Cum Dump Trump

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August Ames

This is a story of fiction, any similarities to real people or events is merely coincidental.

In British slang “to trump” means to expel gas through the anus often in a highly audible way. I guess there are other things that one can “trump” out of their ass.


When I got out of college, my aspirations were to be the best political candidate the nation would ever know. Right now however I am still climbing the ladder working as one of the party’s political advisors. I knew I was getting desperate when I took this position working in the campaign of a political outsider with no experience as a politician but chasing his own dream to become President.

After completing a long campaign through New England, everyone needed a break. We were allowed some time off from our duties to blow off some steam and relax after 3 months of campaigning 24/7.

While many staffers had scurried away to vacationland with their families or significant others, I still had to wrap up a few things. Then it was my duty to bring the Boss to the nearby airport before meeting some friends at their trailside condo about a ½ hour away. We spent another hour or as the Boss continued selling his vision for the country. Over a few rounds of Long Trail Ale at the local diner/ale house the locals soaked up his ideas and plans to awaken the local economy. Soon they all left in their pick-ups and snowmobiles to go home and weather out the arriving snow storm. All I wanted was to get on my way to ski with my buddies.

Not realizing how fast a nor’easter can move through New England, we soon realized that the weather was deteriorating rather quickly. I called ahead to the airport to make sure his jet was ready for immediate takeoff upon our arrival and got bad news. The pilot had been told by the air traffic controller at the small private airport that the airport was closed to landings or takeoffs due to the heavy ice and snow the storm had begun to deliver. Flights probably would not resume until Tuesday depending on how much the storm delivers. This storm already caused many roads to be shut down. No one was going anywhere. We were snowed in.

I immediately informed the Boss of the situation. He was very annoyed especially since even his mega money can’t fix our situation with Mother Nature. I frantically called around for some other form of transport, but to no avail.

Since it was January we knew we could find some accommodations casino şirketleri alongside the numerous skiers that flock to the Vermont ski areas. This too was a miscalculation. Due to the storm people were all snowed in or flocked north to ski some fresh powder the storm would bring. After asking the owner who lived upstairs over the local diner he suggested a tiny bed and breakfast just around the corner. He said he would take us there on his snowmobile and his son could bring us too.

Arriving at the Bed and Breakfast the owner was surprised to see anyone, certainly not a presidential candidate suddenly standing before her. Luckily, we were lucky to get a room. Unfortunately, there was only one room with one king-size bed available. Seeing no other options, we signed in and brought our few belongings up to the room. When we saw the room we both stopped and stared. The room consisted of a small closet, a table for two, a fireplace and a bed. It had a bathroom that had a shower built for two. Yes, this looked like a Honeymoon suite. This inn commonly hosted sweethearts and all the obnoxious visitors from the south in their giant SUV’s that had plenty of money to ski and play. Fortunately for us that meant that the inn had a well-stocked bar.

We had to make the most of our time but both of us agreed that we really just needed some time off from the political bullshit. We went down stairs and asked for a few drinks we could take up to our room. The Boss only drinks vodka and I prefer beer and tequila. So we paid for the bottles and returned to our room. We were shooting the shit and making up our own drinking games to pass the time as the fireplace crackled and the snow kept pounding the countryside.

The Boss said this locally-distilled vodka recommended by the innkeeper reminded him of the time he visited his old schoolmate, now a high-ranking Russian official. We both missed the good old days.

That conversation led to a discussion of our “best” times. The best meal, the best vacation spot, the best cars, we ever had. Him having the money for just about anything he wanted meant his bests were 100x better than mine. Then we started discussing our sex histories and who were our favorite ladies.

He looked at me and said his favorite partner was Pat. I knew he had been married several times but none of the were named Patricia. With a puzzled look on my face he told me that Pat wasn’t Patricia but rather Patrick casino firmaları and that he hadn’t really been open about his gay side since college. I was shocked! I never saw that coming.

