Falling for Jessica

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Once again, we’re sitting here listening to the almost worst possible news.

While Adrian wraps his arms around me, the doctor tells us, “there’s other options such as adoption and even surrogacy.”

I cried at the sound of those words. Knowing I would never have my own child destroyed me. I mean, this is something I dreamed of ever since I was a kid; get married, start a family.

Lost in my thoughts, Adrian tells me, “Its okay, that’s great and everything will be great.”

I never seen him so sure of himself and couldn’t help believe every word he said.

A week later, we were sitting at an adoption agency.

“Babe we’ve been here for over an hour.”

“Amina please be patient, these things take time.”

Okay but if we’re here for another…..”Mrs. and Mr. Brooks!”, shouted the women behind the desk.

Together my husband and I stood and walked to the back office where we took our seats. Seconds later, we were greeted by an older woman. She took her seat and got straight to the point.

Hi, my name is Angie Clark and from my understanding you’re here to possibly adopt and that’s amazing. But there’s one thing you should know about our agency.

“And what is that?” I asked.

Clearing her throat before speaking, “Well there is a two year waiting list.”

Trying to understand, Adrian asked, “Why is there such a long waiting list?”

Angie started to speak but I heard nothing. All I was thinking about is how I would never have the opportunity to raise a child and give him or her all the possible love there is to give.

Breaking my thoughts, I hear Adrian say, “This is total bullshit!”

I looked at him and caught his eyes. They looked back at me with pain and defeat. I quickly grabbed his hand and told him, “This is not the end. We’ve come this far and I’m pretty sure there’s many adoption agencies in California.”

The pain and defeated look in his eyes faded and that sexy smile I love so much appeared on his face.

With that, we went home and called multiple agencies and they all said the same thing. By the end of the day we were tired, hungry, and horny.

After eating, we ripped each other clothes to shreds, literally. It was the best sex we had in a while. Full of love, passion, and even anger from the day’s stress.

Right after, we fell asleep holding each other.

The next morning I woke up alone. I got out of the bed and slipped into my robe. I first walked into the kitchen, assuming Adrian would be there. I mean come on, he’s a guy; they’re always hungry. But to my surprise, he wasn’t there.

I called out for him but no answer. I checked every room and still no sign of him. But then I remembered, I didn’t check his office.

I walked down the hall and to the left where his office was and there he was on the phone.

After a minute or so, he hung up the call and turned to me with a huge smile.

“I have great news.”

“Well good morning to you too.” I said sarcastically.

“Sorry, good morning babe.”

I smiled and asked, “So what is this about great news?”

“We’re having a baby!!”

I was excited and confused. “What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Well I talked to Dr. Craig and he said that we should definitely try surrogacy. And we are definitely going to do just that.”

Okay, I’m a little upset that you made that decision without discussing it with me and plus, I’m not sure about surrogacy.

“Babe, I’m sorry but what do we have to lose?”

“You’re right but how do we go about this?” I asked.

“Okay, Dr. Craig has made us an appointment to meet a possible candidate to be our surrogate so get your cute ass dressed.”

I smiled and kissed him before leaving his office to wash up.

An hour later we were in the car on our way to meet the woman who’ll possibly carry our future child.

The car was silent when Adrian spoke. “You’re nervous, aren’t you?”

“How can you tell?” I asked.

“Babe, you haven’t been this quiet except for that time your parents caught us having sex senior year.”

I laughed, “Yeah that was humiliating.”

A minute later we pulled up to the hospital. Quickly entering the building, we took the elevator to the 5th floor and there was Dr. Craig. Beside him was this very young attractive women.

“Hi, my name is Jessica.”

Hi, nice to meet you. This is my wife, Amina and I’m Adrian.

“Nice to meet you as well.” She said as she shook Adrian’s hand and lastly, mine.

She held on to my hand a little longer than usual and there we were, just standing there like fools holding hands.

Finally, Dr. Craig spoke, “How about we take this to my office.” Then we let go of each other’s hand and walked to his office.

Oh my god, did I just stand there like an idiot holding her hand? She must think I’m mentally challenged. Oh god, why am I attracted to this woman? Well, I had to admit, she is beautiful.

Once again, lost in my thoughts, I forgot to take my seat. There I sat down before anyone noticed.

Dr. Craig started to speak, “Well casino şirketleri as you all know, surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for an individual person or in your case, a couple.”

