A Cabin, A Lake and Everything Ch. 01

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INTRODUCTION: Pam was raised by two very strict, old fashioned, Catholic parents, who sheltered and overly protected her, even by the standards of the 1950’s and 60’s. She wasn’t permitted to have a boyfriend or even to date until she was a year from graduating from High School. The first and only boy she dated was Bob, who she ended up marrying. He was the first and only male she had had sex with up until last year, her “Summer of Transition”. In this story, although having had three different sexual partners the previous summer, other than Bob, Pam still remained very naïve in most ways of the world.


Ch. 01: Pam naively reserves a week at a nude resort, and their first day there: Sunday

It was mid-June of 1967 and only two weeks away from the mountain vacation Pam had planned and arranged over the winter. It was a get-away she desperately needed after last summer’s eventful and very enlightening transformational adventures. She knew that if this new “free-spirited” person that Bob had brought out of her by way of his constant encouragement were to continue to evolve, it could not remain in their neighborhood. That was much too risky and could lead to a very embarrassing situation neither of them wanted or looked forward to encountering. This vacation had nothing to do with any of that … that issue could wait until they returned. The vacation was for them; something she thought they both needed and was number one on her agenda right now.

Pam’s thoughts went back to the previous fall when she first had mentioned to Bob how a week away, just the two of them, would be something she thought they both needed and she wanted very much. She explained to him, “With the new responsibilities your father has thrown your way, it would be nice to have a vacation not interrupted by company business, like this past summer. Nothing extravagant or too expensive; just a week in the mountains somewhere. I would really like that, Bob … can we please? It is almost a year away, I know, but if you agree, that will give us plenty of time to pick the perfect spot without rushing into something last minute. I’d really like that honey,” she remembered repeating. “What do you say?” She continued to reminisce about the process leading up to today.

Bob had told her, “Sure honey, okay … but this is something you can research yourself, I don’t have the time, nor the patience to do that stuff. You know what you’re looking for … I don’t want to have to listen to you complaining about something because I had anything to do with making the choice. This will be completely on you.”

“Oh, thank you, honey. You’re such a sweetie … I love you so much. This will be perfect, I promise you.”

Bob loved seeing her face filled with joy and her displaying that large, beautiful smile of hers. She remembered it all so well, like it happened just yesterday, and now the vacation was only a few weeks away.

Pam had spent nearly every evening perusing travel and vacation magazines between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She finally found what sounded like exactly what she was looking for.

Pam was still a naïve, inexperienced girl, who wouldn’t celebrate her 21st birthday until after Valentine’s Day. She, therefore, naturally read the advertisement in a basic literal sense and interpreted each word as read. Pam innocently didn’t read between the lines and recognize the subtle hidden messages and innuendo in advertising such as this. She had noticed the words, printed at the bottom of the ad, in medium sized print, “Clothing Optional”. She took that as meaning that you could go anywhere on the resort in as little as a bathing suit, even the restaurant and general store. She thought it was just another nice feature of this wonderful sounding place, and explained the meaning of a lot of what the ad was promoting, in her mind anyway. It was a good example of the extent of Pam’s naiveté in certain matters.

Pam had the week of July 4th as one of her vacation weeks and thought that would be the ideal week to go. The 4th fell on a Tuesday. Knowing Bob didn’t want to be involved in the decision-making, she called the resort at the number provided on the ad. She spoke to a pleasant sounding woman who called herself, Renee and told her that her and her husband wanted to rent one of their cabins for the week of July 4th. Renee told Pam that there were still a couple of cabins available for that week. She went on to explain that normally most visitors reserve a cabin a year in advance, usually while they’re there on that year’s vacation. Pam thought, “Repeat customers and only a couple of cabins available at this early a date, an excellent sign”.

