April Blossoms Ch. 3

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Hi, my name is April and I love sex. I was a very sexually naïve 23 year old up until a couple of months of go when my mom and stepdad educated me on the pleasures of sex. Now, it’s like my body is trying to make up for lost time. I crave something in my pussy all the time.

It was a Saturday afternoon, my husband, Kevin was out playing golf, and I had been working in my flowerbeds. I got through, came in and decided to shower. As I was soaping myself down, I started to daydream about mine and Kevin’s especially hot lovemaking session the night before. As if they had a mind of their own, one hand started to massage my titties while the other found it’s way down to my pussy. Before I knew it, I was moaning and my body was humping the hand that was sliding in and out of my pussy, my other hand moved down and started to rub my clit. My pussy was on fire and I could feel the tension start to build deep down inside. As it built and built, two fingers were working in and out of my dripping pussy faster and faster while the other hand massaged my clit harder and harder. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIEE!” I screamed as wave after wave of pure pleasure shook my body.

I was still lost in the throes of my orgasm, relishing the tinglings of pleasure as they slowly receded when I was brought back to earth by my mom asking. ” Are you alright in there?” I stepped out of the shower, but before I could answer, She came into the bathroom. She was saying ” I knocked and rang the bell, but no one answered. I knew you were here because your car is in the driveway so…” She stopped in mid sentence as she stared at my naked body. I was so embarrassed at her probably having heard my moaning and scream that I never thought to cover myself. She started to smile at me as it dawned on her what I had been doing.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt, just came over to see if you wanted to go shopping.” As she was speaking, her eyes slowly devoured my body, slowly moving from my breast to my flat stomach, on downward to my pussy. I should have felt embarrassed but realized instead that I was beginning to get turned on. As she stared at my pussy, she suddenly asked, ” Have you ever considered shaving it?” It took a moment to dawn on me what she was talking about, then I felt myself blushing as I replied.

“Not really.” I remembered the glimpse I had had of her fingerfucking her bald pussy and ask, ” Do you enjoy having yours shaven.

“Yes, definitely,” she replied, “I don’t know how to explain it, but its just better, different sensations and more sensitive. I liked to have never gotten up the courage to shave it the first time, but after I did, I liked it and George loves It.,” she said with a giggle. I said ” I wouldn’t mind trying it, but don’t have any idea where or how to begin.” She got a strange look in her eye, licked her lips and asked, ” Would you like for me to help you the first time?” Strangely instead of being shocked at her offer, I felt my pussy beginning to tingle and slowly answered. “Please”

She said ” Run some hot water in the sink and lay out Kevin’s shaving stuff. I’ll be right back., I don’t, want to get anything on my good clothes so I’m going to change into something else.” As she left, I wrapped a towel around myself and then did as I had been instructed. I was sitting on the side of the tub when she came back. She had on one of Kevin’s t-shirts and panties. She had evidently taken off her bra because you could see her ample 38DD breasts swaying freely. You could see her nipples hard and poking out under the thin T-shirt material. I was surprised at how large they were.

The looked to be at least an inch wide and sticking out every bit of an inch. I could not help but stare at in fascination. She saw my stare, gave her body a shake that made her breast really sway, looked and me and grinned. I have nice firm 36c size breast and always thought that I had been blessed, but now found myself saying “Mom, I’m envious.”

She just smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, a man once told me, a mouthful is all you need. ” We both laughed as we realized the truth in that statement. Mom looked at me sitting on the side of the tub and said, ” loose the towel, it will only be in the way.” I did so but felt uncomfortable being naked in front of my mom, so crossed my arms over my tits. Mom laughed and said, ” I can’t believe you, I have seen you naked a million times, watched you fuck my husband, am about to shave your pussy and you are trying to hide your lovely titties from me.”

Feeling like a small scolded child , I lowered my arms. Mom said, “Much better, now spread your legs.” As she turned to dip a wash clothe in the hot water in the sink. I couldn’t help but giggle. She looked at me and I explained. ” I’m used to hearing that from guys, but not anther woman, it just stuck me as funny.” She giggled too. She turned and gently laid the warm wash cloth on my pussy, casino şirketleri left it laying there a minute and turned back to get the razor and shaving cream She removed the wash cloth and started to apply shaving cream to my pussy area.