“Yes.” Spoke Adrian and I.

“Okay well, see how this works is that your surrogate will be artificially inseminated using Adrian’s sperm. And although that all sounds simple, there’s a lot of paper work involved. But before you start that process, I want you three to get to know each other. Ask as many questions as possible and we’ll go from there.”

“Okay, I think I can take it from here Doc.” Said Jessica.

“I’ll let you guys discuss this in private.” Said Dr. Craig as he left us alone.

Jessica began, “As you both know, I’m Jessica and I’m willing to be your surrogate. I know allowing someone to carry your child is a huge decision and I won’t waste no time to tell you that I’m a very healthy person; physically and mentally. I’m intelligent and I love to help people however I can. I have no criminal records and I’m very wealthy so I’m definitely not doing this for money.”

“But do you have any questions for me?” She asked.

Adrian and I looked at each other with a smile, reading each other’s thought.

“Maybe a few.” I said. “Go on.” Replied Jessica.

Okay so what do you do for a living? Are you really ready to carry a baby? And are you sure you want to be a surrogate?

“One question at a time babe, you don’t want to scare her off.”

“It’s okay. Let’s see, I’m a criminal defense attorney and I’ve been thinking of helping someone have a child for a long time now so I’m absolutely positive I want to be your surrogate.”

“Dr. Craig has told me so much about the two of you and I really want to help you guys.”

After a hour or two later, we were all leaving the office.

Saying our goodbyes, I excitingly grabbed Jessica and hugged her and thanked her. She wrapped her arms around me and told me we deserved it.

I smiled and we both pulled away. It took everything to ignore my newfound attraction to this woman.

“C’mon babe, it’s getting late.” Said Adrian.

Again we said our goodbyes and parted ways.

A week later I was sitting in a room with Jessica’s legs spread and propped up.

“Adrian says he can’t make it, he’s stuck in a meeting.”

“That’s okay, it’s just us girls.”

We both smiled.

Soon the doctor appeared. Putting on his gloves, he asked, “Are you nervous?”

“Yes.” We both spoke then laughed. “Sorry, you were talking to her.” I stated.

“That’s okay, I can see how you would be nervous too.”

Quickly, Jessica grabbed my hand and asked, “Would you hold my hand?” “Of course.” I said.

After several minutes, the doctor said, “Now I want you to keep your legs propped up and stay still for 30 minutes or so.”

During those 30 minutes, Jessica and I talked a bit.

“So I know it’s kind of late to ask but why did you want to become a surrogate?”

She was quiet for a few seconds and then she spoke. When I was a kid, my aunt was happily married and she wanted to start a family. But after trying for years, she was told that she had a three percent chance of conceiving.

That didn’t stop my aunt. She tried every method there is to conceive but no luck. Then there was adoption.

She was optimistic that she’ll have a child one way or another.

After waiting a year to actually be able to adopt a child, something went wrong.

“What happened?” I asked.

Well she got so caught up in trying to have a baby, she forgot to be a wife. Eventually, they filed for a divorce.

Still, she wanted to adopt but a soon to be divorcee was no longer a good candidate for adoption. That crushed her.

Lastly, there was surrogacy. Again, she was excited at the thought of getting the kid she always dreamed of.

“So did she find a surrogate?” I asked.

Jessica smiled weakly. Yes but as soon as they agreed and set up a meeting to sign paper work, the woman never showed up.

My aunt tried to get in touch but eventually gave up. Soon she became depressed and sick. A year later, she committed suicide.

A tear rolled from Jessica’s eye and I held her hand. “I’m so sorry.” I said sympathetically.

Her sad face turned into a smile. “Well that’s my story of why I wanted to become a surrogate.” She said dramatically.

We both laughed and then came the doctor.

“What’s the joke, I want to laugh too.” Said the doctor. “Nothing.” Laughed Jessica and I. “Fine don’t share.” He joked.

He then gave us a little information on how the whole process will work.

“These things usually take up to two weeks to see if the treatment worked so I want to see you guys then.”

“Yes doctor.” We both said with huge smiles.

After Jessica got dressed I asked,”Do you need a ride?”

“Yes, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to drive after the procedure so I caught a taxi here.” She said.

The two minute walk to my car was silent.

Once we go to my car, I opened up casino firmaları her door. Due to the small space we had, Jessica squeezed pass me, brushing her entire body against mine.

