At the Jazz Club

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Anal Fingering

Carol and Bob were sitting at a small table in the jazz club in the basement of Fred’s when the two men came in, and since there wasn’t much room agreed to share their table.

“Hi, I’m Ted.” Said the younger of the two, sitting to Carol’s right. “This is my boss and friend, Alex.” Introducing them to the other man.

He was nice looking, twenty-five to thirty, Carol thought, whereas his friend must have been at least forty, graying at the temples. They were visiting from Portland on business, staying at the Hilton and going back tomorrow morning. Alex had wanted to go home to his wife, but when he’d heard there was a jazz club here had persuaded Ted to stay.

“Hey, I don’t mind, the boss is paying and I don’t have a commitment in Portland. Not now at least.” Ted laughed. Then, to Carol, “Could we scoot around a little, I’ve got my back to the band.”

So they moved around so that Ted was sitting much closer to Carol, in fact their knees were touching. Alex offered to buy them drinks since he and Ted had inconvenienced them, and, why not? Bob had said.

For the past couple of years Bob had been trying to get Carol interested in having a threesome with another man, and had suggested a couple of his friends, but while it sort of interested her — she’d been pretty sexually active in College — she was afraid it might threaten their marriage.

They didn’t have any kids, and while the idea of children appealed to Carol, it was the getting there that didn’t. She had a knock out figure, slender with not big, but nicely shaped breasts, and the getting fat part didn’t appeal to her.

Did she feel a touch on her leg? She glance at Ted and smiled and he smiled back, but when she looked away, there it was again, a touch, just above her knee. She had on a short denim skirt, so the touch was on a bare part of her leg, bare that is except for her stocking. Bob always wanted her to wear stockings, in fact he’d have preferred it if she wore a garter belt, but that was too much, so she settled for thigh-high stockings. Stockings with a short skirt showed off her nice shapely legs, he said.

After a moment she felt it again, only not just a touch, but Ted’s hand was on her knee. She should move away, but felt excitement building inside her. The music was great and the wine was warming her.

“You okay?” Ted looked at her.

“I’m okay, how about you?” She smiled at him.

“Better than average, but if you want me to move or anything, or give you more room just ask.”

“Everything is fine as it is.” Still smiling at him.

“What are you two talking about?” Bob asked.

“Well I still haven’t really decided whether I should stay tonight or not.” Ted said. “It’s a long way to drive. On the other hand if I left tonight I could get an early start in the morning.”

“I think you should just stay. See what else the town has to offer.” Carol said with a chuckle. Why was her heart starting to beat faster?

She felt the hand on her leg move under her skirt to the top of her stocking. She reached under the table and laid her hand on top of it and felt it squeeze her thigh. The music was loud and made it hard to speak without shouting, and when she felt Ted’s hand move above the stocking to her bare thigh:

“NO!” She said aloud, gripping his hand hard.

“No what?” Bob asked from across the table.

“No he shouldn’t leave tonight. He’s been drinking and might have an accident. Besides I’d feel guilty if anything happened to him.” And in spite of herself she gave the errant hand a squeeze.

That was all the encouragement Ted needed, he pushed her hand aside and arrived at her panties. Carol’s mouth was dry, so she took another mouthful of wine. Just then Bob looked over at Carol and saw Ted’s wrist where his hand was disappearing under her skirt.

He must have been staring because Alex asked him if he was alright. He said he was, Then asked Carol if she was ready to leave.

“It’s a little bit early, isn’t it?” She said, then “Actually Ted and I might leave in a minute if it’s okay with you.”

“Leave? Where are you going?”

“To Ted’s hotel room.”

Bob stared at her in silence, his mouth slightly open and casino şirketleri Alex wondered if he’d heard right. Ted was always on the look out for a girl to screw and it looked as if he’d struck gold.

“Well…..well I guess if you really want……shall I come too?”

“No sweetheart, I think I should go alone this time.”

Ted had watched this repartee in amazement and half an hour later Carol looked around at him and smiled “Are you ready?”

“Yeah…..yeah okay.” And he stood up.

“I don’t know if I’ll be home tonight. Depends on a number of things, but I’ll call you.” Carol told Bob as they started to leave.

As they walked up the steps and out of the cellar Ted looked at Carol’s legs and bottom, and couldn’t believe his luck. They walked the short distance to the hotel holding hands and Ted’s head was in a cloud. How could he be so lucky? He wondered. Carol’s heart was pounding as she wondered how she had had the courage to do this.

Back at the club Alex tried not to smile as he asked Bob, “Has this happened before?”

“It has.” Bob lied. “I’m afraid my wife is a bit of a slut. She’s been seeing a psychiatrist because she’s a nymphomaniac and for a while seemed to be cured, but this is the first time recently that she’s done it again.”