Renee went on to inform Pam of the cost per week and asked if she wanted to reserve one of the cabins over the phone, right now, which she highly recommended. That way she could put the cabin on hold for them in lieu of receiving their check. She cautioned that the resort’s policy was to bahis firmaları hold a cabin for only two weeks without physical possession of payment, and advised that she mail the check as soon as possible. Pam told her the check would be in the mail tomorrow. She then asked Pam if her mailing address would be on their check. Pam said it was. Renee said, “Great”. She told Pam, that once she received their check, she would send out the information packet with everything they’d need to ease their check in. She would also include a map with directions to the resort entrance and to the office they’d need to check in at. She informed Pam that the booklet included would help familiarize them with the resort’s upcoming events for the week they’d be staying and any other information they may need. She thanked Pam and said she looked forward to meeting the two of them. She informed Pam that check in would be Sunday, after 11 A.M. and checkout would be the following Sunday morning before 8 A.M. She told Pam to just put A-5 and the dates they’re reservations are for on the lower left corner of their check, A-5 being their cabin number. Once the phone call ended, Pam was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to tell Bob.

Now it was almost here and Bob had still refused to discuss the particulars, or even go through the pamphlets that they received months ago. He only knew that the drive was at least 200 miles away, and that Pam wanted to leave by 6 A.M. Sunday morning to get there when the gates opened. She wanted to eat breakfast at the full restaurant on the grounds. She figured they could have time to check out some of the resort before checking in.

A week before they were to leave Bob finally picked up the advertisement and began checking it out. He called out to Pam, “Why didn’t you tell me this vacation you planned was at a nudist resort?”

“What? Where did you get that idea? It never said anything about it being a nudist resort,” Pam answered back in a concerned voice.

“Everything I’m reading says it is.”

Pam came over to the couch where Bob was sitting and said, “You’re such a tease. You love getting me flabbergasted, don’t you?”

“I’m not teasing, Honey. It says it right here … clothing optional. What do you think that means?”

“It means you can wear whatever you want, any place on the resort.”

“Well, sort of. It also means you don’t have to wear anything, if you don’t want to. This whole ad screams of nudity and sex. Look at the words they’re using … ‘free of judgmental eyes, unrestricted lifestyle, a strictly adult environment’. They talk about a huge pavilion with a patio for individual moments of romantic interludes. What do you think that means? Hell, even the lake’s name, ‘Le Lac du Lascif’ says public nudity and fucking. Do you know what that means in French?”

“Uh, no, it just sounded romantic to me,” Pam responded in a quiet, nervous, and frightened tone.

“It means, ‘The Lake of the Prurient’. It can also mean, lascivious, or lustful … ‘Lake of the lascivious/Lustful’. We’ve really become the ‘free-spirit’, haven’t we now? Way to go, Pamela,” he said, as he smiled and chuckled sinisterly.

“Bob, I didn’t know that’s what they were talking about, honestly … Why are they so ambiguous and misleading? What do we do now?”

“All of what their advertising and what the resort is about has to be worded this way. It’s a resort where you can walk around bare ass and do whatever you choose, if you so desire. What do we do now? We go like we planned.”

“Bob, I’m not walking around bare-assed, not for a second, let alone a whole week in front of perfect strangers. No fucking way!”

“You don’t have to, it says clothing optional. We’ll be on a lake … You can walk around in a bathing suit. Hell, you like teasing and having men look and lust after you. This sounds like you’d be on cloud nine constantly,” Bob teasingly laughed.

“I’m not walking around in front of all those naked people,” she again repeated. “Are you saying that they fuck right in public with everyone around and watching? No thank you. Watching strangers fuck isn’t my idea of a relaxing vacation.”

“Oh honey, let’s be realistic about this whole thing. Christ, old men saw you naked last summer, and you enjoyed it. You fucked three different old men and they all live not very far from us. Shit, you’re still fucking Charlie every so often, and he’s our fucking neighbor! These people will be all strangers that we’ll never see again. We’ll never have to worry about running into them at a local store or restaurant. We’ll never have to worry about any of them remotely knowing any of our parents or friends. It sounds fucking ideal to me, and should to you as well. Besides, the property and lake is humongous … people will be spread out over acres. It’s not as if everyone will be next door to us. You can look, tease, do whatever you want and not have to concern yourself about ever seeing any of them again once we leave there.”

“What kaçak iddaa if we find another place to go to instead? That would solve everything, don’t you think?” Pam spoke in a tone that almost sounded like hopeful desperation.

