A Bi MMF Fantasy

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FYI: This story is written from the female perspective, and the two men are Alex, a bi man we have met, and Craig, my husband.

The Introduction

The night begins as any other for three good friends meeting up for a drink. The only difference is that all three are bi and all are totally hot for each other. Alex is sat next to Craig and opposite me. I am wearing a low cut top and Alex can’t help but stare at my chest as I breath heavily, knowing all the time I’m thinking about how much I want to grab him and kiss him. Then Craig suggests a game of vodka shot drinking. We take random numbers and must drink the flavoured vodka shot assigned to that number. It starts innocently. The first shot each is drank. But…when the second number is drawn, it would seem that Alex got the mint choc one I wanted. I mock sulk at him, using my eyes as the window to my real feelings.

As he draws the glass to his lips, I lean over the table closer and closer to him, so I can almost smell the mint touching his lips. My heart is beating fast. I know what might happen but I’m too nervous to really consider going for it myself. The glass moves up and he is drinking all of the shot. I lean closer. As he returns the empty glass to its place on the table, I realise that my moment has gone. I did not get the drink I wanted. I start to breath again, but almost as if in slow motion he moves his face to mine and slowly kisses me, giving me a share of the shot. I take it in, not sure which I am enjoying the most. He tastes amazing. I cannot pull away, as if time has stopped to appreciate this one moment. I cannot open my eyes to see what Craig is doing, but I am sure he is enjoying watching his wife kiss this man, perhaps hoping he will kiss him too.

Eventually, we pull away. It takes so long, as if the very air between our lips is refusing to allow us to disconnect from each other. And there it was. The first man I ever kissed besides my husband in 15 years. I sit back and am unable to contain my cheeky smile. Alex smiles back at me and grabs Craig’s hand. Suddenly, they are up out of their seats and heading somewhere without me. I want to follow but I know that they need their own moment, one away from prying eyes in a straight bar.

They have headed up to the public bathroom. I know they might be gone for some time, so I busy myself by texting my friends to tell them about my kiss with Alex. About half an hour later, they return. They look flustered but happy. Craig sits next to me and proceeds to whisper into my ear everything that happened.

They alighted the stairs to the bathrooms, still holding hands, not caring who saw that. As they go through the door, Alex sits on the bank of sinks area and grabs Craig around the waist by his legs. He draws Craig towards him using all his gym-worked out strength. Craig – through the sheer force of being pulled forward – places his hands either side of Alex’s hips, resting on the side of each sink. Their faces are so close that their noses are touching but they don’t kiss yet. They just look into each other’s eyes, wanting, yearning to kiss, but almost afraid to brush lips.

As Alex tilts his head slightly, their lips find each others. At first it is slow; they are enjoying the new feeling of each other. Then it gets more hot, more passionate. This has built over weeks. They wanted each other that Friday but life got in the way and this is finally it. They savour each movement of their lips, tongues brushing, darting, caressing. Neither wants to let go, but Craig needs more, he wants to give him more.

Craig breaks free of the kiss, not wanting to unlock lips but wanting more to move his own lips elsewhere. He slowly kisses down Alex’s neck, onto the front of his top, lifting Alex’s top up to lick and kiss his toned chest. He moves further…and further. As he finds the pubic bone he realises he has no point of entry. His passion for more has made him forget that Alex is still clothed. He reaches for the buttons on Alex’s jeans, and they pop open quickly, almost as if they know the sense of urgency for both of them.

Craig looks up into Alex’s eyes, searching for the recognition of what he needs. Alex reads the signal well, and gently lifts his bum up so Craig can slip the trousers down. Now there is only one more barrier between what he wants. He kisses the fabric of his boxers, feeling the weight of his hardness underneath. Alex cannot stand it and slips his fingers down each side of his underwear, gesturing the motion to remove them. They both pull together and finally the fabric barrier is gone.