He felt ashamed of himself for saying this, but it seemed to be a good way to excuse her behavior. He asked himself why she hadn’t agreed to fuck someone before, and with him there to see it. That was what hurt and annoyed him most, that he wouldn’t be there to watch them fucking. He could imagine what it would be like, but it wasn’t the same as being there.

Immediately they were in the room Carol was in Ted’s arms and they kissed, and kissed some more, tongues touching, exploring each others mouths. His hand touched and fondled her body: her bottom; her breasts.

Carol looked around, “There are two beds, you share this with Alex?”

“Yes, is that okay?”

“Oh shit, I can’t stay all night then.”

“Why not?”

“Well, you know, not in a room with two men, and he’s married and all, and….well……you know.” She was having trouble thinking this through.

“Carol, baby, he’s cool, he’ll just go to bed and sleep. As you said, he’s married.”

“No, I won’t stay all……….” At this point Ted covered her mouth with his because this discussion was spoiling the mood. He proceeded to gently but firmly push her back on to his bed, and as they kissed he slid his hand under her skirt and between her legs. He rubbed her through her panties, then slipped his fingers under the edge to find her outer labia.

He didn’t like this obstruction, so he pulled at the waist of her panties. She reacted by raising her hips and pulling them off to spread her legs for him. He gazed at her delicious looking pussy, covered with blond hair, the same as her head, then lowered his mouth on to it. He kissed then opened her slit with his fingers, taking in the musk rising from it. This was too much, and his tongue slipped into the pink groove in front of him.

His tongue touched Carol’s clitoris making her jump then give a deep sigh. He started to lick in earnest as she groaned in delight and spread her legs wider. His licking was setting her on fire, she wanted more, more.

Ted reared back, ripped off his shoes, pants and underwear, revealing a large rod sticking straight out in front of him. Carol quickly pulled off her skirt and blouse and her bra was undone, she saw that thing and wanted it, spreading her legs still wider.

“Fuck me.”

But Ted didn’t need an invitation, and in one move he was on top of her and had penetrated her. His penis slipped deep into her vagina and she gave a long sigh.

He paused. “Should I put on a rubber?”

“I don’t have a disease and if you don’t…”

He didn’t wait for her to finish but started fucking in earnest, hard, deep and fast. Carol grunted and sighed with each thrust and spread as wide as she could, legs over her head. She wanted to take him all inside her, she wanted her vagina spread to the limit. On and on he went, fucking fucking, fucking with the heat spreading and filling her body, and occasionally he pulled out casino firmaları and just used the head of his penis between her labia, giving her a mini orgasm.

Ted wanted this to go on forever, she was so good and responded to him so energetically, but he knew it wouldn’t last. It was like a hot poker in his ass, driving him until he started to ejaculate into that hot slot and with several deep hard thrusts he collapsed on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his back enjoying the fading heat and holding his softening penis in her, while using her vaginal muscles to squeeze out the last drops of his semen.

There was a tap at the door, and a moment later it opened. They’d fallen asleep locked together, a single organism joined at the pelvis. Alex came in to see Ted naked, jumping up and Carol lying there, legs open, showing it all.

“Oh, very nice! Carol you’d better call Bob, he’s concerned about you, though I can’t think why, it looks as if you’re doing alright to me.” He laughed.

She got up slowly, languidly, there was no use in hiding anything. She leaned over, picked up the phone and dialed.

“Hi Bob, you got home alright then.” She said.

“Yes, I’m fine, but no, I won’t be home tonight.” She went on, without really listening to his answer.

“Now don’t get like that, you wanted me to do this, and it is as much pleasure as you said it would be.” She continued in answer to his objection.

“Baby, sweetheart, you know I love you, but you kept on telling me how much I’d enjoy someone different, and you were right. I think you can take care of yourself. Tomorrow I’ll be home and I’ll make it up to you. Bye my love.” And she hung up the phone.

At the other end Bob heard the phone hang-up, then put the receiver down slowly and sat for a minute. He was pissed off. He could just imagine Carol fucking that younger guy, what was his name? Ted. He knew every inch of her body: her beautiful face; her hot mouth; her lovely tits and nipples that he loved to suck on, those lovely legs and between them her pink cunt; even the asshole that he’d licked in the heat of the moment.

He undressed, then walked over to the television and DVD player and selected a DVD. His cock was hard and he rubbed it as he sat and watched a group of people fucking and sucking.

Back at the Hilton Carol was wondering what to sleep in and both Ted and Alex were making suggestions. Alex offered his t-shirt, and she put it on, and when she came back from the bathroom Alex asked her,

“How’d you like to spend a few minutes in my bed?”

“Ted said you were cool, but not that cool. No thanks I think I’ll..”

Ted interrupted her, “Go ahead, have some fun. Besides, Alex needs it too.”

“Will this get you a promotion?” She laughed. Then, looking at Alex standing there in his pajamas with a big lump sticking out in front, “Okay, why not?”

