Abby Ch. 01

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Mike was waiting for Abby to get home from work. He wasn’t going to let her know how eager he was for her to get home, so he was setting up a spreadsheet he really didn’t need. He wasn’t able to concentrate on what he was doing, as he was all the time thinking of his wife of three months, and how lucky he was that she was his.

He was, in truth, amazed at her. She was 24 years younger than his own 57 years, but she had chosen him. She was beautiful, where he was plain. She was sexy, where he was … 57. She was slender and trim, where he was showing the signs of middle age. But, in spite of all this, she loved him.

At last he heard her at the front door, so he pretended more interest in the spreadsheet than he actually had. She came in the front door and closed it behind her. He watched her out of the corner of his eye, as he loved this part of their daily ritual. Before they had met in person, he had told her that he never wanted her to wear panties in the house. So, as soon as she got home, she would close the front door and remove her panties from under her skirt. She would then fold the panties so that the gusset of the panties, which she had soaked in anticipation of once again being with her Lord, was in the top layer of the folded material. She would then carry her folded panties and pass them under Mike’s nose so he could smell her arousal. What she didn’t know was that most of the time, he could smell her arousal while she was standing by the door.

Today, though, Abby had a surprise for her Mike. Instead of approaching him right away, Abby took off the rest of her clothes at the front door. Her arousal increased tenfold beyond what she usually felt for her husband. Her nipples crinkled up hard, and she could feel her pussy lips swell. She could also feel her juices leaking out of her pussy and start to trickle down her thighs. Abby went into the kitchen and poured a glass of fruit juice for her man. She then carried it into him, and rather than touch him or speak to him, she knelt down knees spread wide open beside his office chair, looked only at the floor, and extended her hands with the glass of juice up to her husband.

Mike was surprised and delighted! Abby had time and again told him that she loved him, and he believed her, but she had never demonstrated such a submission to him. He thought it was sexy as hell! Once again, as he had every day since before they got married, he renewed his determination to be worthy of such a woman.

Mike took the juice out of Abby’s hands, and she placed her hands, palms up, on her knees. He thought a few minutes, figuring out where Abby was going with this scenario, what she wanted and what she wanted him to do. He remembered she had called him “master” and “Lord” back when they had only been sending instant messages and e-mails to each other. At the time he had thought nothing of it, but now, considering her actions this day, he thought he knew what she wanted.

Mike swiveled the office chair around to where he was facing her on the floor.

“Undress me”, he commanded her.

Abby said, “yes, Lord”, and she started taking off his shoes and socks. As soon as his feet were bare, she started massaging his feet just the way she knew he liked. She placed the foot that casino şirketleri was not in her hands against her pussy. As she worked over his left foot, she rocked her hips so that his right foot rubbed her clitoris. The scent of Abby in heat rose to fill both their nostrils.

Michael quickly became even more erect in his jeans. He wanted to put his cock inside of her more than ever, but he waited for her to finish her pleasing and teasing. She found many sore spots on his foot, particularly on the sole of his foot, and she massaged the sore spots away. She then switched feet and massaged his right foot while she masturbated herself with his left foot. She was becoming more and more turned on, becoming more and more anxious to take her husband and Lord and master within her body, but she waited, dragging the seduction of her man out as long as they could stand it.

Abby had her first orgasm from rubbing her clit on Mike’s left foot just as she finished her massage of his right foot. She looked up and saw first of all the lump of hardness in her husband’s pants, then the mixed look of relief and lust on his face. She raised up on her knees and unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. She moved her hands to his hips, one hand to each side, and started to pull his pants and briefs down his legs. Mike lifted his hips so she could get his pants and underwear off of him. Abby quickly removed Mike’s pants, then, still on her knees, she moved closer to the chair and spread Mike’s legs wider. Abby looked at Mike’s sex. She loved that he had been shaving his pubic hair even before they met. She also loved that his sex was as hairless as her own. Neither of them had to stop during oral sex to deal with unwelcome hairs in their mouths. She took his penis in one hand and his sac in the other. Using very little pressure in her grip she started to rub up and down Mike’s cock. When her hand got to the top of her husband’s erection, she gave his cock a little twist, then started her hand back down his shaft. While she was rubbing his cock with one hand, she used the other to gently tickle and scratch his balls.

Mike started breathing harder because of the pleasure Abby was giving him with her hand job, and Abby was very much aware of the effect she was having on him.

“I am close to coming, Miyiri!” 1

“Not yet, Mikunu,” 2 and she took her hands away from his erection and sac and rose up to take Mike’s tee shirt off of him.

As the shirt came off of his head, he was eye to nipple with Abby’s breasts. He tipped his head and took her nipple into his mouth and started sucking and lightly biting. Abby yanked the shirt the rest of the way off Mike’s body, then put her hands behind Mike’s head and pulled him tighter against her breast. Mike used one hand to fondle Abby’s free breast and to pinch and roll her nipple. His other hand was busy cupping and rubbing against her pussy.

Mike enjoyed the birdsong of Abby’s moans and groans as he was nursing on Abby’s beautiful breast. He slowly slipped first one, then two fingers inside of her. He turned his hand so that the fingers he had inside of her curled toward her front. He started curling and straitening his fingers inside of her so that they rubbed across her g-spot. Abby nearly came unglued from the sensation casino firmaları coming out of her pussy and down from her nipples. She was so close to coming! She wanted, no NEEDED to come. Just another couple of pulls on her nipples or one more of Mikes finger tips scraping across the super-sensitive spot inside her pussy, and she would melt! Then Mike pulled away from and out of her.

