And You’re Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 01

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Mother and son have sex with daughter-in-law is sleeping.

Author’s Warning:

Thank you for opening my story.

Yet, not wanting to make you feel uncomfortable and/or offend you, for those who are turned off by mother and son incest stories and father-in-law and daughter-in-law incestuous stories, this story may not be right for you. Perhaps, you should read another story by another author.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Now, for those who enjoy reading mother and son incest stories and father-in-law and daughter-in-law incestuous stories that have lots of sex, then you’re in luck. Sit back and relax because this story is for you.

# # #

“Mom, that’s such a beautiful nightgown and you look so beautiful wearing it,” said 24-year-old Michael to his 48-year-old MILF of a mother, Diana.

His eyes bulged out of his head with all that he was seeing of his mother and all that she was showing him of her beautiful, sexy, and nearly, naked body. As if he imagined her naked while imagining having sex with her naked body, he stared at his mother as if he was undressing her with his eyes. Not ashamed or embarrassed, his mother continued modeling her sexy nightgown for her horny son.

With her wearing a such short, sheer, and low-cut nightgown with nothing underneath, he had little to imagine. He stared at his mother as if she was naked and, indeed, she practically was. He stared at his mother as if he wanted to rip off her nightgown and have incestuous sex with her and assuredly, he did. He stared at his mother as if this was the first time seeing so much of her sexy and shapely body.

“Thank you,” she said. “It’s new. I’m glad you like it. I bought this just for you.”

Returning his sexual look with her sexual look, she stared at her son as if she was sexually teasing him. In the same way that he sexually stared at her, she stared at her son as if she sexually wanted him. As if she was his wife, his girlfriend, or his lover, she showed her son more of her nearly naked body than any mother should show. As if she was sexy lingerie model instead of his mother, she sexually teased him and incestuously enticed him with all that he could see of her nearly, naked body.

Obviously, she enjoyed playing this sexy, incestuous game of exhibitionism and voyeurism with her son. Obviously, as much as Michael enjoyed seeing so very much of his mother, not shy, embarrassed, or ashamed, she enjoyed exposing herself to her son. Obviously, knowing that he could see her naked body through her nearly transparent nightgown, she paraded around him in the living room in front of him while modeling her new, revealing nightgown. She paraded around him in the living room while sexually teasing him and incestuously enticing him.

As if she was a stripper on stage with a customer trolling for dollars, instead of his mother in her living room with her son, she leaned in front of him to give him a motherly peck on the lips. In the process, with her nightgown falling forward and open, she showed him her long line of sexy cleavage, the tops of her meaty breasts, and the shape of her big tits. Proud of her big tits, like father like son, she knew her son was enamored with her big boobs as much as his father loved her big tits.

As if daring him to not only look at but also feel her big tits, she took his head in both of her hands, pulled him to her, and rubbed his face all over the tops of her exposed breasts. When he reached for her breasts to touch them, feel them, fondle them, and perhaps, even suck them, she turned away from him. Then, as if picking up something from the carpet, she bent at the waist to show him all that he could see of her nearly, naked ass and her nearly, naked pussy.

As sexually shocking as she was, he was incestuously shocking too. He reached out his horny hand to touch and squeeze her ass with one hand while reaching up to feel her abundant breasts through her flimsy nightgown with his other hand. As shocking as it was sexually exciting she allowed her son to touch her, feel her, and fondle her beautiful, nightgown clad body. Like mother like son, as soon as he felt her breasts, as if she was horny for her own son, her nipples erected. He fingered her erect nipples with one hand while continuing to feel her shapely, nightgown clad ass with his other hand.

Then, not done there, as if his mother was his whore and, indeed, she was, as if he had groped her many times before, he continued sexually assaulting his mother. Allowing him to grope her, Michael groped his mother. He touched her and felt her everywhere a son should never touch and feel his nearly, naked mother. Had Diana not been Michael’s mother, watching a young man grope an older woman would ordinarily be such a sexy sight to see. Yet, shocking behavior instead, this was his mother and he was her son.

With her nightgown short enough and sheer enough, and with her son seated on the couch, she stood in front of him with her legs spread casino şirketleri shoulder width apart. As if tempting him, teasing him, and, sexually enticing him, she looked down at herself before looking back up at him. Then, as if giving him the green light signal by giving him a naughty look and a sexy smile, she smiled down at her son.

