Fear, Confusion…Love? Ch. 03

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Tony arrived home after his night shift with Mark. As usual these days he had a smile on his face as he lay down and drifted off with thoughts of Mark filling his mind.

Tony had met Mark just over 3 weeks ago and his life had changed unbelievably!

3 weeks ago, Tony had been a typical 23 year old man. He was just over 6 feet, dark hair, green eyes and a body that had been honed to perfection by years of martial arts, football and (his newest passion) rugby. He’d had girlfriends all through his teenage years and more than a few one night stands but over the past few years, something had changed.

At 20, Tony had gone to a mate’s party and had far too much to drink. A guy he barely knew had asked him if he’d ever been with a guy and when Tony said that he hadn’t, he offered himself on a plate! They’d gone into the bedroom where the guy had slowly slid Tony’s trousers down and given him the most fantastic blow job Tony had ever had (up until recently)! This guy knew what another man wanted and the best way to give it. When he’d finished, Tony had been so in the moment that he’d returned the favour. It’d given him a major hard on, so when the man had asked Tony to fuck him, there was no need to ask twice. Tony hadn’t hesitated, he pushed himself balls deep into another man’s tight arse and ridden him like he was never going to fuck again!

Since that night, Tony had never felt the same again. He’d been single for the past three years and, although he’d had a few one night stands, he’d never felt fulfilled by a woman since.

That first afternoon when he’d met Mark had made him realise that maybe the reason he was feeling unfulfilled wasn’t because he had a problem with women…maybe it was because he wanted men! He’d seen Mark taking a short cut through the back of the rugby club and gone to talk to him because there had been a problem lately with people littering and vandalising club property but when he’d seen Mark up close, he’d nearly started stammering like a school girl! Mark was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. A few inches shorter than Tony with sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes you could get lost in, he projected an innocence that had made Tony want to hold him and never let go. After the few drinks they’d had in the pub that afternoon, Tony had realised that Mark did need protecting, he just didn’t realise it. Tony shook his head at the memory of Mark telling him about the envelope containing all his money and how he’d kept getting it out to pay for drinks. In the end, Tony had had to explain why it wasn’t a good idea to be flashing the cash round a crowded bar and he’d been amazed at the stunned look on Marks face! For all that he thought he was worldly wise, he’d been shocked that people out there would take advantage. Tony had felt his heart melt when he saw the innocent amazement on Marks face. He’d wanted to kiss him right there in the middle of the pub and hide him away from the world.

It had been Marks naivety that had led Tony to start flirting with him as they left the pub. He’d been convinced that nothing would come of it and doubted that Mark would even notice. Instead he’d found that Mark had flirted back in a way and even paused to think about it when Tony had made a comment about rugby players balls. He’d laughed off the suggestion but there had casino şirketleri been a look in his eyes that had made Tony wonder.

After they’d gone their separate ways, Tony had gone to a shop nearby to get some cigarettes and then headed back to the rugby club. It was his night off from guarding the place but he’d figured that he’d have quick check around just in case. It was as he’d been walking along the back fence; he’d heard a muted whimper and gone to check down the alley way behind the pitch. He hadn’t a clue what he was going to find but wanted to make sure that nobody had tried to jump the fence and fallen (AGAIN!).

Instead he found his friend on his knees with another man’s cock in his mouth. He’d stood and watched for a few moments while his emotions collided. He’d felt turned on, disappointed and jealous all at once and then he’d felt guilty about the fact that being turned on was winning! All these thoughts had run through his mind all at once and it had lasted less than a minute before he saw the glint of metal that was a knife being held at Marks throat! Rage had swamped him as he’d ran towards the pair. Marks attacker had fled but Tony had caught a glimpse of him and had recognised him as one of the men that’s had been in the pub earlier.

He’d pulled the blindfold from Marks eyes and wrapped his arms around him. To his joy, Mark had responded by holding him just as tight. He hadn’t let go all the way back to Marks house and had wanted to hold him all night. Instead he figured that it was just shock and relief that had caused Mark to hold him. In the week following that night, Tony had text Mark several times. He’d told himself that it was just to make sure that he was OK but he knew in his heart that it was more than that. The day he’d got a reply from Mark, his heart had leapt and, seeing the perfect excuse, he had gone round to see him. When Mark had confessed that he had feelings for Tony, Tony had thought he was going to shout out his pleasure. Instead they had started a relationship.

In the weeks that followed, both the guys had fallen deeply for each other and had started to talk about the future. Despite not telling anyone about their relationship, they knew they wanted to stay together in the long term and had discussed plans to move in together. Mark didn’t want to stay in the area; he was terrified that he would meet his attacker again one day. He also wanted to go to university and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for them; they could move away and live together as a couple where nobody would know them as anything other than a couple. Tony agreed but there was one thing he had to do first…REVENGE!

The more Tony thought about seeking revenge for what had happened to Mark, the more he got wound up. The rage he was feeling was all consuming and he knew that he wasn’t going to be able to rest while he was feeling like this. Getting up, he threw on some clothes, grabbed a towel and went for a jog to tire himself out.

Jogging through the park, Tony spotted a familiar looking face; it was the guy who’d attacked Mark. Tony slowed and pretended to stretch as the man carried on walking. After a few moments, Tony followed him. He limped slightly so that anyone watching would think he had cramp and tailed the guy straight to his front door. Know casino firmaları he knew where he lived! The bloke had unlocked the door and left it open. Tony could see him turning the alarm off so he knew that he was home alone.