As much as he wants to tease, Craig wants to taste Alex’s hardness immediately, and they are both very aware that anyone could enter the bathroom at any given moment. So Craig lowers his mouth onto Alex, flicking his tongue, enjoying the feeling of sucking another man, not just ANY man but the man he’s wanted for so many weeks now. Alex runs his fingers through Craig’s hair, sighing deeply, knowing he is already close. The anticipation of this bahis firmaları moment has aroused him, let alone the feeling now it has arrived. Craig revels in this and doesn’t let up. He wants to give Alex what he waited for. As Alex begins to throb, Craig knows he is about to climax. He takes it all in, enjoying the taste and smell of Alex’s cum. A teeny bit misses his mouth and spurts onto the side of Craig’s face. As it dries on Craig’s cheek, Alex pulls his face to his, wanting to kiss him, thank him for the ecstasy of that moment. They kiss deeply and mix the taste of my kiss from earlier, with Alex’s cum.

I have enjoyed this whispered story. So much so that I find myself hot and flustered. I desire this so badly, I want to experience their moment too. So I grin wryly, whilst quietly studying Craig’s face. Finding what I needed, I slowly move in with my tongue, and gently lick Alex’s drying cum from Craig’s face. Both are dumbstruck. It is so cheeky, yet so sexy and we know what must happen next. We finish our vodka shots quickly, head out of the bar….and off to somewhere a lot more private…………………………..

Can’t Make It Home

We have left the bar and we’re headed for a taxi knowing we must get home, knowing we need to continue where we left off in the bar. We find a taxi quickly, hopping in, feeling the electricity, the passion, the sense of urgency. As we sit close on the back seat of the taxi, I watch the world going by in some attempt to compose myself and prepare for what will happen. As I turn my head back around to Alex and Craig, I can see that they are fumbling in laps, under a coat removed probably for that very reason. I don’t think we will make it home.

The taxi driver keeps humming loudly, this looks dodgy to him perhaps. Suddenly, I ask the driver to stop. Alex and Craig are shocked, we MUST get home. But I look at Craig and smile. He searches my face, then realises where we have stopped. I grew up in this area. Had an early sexual experience in the very park we are one street away from. Sometimes Craig and I walk home and find ourselves drawn to this park, this place, for more than just a walk. It’s dark and quiet. We pay the driver and leave the taxi. Alex looks confused “Are we back?” he asks. We smile and grab his hands, either side of him.

We arrive in the park. Alex and Craig are walking behind me, unable to let go of each other’s hands. I am walking fast, faster than I ever have done. I know a place in this park. It’s private, and safe. It has a great view of a gorgeous pond with swans and moonlight bouncing off the water. As I round the corner of the path and the pond comes into view, I look back and see that Alex and Craig are whispering together. I wonder if they are talking about a fantasy I have. I hope so, but I daren’t even consider the possibility for fear of feeling disappointed. I stop near a tree to wait for them. They aren’t behind me anymore. I look around, almost scared now.

Suddenly I am pushed forcefully against the tree. I nearly scream but I know deep down that this is part of my fantasy coming true, so I allow myself to enjoy the moment. I squint into the darkness and see the two men in front of me. Each of them is holding my arms against the tree and I am powerless to stop anything which might happen. They both entangle their hands from each other and pull at my tights, not caring if they rip them. Pulling my knickers to one side, they tease me with their fingers, toying with me, knowing I cannot move my arms, touch them, and maybe even stop them. I wouldn’t even if I could, but it’s a great feeling knowing that I can’t anyway. Their fingers are everywhere, and they slide together in my wetness. I feel myself growing wetter by the second, and I don’t think it will be long before they get me to orgasm. I sigh and moan and find myself shaking, not from the cold, but from the sheer excitement of what is happening.

Just when I think I cannot take anymore they turn and kiss each other, their fingers still in me, and on me. My legs are like jelly, I feel my body collapsing. I am so glad they remembered my fantasy. Craig removes his hand from my arm to grab the back of Alex’s head. One of my hands is free. I know that I want to touch one of them, but I feel compelled to just watch them, enjoy them enjoying each other. Their hands are moving more in my knickers, and I orgasm hard. Then they turn to me and we share a three way kiss. I want them to touch each other, but it’s cold and we need to get home now. Sighing deeply, I adjust my clothes and we set off out of the park and finally head back to the house………

New Experiences

We have arrived at our front door. The excitement is growing. Alex has never let go of Craig’s hand, even on our street. It’s as if, somehow, they are glued together. I am fumbling with the keys, can’t seem to get my hands to work properly. As the door opens in front of us, and I step in, I realise that Alex and Craig have been pressed against the wall to our house, kaçak iddaa locked in a passionate kiss. I know I have to get them inside, the neighbours….. It seems they have lost all sense of knowledge of the world around them, like they are the only two people in the world. I cough as a signal, and their lips unlock. Finally, I have gotten them to move indoors. Even as I turn to lock the door, I can see they are now pressed against the inside wall of our home, their faces buried into each others. I’d feel left out, if it wasn’t for the fact that they looked so good together. I wonder about leaving them, but my feet are rooted to the spot.

