Exploring Men Ch. 01

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Babe Shower

As this is my first story, I suppose I should offer an introduction:

I’m tall, 6’1, have been told I have a male models’ face, and I live for the gym. Meathead, bodybuilder (not the roided out kind) and Adonis have all been used to describe me. No, I’m not making this up to embellish the story, that’s just me.

Anyway, I like sex and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to try a few things in my life. Guys or girls, oral or anal, I’m trying it! So that’s me, buff horn dog writing a story about sexual exploration. My stories are not about emotions, love or any of that stuff; mostly just raw unadulterated sex.

I had always known I was at least a little bisexual. I started out just noticing a guys cock while watching porno. Soon though, I started noticing other things, such as a firm backside thrusting into a girls pussy, or his rock hard stomach as the girl was blowing him. Soon enough I realized I just appreciated the male figure in general. I also have an incredible fetish for cum… but that’s for another story. I don’t have any body type fetishes – I just seem to find the same men attractive that women do – tall, muscular, lean, and handsome. While this wasn’t my first ever sexual experience, it was my first with a guy:

I had just gotten a new gym membership, and was currently putting the squat rack through a thorough test run. To my disappointment, the female population wasn’t exactly outstanding. All was not lost however, as out of the corner of my eye I noticed a pair of eyes following my ass up and down as I warmed up squatting. Once I racked the bar I took a better look, and was a bit excited, to say the least. He was just the way I like men: tall, with a buzz cut and a short, well groomed beard. As for his physique, well, lets just say he could pretty easily be on the cover of a fitness magazine. At this point he noticed me staring, and I looked away quickly. This went on for a few weeks afterward, us playing eye tag. Eventually I made friends with his group of friends, and learned that he, Like I, was bisexual. Not only that, but he was very open about routine STD screenings and being 100% clean. To make a long, boring story short; we all ended up at the bar together. At this point we had barely even spoken to each other. No, we didn’t get hammered and make a stupid decision. In fact, neither of us was drinking. It didn’t matter though, as the sexual tension was palpable. It started with us bumping into each other on ‘accident.’ Eventually we were grabbing each other’s ass and stomach discreetly in the dark lighting of the bar.

“Let’s go to my place,” he whispered in my ear. And so we snuck off to his apartment. casino şirketleri We rushed to his bedroom, and once there pretty much just threw ourselves at each other.

As we started to kiss, my hands started to explore. First I gently grabbed him above the hip bone, caressing his rigid torso through his shirt. Then I slid my hands up his shirt, feeling his silky smooth skin and soft hair I explored every ridge of his abs. Soon I reached his firm, hard pecs, lingering for a moment on his rock hard nipples, then found my way to his muscular back. I felt as If my cock were going to bust out of my pants from this, as there is nothing sexier to me than a well developed backside. I traced my fingers down his lower back, eventually reaching the slope of his perfect ass. It was soft upon first contact, but tightened up as I grabbed the cheeks, pulling his hips into mine, mashing our hard cocks together through the material of our jeans.

Although reluctant to remove my hands from his perfect ass, I brought my hands to the front of his pants, and clumsily tried to undo his jeans and belt buckle. Fortunately he sensed my inexperience and quickly removed them himself, breaking the kiss. I grabbed him by the cock and ass again, pulling him in to resume the kiss, before starting to move down to his neck. I nibbled, sucked, and licked my way down his neck and across his clavicles, arriving at the rippling valley of muscle that his two pecs formed, popping out of his V-neck t-shirt. He finally peeled of his shirt, revealing the ripped, rock hard torso underneath. My hands groped all over as my tongue snaked its way down to his nipples, stopping to give each one a good suck. I traced my tongue down the ridges of his abs, stopping to give extra attention to his Adonis belt, which stuck out at least an inch from his pubic bone. Exploring his body was making me go mad with lust. I could feel the precum flowing from my cock, making a wet mark on my briefs. As I approached the end-goal of the night, he slipped off his boxer briefs, springing his cock free. Few words were being spoken at this point, only grunts and groans escaped as the feelings intensified.

His cock stuck out straight in front of him, as hard as a rock. It was big, not freaky big, but wouldn’t look out of place in damn near any porno. He was uncut (a pleasant surprise), and his entire package was shaved bare (an even nicer surprise). The head was large and thick, easily popping out of his foreskin. I was momentarily disappointed at the lack of precum on the tip, presumably wiped off on his boxer briefs. I set out to correct this, slowly stroking his shaft as I tongued each shaved casino firmaları ball. I sucked on each ball a bit, before sliding my tongue upward, and onto his rock-hard shaft. I stopped stroking his cock, instead lowering my hand to stroke his balls. I slowly teased my tongue up his shaft, making sure to feel every ridge and vein along the way. Before I reached the tip, I dove back down to the base, only to climb back up. I did this several times, making sure to enjoy every inch of this magnificent member. I pulled my head back, and let his cock fall forward, revealing his cock head – now glistening with precum.

