Addison: Mature Southern Belle Ch. 10

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Big Dicks

Letter from the Author: This is a story about an older promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. She knowingly commits adultery and likes to be dominated and even humiliated. If you have any moral issues with this, please go read another story.

If you have read the previous chapters, you know that I ghost write this series from material from a woman I call Mary Beth (Addison in the stories). Well, I have run out of material from her. She has stopped corresponding with me. The readers are asking for more chapters on my e-mail Addie, please write soon.

Readers, if you would like this series to continue, please ask Mary Beth (Addison) in the comment section after this story to give me more material.



Addison’s husband had been hinting about the two of them retiring for about six months. He finally got some brochures and booked a weekend at a luxury retirement community in Florida to check it out as a place for the two of them to retire in the near future. They flew down to Florida a long weekend to check it out. The place was fabulous. It had a small hotel on the grounds where they let potential residents stay as they tried to get them to move in, or where families could stay when they visited residents of the community. There was a huge community center and pool too. Addison was sunbathing at the pool while her husband was being treated to a round of golf on the championship course when her latest young cock showed up.

Addison had been at the resort for a couple of days and had not been able to relieve the sexual tension building in her body, and she was getting quite antsy. She lay in the warm Florida sun in her bikini dreaming of having a long, hard, young cock on her when she spotted a family entering the pool deck. It appeared as though the older couple was showing off all the amenities to their son or daughter’s family. The young couple had two small children and as they grew closer, Addie noticed how handsome the young man was. He was over six foot tall with broad shoulders and thick muscular legs that jutted out from his shorts. He had thick dark hair, and a tan face with a strong square jaw. She could not see his eyes behind the sunglasses, but his good looks were evident. He appeared to be in his early 30’s maybe. Addie also noticed as the six of them walked by the younger man could not take his eyes off of her. She didn’t acknowledge the group as they walked by, but watched through her sunglasses as the man ogled her magnificent body.

They were about 15 feet away and Addie peered at them through the corners of her eyes waiting for him to look back one more time. He did not disappoint her, turning one more time to sneak a peek. When he did, Addie nonchalantly adjusted her bikini top, making her silicon enhanced chest shake invitingly. She could tell he saw her do it, because he immediately turned his head back to his group and they disappeared into the recreation room at the other end of the pool deck. After they left Addie just continued to sunbathe and dream of young, hard dick.

About an hour later she was about to go in when who walks though the gate, but the young hot man from earlier. There were about 100 deck chairs and only about 15 people, but he made his way over to where Addie lay.

“Is this chair taken?” he asked, pointing at the chair next to her.

“Help yourself.” She told him, knowing he had not come back to the pool to sunbathe. She was going to ask where the wife and kids were, but frankly she didn’t care.

“My name is Randy.” He told her.

“Nice to meet you Randy, I’m Addison.” She replied, presenting him her hand as any well mannered southern belle would. He accepted it, kissing her knuckles.

“Nice to meet you miss Addison.” He said with a sexy look in his eye.

After a little small talk, he suggested lunch.

“Let me go change, and I’ll meet you in front of the hotel.” She told him.

Addie went to her room, and showered, making sure to shave her pussy smooth. She dried off, rouged her stiff nipples and applied lotion to every inch of her body. She was so turned on; she could swear her pussy was dripping. She pulled on a white silk thong, and a matching shelf bra. Then came the white shell blouse unbuttoned enough to display her wonderful cleavage. She pulled on a short, red and white striped, flared skirt and slipped her feet into a pair of red 4 inch heels. She stood in front of the mirrored casino şirketleri closet door and struck a seductive pose.

“Let’s go Randy.” She said out loud.

Randy was standing out front leaning against his car waiting when Addie emerged from the hotel. Addison giggled to herself like a teenage school girl when she saw his reaction. She knew he was hers.

They made their way to a small seafood restaurant on the shore and had a wonderful lunch that included a pitcher of cosmos. The flirting was shameless and Addison noticed Randy was not the only man in the place checking her out. They finished lunch and headed out to the car to return to the retirement community.

As soon as they got in the car, the two of them kissed passionately. Their tongues wrapped around each other and their hands roamed each other’s bodies. Things were getting a bit out of hand for a restaurant parking lot in broad daylight, so after a few minutes of this, Randy started the car and headed back. Addison could take it no longer, she had to have some dick and she needed it right now. She leaned into Randy and began sticking her tongue in his ear as she grabbed his engorged cock through his pants.

“Pull in behind that shopping mall right there.” She told him.

Randy pulled in behind the mall into a delivery bay, and before he had put the car in park, Addie had his thick hard cock out and was plunging her head up and down, impaling her mouth on it.

“Man, you are some hot number.” He told her.

Addison seemed to not even hear him. She just kept sucking his cock hard and deep, repeating over and over, “Mmmmmmm, Hot dick, Mmmmmm, Hot dick.” She was very hot and quite drunk, so when Randy moved her thong aside and plunged two fingers deep inside her sweltering cunt, she almost came immediately. She screamed with pleasure as she came, never taking the thick, hot cock from her mouth.

