A Day in the Office

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“Come in Doug. The door is open.”

I watched as the meek young accountant pushed open my office door and stepped inside. I didn’t understand how such a hot little twink had ended up in such a boring job, but it was working out well for me. Our office only had two male workers and I had both of them in my office right now. Of course, Doug didn’t know that his buddy Tom was already in here, stashed away under my desk like the good pet I’d long ago made him into. Doug was new and it was time to break him in just like I’d broken Tom in. Tom was a hunky, tan, muscular guy. He seemed to be a total ladies’ man out there in the main office, but in here, we knew better. He was crouched naked under my desk. If that wasn’t a testament to my power and his lack thereof, I didn’t know what was.

“Sit down,” I invited Doug, gesturing to my own chair. “The other chairs are being reupholstered,” I lied, explaining the lack of furniture in front of the desk. Doug hesitated and then sat down in my chair, his eyes on me the whole time. And why shouldn’t they be? I looked fantastic. I was wearing a dark blue business suit, but it wasn’t really business-appropriate. The skirt ended at least six inches above my knee, making it a mini skirt. And I wore no blouse under my low-cut blazer, just a lacy black pushup bra that matched my lacy black thong. I paired that with my favorite black stilettos and the two men in the office couldn’t stop staring.

Doug was cute, he really was. He wore suits and took lunch breaks that were exactly the half hour allotted. Other employees dressed far more casually and took lengthy lunch breaks. Doug was a model employee; he was so desperate to please. He’d only been on the job about three weeks. He had a hot body and a cute boyish face. I’d hired him for his looks more than his credentials…I knew as soon as I saw him that he needed to be dominated and his eyes opened to what he was really meant to do.

“Doug, you’ve been here for three weeks now, right?” I sat on the edge of my desk, my skirt riding up to show more thigh. His eyes followed my skirt’s progress upwards. “Well I think that it’s time for us to have a serious talk.” As I spoke, I heard the sound of a zipper lowering and saw Doug jump slightly. But I kept talking, forcing him to keep eye contact by staring intently at him and leaning over the desk slightly. When his eyes weren’t on mine, they were on the cleavage I was pressing towards him. I continued to speak about his job security and how it was hard to keep on new employees in this economy. I was speaking nonsense; using big words that I knew wouldn’t register casino şirketleri with him. I could hear the soft slurping sounds from under the desk and I knew that my pet Tom had found Doug’s cock in his pants and drawn it out to suckle. Doug was fidgeting in his chair and I drew his attention back. “Doug, look at me. I’m going to leave you in here to think about my offer.” I had made no offer, but I could see the panic in his eyes as he tried to recall something I had supposedly said.

I slid off the desk. Dropping my pencil, I bent over in front of him, knowing that he could see my perfectly shaped ass cheeks, separated by the thin black line of my thong as I bent down. Picking up the pencil, I left my office, closing the door.

I went next door into the men’s’ bathroom, since I knew that both men in the office were…occupied. There was a peephole in there that looked into my office. I doubted either man had ever noticed it since it was a little below their eye level, but I knew it was there and that was what was important. In the time it had taken me to get into the bathroom, Doug had peeked under the desk to see who was sucking his cock. He was clearly startled to find his only male officemate, Tom, but now Doug was slumped in the chair, his pants down around his knees. Tom was kneeling in front of him, still mostly under the desk. Tom was completely naked except for his necktie, which I sometimes liked to use as a leash. I knew his body well. He was lightly furred, with a muscular chest and a thick, meaty cock. But there he was; he had Doug’s dick in his mouth. When he pulled back, I gasped in delight. Doug’s balls were shaved clean, adding to his smooth twinky look. And that cock! It was thin but it was long, at least ten inches. Who knew that the youthful-looking office boy was packing such a cock! Sure, it was thin, but it had a curve to it that looked like it would hit every spot it needed to.

As I watched, Tom sucked on the head. Then he took a deep breath and plunged his hot, wet mouth down Doug’s dick. Doug stiffened slightly, back arching as he neared his orgasm. I watched, waiting impatiently for Tom to do what I’d told him to do at this point. And there it was. Tom reached down and pulled out a cock ring from under the desk. While Doug was still enjoying the sensations too much to react, Tom took his mouth off Doug’s dick and shoved the cock ring down it. Doug’s eyes opened in surprise and he tried to resist. But Tom caught his hands and pushed them away. There Doug was, sitting in his boss’s chair with his dick hard and no way to get his erection to go away because he had a casino firmaları cock ring on it. And it didn’t seem likely that he wanted to just will his erection away, either. I watched with delight as he pulled Tom’s head towards his crotch, desperate for that mouth on his cock again.