And walking over to him she took the lump in her hand and he lowered his head to kiss her. He reached his hand down to the clump of pubic hair peeking out from under the T-shirt and found her sopping wet vagina.

He started to stroke Carol’s labia and clitoris while they went on kissing and as they kissed they slipped into Alex’s bed, and as they slipped into the bed her legs opened for him to find and fondle her open, wet slit. Kissing and fondling; breasts, vagina while she gently stroked his engorged penis. After several minutes he was ready; she was ready too, so he rolled over on top of her and thrust his hot member into her ready vagina. She sighed a deep sigh. It was years since she’d had sex with two men and now she remembered how the heat from the first was still in her as the second penetrated her.

“Aaaah….nice.” She murmured as his stiff penis slipped into her hot, wet vagina.

He fucked her slowly steadily, what she and Bob called a married fuck. It was a change from Ted, who was very active, but she liked both, and both were a change from her husband, Bob. She didn’t know if she had an orgasm, in fact she frequently didn’t have an over-the-top orgasm, but loved the feel of being fucked, of feeling that deep thrust of a big cock in her vagina and the many little jolts that ran through her güvenilir casino body.

Alex came. She felt his pace quicken and he gave a big sigh:

“UH! UH! Uh……aaaaaaaaah. Oh so good.”

She wrapped her legs around him, holding him in as she felt his sperm erupt inside her. They lay together like a single organism while they both started to fall asleep. Carol woke with a start, her leg had fallen asleep, and she felt his now-soft penis slipping out of her. She gave him a push and when he woke he said:

“Barb? That was so good.”

Carol chuckled, “I don’t know who Barb is, but I’m Carol, and my leg has gone numb.”

“Oh shit.” He said. “Barb is my wife.” And he rolled off her.

She didn’t leave, but they kissed and fondled each other. Carol fell asleep, but awoke in the early hours of the morning and felt her way to the toilet to take a pee. As she made her way back to bed she wondered which bed she should get into only to have the decision made for her when she found Ted standing in front of her in the half-light.

He grabbed her and kissed her, all tongue. His hand found the matted hair under the T-shirt that she was wearing, and slipped a finger into her sopping wet slit and she sighed. Ted led her over to his bed where they fell together, still kissing, still fondling. She loved the feel of his hard penis in her hand and the feel of his hand as it slipped under the T-shirt and found her breast. He continued to roll her hardening nipple between his fingers, at times pinching it until it hurt.

“Kneel.” He told her, and she got up and knelt on the edge of the bed, her back to him.

Ted teased her wet opening and clitoris with the head of his penis, making her moan and sigh, then drove it hard into her and she gasped in shock and surprise. He fucked, fucked her deep and hard, while his fingers started to penetrate her anus. This was giving her a remarkably good feeling. Normally Carol didn’t like anal play, but this was different and she could feel his finger touching his penis through the walls of her anus and vagina.

Suddenly he pulled out, both fingers and penis and next thing she knew his penis was pushing against her anus, penetrating it and plunging into her rectum. It hurt! Then slowly at first, but firmly and doggedly she felt him fucking her anus.

“No! Stop, that hurts.” She pleaded, but he didn’t pause. “What are you doing to me?”

“I’m fucking your lovely ass.” Ted said flatly. “I’m fucking your ass and it feels great.”

“Not to me. You’re hurting me, Ted, stop, please.”

“Relax Baby, relax. It’ll start to feel good, just relax.”

She tried to relax, but it hurt. After a few deep thrusts her anus felt numb. Bob had done this to her before but she didn’t like it, and he was rough. Ted was being more gentle, using slow deep thrusts until he was right, she started to enjoy it, and as he increased the speed of his fucking she felt his balls slapping against her vagina.

This lovely anal fucking went on and on until with a few hard, deep thrusts Carol felt Ted start to ejaculate into her, deep into her bowels, slam, slam, then he was still, grasping her waist, spent.

He pulled back and out of her. “Come on sweetheart, let’s take a shower.” And taking her hand he pulled her into the bathroom.

The hot water felt good as they washed each other, Carol washed Ted’s now quiescent penis and he in return her slit and inside to her vagina and her anus. Ted started to get hard again, while Carol rubbed his soapy penis. She wondered if he’d want to fuck her again, but instead he told her to kneel

The water from the shower washed to the soap off his penis, and she took it in her mouth, sucking it. He took her head in his hands as the warm water played on them both, fucking her mouth. This was just too much and he didn’t last long, but ejaculated his load into Carol’s mouth which she eagerly swallowed.

Carol felt very naughty going down to breakfast with the two men, and wondered if anyone she knew would see her. She’d phoned Bob to come and pick her up and soon he appeared and joined them for coffee but this rather spoiled the effect for her, because now it was legitimate, she was just having breakfast with her husband and two men.

Later as hey drove home Bob said, “Now we’ve broken the ice maybe we can meet some other guys.”

“We’ll see.” She answered, but she’d had such a great night she was ready to do it again.

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