Diana seemingly invited her son to touch her and feel her in her warm and wet place where only her husband, his father, should touch and feel her. As if giving him her permission, she nodded her head before giving him a wink. Then, taking the not so subtle hint, and obviously having done many times before, Michael reached his horny hand beneath his mother’s nightgown. He felt her shapely thighs before taking hold of her cunt in his horny hand as if he owned his mother’s cunt. He cupped her brown, bushy pussy in the palm of his hand.

# # #

“It’s so sheer,” he said pulling her nightgown out from her shapely body before pulling it tighter around her. “I can clearly see every, sexy part of your beautiful, naked body,” he said standing to French kiss his mother while continuing to feel her big tits and finger her erect nipples through her nightgown.

His mother had enormous, D cup breasts. Diana had bigger breasts than his wife’s beautiful, C cup breasts. Yet, much to her advantage, Violet’s breasts were shapelier than his mother’s breasts and didn’t sag in the way that his mother’s breasts sagged with age. Yet, with there something about touching, feeling, fondling, and sucking his mother’s big tits, Michael loved his mother’s big tits. He loved how big and hard her nipples erected. When he sucked on her nipples and removed his lips, her nipples made a noise not unlike the sound of uncorking a bottle.

He felt his mother’s big tits with one hand while feeling her shapely ass with his other hand. Diana returned her son’s French kiss with her deep, wet kiss. In the way that he felt and squeezed her round, firm ass through her nightgown, she fondled the head of his erect cock through his pajama bottoms.

Obviously, something they had done many times before, mother was about to have sex with her son. Obviously, something they had done many times before, son was about to give his mother what she sexually wanted and what she sexually needed. Obviously, as much as Michael wanted to have incestuous sex with his mother, Diana wanted to have forbidden sex with her son.

“Blow me, Mom,” said Michael whispering his incestuous lust in his mother’s ear.

Not to shy, ashamed, or embarrassed to ask, he told his mother what he wanted her to do.

As if he was a subway groper, she pushed him away.

“I beg your pardon? Who do you think you’re talking to,” she asked? “How dare you ask me to blow you? I’m your mother, not some whore.”

Persisting, he stepped closer to her while placing both of his horny hands on her big breasts. Hf felt and squeezed her tits while fingering her nipples. Then, sticking his horny hand in side of his mother’s nightgown, he turned, pulled, and twisted her nipples.

“Suck my cock, Mom. Blow me,” he said again.

Something so forbidden, yet, something he had obviously said to her many times before, he wasn’t uncomfortable about asking his mother to give him oral sex.

“Michael,” she pushing him away again! What the Hell is wrong with you? I’m your mother and you’re my son. I’m sorry but I can’t give you sex,” she said shaking her head from side-to-side. “Wake up you, Violet. Wake up your sleeping beauty of a wife and ask he to blow you,” said Diana.

Again, he stepped closer. He raised her short nightgown to her waist and felt her naked ass while squeezing her naked ass. Then, as soon as he touched her naked pussy with his other hand, she pushed down her nightgown.

“I’m so horny today, Mother. I can’t help myself. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth,” he said sliding a slow finger across her red, full lips. “I need you to swallow my cum.”

She looked at Michael as if he was mad. She looked at her son as if he had lost his mind. She looked at him as if she was offended and he was insane to even suggest that she blow him, her own son. Obviously, by the heat of her stare, there was no way that she was going to give her son a blowjob. There was no way that she was going allow him to cum in her mouth.

“Pardon? Sorry. What? You want me, your mother, to do what?” She looked at him as if he was drunk or crazy. “You want me to blow you? You want me to suck your cock?”

She made a face as if she was about to be sick.

“Please Mom, please,” he said sliding a slow finger across her red, full lips while fingering her nipple through her nightgown again.

Instead of looking at her son with sexual excitement, she looked at him with a face full of shock and disgust.

“You want to ejaculate your cum in my mouth, your mother’s mouth? You want me, your mother, to swallow your cum, her son’s cum. Michael, no. I’m sorry casino firmaları but I can’t. I just can’t.”

As if asking her to stay home from school because he was ill, he looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Please Mom? Please, blow me, Mother. Please suck my cock,” he said again while reaching around her to feel her nearly, naked ass through her nightgown again. “I need to cum. I need to cum in your mouth.”