“Pam, if we cancel now, we’ll lose all the money it cost to reserve this cabin. I’m sure payments are non-refundable if we cancel this close to our scheduled arrival time. This place cost a ton for the week. We can’t afford to just throw all that money away.”

“What you said all makes sense. You always make sense. I’m the scatterbrain in this family. I’m sorry I screwed up this whole thing.”

“You didn’t screw up anything, honey. This is going to work out just fine … I can feel it. We’ll both end up having a great week, you watch. Don’t worry about a thing. Heck, if most of the people there are regulars … You did say that the women said most were right?” Pam nodded, yes. “Well, if that’s the case, then my guess is they’re pretty hard-core nudists, so they won’t ever look at you in a sexual way. You did good, sweetheart, just as you always do. That’s why I love you so much. You’re far from being a scatterbrain. Naïve and somewhat innocent, yes. A scatterbrain? Not on your worse day.”

“Well, I guess it’ll be okay, as long as you’re with me. The thing I think that’ll bother me the most is seeing couples our age walking around naked. Seeing old men, and them seeing me, is completely different to me. It’s just not the same. They’re not lonely and horny old men. These people will be young virile studs, who will just think about fucking anyone new.”

“Pamela, need I remind you that the first time Charlie saw you he thought about fucking you? Hank couldn’t take his eyes off you and he pulled out his cock and jerked off behind the windshield of the boat, then couldn’t get his hands and mouth on your tits and pussy, soon enough. Walter saw you and his 70-year-old cock came to life. It doesn’t matter the age, when men of any age see you, they all think the same thoughts. You’ve been in control all this past year. You’ll remain in control and end up doing only what you want and when you want”

“I do want us to have a nice time away from it all. I’ll do my best to make us both happy, and make this a memorable vacation for both of us. I’ll try not to act too much like a fuddy-duddy. I love you too, honey,” Pam lovingly said.

“You’ll be fine, and we’ll be fine. Hey, I see here that there’s a small kitchen in every cabin, with a refrigerator. Not a very big one, but I’m sure it’s big enough to keep What we’re bringing cold and fresh. You did all right, my lovely bride.”

“I saw that. How much food do you think we should bring with us? They said their general store is well stocked.”

“I don’t know, maybe special things we like that they may not carry there, like snacks. Just to be sure, you know?”

“I’ll pick up any fruits and vegetables, along with some nice selections of meats at the super market here. We can put them in our cooler for the trip there,” Pam said.

The Saturday night before leaving, they were busy checking everything before packing the car. Satisfied they had more than they could ever need, they packed the car, with the exception of the food that needed to remain refrigerated.

“You excited, honey?” Bob asked.

“Uh huh, nervous and a little scared too … not knowing exactly what I’ve gotten us into.”

“Stop worrying, everything will be just fine. If it’ll make you feel any better, if it’s more than you think, or want to handle, we’ll pack up everything and just leave. All you have to do is say the word.”

“Thanks, that’s a bit more comforting, but it’ll have to be really out of control before I ruin this for both of us. As long as you’re close by, I’ll be comforted.”

“We’ve got an early day tomorrow and a lengthy ride. We should be thinking about getting ready for bed soon. I know I am,” said Bob.

“Take your shower first. I’m going to look through the brochure again. I’ll take mine after you.”

After Pam took her shower, she joined Bob in bed.

Pam awoke before dawn, filled with excitement and anticipation. She poured a thin layer of ice on the bottom of the cooler. She began packing any glass bottles on the bottom, added a little more ice, then the sealed plastic containers, then a few of Bob’s favorite steaks, hot dogs, and hamburger, then closed it. She then took a quick shower to wash off the night’s sleep, woke up Bob, and began getting dressed.

After Bob was dressed, he wheeled out the cooler and placed it in the trunk. He came back in and leaned against the door. “Did you pack our whole refrigerator in that cooler? I nearly got a hernia putting it in the trunk,” Bob playfully said.

“Stop humming. You’ll be glad I packed what I did in there. Remind me to check you out when we get in the cabin,” Pam naughtily giggled. “If we’re ready to go, let’s get moving. I’ve checked all the windows and doors.”

They got in the kaçak bahis car, backed out of the driveway, and were on their way.

