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Author’s note: this story is fictional, and all characters are fictional. It is done for your sexual pleasure, and to inspire your own imagination, in a healthy way. Comments and feedback are greatly appreciated!


It was a little boring, standing in the back of the club, overlooking the dance floor. It was late enough that the barmaids had already begun dancing on their counters, in very provocative and alluring moves. Hellaciously nice curves. Awesome big tits, nice round asses.

I had danced a few times with some young teachers, but they were a group, and when the dances had ended, they’d made a beeline for their group. Oh, well, at least it was fun feeling their bodies pressed up close against mine. Just enough to slightly awaken George, my nickname for my man meat.

So here I was, leaning on the counter that ran along the wall to put beer bottles on, just watching. I noticed I wasn’t alone, either. Here and there, on one deck or another, were guys obviously scoping out the women, looking for pussy to take home. Single life could be lonely, on nights when none of the ladies clicked with me. But the times they did had been some of the hottest nights of fucking I had ever enjoyed. Tight pussies on some, big tits with big nipples on others, mind-blowing blow jobs, seemed like women these days had no limits, and liked to fuck in every way they could imagine. Who was I to deny them their fun, right?

Being where I was in life, late 50’s, some gray hair, not as chiseled as in days gone by, I wondered if that kept me out of some women’s pants. Nothing I could do about that, though, short of coloring my hair and hitting the gym. I was comfortable with me in my own skin, whatever happens, happens, I told myself.

I did notice one of the other single and looking guys who looked about my age, and we locked eyes several times. It was getting pretty late now, not too far from closing time, but still enough time to enjoy another beer or two. So I sauntered up the steps to the next deck up, and over to the cowboy I’d noticed.

“Howdy, how’s it going?” I offered, and leaned on my elbow on the beer shelf on the wall.

“Bout the same as with you, it looks like. Plenty of women, just no live ones tonight that I have found.”

“I know what you mean. One of those nights where pussy is hard to come by. Care for a beer?”

“Sure, always good for a beer. Miller Lite if you don’t mind.”

“That’s my beer of choice, too. Be right back.” And I headed off to the closest beer bar. I loved how they had these in so many spots around the club, never too far to reload easily. I paid the babe behind the bar the five dollars, enjoying her huge round tits, and grabbed the cans. As I approached the lone cowboy, I notice his only semi-tight jeans, cowboy-tailored black shirt, and sharp leather boots that looked almost new.

“Here ya go, one cold brew,” and set his down next to him.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. Name’s Jim, by the way,” he told me as he reached out his hand.

“Bill, good to meet you.” We shook hands, and I noticed his eyes were looking down at my crotch.

Both of us took a hit off our ice-cold brews, and gazed out towards the dance floor.

Then he asked me a different kinda question. “You ever get tired of chasing pussy?”

Took me a minute to think through that thought, then responded “yeah, sometimes, sometimes seems like a helluva lotta work for a few hours of fun. And then there’s the hooks ya gotta dodge. Don’t get me wrong, I do like pussy, and do enjoy a hot woman.”

“I know what you mean. I was thinking tonight, been dancing with several, bought a few drinks, only to have things turn to vapor. The “chase” is fun most of the time, specially when you get into their pants. But sometimes, to me, is just wearing, ya know?”

“Yep, know exactly what you mean. So what conclusions did you come up with?” I asked, hopefully opening the door for Jim to walk thru and give me a sign maybe he was an open-minded sort of cowboy.

“Well, not sure how I should answer that, but I will tell you, hanging out with guys always just seems to be laid back and relaxing.”

“You mean like playing pool and drinking beer, stuff like that?”

“Yeah. just easy to be around guys, in purdy much every way, if you know what I mean.”

“Looks like a dry night for us, far as pussy goes, for tonight anyways. You wanna come over to my place? I’ve got plenty of cold beer, and a pool table, if you’re interested.” Jim’s eyes had a different look in them now, an inviting look I guess you could call it. He wasn’t a bad-looking guy, and we did seem to connect.

“Sure, sounds great. Let’s get the hell outta Dodge, how bout?” And with that, we finished off our beers and headed out of the dimly lit club.

Just outside the door, Jim turned and said “I’m driving that white Ford F-250 over there. What are you driving?”

“That green Dodge Ram over by that wall.”

“Ok, guess you can follow me.”

