As the Master Wishes Day 06

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(Thanks to everyone for supporting Availableslave2u and I on this collaboration. Even though there are two more chapters left, we figured we should thank those of you that supported us. And for the trolls that love to preach about Stephanie being a whore, it’s just fantasy.)

Stephanie had a hard time falling asleep the previous night. She enjoyed the week she had with the various suitors visiting and ensuring that her pussy and ass were well taken care of. She was also very surprised that her Master/husband would allow her the lee way that she was given even if she took more advantage of it as much as she had. The feeling of the different guys’ seed spewing into her throat and inside her ass and pussy had been a welcome change of pace ever since the earlier days before her husband when she was known as the Clark County Cum Dumpster. She couldn’t believe that she still had that something that made the guys want to cum in every hole when she had the chance.

Deep in her mind however, she knew that none of the suitors from that week could ever replace her husband. Besides being a Dominant, he was a very caring man. He balanced his Dom side with a very tender side that spent plenty of time holding and comforting her. Even though he had to take the frequent trips in order to take care of his job, he always made time to spend with his one and only and always took care of her no matter what.

So it seemed bittersweet that the day after was his homecoming and that he would be back in her arms as well as her ass and pussy. Yet the week of anonymous suitors would be over and she would be unable to ever see them again in the same type of way. These were the thoughts that ruled her mind as she fell asleep the previous casino şirketleri night with a latex replica of his penis inside her pussy and her largest butt plug firmly seated.

It was an extreme surprise when the doorbell rang. It was so much of one that she jumped up and could feel the dildo slip from her as she rose up. She left the dildo on the floor as she grabbed her robe and quickly wrapped it around her before she reached the door. She opened the door to reveal two men dressed in polo shirts and khaki pants with tool belts. The thoughts started rolling as to what they were there for until they gave her a business card identifying them as estimators for the local paint contractors.

She forgot about her situation with her Master for a moment as the men began to measure each of the rooms in succession. It didn’t cross her mind that it was a setup until they reached her bedroom and one of them found the abandoned dildo on the side of the bed. He held it up and started showing his partner how it was still wet and how the bitch must have been busy before they showed up. Stephanie started feeling her anger as she began to yell at them that they needed to hurry up and finish.

The one holding the dildo stopped in his tracks and pulled out an envelope and handed it to her. She took out the piece of paper inside and noticed that the letter was on her husband’s letterhead. She clammed up as she read the instructions her Master gave to the two men as she noticed them moving to opposite ends of the room. Slowly, she placed the letter on her nightstand before she allowed her robe to open and she slid onto the bed, pointing to the one holding her dildo to see why it was so wet in the first place.

The casino firmaları men were on her like dessert travelers thirsting for water as she soon had one cock poised above her lips while her pussy was being invaded by the other man’s tongue. She started to stroke the dick above her mouth, taking her time to lick around the crown as well as caressing the base and his balls as she stroked it. The man above her started to talk dirty to her as he felt his tool being slowly inhaled down her throat. He eventually had his legs on either side of her head and began to pound his dick into her mouth while her hands started squeezing his ass. He was watching the other guy as she plunged his tongue even deeper inside her pussy. They began to remark on how hot this piece of ass was and how they couldn’t wait to pound her in all her holes.

The man inside her mouth rose up and removed his cock before hitting the sides of her face with his hard dick. He then fell back as she was lifted p by the other guy before she was dropped onto the first man. His dick felt so good impaling her pussy while she rode him. The other guy stepped onto the bed and stood next to her as she began to suck on his dick. The whole scene was being played out like one from a bad porn movie as she was getting her pussy fucked while the other guy was pushing her face onto his dick.

He took his dick out of her mouth and began to move to her rear when the other man told him that her ass was off limits according to her Master’s orders. The other guy talked about how this fine piece of tail needed a good ass fuck and that he was going it do it anyway. As he started to remove the ass plug, the sound of her Master’s voice could be heard coming from güvenilir casino the other side of the room. The action stopped while he walked in, his dick in hand as the other guy backed off. The Master then told him that he was excused as he went and began to remove the butt plug himself.

Before the other guy left, the Master told him to come back and reinsert his dick into his Slave’s mouth. As the other guy followed his orders, the Master leaned down and began to encourage his wife that she was going to finish being a slut for these two men before he was going to deal with her for her disobedience. As his dick slid into her rear entrance, she felt relieved that it was his dick pounding her unworthy ass. She could feel as the man underneath her began to tell her that he was going to cum. She pulled the dick out of her mouth long enough to tell her Master.

Her Master then pulled out before she was able to dismount him. He commanded her to present her face near his dick so he could cum on it like the slut she was. She did as was told as she began to stroke him off towards her face, being sure to keep her mouth closed to not let any cum slide in. His cum shot was small compared to the men she had dealt with all week. The other man visiting then bent down and told her to look at him before he added his small donation to her face as well. The Master watched as she responded by rolling over and looking at him pleadingly as if asking for mercy.

He looked at the other two men before telling them that they were expected at a dinner party the next night and that they were to be at the house promptly at six. As the men left with their clothing in hand, his attention turned to Stephanie. He commanded her to go clean up in the shower and to meet him in the living room with nothing on but her butt plug back in her ass and a towel to sit on. As Stephanie walked towards the shower, she had that sinking feeling inside that the shit was going to come down when she went downstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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