As soon as they turned off their street, Pam began singing, “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, in the summer sun,” while pumping both fisted hands in the air to the beat.

“Bob smiled and said, “You’re wide awake and full of piss and vinegar this morning. Maybe you should drive.”

“Oh no, I spent all winter doing all the leg work for this vacation. I’m being chauffeured … drive on, James!”

They arrived at the resort around 8:30 and drove up a long, winding gravel road in the middle of the forest, before entering the complex proper called “The Village”. This area housed the restaurant, the office, a beer and wine store, and a few other stores, all spaced nicely in a semi-circle with several large Quonset looking buildings behind them. Bob thought what might be for general storage and heavy equipment. The village area was open and was maybe two acres. There were two roads leading off the village, heading in opposite directions, other than the main road. Everything else was trees with several footpaths heading in various directions out from the complex. What they’d seen of the grounds thus far, was very encouraging. There were obviously no cabins very close. Everything was very peaceful and they could smell the aroma of cooked bacon mixing with the pine scent from the trees.

Upon entering the quaint restaurant, which looked like it could seat 50-60 people, they sat at a small table for four. Pam said, “This place is immaculate … a very good sign.” As they were looking through the menu, a very clean cut young waiter approached and asked if they wanted coffee. He then flipped each cup over and back onto the saucer upright, and poured them each a cup, then informed them that a server would be over shortly. Bob said, “I guess clothing optional doesn’t apply to him,” then chuckled. While sipping their coffee, a very attractive woman in her late 30’s approached their table.

“You must be Pam and Bob Taber. I saw you drive in while I was assisting the last couple from last week check out. I thought I’d come over and welcome you two. I’m Renee … we spoke on the phone. May I sit with you?” She sat at the table and the waiter immediately came over and poured her a coffee without inquiring. They talked, as people sporadically began to fill the restaurant. They ate while Renee filled them in on some of the do’s and don’t’s of the resort. There were very few don’t’s. One don’t that explained what they were seeing was, clothing must be worn anywhere in the village.

While getting to know Renee along with information that would ensure they enjoyed their stay, a burly elderly man approached and stood alongside Renee. His first few sentences were directed to Renee and in French. With not a smile on his face, he said, “Un bouton de rose entouré par les mauvaises herbes”. Renee looked up and nodded with a slight smile. He then said, “J’espère qu’elle bénéficie de l’attention”. With a broad smile, Renee looked and replied, “Oui, le pere,” as they both silently chuckled. Bob observed that both spoke perfect Parisian French and he knew immediately that the elderly man came from France.

He then sat down with them, and said in English with a heavy French accent, “Forgive me for speaking French to my daughter in front of you, but I was complimenting your youthful beauty, and did not want to make you feel uncomfortable. My name is Emile, you’ve already met Renee. Welcome to our resort. I hope you both enjoy your stay with us. If there are any problems on the grounds, or with your cabin, please feel free to bring them to our attention, they will be tended to immediately. I don’t anticipate any, however. I must go now. Very nice meeting you. We’ll see each other regularly. Au revoir,” he said, as he arose and went outside.

“Your father is a big man and nice looking for his age. He seems very friendly and nice, Renee,” Pam said,

“Thank you. I think I’ll keep him around,” she replied, as she gave out a little giggle. “We’ve become very close since my mother died 10 years ago. He depends on me quite a bit. He’s a good man and a great Dad,” Renee proudly gleamed.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Renee. It’s great that you and he are so close though,” Pam said, in a sympathetic and admiring tone at the same time. She was sincere, and Renee felt it. “I’m curious. What exactly did your father say to you about me … If you don’t mind me asking?”

“He said that you were a rosebud surrounded by weeds, and then said he hoped you liked all the attention you were about to experience, or something like that,” she said with a broad smile.

“What exactly did he mean?”

“Well, our customers are usually not under the age of late 50’s, early 60’s, so your youth and beauty will be quite the deviation from the norm, and a welcomed attraction, hence the rosebud/weeds comparison. I thought it was quite apropos, and certainly meant as a huge compliment. Most of our clientele came from Europe -either before, or shortly after, World War 2 and most are around my Dad’s age. My Dad came to America in the mid 20’s and bought this property in the mid 30’s.”

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