Abby whimpered at the sudden lack of stimulation. She was so close, dammit!

“Not yet, pet. I haven’t given you permission to come. And, you know a slave does not get to come until she gets permission.”

Abby groaned in frustration, but she started this game, so she would play it through. She dropped back into her kneeling position on the carpet. Her nipples felt like they would pop off of her breasts, and she could feel her lubricating juices dripping out of her pussy onto the carpet.

Mike commanded her to stay in position, and he got up and went into their bedroom. He got a bath towel off of the shelves and a tube of KY jelly out of the nightstand drawer. He had a surprise for his Abby this evening.

Mike returned to Abby, handed her the towel, and told her to leave it folded in quarters and to put it under her to catch her pussy juices. Abby did as he said, then got back into her kneeling position, with her knees wide apart and her hands palms up on her thighs.

Mike told her to change position so that she knelt with her hands and elbows on the floor. When she was in position, he got behind her and pushed his hard cock into her pussy. Both of them thought they’d died and gone to heaven. She finally had his cock filling her up like she wanted, needed. He finally felt her silken heat around his erection.

Mike started moving inside of her cunt, and she started lubricating even more. She moaned that it felt so good to have her Lord and master using her as she should be used. She begged for permission to come, and Mike gave her the permission she sought. Her eyes slammed shut as she exploded in an agony of ecstasy. She saw colored lights and flashes of brightness. Then she saw nothing… she had passed out from her orgasm.

Mike was a little worried when his Abby collapsed and didn’t move. He looked closely at her, and she was still breathing. He left his cock inside of her, as he rubbed her back until she regained consciousness.

“Are you all right?”

“Oh, yes, Mikunu. That was wonderful! But, you haven’t come yet?”

“No, pet. Not yet. But, I will.”

Mike pulled her back up into position and started to slowly move in and out of her cunt. She left her head down on her arms, which were flat on the carpet, feeling too weak at the moment to do anything else. Then she felt Mike rubbing something slick down her butt crack and on her anal opening.

“Baby, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Be still, Miyiri. You will enjoy this.”

Mike slowly moved in and out of her and rubbed more KY jelly onto and into her anus. He put one finger inside her ass and twisted it to open her sphincter. He pulled his finger out, squeezed more of the lubricant onto her anus and onto two of his fingers. He then put both fingers into her ass and twisted them around.

Despite her anxiety of his fingers being where no güvenilir casino one had gone before, the sensations from her pussy and her ass were arousing her once again.

Mike pulled his penis from her pussy, used his hands to spread her cheeks and placed the head of his cock on her anus. He told her to relax her anal muscle and slowly pushed forward. He felt her sphincter relax, and the head of his cock popped inside of her. She yipped in surprised and with a little bit of pain. Although, she had to admit to herself, it wasn’t as much pain as when she gave up her virginity. He stopped his motion and allowed her to adjust to him being inside of her ass. When he felt her once again relax, he gently pushed inwards again. He would slowly push in an inch and pull out a half inch, then he repeated the process until he was completely buried in her ass. Then he started longer strokes in and out.

Mike reached underneath her and started rubbing her clit as he took her in the ass. She was once again moaning and groaning toward another climax, and he felt his own climax swiftly approaching. Abby was getting louder and telling her husband over and over to “fuck my ass. Come in my ass. Shoot your cum inside of me. Please, baby, now! Come in me now!”

Between hearing his beautiful wife talking dirty, and feeling her orgasm from the sensations of his being in her ass and his rubbing her clit, and the burning heat inside her ass, Mike felt his own orgasm start. He slammed his hips forward, colliding with Abby’s butt, and ground himself against her, vainly trying to drive his cock even deeper inside of her. He felt his cum shooting into her colon, and it felt like he emptied a gallon of semen into her ass.

Abby felt Mike’s semen enter her, and it felt like his cum was melting her insides. The sensation caused her third orgasm of the evening, even though she hadn’t been completely through with her second. This was the hardest she had ever come in her life, and she loved her husband more than ever!

Both of them were completely exhausted, and they collapsed onto the carpet. Mike pulled then both over onto their sides so he wouldn’t be lying on top of her. He kept his penis inside of her ass as they recovered their senses and their breath. When his cock finally deflated, it slipped out of her. Mike told Abby to get back into her serving kneeling position over the folded towel, and tired as she was, she did so. She would do anything to please her husband, the husband who made her feel so good and so loved and safe and warm. Mike lay down on his side in front of her and watched their combined cum leak out of her ass onto the towel.

When the flow slowed to a trickle, he slowly got up and helped her to her feet. They went into the bathroom and showered together. As they soaped each other and cleaned each other, Mike’s only regret was that he was nearly 60 years old, and it would take nearly a day for him to be ready to fuck his sexy wife again. They finished their shower and dried each other off, and went to bed. Mike quickly fell asleep as he pulled his sexy, naked wife against him.

Abby waited until he was firmly asleep, then quietly got out of bed and went into the kitchen to start their supper. She would wake him and serve him supper in bed. She loved her husband so much it hurt, and she was glad to serve him and happy to love and make love to him.

1 Miyiri: “my wife” in the Twi language of Ghana

2 Mikunu: “my husband” in the Twi language of Ghana

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