In our trucks, I casino şirketleri pulled up behind him, and we exited the parking lot, heading west. We drove about 2-3 miles, just outside of town, pulled onto a packed gravel road for another mile, and he pulled into a long drive, to a moderate-sized frame house. Even in the dark, I could tell it was pretty isolated, other houses only a half mile or more away. I pulled in behind him and got out.

“Well, this is my homestead. Was supposed to be the start of a small ranch, a dream I’d had all my life. But my ex kinda fucked that up when I caught her fucking her boss in town one day. So now it’s all mine.”

“Looks like a nice place, Jim. Peaceful and quiet, neighbors, but not too close. I think those are what I’d enjoy out here most.”

“that’s how I feel, too. I like it just fine. It’s mine, and I can do what I want with it, and do whatever I want around here, not having to answer to anyone but myself. Know what I mean?”

Looking around, I could understand. Loving to get naked sometimes all day, this place would be perfect. “I do indeed. Don’t know about you, but sometimes I like to get naked around the house, and stay that way all weekend.”

Jim smiled, and looked as if he could identify with what I had said. “Come on in, let’s grab a cold one, and rack ’em up.” He unlocked the wooden door, and flicked on a couple of lights as we went inside.

Pointing at the sofa, he told me “have a seat, make yourself at home, and I’ll grab the beer. I’m really laid back here, so really, make yourself at home.” With that, he headed towards what I figured was the kitchen, hanging his cowboy hat on the deer antler rack. Glancing around the room, I really liked the décor. Large overstuffed couch and love seat. A rustic, log cabin feel to it, with the brown walls, and raw wood end tables, dark green lamps, and dark red & green curtains on the big front window. There was a big gray stone fireplace at one end, with a thick wooden mantle. Pictures were of ducks, deer, and other outdoor scenes.

Shortly, he reappeared, a cold can in each hand. He handed me one, and asked “so whatcha think of the place?”

“Oh, I like it just fine, not too much different from mine really, guess we both like the same styles and colors and all. I like the real wood look, and the furniture. Very comfortable really.”

“Glad you like it. When we bought it, I just wanted people to be able to come out and visit, and relax here, you know? I wanted people to remember coming here with good thoughts. I love it, and hope others do, too. And yes, in response to your comment about liking to get naked around the house, that’s me, too. I stay that way most of the time. And I want others to feel free to get naked, too, but sometimes its kinda hard just offering that to people. It is for me, anyway. Guess I need to come up with a way to put it that doesn’t make me come across as a perv or something, or too forward, but open-minded about things. I am pretty much open to just about anything. I love to enjoy seeing others naked. Have you ever been to a nudist resort?”

I smiled, fondly remembering my visit. “Yes, I actually have. Only been once, but it was a day I will never forget. there were people of every size and shape and age. There were some hot babes, and guys with dicks of every size. I played water volleyball most of the day, and the people were great, very friendly,. Not bashful at all. I went on a few hikes, and there’s nothing like the feel of the sun and wind on your bare skin, all over, is there?”

“No, nothing like it. So, you want to go play a little pool?” Jim asked, standing up.

“Sure! I like to play, but gotta admit, I’m not too good at it.”

“No problem, I’m no pro either. Would you like to get naked and play, since we both seem to be nudists at heart?”

“Hell, yeah, let’s do that.” Immediately shirts came offand belts were unfastened. I laid my clothes on the couch where I’d been sitting. Looking over, Jim was naked now, and I saw his cock was a little bit aroused, as was mine. I smiled, and Jim must have noticed.

“Nice cock you have there, Bill. So have you ever been sexual with another guy?”

“Yes. I am real new to the whole man sex thing, but I have hooked up with 2 or 3 other guys. We sucked each other’s dicks, and came in each other’s mouths. Have never fucked another guy’s ass, nor have I ever been fucked. How about you? You have any man experience?”

“No, I’ve never been with just another man. But I’ve been infatuated with the idea of trying it for a long time now. And for some reason, when I saw you at the club tonight, I just figured we might end up getting naked, specially since no pussy was offered to either of us. So is it ok if I touch you?”

I walked over to where Jim was shyly standing, and told him “sure, feel free. Far as I am concerned, this is man night for us, and being new at it, feel free to do whatever you would like to. I’m game.”

Jim was maybe 5′ 7″ or so, maybe casino firmaları a few pounds extra, and was a little bit hairy, but not too much so. Seemed to be in pretty good shape. He reached out, and took my semi-hard cock, and stroked it some. I just about melted – I love having my dick stroked by someone else, and it got me really hard.

