A Teaser: Story Summaries

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Very often I have been asked by my dear readers (thank you) for translations of my german stories (which are the much longer ones, as it is my native language). It´s a real pity that my english is not good enough to do that, and it would also be to time consuming (I prefer to write new stories, as this is much nicer…). Anyway thanks for your interest. As a little compensations for those dear readers I will try to write very short summaries of my german stories. I will just outline the plot and it´s characters very briefly and for all the sexy, erotic details I will rely on your fantasy to make yourself a whole, hot picture…

1.„Die Sprachschülerin“

It´s an lesbian story about a young, eighteen year old, quite shy and sexually unexperienced exchange student in paris who meets Marie Claire Dupoir an elder lady of 58 years in a book store, where Andrea, the german teenage girl, is reading some erotic books. The French Lady has a very dominant (BBW) body, with big breasts and lot of curves and a very mature and dominant but ladylike charakter. After a first drink together the girl of 18 is invited for a dinner. In advance the French lady sends her some lingerie and a sexy dress to wear. The dinner ends up with some erotic, secret games in a restaurant like tasting each others pussy-juices from each others fingers as part of the desert and going for a erotic dance to a club. Andrea is getting very aroused by the games initiated by the dominating, mature lady and after the visit to the club they are heading home and the girl is seduced in a very ladylike, experienced way by the older big woman. Andrea loves the mature, big body, Marie Claires big breasts and big arse and is willingly learning lesbian sex games from her much elder BBW-lover.

2.„Zwei Frauen und zwei Mädchen auf Urlaub“

This story is about two mature ladies (Claudia, 53 and Lisa 52) who meet two teenage girls (Tina and Sabrina; both 18) on a holiday trip. They spend an evening, dining out and going to a dance-bar together and a very erotic atmosphere is arising. In the bar Lisa and Sabrina go to the toilet together and Sabrina is seduced by the older Lisa for a first shy and very soft try of watersports – games and a first exchange of French kisses. On the next day the four have a shopping trip together and finally the two teenagers are invited to stay in their hotel rooms. Sabrina goes with Lisa and Tina with Claudia. Lisa is seducing Sabrina very fast not only to very hot lesbian sex games but also to some kinky watersports games in the bathroom. Meanwhile in the other room Tina is aroused by the mature body of Claudia and slowly casino şirketleri seduces her to tender but passionate lesbian sex.

3.“urlaub mit tante und cousine”

19year old Birgit is invited by her 51year old mother Dorothea for a holiday in Spain, as a reward that Birgit just finished school. Dorothea is a very curvy (not at all slim, light BBW body), mature woman. On request of Dorothea´s sister they had to take Dorothea´s nephew (Birgit´s cousin) with them, who has his own room. On a hot afternoon in the sun the daughter tells her mother about her lesbian experiences in school and an erotic atmosphere is

rising. They also recognize that Christian (18) has also been listening an is getting aroused and play some games with him, like letting him cream the beautiful Birgit with sunoil. In the cousin spies mother and daughter who share one room when they are undressing. The make a little strip show (and even a bit more…) for him and he is trapped on spying. He is punished by letting him strip in front of mother and daughter and he receives quite a sexual spanking. After this session mother and daughter are quite hot and end up with a passionate night of lesbian mother-daughter sex. Christian is also very aroused and masturbates in his room.

There is a different version of the same story “urlaub mit chefin und nachbarssohn” with the only difference that there is no incest as the three characters are a female boss, her teenage employee and the elder ladies neighbour-son, instead of mother/daughter and nephew.

4.“2 schwesterliche Harems-Sklavinnen (Dienerinnen)“

Two blonde, very pretty sisters (Birte, 19 and Camilla 18) work for the trading company of a Turkish nobel-lady besides school. The Turkish nobel lady (Alliyah, 46) is a mature but very sexy, very curvy, exotic lady. The two sisters are impressed by the dominant character of the mature, exotic beauty. The Turkish lady asks them if they would serve her as servants at a special feast in a hamam (Turkish/Arabic – bath and steam sauna). At this feast oriental and African nobel woman meet in the hamam/harem location. Most of them are lesbians, some have some young male servants/slaves too. The two sisters are soon getting hot in the very erotic atmosphere between all these exotic ladies of Arabic, Turkish or African origin; most of them mature and all of them dominant nobel-ladies with beautiful young girl and/or boy – slaves and servants. They follow Alliyah into a public and later into a private hamam. They fulfil all her wishes, they bath and wash her and they give her a very sexy, erotic massage to all the parts casino firmaları of her body using all parts of their young bodies (hands, feet, breasts, hair…) on her mature curvy, body. They except being punished with a hot spanking and they fulfil her wish for a sexy show, kissing and fondling each other. The two young sisters become Alliyah´s willing slaves and finally the elder Turkish lady takes them in a long and passionate sex night. After it the sisters are totally hers.

