Rush Hour’s Surprise Ch. 01

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Friday afternoon rush hour, bumper to bumper traffic all headed to the same destination, home for the weekend. Sadie, tired, fumbled through her disks, looking for something to listen to while she sat in this long endless traffic jam. As she flipped through the pages of disks she had thoughts of “Ugh, no not that one again and No not in the mood for this one” she continued to flip through the pages finally finding one without a label. Curiously she looked the disk over wondering where it came from she then slid it into her the disk changer and slowly turned up the volume.

At first she thought the disk was empty there was such a long delay before it began to play, then she heard a mans voice, “Hello Sadie” and then there was a long pause. Startled she turned to look behind her thinking someone was in her truck, but there was no one there. The voice on the disk continued, “I’m sorry if I startled you, I’d like to put you at some ease. I’ve known you for a very long time, I’ve learned so much about you that my lust has grown into passion and desire. This is my secret that I’ve wanted to tell you. It is my wish that this disk captivates your mind, and excites your intimate senses.”

Sadie sat quietly listening to his voice, her mind filled with the questions of: Who is this man? How long have I had this disk? Who could have put this in my truck? How will they know I’ve found it? All these questions and more flooded her mind. She went from being tired and ready to simply go home and relax to her body charged and on the verge of overload. She sat patiently and listened as the disk advanced.

His voice continued on as he bared his soul. “Sadie, seeing you on a regular basis, knowing when you have had a good day or a bad one always leaves me wanting to be closer to you. At first I found myself just day dreaming when I’d catch the scent of your perfume. I’d visualize us in a random place simply enjoying one an others company, close enough to breathe the scent of you in, to be able to study each and every expression you give, and to hang on the sound of your voice. Then my daydreams progressed and became rapidly more vivid. I’d imagine us together somewhere and I’d reach out and take your hand to gently guide you to stand before me so I could look deep into your beautiful brown eyes, as my fingertips gently caress along your cheek and in that softness and silence, I’d slowly lean closer to you as my fingertips slowly slid from your cheek to under your chin, gently raising your face to meet mine. I would imagine myself looking deep in your eyes then focusing on your lips and as I slowly leaned closer to you, pausing for a moment as my lips hover just above yours, I’d draw one last long deep breath, allowing your scent to wash over me before I softly began to brush my lips across yours.”

Sadie quivered as he described their first kiss. She sat there so quiet and fixated on this mysterious man voice, no longer trying to figure out who he was but trying to imagine how his touch would feel. The tone of his voice, the soft tenderness she pictured in her mind, slowly he was winning her over. She listened attentively as he described how his lips softly brushed across his pausing for a moment to kiss her ever so softly. He then told her how the thought of his fingertips softly caressing her skin and the feel of her body so close to his is a daydream he had played over and over in his mind hundreds of times. He paused a long time before continuing on. Noticing his pause she quickly came back to reality, opening her eyes, and looked to the disk player wondering if that’s all she would hear and still wondering who this man could be and would she ever know.

After that long pause the tone of his voice changed, he said, “Sadie that all changed one hot summer’s night. On a very hot summers night my innocent dreams, grew into erotic fantasies. It was one very hot summers night I noticed your patio light, it was about 2 am. At first I thought you had just let the dog out but once realizing that the light remained on I went to the window. There I noticed casino şirketleri the patio remained dark and only the light at the door was on and when I looked closer I noticed your pool was dimly lit. And there you stood on the top step leading into the pool. Your hair was pulled high into a pony tail exposing your beautiful neck and you were wearing a short silky robe. I stood and watched as you stood there with one hand on the railing the other seemingly playing with the belt on your robe, as you playfully glided your toes through the water.”

He released a long sigh and soft moan as the tone in his voice again changed. Then he went on telling her, “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. So many thoughts raced through my mind. And there you stood, for the longest time. My mind raced with thoughts of how could I go over there, and what would I say to you. Just as in the beginning of all of my daydreams I felt like a school boy nervous and excited but still not knowing how to approach you. So I stayed where I was, my heart was racing. As I watched you, you slowly released the belt on your robe and allowed the robe to fall over your shoulders as you stood there. The moon light accentuated your shoulders soft skin and your long beautiful neck. I imagined myself standing behind you, my fingertips softly caressing over your skin and my lips following. First kissing the back of your neck to along side and then following your shoulders to the outer edges. Eventually you finished dropping your robe. Slowly you slide it from your skin and carefully placed it over the railing next to your towel.”