I watched as Tom slurped and slobbered and sucked on Doug’s long, hard dick. My skirt was hiked up the short distance to my hips, my fingers shoved under the fabric of my thong as I fingered myself. My pussy was so wet that I could smell it. But I was waiting for more before I reentered and surprised them. Well, surprised Doug. Tom knew the plan. I didn’t have to wait long. It was only a moment before Tom stood up from under the desk. He pulled Doug to his feet and stripped off his pants all the way, along with his shoes. Unbuttoning Doug’s shirt, Tom sucked on Doug’s nipples, making Doug moan softly. Well, not softly enough that I couldn’t hear it through my narrow peephole. I wondered if the girls in the office could hear the noises Doug was making as Tom manipulated his body.

Tom stripped Doug totally naked and then took his mouth off of Doug’s body. It was only temporary though, as he pushed Doug over the edge of the desk, bending him over. Then he knelt behind Doug and started rimming him. His tongue flickered around that tight pink hole. From the way Doug was moaning, I knew that he’d never had anyone do that to him before. I was thrilled to get this opportunity to show him what he should have been. After a few minutes of Tom’s tongue torturing his asshole while his cock was rubbed sensually against the desk while trapped in a cock ring, Doug was begging for something more. And like the good slave he was to me, Tom stood up, slid on a condom, and lined up his thick, hard cock with Doug’s ass. I heard Doug groan and saw his body sort of collapse onto the desk as Tom slid his thick cock past Doug’s sphincter. I smirked and watched for another moment as Tom slid his cock all the way into Doug’s ass. What a hot sight.

After watching for a few minutes as Tom fucked Doug on the desk, I left the bathroom. Of course, I straightened out my skirt beforehand. But I did take off my thong, balling it up in my hand. It was wet to the touch. I strolled into my office and feigned shock. “You bastards!” I exclaimed as Doug struggled to stand up. But he was skewered on Tom’s cock and couldn’t really do much to escape. I strode forward and shoved my panties in his mouth. “You little whore! I left you here to decide your job fate and this is how you repay me? By fucking my office manager?” Tom punctuated my words with güvenilir casino a hard thrust and Doug groaned through my panties. I stood back and watched them.

It was such a glorious sight. There was my twinky office assistant with my panties in his mouth, his long hard cock stabbing into the top of my desk, drooling precum and ensnared by a tight cock ring. And on top of him, humping him steadily against the desk, my office manager with his thick meaty cock buried deep in Doug’s ass.

I crawled up on top of the desk, hiking up my skirt as I did so. I positioned myself in front of Doug, and then pressed his head down. “Lick it and maybe I won’t fire you,” I told him. He met my eyes, maybe seeing if I was serious. I arched a brow and he lowered his head, tongue darting out to taste my sopping bald cunt. I moaned at the feel of that warm wet muscle flickering between the lips of my pussy. He found my clit and wiggled his tongue against it, sending me into shivers of ecstasy. I held his head in close. Tom thrust hard into Doug, forcing his nose deeper in against my pussy. His tongue slid up inside of me and I moaned. His tongue was so long! It hit the best spots inside me, and I could feel him curling his tongue slightly, funneling my juices into his mouth. With each of Tom’s thrusts, Doug’s tongue thrust in and out of me like a miniature penis.

When he’d licked me to two climaxes, I nodded to Tom. Tom pulled his cock out of Doug. Tom still hadn’t cum; he knew better than to do that without my permission. “Come up here and fuck me, stud,” I purred to Doug. The eager twink was on top of me in an instant. He slid his hot, hard piece of meat into my cunt and I moaned. I had been right. The curve in his dick hit me in just the right spot. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation as ten hard inches of cock filled me up. Tom stood over my head and fed his dick to Doug; the dick that had just been in Doug’s ass was now in his mouth. It was the hottest scene I could imagine, happening just above my head.

Doug fucked me until I’d orgasmed four times. I’d given Tom permission to cum and he’d shot his load all over Doug’s cute face. Then Doug begged me to remove the cock ring so that he could cum. I just laughed. Pushing him off of me, I stood and got dressed. Tom did too. Doug just stood there with his hard dick and cum-covered face.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the day off, Doug? Go on, get out of my office. I’ll expect to see you here tomorrow morning, ready to do some hard work.” I glanced at his cock to make sure he got the message. “Keep everything locked up tight, babe.”

He pulled on his clothes, struggling to button and carefully zip his pants over his rock-hard erection. Then I sent him out through the main office, Tom’s cum still drying visibly on his face. I hoped everyone would be eager to come to work tomorrow.

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