Dad’s Road to True Slavery

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Jeff stared at the workstation with curiosity, his heart beating rapidly with each new erotic discovery. He was traveling down a road that needed traveling; taking a trip long overdue.

For years, he lived to convey the image into which so many had boxed him. A great husband, perfect Dad, loyal friend, competent co-worker. Totally masculine, adorable at 40, looking great, and staying fit. Turning the heads of men and women half his age. How many times had he heard, “You don’t look old enough to have a 19 year old son. You must be Jamie’s older brother, you couldn’t be his dad.”

The last two years without Julia had been a mixed blessing. Though she provided a structure of love and support, the passion between them had fizzled long ago. Jeff’s midlife rejuvenation and alpha confidence had turned her away big time. Their 19 year old son Jamie was a chip off the old block. Endless softball games, endless football games, tryouts, playoffs. It was Jeff and Jamie everyone adored and loved. Julia was window dressing in this small town that had smothered her.

She couldn’t cope with small town living. She remembered in her daydreams the breezy apartment on the upper East Side where she and her father had lived. He was a writer, and she was used to erudite company and intense, intelligent conversation. Her award-winning magazine work catapulted her to star status among the most sophisticated of Manhattan’s elite group of academics.

Jeff’s masculine small town appeal casino şirketleri and infectious Southern charm had spirited her away from her literary circle in Washington Square Park to a small town in the rural South. Jeff came from old money and ran a successful construction business. Their chance meeting at a party in the Hamptons was the watershed moment for a new phase in her life — marriage, and motherhood.

She had met him as he strutted confidently through a room of old New York money, his very slight Southern accent an exotic treat for all who encountered him. He was with a friend in a series of meetings to establish his business, and in his beautiful deep-set brown eyes and addictive dimples smile, she would be forever lost.

Some 20 years later, he had managed to grow in confidence, a small town hero loved by the locals, adored and deified even by the most rugged men in his social networking sphere. Jamie was his pride and joy, the latest of generations of strong intelligent men, virile, reeking of pure testosterone, working alongside his dad in tough physical labor that perfected their bodies, turning them both into icons of steamingly raw sexuality, stirring long-dormant desires in people who loved them, and desired them.

Julia’s departure for New York was no surprise. She hated small-town living and was glad to be rid of the rabble that had become their friends and neighbors.

Jeff was still staring at the laptop in front of him, casino firmaları in the quiet of the den, late this spring night. Jamie lay sleeping in the next room. The slight ringing sound punctuated the quiet, and returned Jeff to a new reality — he was enjoying gay chatrooms and sexually charged conversations with men around the country. Just over 40, his life was to take a turn he never expected, but drew him deeper and deeper into a new awareness of newly discovered desire.

The instant message flashed quickly across the corner of the screen.

“Turn the cam on, bitch!” Jeff replied immediately, “Yes, Master SIR!” He was face to face with a leather man drawing him into a new need — for exposure and vulnerability.

“Strip, slave!” Jeff found himself eagerly complying, his breath heavy and heart racing. He bowed his head and placed his hands obediently behind his head, turning slowly for a full inspection, his muscled frame obviously pleasing to the man watching in full leather. Jeff knew he was a piece of southern beef for the younger man ordering him to expose his body shamelessly.

Jeff stood naked, erect, and in awe of the power his young Master could wield from a laptop.

The young man of 28 had awakened a deep need for Jeff to submit to a compulsive desire for degradation. But the young man had company. Five other men approached the screen. The Master said, “Turn on the sound, slut! Others now saw Jeff’s utter, raw nudity and their güvenilir casino lewd comments, meant to put their southern slut in its place, were very effective.

“Hey, pussyboi, beg to expose your hole,” came the next command, from a deep masculine voice in Master’s location. Jeff knew to kneel, look them in the face, and plead to display his tight, muscled virgin ass. When granted permission, he bent over, his ass facing his superiors. With both hands, he stretched his hole, and obediently inserted his finger.

“Good boy!” called the ringleader. “Fuck that hole, bitch! Tell ALL of us how much you NEED our dicks up that tight straight ass.” Jeff begged to feel their youthful, throbbing powertools deep inside his snatch. “Please SIRs, he began, “grant your worthless faggot slave the honor of taking your loads in my deep virgin pussy.”

The young Master and his friends were already stroking themselves, enjoying the descent of their older straight slave, into their discipline and control. Jeff’s own throbbing erection was to be ignored. He had to graduate to the 12-inch dildo, spread his legs and mercilessly pulsate it deep inside himself. He watched each of them cum, thick satisfying white loads covering each of his tormentors.

“Thank your Masters for the privilege of getting us off, cunt! Praise us for our perfection.” Jeff complied. Their ringleader sneered, “Now your reward, bitch. Put on that cockcage you bought last week. You’ve earned a full week of chastity. Thank and praise us again, faggot!”

Jeff locked the belt on firmly as the younger men smeared their own release all over their well developed chests. A slight smile developed and a strange twinkle in his eyes.

This was only the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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