The feelings of fear that first rushed over Sadie now began to change. While she still wondered who this could be she anxiously listened to see what he would tell her next. His voice, the words he used and the tenderness he expressed had begun to turn her on. She wondered if by the end of the disk if he would reveal himself or would she wonder forever who her admirer was. Stopping all the wild thoughts rushing through her mind, her body reacted to his voice and the visions he was carefully planting in her mind.

He went on about the night he had caught her skinny dipping laps in her pool. He said, “Finally you succumb to the water and I stood there quietly watching you swim laps. The pool light, dim, revealed each curve of your body. Finally you swam back to the stairs. There you sat on the second step, and all I could imagine was swimming over to you, gliding my hands along your soft thighs as I drew closer finally stopping when each of your thighs were to each side of my abdomen. As I kneel before you, my hands gently glide along your thighs then up along your hips, and as my fingers curl around your hips they find themselves on the small of your back. My eyes fixed, and looking so deep into yours, I lean closer to passionately kiss your lips. Our bodies tight to one another and I melt at the feel of the softness of your skin. I feel your body respond to mine, and this only arouses me more. I offer you my tongue and you accept it, slowly you begin to suck it and your fingertips now play along my shoulders and the back of my neck. You press your body closer and I can feel your hard fully erect nipples tease my chest.”

She listened to him account for each second they shared in that embrace. His breath grew heavy. She heard the passion, desire, lust, and urgency in his voice. She thought to herself once again: Who is this man? Why leave this disk? Why not just tell me? Sadie had been alone a long time now, and in this time there were many a night she sat in her special spot gazing up at the stars dreaming of such a man. She craved a man of tenderness, passion, and fire. The disk continued to advance his voice continued talking to her.

“Sadie,” his voice said as he tried to compose himself, “I envisioned us in that embrace for a long time and then I scooped you up in my arms, carried you into the house and laid you on the bed. I lit some candles and then joined you. There I knelt over you; as the candle light flickered, I once again leaned casino firmaları in to taste your lips. I offered you my tongue and you eagerly accepted it. Softly you licked along my tongue then offered me yours and I lowered my body to yours. My chest brushed across yours, and I broke from our kiss to lean into the side of your neck there I softly kissed my way down to your collar bone. Kiss by kiss tasting and teasing your skin. I could feel your nails gently rake over my shoulders as I slowly made my way down your body. My tongue and lips tasted and kissed down to your breasts. I could feel you arch your back and press up into me, almost begging me to lick, kiss and tease your nipples.”

Sadie’s breath grew rapid as he described how he wanted to taste her body. She began to fidget in her seat; she could no longer sit still. Not knowing who this person was no longer plagued her mind. While pouring out his heart and sharing his deepest fantasies of her he had managed to turn her on. She could feel her nipples harden, her body was aroused.

He continued, “Slowly I slid my hands along your soft skin, gently cupping the outside of each breast. I then leaned in with the very tip of my tongue and teased the very tip of your erect nipple making it extremely wet and then slowly I kissed to the other one. My thumb and forefinger softly rolled the opposite wet nipple as I teased the other with my tongue. Your body quivering from my touch, and the feel of your silky leg as you softly caressed my side. Your fingers now playing in my hair, I paused and looked up at you; your eyes were almost fiery and demanding more. My hands caressed and fondled your breasts as I slowly slid my body lower, kissing my way down over your ribs to your abdomen. I imagined running my tongue over your soft skin, teasing your navel then sliding my body back even further until I was between your soft thighs. My hands caressed over your torso as I looked up at you. Leaning back down to kiss your bare skin, I licked a long wet trail down over your abdomen until I reached the top of your pelvic bone. Your skin so soft and wet the candle light enhanced the wet trail, and softly I blew over it. I can just imagine your body shivering in anticipation as my hot breath tickled you and sent strong erotic sensations through you.”

Sadie’s body now extremely aroused. Her mind wandered and she could no longer concentrate on the traffic. So she paused the disk and looked for a place to pull off, soon she came to a rest area. She pulled off and parked, trying to get a grip on her arousal she sat there for a moment. But there was no getting a grip on this, she couldn’t sit still. She slid her thighs along one another and slowly slid her fingertips across her body starting from her neck down over her breasts and then along her thighs. She gently pulled at her skirt and slid her hand beneath it and teased her body, that now was extremely wet and almost to the verge of aching. She removed her hand and engaged the disk once more.