“Mmmmmm, Hot dick. Mmmmmm, Hot dick.” She continued to repeat.

Then she grabbed Randy’s wrist and pulled his fingers from her sloppy cum soaked cunt, and plunged them into her mouth, licking them clean and moaning, “Mmmmmmmmm” the whole time.

Then she turned and swallowed his cock again. It was not long after that display that Randy grunted loudly and blasted what seemed like a cup of nut sauce down Addison’s throat. As always, she consumed every drop. She pulled off his shrinking cock and licked her lips seductively, returning to the passenger seat.

“You are one hot bitch.” Randy told her.

“Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” She replied. “Get me to a room, and I will rock your world.”

Randy started the car and drove back to the hotel. The car was silent for the five minute drive. The guilt of his actions had gotten the better of Randy, and when they got back, he begged off the invitation to go to the room with Addison.

“Hey, what about me?” Addison snapped.

“Are you kidding? You came like a ton of brick bitch. What do you want?” Randy said curtly.

Addison got out of the car, slammed the door and went to her room.

Once in her room, she flopped on the bed in frustration, cursing Randy for not giving her what she wanted, his young, hot, thick cock. She lay there for a few moments.

“Fuck him, I don’t need him.” She said out loud. She pulled her skirt up and pulled her soaked panties down and drove three fingers into her boiling cunt. She fingered her clit with one hand and finger fucked her cunt hard with the other. Her first orgasm came within moments. She didn’t even slow down as it ran through her body. She unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her massive tits out of her bra and tweaked her nipples as she continued the assault on her quivering pussy. Her pussy juices were flowing and she could hear the sloppy sounds as she plunged her fingers deep in her pussy. Pinching her sensitive nipples helped bring her to another smaller orgasm. Then she slipped her soaked fingers out of her love canal and inserted them into her mouth.

“Randy, I want your hot dick.” She kept saying inside her head as she licked her fingers clean of her cum. She had replaced those fingers with three others to continue stimulating her fiery cunt.

“Give me that hot dick, I love hot dick” she said inside her head.

Oh how she loved the taste of her own pussy. It was almost as good as a nice load of cum from a cock. Her third orgasm was a long sustained one and she finally stopped abusing her pussy as it came casino firmaları to an end. She relished the feelings and cleaned both sets of fingers, enjoying their taste too. She stood up to go clean up, but saw her reflection in the mirror. Her tits were hanging out and her skirt was all wrinkled and bunched around her waist, exposing her cleanly shaven cunt.

“You complete whore.” She told her reflection.

Surprisingly, she found the comment arousing, even from her own mouth. She had not heard someone speak dirty to her in over a week, and she needed it.

“You dirty slut.” She said to the mirror. “You cum sucking tramp.”

Ooh, her pussy tingled. She again put a couple of fingers in her pussy, sliding them in and out. She tweaked a nipple with her other hand.

“Look at you; you’re a cock hungry slut, a horny cum lover who wants it up her ass.”

It was amazing how it was working, her pussy was flowing again and she was pounding it with her fingers. Her orgasm was building and she wanted it bad.

She pulled the cum soaked fingers from her pussy, bent slightly at the waist and slid the well lubed digits into her tight ass hole.

“Yeah, that’s what you want huh bitch? You want a cock up your ass?” She said to herself.

“Yes!” she answered. “I want a dick in my tight ass. Make me cum.”

Her fingers were sliding in and out of her ass and her other hand worked her clit when she had yet another powerful orgasm. She watched her reflection as her body shook and convulsed, reveling in the scene. She collapsed to the floor with exhaustion when it was over. When she recovered, she showered again and took a short nap as she awaited her husband’s return. That night Addie and her husband had a drink at the small hotel bar before getting some dinner. As her husband ignored her and watched the golf channel a young Cuban man, no more than 25 years old, served Addison two very strong drinks and flirted openly with her in his broken English. She of course enjoyed the attention, but nothing else happened, and the rest of the night went off with no more excitement.

The next day Addie was again at the pool and noticed Randy’s wife standing on the deck and his kids in the pool having a good time. She almost felt sorry for the poor thing. She was not ugly, but she could not compare to herself. She was about 5’4″ and was well over 150 pounds. Her short hair made her face look rounder and her plump body filled her one piece bathing suit to maximum capacity.

“No wonder Randy had found time for me yesterday.” Addison said to herself.

Just then she felt a splash of water spray across her entire body. She looked down and there were Randy’s kids in the pool next to her. They were throwing a ball to each other and it had flown over one of their heads and landed in the water near Addie, getting her wet. Randy’s wife scolded the two kids and approached Addison to apologize. Addie assured her that it was ok, and the woman introduced herself.

Randy’s wife sat on the chair next to Addie, and they made small talk for a couple of minutes. When it had just about run its course, Addison saw Randy enter the pool deck. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw the two women chatting. He approached cautiously and when his wife saw him, she stood and introduced him to Addie. Addison acted as though she had just met him, and then said she had to go to her room. She excused herself, leaving Randy dumbstruck.

