Bi adventures of Jim , Nick 3

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“Mom wake up will you?”

“What the hell, what time is it?”

“I can’t find my cheer uniform.”

“Oh my goodness Autumn, calm down I think it’s in with my stuff check the laundry room.” said Hayley as she tosses a pillow towards her bedroom door aiming for her daughter.

Hayley moves on the bed bringing herself to the edge her feet rubbing the soft carpet as her eyes attempt to focus on the clock on the nightstand. She could feel eyes upon her as she looks over at the door to find her daughter was still standing there staring at her. “What Autumn what do you want? It is 6am I am too tired for teenage drama. Get your uniform and get ready for school.”

“I didn’t know you slept nude mom. Nice.” said Autumn as her eyes roamed all over her mother’s body.

“Yeah well, your daddy likes me this way.” Said, Hayley, as she threw her long blonde hair back. “Now get your shit together you don’t need to be late for class again!”

Autumn let out an angry sigh, as she knew her mother was right she already was held back a year in school due to issues with absences and being tardy. The young nineteen year old walked to the laundry room to find her school cheerleader uniform neatly folded and stacked in with her mother’s things. “I haven’t even worn it since the last time she washed it why would she rewash it?” a puzzled Autumn questioned aloud to herself as she took the uniform from the pile of clothes.

During this time, Hayley had retrieved a robe and now walking around the kitchen covered but just barely. Her robe was a soft silk-like material that barely held together with its belt. Her sizeable double D breasts nearly popped from the robe with any quick movement and the bottom just barely covered her smooth tan buttocks. The mother of two slowly moved about the kitchen as she made her coffee for the morning.

“Ah, mom?”

“What!?” Hayley barked aloud in response, to a young male’s voice.

“Hey I just wanted to know if I could borrow your car today, Autumn isn’t coming straight home after school and Dad still hasn’t helped me fix mine.”

“Yeah, Wes that’s fine. I don’t have plans today anyway. I got the day off, and your daddy does also, so I will get him to fix yours when he gets up.” Hayley said to her eight-teen year old as she retrieved her a cup of coffee from the pot.

Wes smiled as he kissed his mother on the cheek. His eyes wandered down his mother’s robe for a brief second. She was his mom, but at the same time, she was a beautiful woman and basically naked to boot he could not pass up the opportunity to peek.

“Hey speaking of Dad, isn’t he usually up by now also?” Autumn questioned as she stepped into the room and could see her brother’s leering eyes locked on their mom’s ample breasts.

“He is just a bit tired he works hard, and he has been spending more time hanging out with Uncle Nicky lately.”

“They have sure been spending a lot of time together lately. Uncle Nick used to only stop by on occasions, but it seems they been hanging out all the time now.”

“Well Autumn, believe it or not, your dad gets to have a social life too. Now both of you get your asses out so I can have some peace and quiet.” Hayley said with a smile as she pointed to the door and watched her two kids leave for school.

Hayley moved from the kitchen to the living room as she sat back and enjoyed her morning cup of coffee. She looked at the couch and could not help but smile as she remembered the sight of her husband as he forcefully fucked his best friend in the ass. Her right hand gripped her coffee cup as her left hand slowly moved between her legs. Her long well-manicured fingers traced her large lips as her pussy became wet from her thoughts. She knew all too well why her husband overslept this morning; she smiled, as she felt partially jealous and partially excited at Jim being pleasured by his best friend.

Hayley’s mind wandered back to the night before, it was the first night that Nick had come by while the kids were home, and it made their threesome feel even naughtier as they did it while the kids were asleep. Hayley could still see Nick on his knees his mouth wrapped around her husband’s thick cock as Jim pumped into his friend’s mouth. This whole ordeal started as her little game but had since grown into something much more significant, in a brief period of time. Nick was now coming by two or three times a week, and it was almost a need for him to pleasure his friend’s cock.

Nick’s hand wrapped firmly around the base of Jim’s cock as he worked his lips up and down. His long hair hung down over his face as he pushed himself further down as he gagged himself on the long thick cock that was invading his mouth. A plethora of varied tastes filled Nick’s mouth his own ass, Jim’s cum among others all caused him to salivate heavily on the veiny piece of cock meat that was now being thrust in and out of his mouth.