They seem to be managing to move into our lounge, lips still firmly locked. I follow them and sit down on the sofa, drooling at the sight of them. Their hands are all over each other, rubbing over clothes, under tops, into hair, across backs. I think about smoking a cigarette and just sitting to watch them. I don’t mind that they have forgotten me; such is their passion for each other. But just as I reach for my bag to find a lighter, Alex unlocks his lips from Craig’s and says; “What are you doing?! Get over here!”

I smile now, knowing I get to be involved at last. I go over to them both and Alex kisses me deeply. They lift up my arms and swiftly remove my top. Then they tease me, kissing and licking my chest, stomach, arms, shoulders. I still have on my bra and desperately want them to remove it, but they don’t…or won’t. Craig goes around behind me, with Alex in front of me and they kiss each other over my shoulder. I am so close to their faces that I can see every movement of their tongues. Their bodies are pressed either side of me and I can feel their hardness, for each other, for me.

Not nervous anymore, I reach for the bottom of Alex’s top and pull it off him. His chest is so toned, but not too much to make him too muscly. I run my hands across his chest and stomach, and eventually bring my hands around to his back, scratching at him with my nails slightly. He moans in pleasure, so I scratch a bit more. My bra is being unclasped, and finally my breasts are free. With my hands around the back of him, it means that Alex’s rippling body is now rubbing against my chest, his dick hard against me. I am moaning now. Craig seems to be working at something behind me, and I notice now that his hands have come around the back of me and onto my breasts. Alex is working his way into my knickers again, and I feel his fingers finding me, rubbing me. My legs are buckling! In my imagination it was hot, but in reality, it’s so much more than that.

Realising I need a second to calm, Craig moves me onto the sofa bed, laying me down half naked. He and Alex return to kissing but their clothes seem to be coming off thick and fast, almost as if they were magnetically opposed to their bodies. They are now just in their underwear, pressed hard against each other, lips locked, unable to break away. They are moving towards me, closer to the bed. As they tumble onto it, I move across to give them room, but they land half across me, leaving us a tangled writhing sea of bodies. Only my skirt remains on my body. I notice that Alex removed both my tights and knickers whilst he was touching me against the wall. I realise that they are too busy to notice, something which I’m not complaining about, so I slip my skirt down and am left naked. I feel a little vulnerable, but remember something which eases my nervousness and grab the remote to get some music on. Placebo starts to play. Brian Molko’s voice! Both Craig and Alex know this about me, that Placebo gets me going, not that I really need it.

Alex moves so he is sat on top of Craig. His chest looks amazing flashed in the light of our low dimmer bulb. I notice they are now naked and Alex starts to rub his hard dick against Craig’s. I cannot look away, not even blink. I’ve seen this in videos but not in reality. He works at the two of them together, his palm firmly gripped around them both. I am almost afraid to get involved, but somehow I manage to move my face towards Craig, kissing him. He sighs into my mouth, and we kiss like we were teenagers again. Alex has moved himself now, down to kiss Craig’s hardness. Both Craig and I look down at him, wanting to watch him pleasuring Craig. His tongue flicks across Craig’s tip and he grins at me. I move myself down and flick my tongue with Alex’s, playing each side of Craig’s dick, kissing across his tip. Craig is wriggling now and moaning uncontrollably. Alex is moving slightly, beckoning me to come play with him. I slide across the bed, and down to Alex. At first I am tentative. I gently touch his dick, unsure of whether I can do this. But he moves his hand over mine, touching himself using my hand, still enjoying sucking Craig. I need to know, I have to know what it is like to suck a man besides Craig. I find my tongue flicking against Alex’s shaft, using my tongue stud to all it’s very handy uses. He sighs, and moves his hand away from mine to touch my breasts. I am sucking kaçak bahis him now, taking in all of his hardness.