Unable to control myself, I darted my tongue out, lapping up the substance I just can’t get enough of. I was in a state of untold euphoria as I enjoyed the sweet, salty taste of his precum, with a texture like liquid silk in my mouth. I pulled my tongue away a bit, leaving a string of precum between my tongue and his cock. Not wanting to waste a bit, I dove forward, taking his head in my mouth, making sure I savored every bit of his decadent precum. I couldn’t help but moan out MMMMMMM, as I felt the velvety head between my lips, pulsing with sexual energy in my mouth. I started to suck, making him let out a guttural groan in pleasure. He put his hand on the gently on the back of my head, caressing my hair as I sucked. I sucked up and down his cock about halfway each stroke, playing with his cockhead with my tongue on the up stroke, and sucking as hard as I could on the down stroke. Feeling my lips of the ridge of his head each stroke was driving my crazy, and I had to unbutton my jeans to give my own raging hard on some relief. To my delight he continued to pump precum into my mouth as I pumped his cock, but as much as I loved this, there was something more I wanted to try.

I put his large member halfway in my mouth, relaxed as best I could, breathed out through my nose, and dove down his cock as far as I could. When I was about an inch from the base, I felt his cockhead pressing against my throat, and retracted fully off of his cock in response. I dove back in, and the same thing happened. Not to be deterred, I remembered something I had read online about relaxing your throat, and allowing the head to pop into your throat, and set to it. I relaxed my throat as hard as I could, and pushed down my throat hard onto his cock. Amazingly, it popped right in! Finally, I had this large sized dick buried in my throat, with my lips planted on his pubic area. Unfortunately though, this triggered my gag reflex, and I had to back off. I was in such a state of sexual frenzy and lust, however, that this didn’t discourage me at all, and I proceeded güvenilir casino to dive straight back down onto his cock. Each time I did this triggered my gag reflex, and soon my face was streaming with tears. In all honesty, this self abuse I was partaking in just made me harder, and I had started to jack off as I sucked.

He was clearing enjoying himself as well, grunting and groaning all the while I sucked. This went on for some time; me, n my knees slurping on his cock, tears streaming down my face as I moved as far up and down his dick with each stroke. I even started to use my hand a bit, stroking up with my mouth, and back down until I had to remove it to make room for the deepthroating. This extra stimulation must have been too much, as he started to tense up, and increased the firmness of his grip on the back of my head. He threw his head back and thrust his hips forward, and then abruptly froze in place. This moment seemed like the eye of a storm, as once it ended, his cockhead started gushing torrents of thick, warm, salty, gooey cum into my mouth.

I clamped my hand down on the base of his cock, as I know I like to have done to me when I am cumming. I suckled on the head as I tongued his cum-slit, tasting every spurt as it splashed over my tongue. His leg jerked and his knees buckled as he came, but with my grip on his cock, and his on my head, there was no way that cock was popping out of my mouth. Al too soon, his orgasm ended. Fortunately though, he didn’t become oversensitive after coming, allowing me to discover quite possibly the most sensational experience one can have: sucking on a cock all the while savoring a load of cum in your mouth; the combination of the two is an absolute sensory overload. Now, I’ve tasted my own (a few more times than could be considered experimenting at this point) but this was different, primarily the fact that I was still hard as a rock and horny as hell. I savored the taste, texture, and general naughtiness of holding a load of cum in my mouth. Finally, as his cock started to soften, his cock popped out of my mouth, and he stumbled backward onto his bed. I opened my mouth to show him my prize, not breaking eye contact as I did, then swallowed the entirety of the load, savoring the moment as best I could.

I sauntered into bed next to him, and resumed admiring his torso with my hands, as I was still hard and ready to go. We were both dripping in sweat from the cocksucking.

“You’re all sweaty. Why don’t we jump in the shower and clean off?” I asked.

“Alright” was he responded with, still short of breath.

As he got up and headed toward the bathroom, I took in his naked backside; wowza it was a sight to behold. His cock may have gone soft, but that wasn’t the only part of his body I could use for fun. I hopped off of the bed, following him into the bathroom to continue our night of fun…

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