“What were you talking to my wife about?” he asked with a bit of concern in his voice as he caught up with Addison in the lobby of the hotel.

Addie turned to him and gave him a look of distain.

“I was just telling her how impressed I was with the amount of cum you had in your load yesterday.” She told him.

“Cute.” He replied.

“You still owe me a fuck.” She told him.

The sexual tension was as thick as molasses. Randy looked around the empty lobby, grabbed Addison’s wrist and dragged her into the men’s bathroom. He turned the dead bold on the door.

“You want a fuck? Here’s your fuck.” He told her, lifting her ass onto the cold, tile counter. He spread her legs, moved her bikini bottom to the side and pulled his cock from his shorts. He spit on his hand, rubbed it up and down his cock once and drove it all the way into her wet pussy until his balls slapped her on the ass.

“I’ll show you a fuck you old cunt. Take that!” He snapped as he started pounding her wanton güvenilir casino pussy with his cock.

“I am an old cunt.” She said. “Old enough to be your mother.”

Randy was fucking her hard and fast now. His face was beet red and his eyes were bulging from his relentless assault.

“You like fucking this old cunt knowing your wife and mother are right around the corner?” she said to him.

Randy groaned out loud and flooded her pussy with his seed. Addison was not going to let him go without getting hers, so she kept talking, hoping he would continue until she came.

“Do you like fucking old cunt? I’m 58 years old. You like my old cunt?” she screamed.

Just then the door rattled. The two of them ignored it and continued on, just a bit quieter.

Randy yanked down Addison’s top and attacked her huge tits, biting her nipples and mashing them with his face.

“Bang this old cunt big spender.” She said a bit lower. “Fuck me in the men’s shit house you cheap fuck.”

The door rattled again, and Addison ignored it again because she was cumming all over Randy’s dick and the counter. It was a good orgasm, better than yesterday because it was caused by a young hard cock. She bit her lip and tried not to scream. She rode the sexual wave to its completion, loving every second of it.

The two of them got dressed and Randy made sure the coast was clear before sending Addie on her way without saying another word. She didn’t see him again before she left the next day.

That night Addie and her husband visited the bar again, but this time after dinner. Carlos, the hot, young, Cuban bartender, served them a couple of very strong drinks. Soon Addie’s husband said he was going to the room. Addie was enjoying Carlos’ attention and said she would be up soon. As soon as he was gone, Carlos walked up to Addison.

“You and your boyfriend like fuck fuck in the crapper?” he asked her.

“Huh?” Addie replied coyly.

“I sees you go in the bathroom, I rattle the door, I hear fuck fuck.” He said.

Addison just smiled.

“You are hot puta, no?” he asked.

“When does the bar close? I’ll come back and show you what a hot puta I am.” Addison told him.

“Go check on your husband, make sure he is asleep, I close bar when you get back.” Carlos told her.

Addison went to her room. Her husband was passed out on the bed, still in his clothes, no doubt from the drinks Carlos had made him. Addie got dressed in the same outfit as yesterday and returned to the bar. Carlos had dismissed everyone from the bar and when she got there, he put the closed sign up. Then he too took Addie to the men’s bathroom. He opened a stall and set her on the toilet. Then he pulled his young, long, brown, uncut cock out.

“Eat thees cock you puta.” He told her.

Addie did just that, grabbing hold and sucking it deep into her mouth. Carlos grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth deep.

“Thees is good suck. Get it all hot you puta.”

Even with his broken English, his talk was getting Addie hot. She moaned and groaned the whole time he fucked her mouth.

“I live for dick.” Addie told him as she took it out once, and then swallowed it whole again.

Carlos pulled his cock from her mouth and directed her to the counter where just hours ago Randy had fucked her silly. He bent her over and drove his cock deep in to her waiting pussy. He grabbed her hips and fucked her like the dog slut she was.

“You live for dick? Well take thees dick you nasty old puta, take it all.” He demanded, slamming his cock in repeatedly as Addie begged for more.

Carlos started speaking Spanish and all though Addie didn’t understand a word of it, she could tell by the look on his face and the tone of his voice that he was calling her every filthy name in the book. She came twice before her young Latin lover finally filled her abused cunt with a huge load of his seed. He never stopped and she came one more time before he drained his balls again into her sloppy cum filled cunt.

“Back on the toilet you old puta.” He told her as he pulled his cock from her used snatch.

Addie walked to the toilet and sat down.

“Clean thees!” he said presenting his cum covered cock to her.

Addison willingly licked both of their cum from his shrinking cock. The two loads of cum dripped from her and landed in the toilet as she did it. When she was done, Carlos zipped up, and as he left her said, “Gracias Vieja.”

Addie and her husband left the next morning. He had another trip just like this planned for Florida and two to Arizona. Addison hoped they would be as fruitful as this one.

to be continued…………maybe

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