A Day At The Beach

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It was a great day for the beach. The sun was beating down on the sand, and reflecting off of each waves with a little sparkle. The crash of the waves coupled with the laughter and chatting of the beach goers provided a soothing soundtrack to the beautiful August afternoon. Lacy, a twenty one year old college student strolled onto the hot sand with her friend Aaron and her 18-year-old sister Jamie.

The group of three set up a blanket about halfway between the ocean and the boardwalk, the perfect location. Aaron, a member of his college’s crew team, pulled off his tee shirt and began coating his toned upper body with suntan lotion. Jamie, a cute girl with light blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes one could imagine, slipped her shoulders out off her sundress and let it fall to the ground. Underneath she was sporting a hot pink string bikini that contrasted nicely with her tan. Jamie stood at about 5’3″ with a slender build and a 34B chest that was just the right size for her body. Her older sister Lacy slowly peeled off her matching sundress to reveal a similar string bikini, only in white. Lacy was 5’5″ with very light brown hair and twinkling green eyes. She was thin, and thanks to their similar sizes, the girls could share all the clothes they had. With the exception of height, they were the exact same size.

Lacy sat next to Aaron, who had already began sunbathing, laid out on his back. She glanced at her crew teammate. Lacy had a little crush on Aaron, and had for awhile. She was pretty sure the feeling was mutual, but wasn’t sure. Today provided the perfect opportunity to find out. She began rubbing suntan lotion all over her long, slender legs and her flat tummy. She noticed Aaron was sneaking glances here and there as she rubbed herself with the lotion. She moved up her torso, rubbing the lotion all over her chest, even slipping a hand under each side of her top to coat her nipples! She couldn’t believe she was showing off like that, and felt her face flush. But she did notice a little twinge in Aaron’s bathing suit, so she thought for a moment, then stretched out on her stomach next to him.

“Hey Jamie, I wanna take care of these tan lines. Can you untie my top and put some lotion on my back?”

Jamie set down the cooler on the edge of the blanket and grabbed the lotion, saying “No prob.” Jamie lathered her hands and knelt next to Lacy, facing Aaron. Aaron couldn’t believe his luck. The way Jamie was bent over, he got quite the eyeful of her cleavage. He all but stared as she rubbed lotion onto her sister’s back. Aaron glanced down at Lacy, and his eyes locked on her partially exposed left breast. It was pressed against the blanket, just barely concealing her nipple from his sight. Aaron felt the blood begin flowing casino şirketleri to his cock, and he quickly rolled over before either girl noticed. Jamie finished up lotioning Lacy, and took care of herself on the other side of the blanket, where Aaron really couldn’t watch without being obvious.

Awhile passed. Aaron was into his book, and Lacy had dozed off on her stomach. Jamie had just taken a slice of watermelon out of the cooler. She was munching away at the delicious fruit, and she suddenly had a mischievous idea. With every bite, she spat the watermelon seeds at her dozing sister. She managed to land three on Lacy’s back when the older girl stirred and woke. Groggily, Lacy glanced at her sister in time to see two seeds fly from Jamie’s mouth and land on her bare back.

“Hey!” Lacy yelled. Jamie giggled and tossed the remainder of the slice onto her sister’s back. Jamie lunged out of her sister’s reach, and Lacy jumped up without thinking to give chase. Aaron felt Jamie jump over him and run away and turned just in time to see Lacy running towards him, after Jamie, with her breasts exposed. Aaron’s jaw dropped, and suddenly Lacy realized she didn’t have her top on. Her arms shot up to her chest, covering up the nicest pair of tits Aaron had ever seen. Her face reddened and she sat down to grab her top, which was laying next to Aaron. “I’m gonna kill her,” she muttered as she retied her bikini top. Aaron caught another glance of her right nipple as she did this.

Jamie came back over laughing, “Come on Lace, this isn’t some nude beach! Didn’t anyone tell you?”

“Well no one told you either!” Lacy retorted. Before Jamie could respond, Aaron watched as Lacy yanked Jamie’s bottoms down to her ankles, exposing her virgin mound, a sparse blonde pubic hair. Jamie shrieked and wrestled with Lacy over control of her bikini. During the scuffle, the loosely tied knot around Lacy’s neck untied and exposed her breasts again. Aaron stared as the two gorgeous girls, one topless and one bottomless, wrestled next to him. Eventually they called a truce, and covered up. Lacy slapped Jamie’s ass. “You do that again, you’re dead!”

The girls looked at Aaron. Lacy immediately noticed the rock hard member struggling against the material of his bathing suit. She grabbed Jamie’s hand and they took off for the water. She was excited at the thought of Aaron getting hard while watching her and her sister. She wondered if Jamie had noticed…

“Holy Shit!” the younger sister said.


“Did you see the size of his boner? You better jump on that Lace!”

“Oh shut up! Since when are you a pecker checker?”

