Huricane Passion

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“This is a special report on the Hurricane Bertha. Evacuation orders have been issued for the panhandle coast of Florida, from Panama City up to Pensacola. People have already started leaving Panama City in droves. Please take some advice and drive carefully. Be aware of others trying to get out just as much as you do. We will have further updates as they come”

Carol Thatcher groaned as she listened to the report. Her first duty was to her family which she promptly called, and told to get going and she would meet them later at the pre-chosen spot. She had to make sure that the residents of the hotel were taken care of and on their way out of town as well. This was the worst hurricane in history to hit Panama City and she didn’t want to be there when it happened. Thomas the handyman fought his way into the door as the wind pounded his body. He was looking none to pleased and Carol wondered what it was this time.

“Holy hell Carol,” Thomas said slightly irritated which was to be expected with the conditions. He was shivering and it was strange to see such from a large redneck like him.

“What’s wrong now Thomas?” Carol asked as she tried to get things in the office settled so she could leave.

“Number 25 won’t leave, she is terrified, and she won’t open the door for me.” Thomas looked at Carol and still with everything going on, he still had time to admire that body of hers. He had always wanted to try her on for size, but he knew her husband would have killed him. He was bigger than her husband was but he knew he had no chance against a gun. Still he could look, and look; he did, starting from the top.

“I will take care of it; you better get going home to your wife and get out of town. I will see you when it is all over with.” Carol closed the office door and locked it after they both stepped outside. The wind was pounding her small frame mercilessly and she had to hold onto the walls and pillars in order to get to number 25. She turned to see Thomas drive away carefully then turned back to knock on the door of 25.

The door opened with one hell of a tall woman taking up most of the doorway. Her short cropped black hair tousled on her head, steamy gray eyes looking at Carol as she waited for her to say something. However, Carol was too busy looking this woman over. Her eyes scanning over her slightly masculine yet still feminine face. Her full lips just begging to be touched, Carol almost reached out. Her eyes went down the woman’s body almost too slow as her eyes curved over each inch of the tall woman. Her breasts small but enough to enjoy and grab a hold of, her waist small yet strong, flowing all down into the longest pair of legs she had ever seen. Carol shook her head mentally. How did this woman make her feel like she was walking in quicksand every time she was near her? After all, she was straight and she loved her husband very much.

“Terry, you need to leave the area, they have ordered an evacuation. Come on and I will give you a ride with me.” Carol stated and turned as though Terry would follow her without question. Boy was she surprised when instead she felt a strong demanding hand grab her elbow and pull her into the room.

“Can’t let you go out in that Mrs. Thatcher” Terry said as she pulled the smaller woman into the room. “I was just watching the news. They have closed everything down. It is too dangerous to leave here now. If you can get a call out, I would say try calling your husband and tell him we will be here. This hotel is strong enough to take a beating… I hope.”

Carol just blinked rapidly as her eyes went to the TV and saw that what she had said was true. She was trapped there without her husband and the rest of the family. What if something happened? She pulled out her cell phone and made the call to her husband. In the meanwhile, Terry took her time looking Carol over. She could never get enough of that sport. The small woman stood maybe 5 foot if she was lucky, with the most wonderful dark blonde hair piled atop her head so professional like. Terry longed to reach out for it and found herself doing just that as Carol hung up her cell phone. Terry pulled out one pin that sent the long soft hair cascading down over her shoulders. Terry couldn’t help it any longer, the eyes that turned to her, filled with lust she was sure she saw, sent her into action. She grabbed Carol by her shoulders and pulled her small body against hers. It was so soft, so curvy as she looked down into Carol’s eyes.

“If you don’t want this tell me now.” Terry said huskily. Her passion was building and she didn’t know how much longer she could control it.

All Carol could do was whimper and nod her head as she pressed bahis firmaları her body into Terry’s making it very clear she didn’t want her to stop. Her hands slid up behind Terry’s back and her fingers were already busy pulling the taller woman’s shirt out of her jeans. Her need to feel her, be close to her, touch her was overwhelming and she didn’t know what to do with herself.

Terry took care of that though. As soon as she got the right answer, her mouth lowered to cover Carols. Her tongue pushed against her lips forcing them open as she invaded Carol’s mouth searching and exploring. Her hands were sliding down along Carols back and over her ass; she lifted her so easily and carried her to the bed only a few feet away. The sexual tension in the room was so thick and was now about to be cut into with a vengeance.

The wind outside pounded against the wood that covered the windows. The loud crashes of furniture and other debris being thrown against the building were making the small room seem like a prison. The urgency to get what they wanted and quickly were biting at the back of their minds. The two women fell to the bed with lust in full force. Carol was already ripping Terry’s shirt to shreds as her need to touch this woman built to uncontrollable levels. Terry couldn’t take any more delays as she fought with Carol’s business clothes and reached down into her boot to slide out her blade. When Carol saw it, her eyes lit up and the reaction stirred more feelings inside Terry than she ever thought she could ever feel. The blade went under the clothing. The cool steel caressing tender flesh as the deadly edge made short work of the fabric separating the two of them. It didn’t take long and soon they were flesh against flesh.