Smiling, Jim said “wow, you must like that! As hard as you got so fast. I love how your dick feels in my hand.” He cupped my balls, and ooooh, it felt so damned good.

I reached over and took his cock in my hand. He was rock hard now, too, all 6 inches. He was thick. I gently stroked him, and heard him moan just under his breath.

“Like that, do you?” I asked.

“hell, yeah, damn that feels good.”

Curious as to how far he really would want to go, I decided to just lay it out there and ask. “You have one helluva nice dick, Jim. And balls, too. Ok with you if I suck you just a little, to show you what that feels like?”

“you bet, you do whatever you want.”

Kneeling down on the thick rug, I guided his thick hard meat to my mouth, and kissed and licked at the head. I could taste that familiar man smell, that musk that I enjoyed.

“Oh, shit!” Jim shot out.

I licked under the head, and circled his head with my tongue, gently sucking on the head.

“Oh, shit, that is fucking amazing. Shit, I might cum fast with that.”

Slowly, I sucked his dick into my mouth. His thick meat was a mouthful, for sure, but I could take in all 6 inches of it. Slowly, I took it in, then slid him back out, back and forth, then took my mouth off of him.

“Shit, man, that was driving me crazy! I’ve never felt anything like that, not even when a woman sucks my cock. Wow, that was far out!”

I smiled, stood up, and said “glad you liked it. You up to sucking, too? And how about swallowing cum – think you want to or not?”

“Hell, yeah, I do want to suck, and you cumming in my mouth is just part of it, seems to me like. I want it all.”

“Here’s what I had in mind. We’d go play some pool, say maybe a best 3 out of 5 games how bout? And the winner gets his dick sucked off. You game?”

Smiling real big, Jim answered “sounds like fun to me. Let’s go rack ’em up and get it on. May the best dick win!” And we both laughed hard.

Once we got into the game, I could tell Jim was maybe a bit better than he was letting on, so I knew I’d have my hands full. He broke, and balls shot every which way. Two stripes fell.

“Stripes you are, Jimbo. You go for it.” We were each enjoying the beer during the games, and were getting pretty relaxed and a little goofy.

First game, he killed me. I still had 3 balls left when he drained the 8-ball. Second game went a little better, and I had a 1-ball to his 3 lead. As he was lining up his shot, I snuck behind him, knelt down, reached between his legs, and gave his dick a little pull. He laughed like hell, then re-set, and sank his last 3 balls in order.

“Damn, pulling your dick to distract you doesn’t work worth a damn. Better not do that to you again, huh?”

Before the third game, he got more beer, and the cold liquid tasted great. Knowing I’d met my match probably, my mouth was getting a little dry, thinking about sucking his dick if he won just one more. The beer hit the spot. Midway through the game, we had another beer, our 5th. As I was lining up a really long shot, Jim snuck up behind me and ran the tip of his dick up and down my ass crack, and we broke up laughing again. I hadn’t had this much fun with a guy in a long, long time. Another couple of balls, sunk for each, both down to 1 ball left. I bet him he couldn’t chug a beer right then and make his fairly easy shot, so being the player he was, we both chugged another. Low and behold, his ball disappeared, leaving only the 8 on a short straight shot. yes, it went. So just like that, he’s smoked me three games to none.

“Well, you win, fair and square. But I do want a rematch, maybe later. So where do you want to go for your winner’s spoils?” I graciously asked.

“Come on, my bedroom’s right over there, let’s go have fun. You really gonna suck me off, and let me cum in your mouth?”

“Yessir, that was the bet, and you won. So hit the sack jack, I’m ready for some cocksucking.”

As we went in the bedroom, Jim turned on the bedside lamp, and plopped into bed, rolling over on his back. He really was a pretty good-looking guy, and his dick was flagpole stiff and straight up.

Not wanting to rush things, knowing this was Jim’s first time for getting his dick sucked, I climbed into bed next to him, and ran my fingers lightly up and down his inner thighs. He moaned, and spread his legs. I palmed his belly, softly and slowly in circles, feeling the coarse hair against my hand. For some reason, it turned me on. I leaned over and gently nibbled his nipple, to see how he’d react.

“Oh, my god, that feels so fucking good..,.”

