Caught in the Act Ch. 05

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This story is fictional. All persons depicted are over the age of 18. All names have been changed to protect identities.

This is a sequel to my previous stories. If you haven’t already read them, you may want to.


This story does include instances of lesbian incest, smoking, and piss. If that’s not your thing, stop reading right here. If that is your thing, please continue.



After a few minutes, I’m called into the bedroom by the sexy sisters. When I walk in, I’m greeted by the most amazing thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on: both sisters are completely naked, they’ve both stuffed panties into their juicy pussies, and they’re rubbing oil on each other. I just had an orgasm, but my dick is already rising back to attention.

After both their bodies are completely covered in oil, they get on their hands and knees, and push their asses out. They reach over and spread each others’ ass cheeks, exposing their tight shit boxes. I almost run to the bed so I can begin devouring their delicious assholes. While I alternate eating Ashley’s fat pale ass and Arielle’s thick tan ass, the two sisters start kissing and playing with each others’ casino şirketleri tits. I can smell both their pussies as they start dripping juices on the bed.

It doesn’t take long for Arielle to have an idea, which she quickly shares with her big sister. They both get up, and tell me to lie down on the bed. I do so eagerly, knowing that what is about to happen will be very pleasurable for me. They leave the room, but only for a few seconds. I can now see that they’re each holding something in their hands. Arielle has grabbed a few of her black and mild cigars, and Ashley has grabbed her pack of Camel Silver Menthol cigarettes. Now I definitely know that this is going to be amazing.

The sisters sit on the bed next to me. Since Arielle and I have had some smoking fun already today, she lets Ashley start. Ashley takes a drag of her cigarette, leans down, and blows the smoke directly into my face. I inhale deeply to get as much of the smell as I can. Arielle then takes a drag of her cigar and kisses me, blowing the smoke into my mouth. By this time, Ashley has another mouthful of smoke for me. She, too, kisses me to blow the smoke directly into my mouth. Then, they both get a mouthful casino firmaları of smoke ready, and we do a threeway kiss. The sisters share their smoke with each other, while I get a delicious mix of both flavors.

Arielle puts her cigar out, then lays down on the bed. She tells her sister to sit on her face so she can lick her delicious asshole, and she tells me to plunge my now rock hard cock into her tight ass and fuck her as hard as I can. Ashley and I both oblige. Ashley lights another cigarette, and blows the smoke directly into my mouth with another deep sensual kiss. It’s hard to pound Arielle’s asshole and make out with Ashley at the same time, so Ashley starts blowing the smoke into my face after every drag of her cigarette. I’m fucking Arielle’s ass so hard that she’s screaming into her sister’s asshole.

It doesn’t take long til I feel like I’m gonna burst, so I pull my dick out. My slut wife tells me to stand up so she can lick her sister’s ass juice off my cock. She blows more smoke on my hard dick while sucking on the head and stroking the shaft quickly. After a couple of minutes of the smokey blowjob, I shoot my hot jizz all over my wife’s tits. She immediately gets off güvenilir casino her sister’s face so Arielle can lick my cum off her sister’s boobs and share it with each other between more smokey kisses.

Ashley then lies down on the bed and tells her sister to sit on her face so they can 69 each other. I feel the need to take a piss, but I don’t feel like walking back to the bathroom. Then I remember that I have two very sexy toilets on the bed in front of me. So I get down behind Arielle and slide my semi hard dick into her wet pussy. I let my piss go, and it soon is spilling out of her cunt and into her sister’s eager mouth.

It’s not long after that that both sisters are squirting delicious pussy juice all over each others’ faces. We three get together for a three way kiss to enjoy the sisters’ cum together. Ashley and Arielle both stand up and aim their pussies right at my open mouth. Arielle’s golden stream starts first, but Ashley’s is much stronger. The mixture of their sweet but bitter piss is surprisingly yummy. I hold a mouthful so they can each taste how delicious their mixed piss tastes.

Ashley is the one with the naughty idea this time, which she whispers to her sister. Arielle’s mouth and eyes go wide with shock, then her mouth turns into her naughty grin. Ashley grabs her phone, and they both start giggling excitedly. I’m not sure what’s in store for me, but I bet I’ll love it.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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