She slapped him hard across his face.

“How dare you? How dare you, Michael. How dare you? You’re sick. You need help.”

`Yet, instead of her slap hurting him, her wallop sexually excited him.

# # #

Then, she laughed loud, long, and hard. Clearly enjoying the sexual attention received from her son, she giggled as if she was a virgin and a virtuous school girl, when, instead, she was an incestuous whore. She gave him another naughty look with a sexy smile.

As a prelude to what was about to happen, when he moved his finger to her lips again, she accepted his finger in her mouth and sucked it as if she was sucking her son’s prick. Teasing him with her eyes, her mouth, and her tongue, she stared up at him with her big, brown eyes while sucking his finger. Not wasting any more time with teasing, foreplay, and role-play, he reached beneath her nightgown again to finger her already moist pussy.

Knowing exactly what she wanted, while taking his mother in his arms and French kissing her, he rubbed his mother’s clit. While feeling her tits and fingering her nipples with one hand, he fingerfucked her naked pussy with his other hand. Obeying his mother’s rules, while waiting his turn for sexual pleasure, Michael started masturbating his mother but prematurely stopped before she had her sexual orgasm.

“Oh, my God, Mom. You’re driving me crazy. I can’t wait for you to blow me. I can’t wait to cum in your beautiful mouth,” said Michael. “You’re such a great cocksucker. A much better cocksucker than Violet.”

Literally able to say anything sexual to his mother, they both loved talking dirty while having sex. Just as he enjoyed telling her what he wanted her to do to his naked body, she enjoyed telling her son what she wanted him to do to her naked body. She smiled at her son while continuing to sexually tease him. She sucked his finger as if she was already sucking his cock.

“Thank you, Michael. I’m glad you enjoy my blowjobs,” she said ejecting his finger from her mouth with her tongue to speak. She paused and pulled away from him to give him a sexy look and another naughty smile. “I’ll gladly blow you, Michael,” she said whispering her incestuous lust in her son’s ear. “I’ll eagerly suck you, will excitedly allow you to cum in my mouth, and will swallow you before licking you clean and sucking you dry, but you know the rules.”

He looked at her as if he didn’t know the rules when he did.

“Rules? What rules,” he asked with a sexy grin while playing Mickey the Dunce?

As if taking ownership of his family jewels, she reached her motherly hand inside his pajama bottoms and cupped his testicles in her hand. Then, wrapping her long, manicured fingers around his stiff prick, she fondled the head of his cock with her fingertips while giving him a long, wet kiss. Continuing having sex with her son, Diana slowly stroked him.

“First, you must give me my multiple, sexual orgasms with your fingers, your tongue, and your cock. You must masturbate me,” she said whispering her sexual lust in his ear in the way that she whispered his sexual lust in her ear. “You must rub my clit and fingerfuck my pussy while fingering my nipples. I need to cum, too, Michael. I need to cum,” she said with a teasing smile.

As if this was the continuation of a sexy, incestuous game they played every morning while Violet slept, Michael smiled at his mother. He returned his mother’s sexy smile and naughty look with his sexy smile and naughty look. Then, he returned her long, wet kiss with his long, wet kiss before answering her.

“Okay, I can do that,” he said as if he had never done that before.

She gave her son a sexy look before sticking her tongue in his ear and blowing her warm breath in his ear.

“Then, after you eat your mother’s cunt, you need to make love to me before fucking me,” she said in a seductive whisper. As if she was doing something illegal and was being monitored by the FBI, she continued whispering to her son. “You need to fuck your mother’s cunt hard and fast, Michael, but quietly and without making any noise. We don’t want to awaken your sweet, sleeping wife, Violet,” said Diana.

# # #

Obeying his mother, he rubbed her clit while fingerfucking her pussy. Michael masturbated his mother with one hand while feeling her tits with his other hand and French kissing her. He continued rubbing her clit faster while fingerfucking her pussy deeper. So as to not awaken her son’s sleeping wife, her daughter-in-law, Diana covered her mouth with her hand when having her sexual güvenilir casino orgasm. Then, not done there, having done this plenty of times before, Michael took his mother’s hand and walked her to the kitchen.