She gently rubbed the shaving cream into my pussy hair. Her hand was moving in a circular motion and applying a slight pressure to all the right spots. My pussy started tingling and very, very good sensations begin to spread throughout my body. I thought she was spending a lot of time applying shave cream, but was not about to object because it felt too good. She then took the razor and carefully shaved my pussy bare. The thought of my mom rubbing and shaving my pussy was so erotic, I felt my self getting hornier and hornier. It was all I could to sit still because of the fire now burning rampantly in my pussy. She wet the wash cloth again in warm water and begin to clean my pussy. Her rubbing the warm washcloth on my now naked pussy felt so pleasant and sensual that I closed my eyes and was just enjoying the moment when I felt something warm and moist on one of my breast. I jumped, my eyes flew open and as I looked down I saw my mother tenderly kissing my tittie.

She smiled up at me and said ” Sorry, I couldn’t resist , they are so lovely.” I was so turned on by now I answered ” its ok, it felt good,” then boldly continued “Mom have you ever … Ah you know, ah, done it with a woman.” She smiled at me and said, “No dear ,but I have to be honest. I never even thought about making love to another woman until that day I watched you and George. I found myself turned on , then even more excited when I realized it was you and your sexy young body that had me on fire. When I fingerfucked myself, I imagined it was you doing it to me and that led to one of the best orgasms I have ever given myself.

Then today when I heard your moans and final cry, I knew what you were doing and it made me instantly horny. I knew I had to seduce you but had know idea how until I saw your pretty little bush. Please forgive me, but I need to feel your body on mine, to taste your pussy and feel your hands and lips caressing me.” I didn’t know what to say or do, but I knew that I now wanted her as much as she wanted me so I said ” Please take me to bed mom.

“Without a word, she took my hand and led me to the bed. She lay me down, stepped back and slowly slid the T-shirt over her head. Her breasts came into view. They were beautiful, large and round, sagging just a little with the ends upturned and the large nipples protruding. Looking at them made my mouth water , I wanted to taste them and feel them pressed against my body. Realizing what I was doing seemed so forbidden and decadent, that my pussy started to throb just thinking about it. She then slid her panties down and I saw her smooth clean shaven pussy.

I knew she was as hot as I was because it was glistening from the cunt juice leaking out. She came to me and lay down beside me. I turned to her and as I did, my breast touched hers and we both gasped at the feeling of electricity that ran through them. She then kissed me, gently, tenderly at first, but when I started returning her kiss, it turned into a deep fervent, tongue dueling kiss that seemed to last forever. She finally broke the kiss and slowly slid down my body until her head was at my titties. She slowly licked each nipple, then traced lazy circles around each one, then her tongue would flick out and tease each nipple again.

It did not take much of this before I found myself saying ” yes, yes, that’s it suck my titties, harder mom, harder, ooooohhhhhh that feels so good. Suck those titties, yes, yes, ohhhhhhhhhh yea that’s it.” A few more licks and nibbles and then she slowly started to kiss her way down, down, down. My titties missed her attention, but I knew what was coming was even better so I started to knead my titties myself as she continue to work her way down. She slowly parted my legs and moved between them. Her tongue caressed the now silky smooth shaven area all around my pussy, then slowly slid between my pussy lips. I moaned uncontrollably and thrust my hips up to meet her face. She slowly tongue fucked my pussy a few times, then found my clit. As soon as her tongue touched my clit, my body arched and I came.

“OOOHHHH, MOM SOOOO GOOOD, I’M CUMMMMMING, AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!” I screamed. My pussy poured cunt juice and I could hear her hungrily lapping it up. She kept eating my pussy and her tongue kept sending me into little orgasms until I could stand it no longer. “Stop. Please, stop, its too sensitive,” I cried.

As she lifted her head to smile at me, I noticed that her face was soaking wet in my pussy juice. She slowly slid her body back up mine until pussy was touching pussy and our titties were pressed together. I can’t describe the sensations caused by her smooth bald pussy grinding against my now smooth casino firmaları bald pussy, her rock hard nipples pressing into my breasts or the feeling of my nipples pressing into her smooth flesh. She kissed me long and hard. The taste of my cunt juice on her lips and tongue was enough to instantly make me hot again. I wanted to explore and devour her body as she had mine so I rolled her over and moved my head to her titties. My tongue flicked out and the already large nipple seemed to grow harder and even bigger.