The wind howled and the sea angrily crashed on the beach. The waves threatened to come for them. However, inside it just fueled them on. The storms power had overtaken them; they were no longer in control. Their lust and desire held the reigns now as hands flew over bodies. Mouths possessed mouths. Until…Terry slid her hand down to Carols wet throbbing cunt. Her legs had spread open at the touch of Terry’s hand. Her usual demure self became a wanton slut at the slightest touch from this woman. Terry took just a moment to slide her fingers across her clit, making it throb even more, before she drove three fingers deep inside that small tight wet cavern of a cunt. Carol screamed out at the abrupt intrusion to her body, but the pleasure was too much to deny. She had to have it. Her voice became deep and husky “Fuck Me Terry”

Terry needed no more urging as she slammed her fingers into Carols needy cunt with wild abandon. The slopping of Carols juices matched the pounding of the hail against the covered windows. Terry slide one thigh between her legs and used it to help her fingers slam into her harder. Carol automatically lifted her own thigh and pressed it against Terry’s own cunt that was now in full flames and ready to grind against something. At this, point anything at all. She would go fucking nuts if she didn’t feel relief soon.

Sweaty bodies rode against one another, thighs and fingers fucked them as though it was the last thing they would ever do in life and it damn well might have been. Terry took her free hand and slid her fingers into Carol’s hair gripping it firmly pressing her head back into the bed harder as she rammed the hell out of the smaller woman’s cunt. She was out of control as she pounded the poor hole. Carol bucked up to each forceful thrust rammed into her, causing her to whimper and moan till she was begging to cum. Terry had already painted Carols thigh several times as she heard the pleas to let her cum. She found a new lust as she heard the begging and slammed her fingers in deep and hard, her mouth coming to her ear and growling low. “Cum slut”

Carol could have exploded a thousand times with that one demand. How could she have been so lucky to find someone that looked in and saw her secret desires? She bucked up hard and fast fucking against those invading fingers, her body tensed and held suspended in the air as she came hard and seemingly endlessly. Her body convulsed and thrashed under Terry. She couldn’t stop and she screamed as she felt Terry’s body move off her and even more painfully out of her aching cunt.

She could barely move even though she wanted desperately to follow Terry, all she could do was follow her with her eyes, trying to beg her to come back to her, she needed her so badly. She watched as Terry went to a drawer , all she could see was her open it up and her body took over and made her eyes close. Terry turned around and smiled, she knew the woman had cum hard and was tired, but kaçak iddaa there was no way in hell she was going to let her sleep now. Hell no she had too many needs right now to let that happen.

Carol felt as though her body was floating, she slowly came back to her senses. The storm outside was growing very angry and thrashed at the building, threatening to tear it down with the next strong forceful wind. She tried to open her eyes, there were so many senses coursing through her. Hands were all over her, touching her bringing her to life. She felt her body moving, was she doing it or another. Her senses came back to her and she remembered where she was, opening her eyes, and seeing the tall woman leaning over her. Her long body covering her own smaller one. Dark brown eyes almost black shone into her blues. She arched her back driving her body up skin connecting to skin. Flames bursting through her entire soul and gasping as she felt the hardness between her legs. She blinked rapidly as it finally dawned on her that Terry had now donned a strap on. Oh gawd, how big could it be, what if it was too big? She didn’t care; she only wanted to suddenly feel it inside of her. She raised her legs and wrapped them around Terry, pulling the woman closer to her and inevitably driving the cock into her waiting cunt.

Terry arched her back as she felt Carol pulling her in. She had wanted this to go another way, but this worked just as well as she felt the woman’s need driving her to pump her hips back and forth, caressing inside of Carols cunt slowly with each deep thrust. Every move she made came back to hit her as the base drove on her clit that was already burning with need and throbbing with lust. She moaned deeply and continued her invasion of the smaller woman. She tried to pace herself, she tried to breathe normally, but none of it was going to happen as long as she had this delicious creature under her. She would make sure that she consumed her for as long as she could. For the first time in her life, she wished the storms would never end. Let it destroy the outside world, it could even destroy this very building as long as she had her body entwined with Carols when it happened.

Carol’s hand reached around Terry’s back, her nails found hold and dug in for the ride. Her heart was pounding in her chest wildly and she felt for sure she would have a heart attack any moment now, but fuck, she couldn’t have cared less. This was just too fucking good to be true. How could she have gone so many years without feeling this? The woman was better than any man she had been with and she wanted more damn it RIGHT NOW. Crying out as she felt Terry drive into her deeper, pounding so hard she threatened to split her in two, yet she wanted more, more, more, more, more. And Terry gave it to her, gave her more of what she wanted. She felt Terry’s hand slide along her side, over her hip gripping it for a thrust or two. She didn’t know that there was anything left to turn her on. Boy, was she wrong. The feel of Terry possessing her just about sent her over the edge. However, Terry had other plans and held back to keep her on that edge. Her hand slide down more and under her ass lifting a little bit to be able to drive her cock in deeper still. Was there no end to this woman’s depth? Her fingers gripped her ass cheek and slide closer opening her ass cheeks opened as one finger teased over her tight star. Carol gasped and held her breathe, could she let her do this? Her husband had tried once and she freaked. Fuck, the lust and desire was too intense to stop now. She relaxed a little and slowly Terry’s finger slide into her ripe wanting star. She held her breath for a moment letting the pain turn to pleasure as she pushed to her, she couldn’t believe what she was doing.