I nibbled a bit more, cupping his balls güvenilir casino and softly massaging them, and he shut his eyes and moaned more. Then with one hand cupping balls, I stroked his warm firm meat with my other. I was afraid he’d cum, not having ever had a man doing him before, so I only took it a little longer before I climbed between his legs, spread them a little more, and went under his hard dick and took his big warm balls in my mouth. I rolled them around gently with my tongue, and Jim was squirming and moaning. I sucked on them, and stroked the end of his dick while sucking.

When I felt like it was time, I lowered my mouth over his dick’s head. I love that tight spongy feel of a cock in my mouth, and sucked on Jim’s sponge a bit. Swirling my tongue, then sucking the head, swirling more, Jim was moaning pretty hard now. Taking his balls in one hand, I lowered my mouth over his cock, sliding it in and out, slowly, sucking it as firmly as I could. He filled my mouth with the thickness of his meat. I felt the usually soft bubble-like head getting harder, and began to suck harder, applying more lip pressure around the rim when I got there, and swirling my tongue. I began to suck him in and out of my hot mouth a little faster, and I could feel him tightening up, could feel the steaming lava bubbling. He started thrusting his hips ever so slightly, humping my face, so i knew he was almost there. I sucked harder and faster, and I knew it was coming. His balls pulled tight to his body, and his shaft stiffened.

Jim shouted “aaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhh!!” and arched his cock into my mouth as deep as he could, and I felt the creamy hot cum shooting out, filling my mouth. I swallowed, and swallowed, and he just kept shouting, then shooting more. His pulsating dick spurted again and again and again. I swallowed all I could, but some did escape and come dribbling out the corners of my mouth. He kept spurting his steamy, sweet-tasting cream. And then, just like that, he crashed, melting back into the bed, totally winded.

I looked up at him, saw his eyes were still shut and his chest rising and falling to catch his breath.

In a minute or two, he opened his eyes and looked down at me as I was licking off the last few drops of cum off his dick.

Jim told me “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I felt like I could not quit cumming. Damn, that was unbelievable.”

“Glad you enjoyed it, man. I sure had fun, too. Don’t think I have ever swallowed that much cum before, ever. And it was sweet as pudding. Your dick is great, a perfect fit. I’m glad you won so I could suck it.”

“Me, too. I mean, I know I will suck you, too, but that was so awesome. You really need to get home tonight, or think you could just crash here? I know we could have some fun.”

Thinking, I finally responded “No, no one waiting on me at home, nothing pressing tomorrow, so yeah, if you’re ok with it, I’ll just crash here.”

“Cool! you can sleep here with me. I want to blow you, too. Taste your cum, feel your cock in my mouth and all that.”

We laid back on the bed side by side for a while, til Jim caught his breath. We got up, set for more pool and beer.

The first rematch game was close, but once again Jim came out on top. Dang, I thought, looks like I might have to blow him again. But that turned out a bit premature. After half a dozen more beers, it was apparent Jim was feeling no pain, and that his aim had disappeared into the fog of a drunken mind. Pretty easily he was disposed of, in 3 consecutive games. After the last 8-ball dropped, Jim stood up straight, with a big smile across his face.

“Ok, now I get to suck your monster dick and taste your cum! Can’t wait. You can even fuck me if you want. I don’t care, I’m just having one helluva good time with you Bill.”

We climbed back in his bed, this time me on my back, legs spread, and my 7-inch bat straight and hard as hell. It was thick as Jim’s, so overall he had a little more to deal with than I had. I was surely not complaining, though. His cock was perfect for sucking.

My concern for my cock being too much for Jim to handle was soon vanquished. Probably the beer funk, or maybe just a deep throat, before I knew it, he had me sucked in his mouth to the hilt. What he did with the head felt amazing – he’d lick, then suck, then stroke me some, then lick and suck, sucking tightly. He was fucking driving me crazy, and while he was sucking the head, he was kneading my balls, rolling them around in his hand like marbles. He started stroking really fast, which got me to the edge, then would drop his mouth on me. his mouth felt almost hot as he went up and down on me, my balls in his hand. He kept repeating this, and it wasn’t long before I shot a load, or more like load after load after load. He just swallowed it all down and kept sucking, til at last I was spent.

I could not remember another time when I had had so much fun with a man sexually as what I’d had that night. I hoped, and believed it would be, just the first of a long line of fun times with Jim.

I think it took us maybe 30 seconds before we were both asleep. Both satisfied sexually, both having had a really fun evening of pool, beer, and cocksucking. Here’s to many more ahead of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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