At the Cottage Pt. 03

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We headed down the dirt road away from the cottage. Rocks crunched under the tires kicking up a rooster tail of dust behind us. Amy and I were headed into town to grab some last minute groceries before dinner. It felt good to get away for a while. I needed time to breathe and to process all that had transpired over the past couple of days.

There was no escaping it though. Amy was wearing all that the cottage had come to represent on her face. Her cheeks were still flush and her eyes were relaxed creating that unmistakable post coital satiated expression people get after they’ve had their brains fucked out. How could she not? She had just had a second romp with her father. Her panties were probably getting wetter by the moment as her dad’s semen slowly drizzled out of her.

To be fair, Amy wasn’t the only one who was passion drunk. I could still smell her mother on me. Her conciliatory care for my needs was much appreciated after I had caught Amy with her dad for the second time. She was good too. I could not get the site of her riding me, or the feeling of her pussy clinching around me, out of my mind. Needless to say, the car ride was silent. I was, however, probably the only one feeling sheepish in the midst of it. Amy had no idea that I had seen her with her dad or that I had been with her mom…or, so I thought.

Strolling up and down the aisles of the market, I found myself unable to talk to Amy. Words got stuck before they would come out. I didn’t know if I should A) confront her; B) try to get her to confess; or C) let it go and roll with it. Amy went with option D.

“How’d you sleep last night?” she inquired squeezing melon as the question rolled off of her tongue.

“Oh, not too bad,” I answered. “How about you?”

“Great!” She exclaimed. “Have any good dreams?”

“Not that I can remember. Hey, what time did you get to bed last night anyway?” I pivoted, trying not to hint that I knew anything with my tone.

“Oh, about thirty minutes after you went to bed.” She was still picking and squeezing.

“Huh, so about ten-ish then?” I could feel my face getting red, certain that had I caught her in a lie. I cocked my head preparing to let loose.

“No silly. Thirty minutes after the second time you went to bed.” She was holding a melon in her right hand and looking at me with raised eyebrows. In an instant she went from the busted to the buster.

“Uh…what?” I stammered. I was on my heels. My mind was in full retreat.

She moved close. Her lips were milometers from mine. “Did you like what you saw? You sure seemed to.”

“I…I” not knowing whether to apologize, explain, or get defensive.

She moved her lips up to my ear. I could feel them brush my skin and the warmth of her breath as she whispered, “I’m glad you caught us. I didn’t know how to tell you. I was even more glad to see your reaction. I loved watching you cum as my daddy filled me.” Her husky whisper sent shivers down my spine.

I heard Amy drop the melon with a thud as she wrapped her arms around my neck and continued. “Come with me real quick.”

She took me by the hand leaving our half full cart behind. Without warning anyone who might be on the other side, she flung the door of the women’s restroom open and dragged me in with her. “What the…?” I began.

She put her finger to my lips, shushed me, and then plunged her tongue into my mouth. She was wearing short white cut-off shorts. She unbuttoned them and frantically unzipped her zipper. With a wriggle of her hips, she slid them down. There was a huge wet spot in the crotch of her panties. The musky smell of her dad’s cum wafted up and filled my nostrils.

She began to press down on my shoulders. “I fucked him again while you and mom cleaned out the boat. Do you like that?” she asked.

I found myself falling to my knees. What in the hell was I doing? Amy’s bare pussy was right in front of me. White cream frosted the folds. A thick glob of her father’s spunk was dangling from the opening of her cunt. She ran her fingers through my hair. She gabbed and handful and began to pull me into her. I didn’t resist. My lips parted. My tongue reached out. Gently, Don’s cum settled into my mouth. I lapped, sucked, and slurped.

“Yes! Taste my dad’s cum on my pussy!” She gasped.

Lurching her hips forward, casino şirketleri I plunged by tongue into her as deeply as it would go. She shook as she came.

Kissing my way up her body, I got back to my feet. I took her face in my hands. “Amy, there is something I need to tell you.”

“Its ok. I know it seems weird, but its been going on for a long time. We are ok with it. You seem ok with it. Just…” she tried to ad me off before I made things awkward.

I interrupted. “Its not about that. Well it is…just not in the way that you are thinking. Amy, your mom knows too.”

She looked down and then gave a half smile. “I suppose it was pretty obvious that she did. I kind of like that she does.” She blushed as if that was the strangest thing about all of this.

“Did you go to her about it or something? Was she upset? Oh God, is she going to talk to dad about it now?” she rattled off as panic took hold.

“Well, kind of…I mean, I kind of went to her. She wasn’t upset,” I tried to allay Amy’s fears.

“What do you mean kind of?” She looked confused.

“I saw you and your dad this afternoon. Your mom caught me watching. And…” the next part was going to be the hardest to share though I couldn’t say why considering everything I had learned about Amy and her dad.

“And, what?” she pressed.

“Well, Nancy explained when all of this started, and that she knows, and that she likes it, and…” I paused seeing Amy bite her lip in a futile attempt to keep from smiling. I couldn’t tell if it was spawned by a memory or by the articulation of her mother’s approval. “And,” I continued, “one thing led to another, and we, you know? We…I had sex with your mom.”