Hayley laid on the bed as she watched the scene unfold for her again, despite this becoming a more regular occurrence she was just as excited casino şirketleri now if not more so than the first time this occurred. She knew Nick was profoundly conflicted with what he was doing, but that seemed to make the sight of him hungrily swallowing her husband’s cock even more hot to her.

Jim grunted hard as he thrust his hips forward into Nick’s mouth, he forced his friend to take more of his cock down his throat. He could feel his balls tighten, as he knew despite already cumming once up Nick’s ass that he was going to cum again and soon.

Hayley’s finger entered her wet pussy as she delighted in her remembrance of the night before. Jim flooded Nick’s mouth with what she thought was a ridiculous amount of cum. As she was about to work a second finger inside herself, her daydream was interrupted by the sound of a cough.

“Hey sweetie, what you doing?” Asked Jim with a smile as he could see where his wife’s fingers were currently located.

“Oh hey, I was just thinking you know about last night with Nick.” Hayley said as she slowly withdrew her finger from her bare pussy.

Jim smiled at his wife as he walked across the floor, his bare feet sliding on the soft carpet. He stopped and lowered himself as she instinctively opened her legs wide for him. Jim spread her wet pussy lips wide as he slid his tongue into his wife. Hayley instantly began to moan as her husband’s tongue invaded her pussy. Hayley’s pussy was wet and delicious to Jim as he tongue fucked her then nibbled and licked her clit; he alternated back and forth, as he brought Hayley to orgasm.

“That’s it eat my dirty pussy!” exclaimed Hayley as she gripped the sides of her husband’s bald head pushing him into her as she grinds her pussy all over his face.

Jim tasted his wife’s juices as she came and started to flood his mouth. He could also detect hints of the cum that was left in her from the night before after Nick and himself both filled her with their cum. Jim pulled his face back long enough to give her pussy a slap which made Hayley jump the pain sent a shock wave through her body. “Dirty fucking slut!” growled Jim as he slapped her pussy again.

Hayley moaned with delight she loved the dirty talk and the pain. “Yeah, I am a dirty slut, you creampie eating bitch.” Hayley rocked her hips back and forth trying to fuck her husband’s face with her dirty wet pussy. “Eat mommy’s pussy!”

Jim’s cock throbbed as his wife went there again, the incest comments had become almost commonplace when they were together. She knew he liked them even though he tried to pretend that he did not. Jim now had all he could take he needed to be inside his wife as he pulled her off the couch to the floor.

Hayley smiled she knew the mommy comment was what sent him over the edge as she tried to close her legs. “No baby we can’t, you can’t fuck mommy.” Hayley spoke in her softest sweetest voice.

“Fuck Hayley stop that shit I need it, and you know it.”

Hayley did know it she knew it all too well, when Jim was horny, he had to have it. With that knowledge in hand, she planned to have some fun with her husband. “Now, son you can’t call mommy by her name that’s not right.” Hayley said as her muscles tensed as she crossed legs and held them trying to prevent her husband from reaching his target.

Jim gripped each of her ankles as he tried to pull Hayley’s legs open. His hands gripped her tan skin tightly as he started to pull her open. “Oh god, Hayley please I need it.”

“What’s the magic word?” Hayley said as she continued to torment her husband.

“Please mommy, please!”

Hayley thought she could have come again instantly as she heard the words escape her husband’s lips. “That’s right baby, now you fuck mommy like a whore.” She said as she opened her legs and gave Jim the access he so desired.

Jim wasted little time as he speared Hayley with his raging hard cock. In one single motion, he filled her will all nine inches. He felt himself fully enter his wife; he held himself fully inserted and just grind against her as she wrapped her legs around him.

“Oh fuck baby that hurts mommy so good.”

“I want to cum inside you mommy.”

“Do it baby, cum in mommy.” Hayley said breathlessly as she winced a little from Jim now starting to withdrawal and thrust back in.

The couple fucked on the floor fast and hard, the sound of flesh on flesh filled the room. Hayley’s body glistened with a thin layer of sweat as her orgasm washed over her. Jim grunted as he said little more than thank you, mommy, repeatedly to his wife as he pumped his hard cock in and out of her. The session was not long, but it was intense as before long Jim unleashed a massive groan as he emptied his cum into his wife’s pussy.