“Since guys have been checking these babies out!” Jamie responded, squeezing her tits. casino firmaları Laughing, Lacy replied, slapping her sister’s cute ass, “You’re such a bad girl.” The girls giggled and dove into the waves, and played around for awhile. Aaron eventually came out and joined them, and the girls immediately attacked him, trying to dunk his head underwater. Aaron loved it as he tried to keep the girls off, he had plenty of “accidental” handfuls of tits and ass. He couldn’t believe how great this day was going. Jamie finally succeeded in dunking him by jumping on his shoulders, and flipping under with him. Aaron popped up right away, and Jamie a few seconds later, with both tits completely exposed!

“Shit! Help me find my top!” After a quick look, Lacy found it, but tossed it to Aaron. They played keep away with Jamie, who’s boobs bounced each time she dove for her top. Finally, as Lacy tossed it to Aaron, she pulled Lacy’s bottoms down. Lacy just as quickly yanked her sister’s off. Aaron’s cock was engorged instantly, despite the icy water. He was holding a bikini top, and he was with one girl wearing only a bikini top, and another who was completely naked. As he stood there dumbfounded, the girls swam over and yanked off his trunks!

“Uh oh, is that a fish I see or are you happy to be hanging out with us naked girls?” Lacy giggled. Jamie pulled her sister’s top off from behind, saying “Now we’re all naked!” Aaron was obviously shocked, and Lacy reached under the water and gave his seven incher a quick squeeze. Aaron was in heaven. With each person holding on to their respective swim wear, the three of them swam in the nude for a bit. When it came time to get back ashore, they all dressed in the cover of the ocean, with the girls switching bottoms.

After gathering all of their stuff, they headed back to the small motel room. Their room had a bathroom with a shower, TV, VCR, and twin beds. Lacy glanced at the clock. “Crap. It’s 6:30 and we have our reservation for dinner at 7:00. We can’t go like this.”

“You girls can shower, and I’ll just get changed if you want,” Aaron offered.

“But we’re all covered in sand, that’s not fair to you to go out like that.”

“Why don’t we all just get in the shower together, it’s big enough! And we’ve all seen each other naked once today!”Jamie giggled. She peeled off her bikini in front of Aaron and Lacy and headed into the bathroom. Lacy couldn’t believe her sister was so brazen! She shrugged and stripped in front of Aaron, who stood there, amazed at his luck. “Come on, big boy, you too!” Lacy said as she leaned down yanked off Aaron’s bathing suit. His hard penis sprung out and hit her cheek. She giggled, “Maybe later…” Before Aaron could respond, she grabbed his dick and güvenilir casino pulled him into the shower.

The girls washed each other’s hair as Aaron rinsed the sand off of their bodies with the shower head. The girls then both washed Aaron’s hair, and as they rinsed it, Aaron leaned over and kissed Lacy on the lips, the sexual tension in the shower proving to be too much for him. Jamie began rubbing his shoulders and kissing his neck as he made out with her older sister. Aaron felt Jamie’s hard nipples poking his back as he massaged Lacy’s firm tits. Lacy moaned, feeling the biggest cock she had ever seen pressing against her stomach. Jamie reached around Aaron and began toying with the head of his dick as she let her other hand fall between her legs to massage her throbbing clit. Jamie saw her sister begin fingering herself, so she aimed Aaron’s cock down, rubbing the tip against Lacy’s wet slit, teasing her clit and his cock at the same time. Jamie let her own pussy go for a minute to kneel between her sister and her sister’s friend. She alternated between sucking the head of Aaron’s raging hard cock and kissing and licking her sister’s hard clit.

Finally, Aaron took control of the situation after being in a sex-induced daze all day. He turned Lacy around, and had Jamie sit at her big sister’s feet. He bent Lacy over, and Jamie started sucking her nipples, as Lacy toyed with her sister’s puffy pink nubs. Aaron pushed the tip of his penis into Lacy’s sweet hole, and slid it out with a pop. He reentered the brunette beauty before him and slid in half way, before removing himself almost completely. With one long thrust, Aaron shoved his entire seven inches of manhood into Lacy’s tight wet cunt. He began a storking method of thrusting entirely in and pulling three quarters of the way out. Jamie scooted towards her older sister, and began sucking her clit as Aaron fucked her pussy from behind. Jamie started vigorously rubbing her own dripping cunt, and the shower was soon filled with the moans of three young horny vacationers. Lacy felt Aaron’s sack slapping her twat as he pounded away with his cock, and felt her sister’s tongue and lips doing a number on her clit.

“FUCK! I’m…I’m…shit…I’m gonna cum!” Lacy screamed. Instantly, the action intensified. Jamie buried her face in her sister’s pussy as Aaron fucked her harder than he had ever fucked anyone before. “OH GOD!” she screamed as her cum soaked Aaron’s cock and dripped onto her sister’s waiting lips. Aaron grunted and Lacy felt his hot cum shoot deep into her cunt as her pussy milked his cock dry. Aaron pulled out, and Lacy dropped to the shower floor to finish of her sister. Lacy began sucking her little sister’s clit and pushed two fingers into her virgin slit. Aaron watched as Jamie’s hips bucked and she came, shooting her cum all over Lacy’s pretty face. The sight of this was so overwhelming that Aaron began cumming again, shooting his load all over the sisters’ bodies.

Needless to say, they missed their reservation.

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