As if lifting her out of harm’s way, he lifted her on the kitchen table. With her sitting on the kitchen table with her legs spread, she exposed her naked, pink, glistening cunt to her son. Michael fingered his mother’s wet pussy before kneeling and moving his face between his mother’s shapely legs. Again, obeying his mother’s sexual wishes, he continued fingering her cunt while licking her cunt. With the risk of being caught by his newly wed wife more sexually exciting, as if hoping to be caught, Michael ate his mother’s pussy in the kitchen while his wife slept in the guest bedroom.

Again, Diana covered her mouth with her hand when she had her second orgasm. Still not done having sex with his mother, as if he was remaking the sex scene from the Postman Always Rings Twice between Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange, Michael climbed on the kitchen table and mounted his mother. Instead of fucking his mother, lovingly humping her with slow and deep humps, he made love to her. Giving one another deep, wet kisses, he continued slowly and lovingly humping his mother and she returned the slow and loving humps of her son.

Developing a rhythm as if they were one, it wasn’t long before Michael humped his mother harder and faster. Continuing to hump her harder and hump her faster, it wasn’t long before they were fucking. They were fucking on the kitchen table.

With her legs spread wide as if she was a stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving, Diana returned Michael’s hard and fast humps with her hard and fast humps. Then, wrapping her long, shapely legs around him, she fucked her son in the way that he fucked his mother. Already sexually aroused, while his wife soundly slept, it didn’t take Diana long to have her third, sexual orgasm.

Not taking time to rest and relax while enjoying the afterglow of sex and while lying on the kitchen table on her back, no doubt, she feared that her daughter-in-law may catch her having sex with her son. Yet, ready to blow Violet’s husband before her son’s wife awakened, she moved from the table to her knees in front of her son. In the way that he had just given her oral sex, she gave him oral sex. In the way he had just finished licking his mother’s pussy, she stroked her son’s cock while sucking her son’s cock.

Something she had obviously done dozens of times before, she stroked him while staring up at him. Then, teasing him with her fingers, her mouth, and her tongue, she fondled the head of his stiff prick with her manicured fingers and kissed her son’s cock while licking her son’s cock. She stared up at him while taking him in her mouth and sucking him. After her son masturbated her, ate her pussy, and fucked her cunt, as promised, Diana sucked her son’s cock.

Obviously wanting him to cum in her mouth, she sucked her son harder while stroking him faster. As if she was bobbing for apples on Halloween, she bobbed her head up and down and moved her head from side to side. As if she was a porn star in a porn video instead of his mother, she continued sucking him while stroking him. She silently made all the cocksucking, slurping sounds that her son loved to hear as evidence that his mother enjoyed blowing him as much as he enjoyed her blowing him.

With her clearly more experienced sucking her son’s cock than Violet, Diana gave her son a better blowjob than his newly wedded wife. As if she couldn’t get enough of his big dick, Michael’s mother sucked her son’s prick while stroking his prick. Stroking him faster, she sucked him deeper. Licking him while teasing him with her tongue by swirling it around the head his cock, she seemingly was determined to have her son cum in her mouth.

If it wasn’t enough that a mother was stroking her son and sucking him too, she obviously wanted him to cum in her mouth. As if she was his teacher and he was his eager pupil, she smiled up at him while he smiled down at her. Kissing his cock, licking his prick, and stroking his prick while staring up at him with her big, brown eyes, she continued sexually teasing her son with her hand, her mouth, and her tongue. Enticing him and encouraging him to cum in her mouth, she temporarily removed his prick from her mouth to speak.

“Cum, Michael, cum,” she said. “Cum in Mommy’s mouth. I need to taste you. I need to swallow you. Cum, Michael cum. Cum in my mouth. I can’t wait for you to cum in my mouth. I can’t wait to swallow your cum,” she said reinserting his stiff prick in her mouth again and stroking him harder and faster again.

Obediently obeying his mother yet again, Michael put a gentle hand behind his mother’s brunette, pretty head. He humped her mouth and fucked her face before filling Diana’s beautiful mouth with a warm, load of oozy cum. She stared up at her son with her big, brown, sexually excited eyes while sucking him and swallowing him. Then, as if totally enjoying the forbidden, oral, sexual experience, before letting him go, she sucked him dry and licked him clean. Without doubt and without equal, his mother was his cocksucking queen.

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