“Oh baby you filled mommy up!” exclaimed Hayley with a giggle while she wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“You got to stop that stuff, one day you are calling me daddy, and now you’re calling yourself mommy. Hayley…”

Hayley playfully slapped her husband’s cheek as she interrupted casino firmaları him. “Shh… Just enjoy it; you liked it so did I. Besides if you are going to be getting your dick sucked and ass fucking your bestie every few days the very least you can do is indulge me.” Hayley spoke in a tone that she had perfected over the course of the couple’s marriage. She was playful yet stern enough that Jim knew she was serious.

The couple happily showered together as they took turns washing each other. Hayley paid extra attention to her husband’s well-used cock as he did the same for her abused pussy. Jim stepped from the shower first, as he wiped his muscular frame down with the soft white towel; Hayley playfully took the opportunity to give him a quick slap on his butt.

“So big guy what do you want to do today? Maybe stay home and fuck your mommy some more?”

Jim threw a towel to Hayley. As he smiled at her suggestion. “No, if I were going to just want to fuck you all day I wouldn’t have washed that dirty pussy for you.”

“I think you want more.” said Hayley as she nodded her head, her eyes looking right at her husband’s cock sticking straight out.

“Oh baby I would love it, but after last night and this morning, I think I need a moment. I’m not 18 anymore like Wes.”

“Mmm, I bet he has a big cock just like you.” Hayley said with a smile as she licked her lips.

“Come on mommy, before you get yourself worked up, why don’t we go get something to eat.”

“Well, I guess if I can’t get any more I might as well eat.”

The couple spent a short time both getting ready as they met moments later in the living room. “Damn baby you look good enough to eat.” Said Jim, as he eyed his wife up and down. Her curvaceous figure encased in a pair of tight ripped jeans and a t-shirt that was apparently not made for a woman with double D breasts.

“Oh no mister I offered that and you said you wanted food.” Hayley laughed as she zipped up her knee-high black leather boots.

Hayley walked out the front door as she wiggled her ass back and forth more so than usual just to tease her husband. She climbed into the passenger side of their truck as Jim jumped in to drive. She fiddled with the radio as he backed out the driveway.

“Jim, what are we doing?”

“Going to lunch?”

“No, I mean sexually?”

“I don’t know why is something bothering you? I mean you kind of started this recent stuff.”

“Oh hell no nothing is bothering me, I love it.” Hayley said with a smile from ear to ear, as she turned loose of the radio knob. “I am just curious is all; about what you are really thinking about it all. We have done couples stuff before, but this is kind of all new territory isn’t it.”

Jim nodded in agreement, Hayley was right him and her really still had not addressed the newest change to their sex life they had just been doing it. “Well I still like the couple swap stuff, but honestly I like the new stuff also.”

“Good so am I, I just worry that the mommy and daddy stuff is actually bothering you and not in a fun way.”

“Oh babe don’t worry about that, I think it does bother me but mostly cause I like it too much. The other night with you, me and Nick and you wearing Autumn’s uniform. I had to fight not to cum fast.”

Hayley blushed a bit as her husband talked. She was far removed from her days as a cheerleader, and while she kept in good shape, her curves were far more pronounced than her daughter’s. She felt pride that she could not only get into the uniform but apparently, from Jim’s words she pulled it off too. “Well, that brings me to another question. Jim, are you bi-sexual now?”

Jim swallowed hard as he and her had not addressed it like this before. “Well, uh… Yeah, I guess I am. I mean I liked it when you had me and him together the first night. I mean since then it has mostly been him servicing me, but I didn’t mind it when I sucked him either. So yeah I guess I am I mean why not I still want you more than him but I did like it.” Jim felt like a weight was lifted as he finally admitted something he was wondering about for a while himself.

“Sweet, so we are both bi now.” laughed Hayley as leaned over and kissed her husband on the cheek. “So you liked it when I made y’all huh? I think you are a bit of switch there Jimmy ol’ boy.”


“Oh, you poor naive bastard.” Hayley laughed as she often did at Jim when he questioned her use of sexual terms. “Switch, you can dominate, but you can also be submissive. It’s kinda like I think you would also be a top and a bottom which I think is called versatile.”

“Okay enough sex talk or I am not going to be able to walk into the restaurant.” said Jim as he shifted the truck into park.

The couple walked in and took a seat at the bar ordering a couple mixed drinks and some sandwiches. They playfully chatted about the news on the television. Jim and Hayley loved to make up their own commentary to the muted TVs hanging over the bar. The couple laughed aloud in the half-filled restaurant. güvenilir casino

“That waiter is fucking hot!” exclaimed Hayley almost loud enough for the young man to hear her as she admired him. His arms flexed as he carried several stacks of plates to and from various tables.