Terry was pushing into her deeper letting her finger slide into Carol’s ass. She could feel the ribbing of her cock through the membrane between her ass and cunt, pushing harder into her repeatedly. She really couldn’t believe how this was turning out. She had always wanted her, she had been watching her since she came to the hotel, she knew she would get her eventually and this was perfect as the storm rattled the very building to its foundation. It only served to fuel her desire even more, at this rate they would never stop fucking and that was fine with her. She rammed her cock into the woman harder and faster feeling every stroke deep in her own clit. She had both of her holes filled now as she slid a second finger into the woman’s ass, who was bucking under her like a mad animal. Could she be anymore turned on? She didn’t think so, but hell, she wouldn’t be surprised if the woman didn’t do something else to amaze her. She truly was kaçak bahis a little slut for her.

Carol bounced under Terry; she couldn’t get enough of her. She arched her back hard and came flying up screaming as the orgasm tore through her body like a runaway train. Her arms went flying around Terry’s neck and she rode out the electric waves until she couldn’t hold on anymore and fell back on the bed panting, trying desperately to catch her breath. She moaned deep in the back of her throat and suddenly she had an urge that could not be denied. But, would Terry go for it? She had to take the chance, she needed it, and she desired it. Slowly she moved under Terry who was now slowing her thrusts down. She wiggled out from under her whispering softly she needed to do something for her. Terry moved out of her and let her get off her back as she sat back and relaxed. Carol moved to her knees and made Terry lean back against the headboard. Her lips brushed over hers and pressed against her letting Terry feel the quivering flesh she created. She broke from her lips and kissed down her throat, over her collarbone and down her chest, giving her breasts a moments notice before she slid her tongue over Terry’s stomach finally reaching the wet cock covered with her own juices. She breathed in a bit and waited to be pulled away as her mouth kissed along the shaft of the powerful cock, kissing up till the head was resting on her lips. She slowly opened her mouth sucking the head into her lips, her eyes looking up to Terry and saw the look on her face. It was exactly what she needed to make her continue. The look of pure lust and pleasure shone on Terry’s face and only intensified as she watched Carol take the whole cock into her mouth. Her cheeks hallowing as she sucked and pushed the base of the cock against Terry’s clit. Terry leaned back more and her hips began to pump up and down, fucking Carol’s mouth slowly.

Terry was right, Carol found more to make her get hotter as she watched the woman suck her cock, cleaning it of her juices. She pushed up and down breathing in and out as slowly as she could. However, the task was getting harder by the second. The sight of her sucking the cock was just about push her over the edge when suddenly she felt Carol push her fingers under the base and slide into her cunt. She came flying up with the shock of it then leaned back again, enjoying the feel of Carol’s fingers deep inside of her. Terry slid her fingers into Carol’s hair and held her head still so she could fuck her mouth with more control. She slammed into her mouth each time Carol slammed her fingers deeper into her cunt. She could hear Carol gagging on the cock then adjust to accept it. She was so fucking hot. Terry’s eyes closed for a second, and opened again. The instant she saw Carol sucking on her so greedily she exploded hard. So hard that her juices went spraying out from under the base and covered Carol’s, face. Her body pulsed violently, sending shock waves from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Finally, the waves let her down enough for her to lean back again, her body relaxing so deeply her hand fell from Carols head to the bed.

Carol licked over the cock then pushed it aside to lick at Terry’s throbbing clit, her tongue moving down over the swollen cunt still oozing her juices out in small bursts of pleasure. Carol licked all she could find, not letting one bit go to waste. She finally came out from her feast, licking over her lips slowly and grinning like a cat with cream. She slowly slid up over Terry’s worn body. Maybe now they could sleep for a little bit, though the storm still pounded the earth surrounding their little world. Carol laid her head on Terry’s chest, her arms sliding around her waist and breathed in softly.

Terry breathed in deep smelling the air full of sex, and Carol’s perfume. Fuck if she wasn’t sexy, and married. Suddenly the whole thing took on another view. She had this woman and now she didn’t want to let her go. This shocked her, being the first time she actually wanted the woman to stay. Good thing the storm was making her stay long enough to cuddle. There would be no walking out the door right away this time. Terry pulled Carol deeper against her and kissed the top of her head. She wanted to tell her everything, but she was afraid. She would just have to accept this little bit of time she had with her and try to forget about it after Carol left.

“This is a first in history of weather. Hurricane Bertha is resting over one spot in Panama City. It is as if it has a vendetta with one section of the world. Amazingly, it is only storming over a small hotel off the beach. Meteorologists can’t figure it out. What is even more amazing is that every attempt to get into the storm to rescue the two inside the hotel have been thwarted with dangerous winds, hail and even lightening. Officials fear that soon there will be only bodies to claim”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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