Before he could think about it, Tony wrapped the towel around the lower half of his face, ran up the steps and through the door of the flat!

“Who the fuck are you?!” Yelled the man

“I’m the bloke who scared you off the young lad in the alley…and I’ve got something for you” replied Tony.

“W-what? What are you going to…I mean, what are you talking about?” stammered the guy.

“You know exactly what I mean. You forced your disgusting little prick into my boyf… that lads mouth so I think it’s time for a bit of like for like, don’t you?”

The man opened his mouth to say something else but Tony didn’t want to hear it. He pushed him down onto the stairs and kicked the door shut behind him. The guy tried to rise but Tony punched him in the side of the head, knocking him out.

Looking down on the man, Tony started to panic about what he was doing but the thought of what this guy had done to Mark spurred him on. Anger washed over him again and an idea came to him. If this guy wanted a man then that’s what he was going to get.

Picking up the unconscious man, Tony made his way upstairs to the bedroom and threw him on the bed. Going to the wardrobe he found some ties, undressed the guy and fastened his hands to the headboard. Making sure there was no way his hands were going to come loose, Tony pushed the mans ankles over his head and fastened them beside his hands.

A thought occurred to him: What if this guy didn’t live by himself? Tony frantically checked the drawers and wardrobe in the room and didn’t find anything to indicate anyone else lived there. However, he did find a pack of condoms and some lube in the drawer by the bed.

“That should come in handy” he said to himself with a smile. Settling down on the bed beside his unconscious victim, Tony decided to amuse himself by going through the mans wallet. Finding a driving licence, he discovered that his new ‘friend’ was called James and he was 32.

Before long, James started to stir. Tony watched him wake to the realisation that he was totally immobilised and naked and there was some nutcase sat on his bed who wanted revenge. “Awake are we?” asked Tony “What are you planning on doing?” asked James fearfully “Well, you wanted a man and that’s what you’re going to get” Smiled Tony.

Tony removed his clothes and kneeled on the bed at James’ arse. He felt himself getting hard. Smearing some of the lube onto his fingers, he began to stroke them against James’ arsehole. James flinched away and whimpered

“What are you doing?” “I’ve already told you and I’m sick of answering your questions. Now, you’re going to answer some of mine” snapped Tony “Are you a virgin?” “N-no, I-I’ve had a few girlfriends” Tony smacked his arse, hard and growled “Have you ever had a man?” “No…Oh God, please don’t. Please don’t hurt me! I’m not gay! I don’t want you to…” “QUIET! Do you think that young lad ‘wanted’ you to rape his mouth? Do you think I care if you’re gay? NO! You gave that lad a choice; he told me that you said you were going to cum the easy way or the hard way. Now, güvenilir casino you aren’t getting that choice.” All the time Tony was saying this, a small part of him was protesting. This wasn’t like him! He had never been into this sort of thing and couldn’t believe he was doing it now! He told himself that it must be for the love of Mark that he was behaving this way.

Tony looked down at James and saw he was crying. His desire for revenge started to fail but he thought of Mark and what this man had done to him. He rolled on a condom, stroked some lube along his cock and realised that he was harder than he’d ever been before. Pressing the head against James’ tight hole he smiled “Do you have anything you want to say?” “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! I have the money, please, take it! It’s under the bed in a box! Please! Please, don’t hurt me! Please!”

Tony hesitated; he could take the money and leave. James was scared enough, he wasn’t going to try anything again and Tony didn’t want to be the kind of person that this act would make him. He glanced down at James and saw a smirk on his face; he thought he was off the hook! Once again Tony felt himself get angry, he wanted to hurt this bastard! This thieving shit-bag who thought he could get away with anything just by saying sorry! He drove his cock into James’ arse, loving the feeling of being in such a tight little hole. James squealed and tried to pull away. He was writhing around trying to pull away but his struggles just turned Tony on more. Tony gripped James’ waist and pushed himself in until his balls were pressed up against James.

“Do you like that?” he snarled “Does it make you feel good?” “Oh God, please, take it out! It’s too big, please! Please! Oh fuck! You’re going to kill me! Oh please!!!” “You thought you could force yourself on someone else, you must like it. You wanted my boy on his knees for you, you wanted him to be your bitch and now it’s your turn!”

Pulling back slowly, Tony drove himself back into James. Over and over. James became incoherent. His pleas became moans, the moans became sobs and the sobs turned into silence. Tony continued drilling James’ arse, oblivious to anything the feeling of a virgin arse hole wrapped around his throbbing cock.

Slowly, Tony became aware of the silence in the room and looked down at James. He’d blackout! Tony’s hard on began to fail as he realised what he had done and how much pain he had caused. Pulling out, he saw that James was bleeding. He had to get out of here!

Tony grabbed another tie and used it to cover James’ eyes and then pulled the towel off his face. He quickly dressed and then used the towel to wipe over every surface he could think of that he’d touched and then went to the bathroom to flush the used condom down the toilet. Checking that James was still out of it, he untied his arms and legs, reached under the bed to get Marks money and then ran downstairs to let himself out.

By the time he got home, Tony was shaking. He couldn’t believe what he’d done! He’d raped a man, what sort of person did that make him? He already knew the answer though. It made him the sort of man that would go to any lengths for the person he loved. He couldn’t wait to tell Mark what had happened. He could just imagine the look on his face when he gave Mark the money back. Maybe he wouldn’t tell him everything though. He would tell him about everything leading up to the rape, just say that he’d scared the guy into giving Marks money back.

Tony couldn’t wait to see Mark that night; it was going to be fantastic!

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