“Hayley calm down will you.” Jim said as he tried at the very least to quiet his wife down to a level that would not have the whole establishment looking at them.

“Jim could I?”

Jim did not need her to finish the sentence he knew what she was wanting. “Hayley that guy is probably barely older than your son.”

“I know, and that is hot!” Hayley said with excitement in her voice. I want to ask him if I can at least see it.

“You haven’t acted this way since we graduated, what has gotten into you?” Jim questioned as the quick flash of memories rushed through his mind.

“I don’t know I just like you have been so damn turned on lately. And well you have had a friend maybe I need a new friend.” said Hayley as she motioned for the young man to come over to them.

The waiter who easily was 6’1 was a tall, slender guy his black hair shaved tightly but not entirely bald. His skin a soft almost chocolate brown. “Yes ma’am can I help you?” questioned the waiter.

“Yeah this is going to seem weird, so just walk away if it is.” Hayley said as she placed her hand on his arm. “I’m Hayley, and this is Jim, my husband.” Hayley nodded towards Jim as she ran her hand up and down the waiter’s arm. “We are in the midst of a sexual awakening of sorts. And well I think you are a highly attractive young man, and I never have had a black man before.”

Jim’s face burned with embarrassment as his wife spoke. He wanted to stop her, but at the same time was intrigued by what he knew she was about to propose. He could feel his own cock straining against his jeans as he smiled nervously.

“Ma’am are you asking me to…”

“Look Keith is it?” Hayley said as she rubbed her hand across his chest and grasped the young man’s nametag. “You are an attractive young man, and I am interested in at the very least seeing your dick.” Hayley spoke in a very straightforward tone; her expression never wavered as her eyes locked on the dark brown eyes of the waiter.

Keith swallowed hard as he could see the beautiful blond married woman was not at all joking at what she was proposing. He looked at Jim who did little more than just nod. “Well I don’t know.” the young man’s voice trailed off as he walked away from the table.

Hayley stuck out her bottom lip to pout a little as she watched Keith walk away. Jim just shrugged, as he looked at his wife unsure what to say about the rejection. The couple only had to sit for a short time before the waiter returned to the table holding their check in his hand. He quietly placed it on the table then nodded at them both before walking away. Hayley’s pouted lips quickly turned into a smile as she read the check. “Well he may not want to show me today, but he isn’t against it.” She said as she showed her husband the back of the check, which proudly displayed Keith’s phone number.

The married couple both smiled as Jim laid some cash on the bar and led Hayley out the door. As they got into the truck, he leaned over and kissed his wife deeply. “I love you.”
“Well, I love you too. What brought that on?”

“Nothing just sometimes I have to stop and think about everything and how much I appreciate it all.” said Jim as he backed the truck from the space and headed out to return him and his wife to their home.

The rest of the day Hayley milled about the house performing here daily routines of cleaning and laundry, as Jim spent the day in the yard with the hood up on his son’s car. The time slipped by quickly as Jim was startled to hear his son pulling back into the driveway.

“What the heck boy you’re home early aren’t you?” Jim asked inquisitively as he pulled a shop rag from his back pocket and started to wipe his hands off.

“Dad it’s like 4pm I am actually later getting home than usual.”

“Oh in that case then why the hell are you late?” Jim laughed

“Your daughter begged me to wait on her, so I stayed after for her.”

“My daughter? You mean your sister right?”

“Same difference.” the eighteen-year-old teen laughed as he walked over to his car to see what his dad was working on.

The father and son spent the next few hours working away on the young man’s car trying to get it back in working order. Unbeknownst to them, Hayley had taken to watching them the mother and wife of the two men stood just out of earshot but plenty close enough to see her men working away. She smiled as she watched them both wrenching away on the old car. Hayley always was turned on by men who were good with their hands and watching her husband and son working away was turning her on.

“Damn…” Hayley mumbled under her breath as her teenage son removed his shirt to use it to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Wes was an all-star athlete in school and had the physique to match. Her trance-like state of staring at the eighteen-year old’s body only broken by the sound of the old Mustang roaring to life. She laughed as she watched her men giving each other high fives at their accomplishments.

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