Amy’s eyes got wide. She seemed legitimately shocked – something I found to be both hilarious and unbelievable.

“I don’t know what to say,” she stated plainly. It was probably an honest response. Really, what could one say at this point?

“You don’t have to say anything,” I said and then I punted the discussion. “She would like for all of us to talk this evening after dinner. I just wanted to let you know so that you weren’t blindsided.”

“Thanks…I think,” she said with a crinkled expression as she hiked her shorts back up.

The tension in the cottage was felt by everyone leading up to dinner, except for Amy’s father Don who was the only one who didn’t know that I had watched him bed his daughter or that I had had sex with is wife.

As we gathered around the table, I was prepared for an evening of silence broken by clanking silverware and awkward throat clearing. At least the food looked delicious. Before I could lower my head and dig in Amy’s mom, Nancy, raised her full glass of wine and offered a toast that would set the tone for the rest of the evening:

“A toast, to my lovely daughter, Amy. Sweetie you are gorgeous and bright and amazing. You make the whole world happy. To my son-in-law. You are kind and wonderful and a perfect fit for our family. We are so glad to have you. And, to my husband, Don. I love you so very much. You have shown me things I could have never imagined. I look forward to more. And, last but not least, to our family. There is not another like it, but it is ours. May we continue to love and embrace one another no matter what the future holds.”

“Cheers,” we responded in chorus. Amy looked as if she was going to cry. I think her mom’s words really touched her. They were certainly a welcome relief to my ears. Don was beaming.

Following dinner, we put coffee on and gathered in the family room on the very couches that this vacation at the cottage had begun. Instead of reminiscences, however, the topic of the evening’s conversation was going to be a bit more forward looking. Speaking directly to me, Nancy began, “I hope that you two have enjoyed your time here thus far.”

I think she was trying to gauge whether or not I had a change of heart – wondering if I had lost my stomach for such an unorthodox dynamic or if I had begun to feel the heavy weight of regret. I knew what she said next was wholly dependent on my response. “Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, been so relaxed, or felt so at home,” I said placing my hand on Amy’s knee.

“I am so glad to hear that,” she said with a gentle albeit relieved casino firmaları smile. “What’s been your favorite part?”

Wait, was she passing the buck to me? Was she expecting me to fess up to what I had seen, what I had done, how I was feeling? I felt exposed and vulnerable. Everyone was looking at me.

Nancy reassured me as only a mother can, “Its ok. You can be totally honest.” She looked over at Don. He smiled as if to encourage me.

Fuck it, I thought, and then I spilled my guts, “Don, I don’t know if you know this but last night and this afternoon I saw you having sex with Amy.” His face went slack. Expressionless, he turned the brightest shade of red I have ever seen. “Look,” I continued, “I am saying that I saw it and that its ok. I actually liked it.” I gripped Amy’s knee tighter. She put her hand on mine like she was proud of me.

Don sat back and put his hand over his mouth. He was still reeling. Nancy stepped in. “Don, honey, you know that I have known about this for sometime right? We never talk about it, but I know that it happens and you know that we always have fun together afterward.”

Exhaling, Don relented, “I suppose I do. I’m just surprised is all. Honestly, I was just expecting him to tell me about the fun you two had after our time on the boat.” My eyes bulged. I was surprised that Nancy had told him. “It’s fine. I’m fine. I just never thought it would be a secret that left our family,” he chuckled nervously.

“It hasn’t, daddy,” Amy explained as she looked at me. Don smiled trying to pretend that he had taken solace in his daughter’s words.

“She is right, Don. He is one of us,” Nancy said smiling. “But there are some things you need to hear from me.”

“What, Nancy?” He seemed concerned.

“I want to be a part of it. I want all of us to be a part of it. I don’t want for who and what we are to go unspoken between us anymore,” she expressed with yearning.

“Of course, Nance. Is all of this alright, kiddo?” He asked looking at Amy.

“I’d love that, daddy. Truly,” she smiled.

“Come here, sweetie,” Nancy called her daughter over. “Come close to your father for me.”

Amy walked with a slow switch over to her dad. I instantly began to swell. She stood next to him. His hand ran up the outside of her long leg like it had dozens of times before. I could tell the touch was familiar to him by the ease of the motion. She bent over, put a hand on his knee to steady herself and then kicked her leg over to straddle. Her hips rocked slightly as she settled herself in. His hands traced down her her back finding their way to her rump. She touched his face, opened her mouth, and started to kiss him, but not in a way that most daughter’s kiss their fathers.

I could hear their lips smacking and their heavy breathing from the couch where I sat watching. Nancy leaned back and began fondling her breasts over her clothes licking her lips as her daughter and her husband began kissing more passionately. Amy looked over at her. “Is this ok, mom? Do you like this?”

“Oh yes, Amy. Keep going.” Nancy’s voice sounded heavy as she spoke. As Amy turned her attention back to her father, Nancy slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Her chest was heaving and her fingers were inside her bra tweaking her nipples. This caught Don’s eye.