There is a second version “Hamam und Haremsfeste” where Birte and Camilla are not sisters but friends; so there is no lesbian-incest in that version.

5.“Voyeuristische Tochter”

It´s a short story about an 18year old girl (still in school), who comes home from school early and sees her 41year old mother in the whirlpool. She watches her mother, which has a very thick, dark bush of pubic hair masturbating in the pool. She even uses her videocamera to film her mother and she is getting aroused herself and pleases her own, shaved pussy by masturbating.

6.“Zwei Kolleginnen geniessen Sekt”

Chrissie a young, slim woman of 28 and Kerstin a beautiful girl of 18 are colleagues in work and attend a seminar together. They have always liked each other and even share one room in the seminar-hotel. They have some dirty talk in the restaurant and agree that as best friends they will share each and every secret. So Chrissie first seduces her younger friend to strip naked and to use the toilet together. Kerstin is getting hot and easily seduced by Chrissie to hot sex in bed and very wet, sexy-pissy games in the bathroom.

7.“Die strenge Lehrerin und das ertappte Schulskikurspäärchen”

Silke Bruckner is a teacher of 36, tall and with curvy breasts and a good portion of nice arse. She is also visiting a skiing-course for the teenagers she is teaching in school. When controlling in the night if all are sleeping she hears sounds from one room and sneaks in. There two of her teenage-students (stefanie + manuel; both 18), both with a pretty, slim, young body are naked in bed and fucking each other. Silke can´t resist to watch them for a while and is getting hot, touching herself. She finally catches the two teenagers in the middle of fucking. She is a very respected person and the two are a bit afraid. Silke is aroused and so she starts playing some games and finally she strips naked two and the female teacher has a hot threesome with Stefanie and Manuel.

8.“Geschenkte Söhne”

Susanne is getting 45. She is a beautiful, mature, curvy woman. She has three female friends (all in their fourties) and talks about güvenilir casino sexual fantasies a lot with them. She dreams of having sex with a group of young teenage boys. At her 45th birthday her friends fulfil her wish and present (in a very hot way) their teenage sons (between 18 and 19) to Susanne. In return they take care of Susanne´s teenage son. Susanne has a special role for each of her three young lovers. One is responsible for her arse, one for her cunt and one for pleasing her breasts. She enjoy´s a great night with anal and oral sex, with kissing and fondling the young bodies and a lot of fucking. In the meantime her female friends seduce Susannes son in a game of strip poker to orgy with all three.

There is also a different version “Zum 45er 3 Teenie-Jungs” were the boys are not the ladies son´s, but boy´s the got to know in a dancing bar.

9.“Die Füße der Lady”

Nina is working in a shoe-shop for ladies. She is a young, student of 19 and she has always loved feet and shoes; but not in a way like on of her regular clients, the rich 44year old still very sexy business lady Karla. Karla teases her in the shop while trying some high-heels and talks Nina into visiting her in her villa for a special service. Nina takes the offer. She has to wash and massage Karla´s feet, dress them into hot high-heels. She is seduced to strip naked and Karla makes her very hot by fondling Nina´s body with her feet and later with her feet and later her heels. She pleases her breasts and nipples, caresses her cunt and clit and finally fucks her pussy and arse with her heels. Nina show her thanks by pleasing her ladies feet and legs and licking her wet pussy.

10.“Lapdance in Schwarz”

Anita a divorced, blonde business lady of 45, with a slim body and rather small breasts, visits a strip club with her female friends for the first time. As it shows she is not very interested in the male strippers but is curious to go upstairs and attends female strippers for the first time too. She is fascinated especially by a hot, dark-black, African girl (Janina, 20), with a very sportive, great body and very curvy breasts too. She finally can´t resist and orders a lapdance by this fascinating, exotic, black beauty. The black student-girl delivers not only a great strip but also a very hot masturbation show and even offers Anita to come home with her and show her the delights of lesbian sex. Anita is very aroused and pays the black stripper – girl for the night. They go to Anita´s house and Janina shows her white, older customer greatest lesbian sex.

11. “Mein erstes lesbischer Erlebnis” = “My first lesbian experiences” my only translation of my first real lesbian experience.

It´s not like the whole stories, but I hope it´s better than nothing. Anyway thanks for your interest. Comments, feedback and votings very welcome, your pussylove69.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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