He later explained that his father demanded that he marry so people won’t suspect anything. Having never found someone that he felt real feelings for, he ended up in several divorces, which displeased his father even more. His dad conveniently had photographers nearby and set up lunch and dinner dates for his son to quell any gay rumors. He soon realized that when he was in the spotlight he needed to have a woman standing by his side. The Boss knew that his ultimate secret would completely kill his political aspirations.

He finally launched his political career by throwing his hat in the ring for the next Presidential election at the forceful urging of his father. He had followed his father in the family business, but that too was unfulfilling. He says he always feels a void in his life when he has to hide his true self.

I have known that I was gay since high school and most of my buddies were gay or bisexual. Instantly my cock twitched and the room got very warm. Did he really just say that? Maybe he was joking or had too much alcohol that loosened his tongue? Soon enough I found out the answer.

He looked at me and leaned in to give me a soft kiss. Instinctively I kissed back. I haven’t ever felt such lust towards another man, but suddenly realized that I was horny as hell. Our eyes met as he got out of his chair and sat next to me on the bed. Our lips continued their assault on each other. We wrestled around on the bed like hungry animals. He smelled so good and his touches showed me it was not his first time with a man. He definitely knew what he was doing.

When he moved down my body all of my nerves were suddenly on fire. Granted, I have been working crazy for the past few months and was longing for a touch by another male. There is only so much your hand can do as it explores your own body. I felt that itch and he definitely was scratching it for me. I was in heaven and our moans proved he also was ready for a sexual release. His stern business demeanor was lightyears away from his sensual touch and embrace. My head was spinning as we both quenched our inner desire for another man since we both waited so long for a moment just like this.

Surprisingly he jumped off the bed and undressed himself before going right güvenilir casino to my zipper and then pulled off my pants. I unbuttoned my shirt and he quickly ran his palm all over my bare chest. I have always loved the feeling of being touched through my unbuttoned oxford shirt. In my own mind, it just seemed more naughty than being completely shirtless.

He licked and teased my nipples as I reached up and pulled him down on me for another long deep kiss. As we kissed his hand carefully found its way to my groin and he began to massage my balls. My dick already felt like it would explode at any minute and this stimulation was making me even harder that I thought I could ever be. Then he broke the kiss and his mouth wandered down to connect with his hand. I could not believe the feeling I got as he licked around my dick before sucking it into his mouth. As he slurped he continued to massage my balls. I didn’t think I would last long without shooting my load so I gently pushed him off me.

He never missed a beat. Instinctively he rose up to all fours and offered me his ass. Was I dreaming? Had I passed out from the drinks and got caught up in some wild fantasy deep in my head? I managed to push all thoughts aside and got to the task at hand. I kneaded his cheeks and then stuck one saliva-laden finger in his hole. I was amazed that he really was not tight at all. Quickly I added another digit then another. His mild groans never sounded painful at all. There obviously had been a lot of traffic through his back door.

His moans were interrupted by his begging for me to fill him. Without hesitation, I gave one fast thrust deep into his canal and paused to gauge his response. Still his moans sounded pain-free so I withdrew slowly towards my tip and pounded my member back in as hard as I could. I kept throttling him as his cries urged me on. After only a few strokes he was pushing his ass back in rhythm with my thrusts. My inner animal completely took over as the heavenly bliss I felt melted away any tension I might have been carrying. The pounding was furious and I felt my balls ready to explode. Then I saw him in convulsions from his own orgasm. I held him from behind to keep him from collapsing. My dick needed only three more thrusts until I moaned and saw stars. I felt the cum explode like a cannon ball into his canal. I kept wiggling inside him until I felt completely empty. I fell on his back and slowly my dick began to retreat out of his hole.

As we both breathed heavy and our sweat stuck together he turned to me and we kissed. Then the Boss told me, “that’s why they called me Cum Dump Trump in college.” We both fell asleep in each other’s arms for the night.

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