“Thank you.” She said. For a second, I lost my breath.

She noticed and asked if I was okay. “Yeah, of course.” I said as I walked around to get in the car.

Finally in the car, Jessica grabbed my hand and looked me straight in the eye and said, “You’re beautiful, smart, and loving and you’re going to make a great mom.”

“Thank you Jess, that really mean a lot to me.” I said. “Wow no ones called me Jess since I was a kid, I like that.”

“I like you too, I mean I like it too…I didn’t mean that”, I blabbered on.

“It’s okay, I know what you meant.” She said.

“Cool.” I said awkwardly.

On our way to her house, I noticed a ring on her finger.

“You’re married?”

She looked confused to why I asked and realized her ring.

“Oh, no I’m not married.”

“And why not, you’re drop dead gorgeous with the perfect body and smile. You’re smart, great personality and you’re not that much of a bad person.” I joked.

She laughed and said, “I just haven’t found the right person and plus it’s not legal yet.” “What do you mean….” I started to say before realizing what she meant.

“Yes, I’m gay.” She stated.

“That’s cool.” I tried to say nonchalantly.

“Are you okay with that?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be okay with your sexuality?”

We were quiet for a few minutes when I decided to make conversation.

“So what’s your type?”

Although taken by surprise, she answered, “I don’t really have a type, I just go by the connection I feel between the person and myself.”

She continued nervously, “But if I had a type, it would probably be someone like you.”

I choked when she said that and tried to look unaffected by her words.

“Sorry, I’ve made you uncomfortable, right?”

“No just the opposite…I’m flattered.”

She smiled and we were now at her house.

“Thanks for bringing me home Amina. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem, I’ll see you soon Jess.” “See you.”

30 minutes later I was home searching for Adrian. The house was empty so I called him on his cell.

“Hey babe, where are you?” “Hey, I’m stuck at work, I probably won’t be home until midnight.”

“Okay well, I’m getting ready to go to sleep soon so goodnight.”

“Okay, goodnight babe, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I got off the phone and made myself something quick to eat before heading to bed.

I was now lying in bed trying to go to sleep but Jessica entered my every thought. It’s weird because I never thought of a woman until I met her. I thought I was straight but this particular woman had left me wanting her in every way possible.

I was thinking of everything that attracted me to her. Her body was amazing, the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. She was tall just like myself; about 5’9.

She was slim but with curves in all the right places. Her breast were the same size as mine but hers seem to be more perky and full. I’m a 36C but hers look more like a D cup.

She have dark brown wavy hair and the sexiest pair of eyes. They’re emerald green and they literally sparkle every time she smile.

Lastly, her lips. I can’t begin to explain how adorable they are. They’re the cutest small pink lips. I often find myself staring at them as she speaks.

Thinking about her was getting me worked up. I slowly began to run my fingers lightly against my stomach. I traced my fingers down to my panties and teased myself.

I found myself very wet and couldn’t resist plunging my fingers deep into my pussy. Soon I was panting and moaning while my fingers frantically worked my pussy to a mind-blowing orgasm. I came harder than ever before while masturbating.

After my body calmed and relaxed, I drifted into sleep.

The next morning, I woke up with a smile on my face. I was in a great mood so I decided to get up and cook breakfast before my hubby got up.

I made him sausages, bacon, eggs, and his favorite, cinnamon pancakes. Right after I was done cooking, Adrian walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning babe, you must be in a good mood this morning.”

“Well yes I am. I’m married to a handsome fella and we’re finally going to start a family.”

Adrian smiled, “So yesterday went good, I assume.”

“Yeah the doctor said everything was great and we just have to go back in two weeks to see if the treatment worked.”

“That’s amazing, I can’t believe we’re finally going to have a baby.” He said excitingly.

“Yeah and I also learned a little more about Jessica yesterday.”

“Oh yeah tell me something.” He demanded playfully.

“Well for starters, she’s a lesbian.”

“Awesome.” Shouted Adrian, a little too excited.

“What are you so excited about?”

“Oh nothing.” He said mischievously.

“You’re sick.” I said, knowing what he was thinking.

He laughed and began eating.

Two weeks güvenilir casino passed by unbelievably fast and we were all sitting there looking at an ultrasound. “There goes your baby.” Said the doctor.