The tone of his voice became more direct, more demanding as he told her, “I then stroked my hand down over your sweetness. So soft and wet, I just had to have a taste. As I leaned into you I teased you with my warm breath, then extended my tongue and slowly licked along your lips. Your legs widened and I leaned in again this time pressing my tongue between your lips, licking from the bottom up and round your clit. I did this over and over as your body wiggled and squirmed, each time pushing my tongue deeper and harder, my hands placed to your inner thighs softly caressing you. I licked and sucked repetitively. Your clit hardened and your body began to quiver, slowly I caressed up your thigh and wet my fingers with your juices. Carefully I caressed you the sliding my fingers lower I teased your opening. Your hips rocked in rhythm with the strokes of my tongue and grew more demanding as I slowly slid my fingers in you. First just teasingly, allowing you only the tips of my fingers then sliding them deeper. I licked and sucked you more aggressively as you fucked güvenilir casino my fingers.”

Sadie sat there with her eyes closed lost in that moment. Her hands slowly caressed up and down her thighs with each stroke pushing her skirt higher and higher. She rocked and squirmed in her seat as he described each and every stroke of his tongue and thrust of his fingers. As she caressed her thighs she gently curled her fingers to her inner thighs and slowly spread her legs. Her fingertips now teasing at the outside of her silk panties, as her fingers caressed over her thighs each time stroking a little firmer, until she was no longer sliding her hands along her thighs. Slowly she stroked her fingertips over her panties. They were wet and she was aching. Her fingertips then curled back to her thigh as she slid them along the leg elastic she then wiggled them inside. Now the tips of her fingers caressed and stroked over her wet lips. Her body rocked in perfect rhythm with her fingertips. Losing control quickly Sadie began fingering herself as her other hand rubbed her clit. She began feeling waves rush over her body and her strokes and thrusts became more aggressive.

As he continued to talk to her she became more and more aroused and horny and the urgency in his voice became more and more apparent. Softly he moaned, “Yes, Sadie that’s it. As I bring you to the verge of orgasm Sadie I want you to stop.” Quickly she opened her eyes and stopped what she was doing. It was almost as if he was there watching her. His voice continued, “There will be a time for you to cum but now is not it. At this point I want to slide my body up along yours, and tease your clit with the very tip of my hard cock. Pushing your legs apart, I take hold of myself and slowly glide the head along your lips. Teasing your clit then sliding back down and pushing just the head of my rock hard cock inside you. Not allowing you to take anymore than what I give you. Then I feel your legs wrap around my waist and I glide deeper. I lean down to you my eyes locked on yours, I tease your lips as I nip at them and kiss you. Slowly I slide deeper into you giving you every inch of me. Our bodies move in perfect motion, and our passions run deep. Soon our bodies are slapping one another as I thrust harder and faster into you, over and over till I feel your body begin to climax. I lean lower and nip at your nipples and you begin to moan.”

At this point Sadie has leaned back into her seat, stroking her lips then inserting her fingers she begins to rock against them and ride them. Her body sending waves throughout her, she slowly takes her other hand and glides it up and over her breasts tweaking her nipples. A moan escapes her lips and she then notices she’s given in again. She looks around at her surroundings noticing she’s still alone, she decides to give into her desire. She strokes and fucks into her fingers harder and faster her moans become louder and her breathing heavy. Harder and faster, harder and faster she rides and rocks until she’s just about to cum.

And she hears him say, “Ohhhh” and his breath changes and he’s almost moaning as he says, “Now Sadie, now it’s ok to cum. Ohhhh, cum Baby, cum with me now Baby.” At the sound of his approval her body shakes and comes hard. Breathing heavy and feeling flushed she slows her strokes and finally stops. Her legs quiver and she relaxes back into her seat.

After a long pause he said, “This isn’t quite what I had in mind when I set out to create this disk. If you’re open to one day meeting me I have a few directions for you to follow. I watch each and every night to see if you found this disk and I wait in wonder. So Sadie if you think you are ready to take this to another level, when you get home I want you to do something for me as a sign. When you get home and settle in just before you go to bed I want you to come back outside and leave a pair of panties on your front seat. In return I’ll leave you another disk with directions.”

Sadie smiled as she pondered that thought, then she started her truck backed out of her space and went home. Later that night before bed she did just as he asked and left a pair of panties on her font seat. In the morning the panties were gone and in their place a red rose bud and new disk lay there on her seat waiting for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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