“Isn’t you’re mother beautiful?” he asked.

“Very,” Amy replied.

“Show her,” Don encouraged.

Amy rose from her father’s lap. Leaning over her mother, she brought her lips close. Nancy cupped Amy’s face and kissed her daughter for the first time with a delightful moan. Their kisses were gentle and curious. Amy moved her lips down her mother’s neck while sliding the strap of her bra off of her shoulder. Slowly, Amy began kissing her mother’s breast. As if on its own, Nancy’s nipple popped free from the cup of her bra. Amy wrapped her lips around it and began to suck.

Don watched with his hard cock protruding. My hand was already down my unzipped pants stroking. He looked over glad I was enjoying the show. Then he stood behind his daughter and pulled down her shorts. Nancy looked over Amy’s back as Don started lapping at his daughter’s pussy. Amy loved his tongue. He knew, from year’s of experience, exactly what to do with it to make her cum in a hurry.

Amy was sucking her mom’s nipple güvenilir casino hard. Nancy thew a leg over the arm of the couch and began rubbing her clit. She looked at me and moved her head motioning me to come over. I slid between Nancy’s legs and took off her pants as Don began to pull his cock out. I devoured Nancy’s pussy as Amy watched and Don began to wet the tip of his dick with Amy’s juices. Amy’s head jolted forward and I knew her father had entered her. She began to whimper.

Nancy came on my tongue, more inspired by watching her husband fuck their daughter than anything. I loved Nancy’s taste. I couldn’t get enough. Amy could no longer suckle on her mother. She was too drawn in by her dad. He was slapping into her. Nancy stood me up and ripped down my pants. She started sucking me off inches from her daughter’s face.

Don pulled out, sitting Amy next to her mom. Both of them sat with their legs spread in front of us. Don and I took turns going back and forth between them not switching until they had both coated our cocks with their cum. I drank in the site of Don plunging himself into Amy up close. She was completely lost to him. Nancy’s attention was fixed on me. Feeling her orgasm again was ecstasy.

Amy could tell that Don and I were both getting close. She instructed me to lay on the floor. I slid into her dripping pussy with ease as she climbed on top of me. Nancy stayed on the couch and worked her clit as Don stood between my legs stroking over his daughter’s back. Amy leaned forward and pressed her chest to mine. Looking over her shoulder she called to her father, “I want to feel you both.”

Amy stopped moving. Don fell to his knees massaging his cock all the while to keep it stiff. He moved in closer. I felt the tip of his dick trace up my shaft as he moved toward his daughter’s already full cunt. Then there was pressure. Amy got uncomfortably tight. Don backed out slowly lubing himself with Amy’s juices. It only took three slow thrusts and the friction between Don, Amy, and me was gone. Don’s pace quickened. The shaft of his cock rubbed against mine inside of his daughter’s pussy.

Amy began to gush and scream. Nancy worked herself furiously with three fingers. Don was gripping his daughter’s shoulders reaching as deeply into her as he could. He gritted his teeth and the color on his face warmed. I felt us both get harder knowing what was about to happen. Quickly, Don shifted his hands to Amy’s hips and then he froze. His mouth opened and his eyes rolled up. The first thing I felt was a slight twitch, then another, and then warmth like I had never felt before. It started at the base of the tip of my cock. It spread in all directions enveloping every inch of me.

Bathing in it, I slowly slid in and out of Amy feeling her dad’s still twitching cock as I moved. “Cum in me,” Amy begged as she looked me in the eyes.

Don didn’t pull out as fucked Amy harder. My own orgasm had built and I was ready to release. I felt Don’s soft cock slide out of Amy and across my balls. The sound was wet and sloppy as I ravaged Amy through his cum. My toes curled. Every muscle in my body tightened and then I erupted. Amy was already full so every drop I spilled into her pushed her father’s cum out. It ran down and between my legs.

As Amy slid off of me I could feel Don’s cum covering my ass hole. She held as much of her dad and I inside of her with her hand as she could. Nancy laid next to me on the floor. Amy turned and squatted over her mother’s face. Nancy was on her back with her legs spread. Amy was on all fours over her with her face between her mother’s legs. Nancy opened her mouth and raised her head. Amy took her hand away and the flood gates opened. Like a waterfall, everything that Amy was holding inside of her came rushing out. It filled Nancy’s mouth. She gulped and swallowed before burying her tongue inside of her daughter. Amy kissed and licked her mom’s clit while sliding a finger into her ass.

They spent the rest of the evening devouring one another as Don and I watched – a mother and her daughter finally able to realize their longings for one another.

The last three days at the cottage were nothing like what I expected our vacation would be. Secluded, safe, and free we played. We explored the nature around us and we explored one another. Our bonds as a family grew stronger. Together, Amy and I had come a long way on our journey of self-discovery. At the cottage, with the help of her parents, new horizons had opened before us. And, in keeping with our promise to one another we marched steadily toward them.

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