My tongue teased one then the other as my hands kneaded them. She was softly moaning, This continued a few moments and then she begged me” Please eat your mommy’s pussy baby, PLEASE EAT IT NOW!” She took her hands, placed them on my head and slowly forced it down to her dripping cunt. I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as I got near. It was literally dripping cunt juice, the inside of both thighs were soaked in it. This was the first pussy that I had ever seen up close so I couldn’t help but stop and gaze at it a moment. It was silky smooth. Her lips were larger than mine and protruded out. At the moment they were dark and engorged with lust.

They were so swollen that they actually gaped open, allowing me to get a good look at her hot pink love canal. Her clit was about the size of a butter bean and sticking straight up. My tongue tentatively took a lick at the pussy juice on her thighs. It was a little salty and very, very sweet. I decided that I liked the taste of cunt juice as much as I had come to love the taste of cum. My tongue gently slid between her swollen pussy lips and immediately her hips thrust upwards trying to force my tongue deeper into her hot hole. I slowly glided my tongue in and out of her steaming pussy.

She was so turned on that it was literally pouring cunt juice. Remembering how good my fingers had felt in my cunt, I slowly eased two fingers into her dripping pussy. I could not believe how hot it felt. As my fingers worked slowly in and out, they made a slurping sound and cunt juice actually ran out. I lapped hungrily at it and then my tongue found its way to her clit. I gently circled it, coming close but never touching it. Then I would take my lips and teasingly tug at it. This drove her crazy. Her whole body was tossing around, her head rolling from side to side as she thrust her hips at my face. Finally, she begged, ” lick my clit, bite it, anything, just please touch it, you’re killing me.”

I relented and started to slowly lick her clit in time with my fingers as they glided in and out of her dripping hot cunt. Her body begin to buck and heave even more as the tension built and built inside her. She cried “yes baby yes, eat your momma’s hot pussy, finger fuck it, yesss, yesss.” Her cries spurred me to even greater action. My fingers were plunging into her pussy as hard and fast as I could make them. I was sucking on her clit with my tongue swirling around it at the same time. Her hands drove my face into her hot cunt as her hips thrust to meet my every lick. She started to wildly thrash around on the bed, her body bucking uncontrollably as she cried “Yes, yes, finguerfuck that pussy, suck your momma’s clit, YES, YESS OOHHH BABY SOOOO GOOD, FUCK! I’M, I’M CUMMMINGG!! AAAAAAAHIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!”

As her body convulsed in pleasure, cunt juice boiled out of her pussy. I lapped up all I could, but enough ran out around my hungry tongue that the sheets were soaking wet. I slid back up and kissed her long and deep, then she tenderly licked her pussy juice off of my face. We cuddled and I guess I dozed off because the next thing I remember was a pleasant sensation in my pussy. As I slowly awakened to the tingling in my groins, I glanced down and my mom was lovingly licking my pussy. I enjoyed her attentions, but had learned earlier that I loved eating pussy as much as I did sucking a cock, so I said, “Turn around and lets sixty-nine.”

She quickly obliged me and we were both soon squirming in delight as we both sucked and licked each other’s pussy. All of a sudden my mom stiffened and let out a gasp. ” I’m afraid we have company dear.” I looked up and there was Kevin with his jeans pulled down slowly stoking his hard cock. He had evidently came home without us hearing him and from the condition of his cock, we had put on quite a show. My mom looked at his cock and then at me and said, ” well, might as well let him join the fun.” We separated and my mom patted the space between us and said, “Come here my favorite son-in-law. (He was her only son-in-law) Kev quickly shucked his clothes and followed her bidding. My mom grinned at me and said “Share and share alike.” With that we both moved down to his twitching cock. She slowly licked up one side while I licked up the other. Then we both took turns working on his knob. We would take our tongues and swirl them around the tip like enjoying a large lollypop. Then one would gently güvenilir casino suck on his balls while the other loving grazed their teeth on the backside of his knob while working it slowly in and out of their mouth. We were rewarded for our efforts as it would twitch and grow even larger. Great amounts of precum leaked out of the tip, which we eagerly licked off. Kev soon started to thrust and moan.” Yes fuck yess, suck that cock.” Before long He shouted, ” I’m gonna cum, who wants it, my mom and I both said in unison, ” I do. ”