I began to cry and Adrian hugged me and whispered, “I know, it’s finally happening. I can’t believe it myself.” I told him,”I love you so much.”, before walking over to Jessica.

I kissed her forehead and thanked her.

“No, thank you.”

“Now there’s a few things I want to give you to get through this pregnancy.” Said the doctor. He gave us a prescription for prenatal vitamins, a list of healthy foods to add to her diet and a list of good products that prevent stretch marks.

“Thank you.” We all said at the same time.

“You all are welcome and you’re pretty much free to leave now.”

Adrian’s phone rang and a second later he said, “I have to get back to work. I’ll see you later babe, see you Jessica.”

“Bye.” We both said.

“He’s a workaholic.”

“Don’t I know it but you know, I think I”ll leave the room and let you get dressed.”

“You don’t have to. I’m pretty sure you’re going to see everything when I deliver the baby anyway.”

“Yeah okay.” I said nervously.

She then turned around and her gown dropped. I gasped at the sight of her naked and thankfully she didn’t hear me.

I watched her as she put on her matching lace thong and bra. Next she put on her jeans and turned to face me.

“So do you work out or something?”

“Yeah…Well sometimes.” She answered while pulling her shirt over her head.

“Well I need to start working out, I’m so out of shape.”

“No you’re not.” She said while glancing over my body. In a soft and sexy tone, she said, “You know, you’re body is beautiful Amina, really.”

I blushed and thanked her for the compliment.

She smiled and stated that she was done getting dressed. I looked at her fully clothed now and said, “Let’s go, shall we.”

We walked to the elevators and soon enough we were at my car. I opened her door and she said, “You really don’t have to do that, you know, that’s not necessary.”

“Sorry I just feel the need to take care of you. I mean, you are carrying my child.” I said as I put my hand on her tummy.

She looked me in my eyes and said, “Right.” Almost inaudibly. I slowly removed my hand, never taking my eyes off hers.

“We should get going.” She said breathlessly.

Snapping out of her spell, I said, “You’re right.” And walked over to my side to get into the car.

The car was silent on our way to her house so I decided to turn on the radio. Gravity by Sara Bareilles was on.

“I love this song.” We both said at the same time. We laughed and continued to listen to the song. By the time the song ended, we were pulling into her drive way.

Jessica hesitated before opening the door.

“Would you like to come in and watch TV or talk?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

We both got out of the car and walked towards the house. She quickly opened the door and we walked into a palace-like home.

“God, your house is huge.”

“Thank you, I’m thinking about buying something smaller though. This house is too big for me, alone.”

“So what made you buy this huge house anyway?”

“I didn’t, my dad left it for me before he died of cancer. I was sixteen when he died.” She said sadly.

“Sorry to hear that.”

“It’s okay, that was a long time ago.” She said before showing the rest of the house.

After showing me the house, we took a seat on the sofa.

“You wanna order some pizza and watch a movie?”

“Sounds fun.”

“Okay I’ll go order the pizza and you can find a movie for us to watch.”

A couple minutes passed by and Jessica joined me on the sofa. “Pizza will be here less than 20 minutes.”

“Did you find a movie?”

“Nope, still looking.”

“Okay you keep looking, I’ll get us something to drink. What do you want?”

“Water is fine.”

She quickly disappeared into the kitchen only to reappear shortly with two glasses of water.

“I have to use the bathroom.” She said after placing the glasses on the table.

As soon as she left, the doorbell rang.

“The money is on the table behind you.” She shouted from upstairs.

I picked up the money and headed to the door to open it.

“Wow, you’re hot!” Said the guy holding the pizza.

“Um thanks, how much?”

Snapping him out his (I assumed perverted) thoughts, “That’ll be 12.59.” He answered.

I handed him the money but he didn’t hand me the pizza.

“Look before I give you this pizza, you have to agree to go out with me.”

“Sorry, I’m married now can I have my pizza?”


I was close to snapping at the guy when I felt Jessica’s hand wrap around my waist.

“Is everything okay baby?”

I instantly realized she was putting on a show to get rid of this guy.

“No he’s refusing to give us our pizza.”

“Excuse me sir, what’s your problem?”

“So you’re gay?” He asked, clearly ignoring Jessica’s question.

“Yes now can we have our pizza?”

“Here, take it.” He said in disgust and left.

“God, can you believe that guy?” Said Jessica as she closed the door behind us.

“Thank you Jess.”

“No problem.”

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