors now and again. She was such a sight, still completely dressed in that sexy cheerleading uniform, her skirt hiked up around her waist. It had been a long wait to see her like this, but it was worth every minute of it. I could feel my second load of cum building up, and at last I had to stop, my cock still buried inside of her. I didn’t want to cum just yet. There was still one more prize to take.

She was in a daze, and didn’t hear me open my desk drawer. I took out a tube of KY jelly that I’d left there earlier in the day and squeezed out a nice dollop onto my fingers. I began to smear the lubricant over her perfect asshole, and it wasn’t until I inserted a greasy finger inside her tightest of holes that she seemed to realize what I was doing.

“Mr. Smith! What are you doing? You can’t! I’ve never…”

I slapped her ass hard, cutting her off. “Again, Cheryl, I can and I will, and before you’ve graduated you’ll be begging for my cock in your ass. It’s good to know that at least one of your holes is still a virgin.” I slid my finger up to the third knuckle into her asshole, and she writhed on the desk, gritting her teeth in discomfort. “I won’t lie to you, my little slut, this will hurt at first. I can’t have you making all sorts of noise, so…” with that, I took her panties and reached around to her face, stuffing them into her mouth, effectively gagging her. “Don’t spit them out, Cheryl, or it’ll be that much worse on you. Just relax. I have a sneaking suspicion that you’ll enjoy this once you get used to it.” With a smile, I withdrew my wet cock from her pussy. I jacked it a few times with my KY covered fingers and set the head at the entrance to her asshole. Her body had gone tense, and I could feel her fear. It made me even harder, and I resolved to show her no mercy. With a single push, I drove my thick cock three inches into her virgin ass.

Even with the panties in her mouth, her scream filled the room, and her body went rigid. I grabbed a fistful of her blonde hair and pulled her head back. “Quiet, Cheryl! I’ll not have my slave behaving so! Bite down on those panties and take the medicine that you deserve!” She fought back her tears and moaned in resignation. I pushed again, stretching her ass still further with another two inches of cock. Her asshole was breath takingly tight. It gripped my cock like a vise, and I thought for a moment that I’d cum before even getting it all the way in. Gritting my teeth, I held back my load and drove the last two and a half inches home. With my balls resting against her pussy I reveled in my victory. I had taken her in every hole, had made her my personal fuck toy, and she had begged for it, not because I’d forced güvenilir casino her to, no, this was her secrete desire, to be taken and used by a man. She grunted in pain now, but as I let my cock be still in her, as her asshole stretched to accommodate me, I could already hear those whimpers take on a different tone. The slut in her was fast rising back to the surface, letting herself go, giving in to the pleasure of total surrender, the feel of a strong hand pulling her head back by the hair and a thick cock in her ass.

I withdrew; much as I had from her cunt when I first fucked her there, until only the head remained inside, and then slid steadily back in. I set up a slow rhythm, allowing her to get used to it, feeling her body accept it. She relaxed at last, and I felt the first small tremors of pleasure begin to ripple through her body. I fucked her tight asshole in and out, and it clenched me, gripped me, and seemed to milk my cock like the preverbal silken fist. The feeling was incredible. My head spun as, together, we climbed to the heights of sexual ecstasy. Gentle reader, there is simply nothing in the world like ass fucking an eight-teen year old girl.

Cheryl began to sigh with pleasure through her gag, as I knew she would, and before long her body seemed to seize up and then explode as her orgasm ripped through her, starting seep in her stomach and spreading outwards until every nerve was overloading and she was now crying with the sheer joy of climax and submission. I knew it was safe now, and I took the panties from her mouth.

“You like it, don’t you, Cheryl?” I said, my cock now picking up speed as I pistoned in and out of her ass.

“Ohhhhh yeasss!” she breathed.

“You love my cock in your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mr. Smith. God yes!”

“You love being my fuck slave, don’t you?”


“You love me raping your ass!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

“Because you’re my dirty girl, aren’t you?”

“So dirty…so dirty for you, Sir…so dirty…”

“Dirty whore, loves to be fucked.”

“In my dirty mouth…”

“Yes baby, talk to me…”

“My little pussy…”


“And my asshole, oh god, Mr. Smith I love you in my asshole!”

“That’s a good slut!”

“Fuck me, use me, cum all over me, piss on me if you want, I’m so dirty I’m your filthy fuck whore…” Her words came in a seamless flow as she lost total control of her body, as she gave herself wholly over to me. “Use me anyway you want I’m your whore your bitch your good little girl your toilet I’ll do anything…”

I could not stand it another minute! Her tight ass and nasty talk took me to the very edge, and I knew I was mere seconds from cumming! Quickly, I withdrew from her ass and hauled her off of the desk by her hair, forcing her to her knees in front of me. She obediently opened her mouth as I laid the crotch of her panties across her tongue and then jerked my cock, once, twice, three times. My orgasm hit me like a sledgehammer. My cum sprayed from my cock with a force I had rarely experienced. Thick ropes of white semen draped across her mouth, her panty crotch, her cheeks, nose and forehead. It got in her hair and dripped from her chin. Jet after jet coated her lips, and she greedily moaned for more. I held onto the edge of my desk as my legs went weak from the force of such a cum.

When my cum at last subsided, she eagerly went to work, sucking my cum from her coated panty crotch, using it to wipe her face and then sucking it clean again. It was a fantasy come true, and watching her go at it was a sight I’d been waiting my whole life to see.

Finally she was through. She had eaten every drop of my cum. She had sucked it all from her soiled panties. She even took my cock into her mouth and sucked the last remaining drops from my balls. Then, she looked up at me, and with a shy grin, she said, “Thank you, Mr. Smith.”

I smiled back at her. “Your entirely welcome, Cheryl, and rest assured, your extra credit assignments aren’t over. We’ve still got a month before graduation, and your going to have to work very hard indeed to get those grades up.”

“I know,” she said, “And I will. I’ll work very hard for you, Sir.”

I stroked her head gently, and she pressed her face into my palm. “Now get cleaned up. I’ll see you tomorrow, Cheryl.

I knew it was going to be a hell of a month, and I had a feeling that Cheryl’s extra credit assignments might even go on after she graduated. I smiled and put her wet panties into my jacket pocket, taking them as my trophy as I’d promised myself I would.

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