My mom solved the problem by saying ” just cum on both of us” Kevin nodded his understanding about the time he let out a long moan and then started to spray his cum. The first load caught my mom in the face; the next splattered her breasts. Then like the dutiful husband, he pointed his cock my way. I caught a load in my wide open mouth, then another on my forehead and hair. With one last moan and final spurt, Kevin managed to land a load in his mother-in-laws open mouth. My mom and I then spent a few minutes licking the cum off of each other face and breasts. Watching us soon had Kev’s cock rock hard again. My mom looked at it and asked, ” What are we going to do about this poor boy’s condition. I saw the mischievous look in her eye and answered. “I don’t know, do you have any ideas? ” She smiled at me and said: I think so. Lay down with your head toward the end of the bed. Kevin, when we get in position, do whatever comes to mind. “

” I lay down as instructed, she moved to where her head was at my pussy, her pussy at my mouth and her ass was waving tantalizingly in the air at Kevin. She started to lick my pussy and I saw Kevin glancing at me questionably. I nodded my ok and he moved up behind my mom. Talk about erotic and a turn on, Try looking at a pussy dripping cunt juice and then watch a big hard cock slowly enter it and begin to work in and out. I was mesmerized for a few moments, then realized what a golden opportunity I had. I would lick my mom’s clit, then lick Kev’s cock as it went in and out, enjoying the taste of her cunt juice on his cock.

It wasn’t long before my mom started moaning, Kev started moaning and I started moaning as my mom really started to tongue my pussy. I guess it was the sight of cunt juice pouring out of my mom’s pussy as Kev rammed his cock in and out along with my mom licking my pussy and sucking my clit but I came first with a load moan and a shudder. My moaning and thrashing only made Kevin drive his hard cock harder and faster into my mom’s hot cunt. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him every time he slammed his hot cock home into that receptive dripping pussy. My mom started to slam her ass back to meet him as she shouted ” YESS, YESS, FUCK THAT PUSSY HARDER, HARDER!!!!”

Kevin did his part by picking his tempo up even more. He was piledriving his rock hard cock into that hot, hot pussy when mom begin to really thrash and buck and shout. “Yea! That’s it, Yea! Slam that cock home in my hot pussy, Give it to me yes yes, yesss, Yes, YEs, YES, OH SHIT! I’M GONNA CUM. SHIT! FUCK! SOOOOO GOOOD! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHIIIIIIEEE!!” Kevin rammed his cock into mom’s pussy a few more times but she whimpered “No more. Please no more, too good, stop, please.” Kevin, being the considerate son-in-law he is did as he was asked. As his cock slid out of my mom’s pussy with a loud slurping noise, cunt juice poured out. I caught a mouthful of the delicious nectar and swallowed it. My mom rolled off of me, I looked at Kevin’s poor cock sitting there all rock hard and throbbing and no place to stick it. I spread my legs and smiled at him.

He need so second invitation as He quickly moved between my legs and rammed his cock home into my pussy; He felt even larger than usual and was driving that big cock in harder and faster than ever before. I was soon moaning and thrusting my hips up to drive that delicious cock even deeper into my hot pussy. I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me on his down strokes, begging all the while ” Fuck me harder, harder. Drive that big cock into me Faster, Harder, More! More!”

Kev moved faster and faster, slamming that hard cock in and out, harder and harder until I felt him stiffen and let out a loud ” AAAAAAAGGGGGGHH” His cock exploded in my pussy as load after load of scalding cum shot into me. The intensity of his explosion was enough to send me over the edge. My body arched completely off the bed as I screamed “OH SHIT, SHIT! FUCK! FUCK! I”M CUMMMMMMMMMING! AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEE!” Wave after wave of ecstasy washed over me. Kevin collapsed on top of me, kissed me, looked at me and my mom and said ” thanks, that was, great. ” My mom grinned at both of us and said ” Anytime” we all cuddled then and took a nap. Later that evening, we got up, showered and as my mom was leaving, she made the comment. “We need to do this again and invite George.” Remembering the fucking George had given me, I was ready, but didn’t know about Kevin. He just grinned and said, ” As long as I get to fuck my two favorite women, I don’t care who cums.”

My mom and I laughed at his pun, smiled at each other and simultaneously said, “NEXT SATURDAY AFTERNOON THEN.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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