It is not scary anymore. As we all move together, this sea of naked bodies, hot and sweaty, the two guys must have realised they are close…and they do not want this to end here. They move away from me, I want more! I slide across the bed to give them room, though I am unsure what will happen next. But they want to give me more and I am surprised to find them both between my legs, licking me, flicking their tongues across me, together. They are kissing sometimes, swapping my taste between them. Oh god, this is ecstasy! Even better than the fantasy. I don’t know whose tongue is doing what, but it feels so good that I orgasm over and over.

Exhausted, I consider reaching for a cigarette. I need a moment, just a tiny bit of time to compose myself. They see me lying there, flushed and shaking, mouth dry, body feeling numb but in a good way. We all take the time to stop and calm for a while. Smoke, have a drink, think about what is happening…what more could happen.

And then, the break is over…………………………….

A Fantasy Come True

We want to continue, but Craig and I are nervous about the next step. We know it might include things we’ve only ever talked about, never experienced. We are both excited and scared. I take a sip of my drink and sigh heavily, unsure of what to do next. Thankfully, Alex takes the lead by leaning over and kissing Craig deeply. My heavy sigh moves into something of a moan, or groan or something equally excitable. Despite everything which has happened, I still find myself transfixed by the beauty of the two men lip-locking. Alex slowly moves Craig down back onto the bed and lies on top of him. They move together, rhythmically, dancing with each others naked bodies. They are kissing each others necks, shoulders; scratching at backs. I can still see the scratches I left on Alex’s back myself, as Craig runs his fingers across them, tracing the lines. The air is electric. I am afraid to move from the spot I am in, but I am also aware that – to fulfill some fantasies already discussed – I must move soon to get something extra for our fun.

As they get more and more heated, Alex sits up over Craig and starts to rub the tips of their hardness together, lubricating his own dick with their mutual excitement. I have a fantastic view, sat propped at the edge of the sofa bed, to the side of them. Alex moves back a little and lifts Craig’s hips up slightly. I watch as he tentatively rubs his hardness against Alex’s bum smearing himself, and Alex, all over. I sense the tension; after all, I am observing Alex’s actions, so I lean over and kiss him passionately. I can feel his hands moving below me, and I realise he is putting on protection. As Craig groans loudly and I realise that Alex is now in him. I want to watch, but I am enjoying kissing Alex as he fucks my husband. I move my hand down to touch Craig and realise that Alex’s hand is also there. We play together, moving our hands over him, fingers entwined sometimes. Alex lifts me over, and guides Craig into my soaking wetness. I shudder at the feel of it and I am still facing Alex so we kiss, as we all merge into one. I know that we must stop this soon, or they will both burst.

I move off Craig and – now very nervous – I reach for the item, the one in our fantasy talk. I am scared but too turned on to care. Moving behind Alex and Craig I slowly put on my pink glittery play toy, and slide a condom over it. I move closer to Alex, and press myself against his back, rubbing my breasts against him, letting my hands reach around and run across his chest. He can feel what I have and he turns his face round to give me the nod. He leans over Craig now, giving me more room to position myself. I am experienced in this, but only having done this with one man, the man I have been with for fifteen years, my hands are shaking. I manage to steady myself and push my toy into him slowly. He lets out a yell, and I am fearful I have hurt him, but he moves himself back onto me, so I know it was a mixture of surprise and excitement, rather than pain.

I find myself having to do very little but enjoy the moment, because as Alex thrusts into Craig, the motion is moving the toy in and out of him. Every so often I push myself closer to him, whilst running my tongue over his back, now glistening with sweat again. My hands have moved around him and we are both touching Craig again, pleasuring him with our intertwined fingers. We cannot hear the music anymore, as our moans and groans of ecstasy echo across the room. As Alex begins to move faster, I know he is close. Craig is too. Faster and faster Alex moves, fucking Craig and backing onto my toy. As Alex climaxes, we feel Craig throbbing harder and he also climaxes. And then we all collapse in a sea of naked spent bodies, exhausted but immensely satisfied.

Still out of breath, the first word in eons is spoken by Alex. “Fuck!” We find ourselves laughing at what he said, not because it was funny, but because it so epitomises the moment. Completely exhausted now, we simply lift up the duvet and fall asleep naked together, still entwined and very very satisfied.

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