Emma’s Awakening Ch. 01

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Emma used to be a wholesome girl. She was no angel—she’d fooled around with a few guys, and although she was going steady with Darren, she was no prude. She sucked him off once or twice a week, although she made him wait two months for that, and still wouldn’t let him fuck her.

She was saving sex for marriage, real sex, like a lot of girls her age—sweet seventeen, just about to turn eighteen… tomorrow. Marriage, or maybe the prom. Well, maybe marriage now—since she just found out Darren had been fucking around.

Happy birthday.

Emma cried for a long time and screamed into her pillow afterwards. What an asshole. Worse, he had been fucking around for a while—at least the last month—and with that stupid slut Sara.

She didn’t drink much, but had a flask she’d bought for the odd party, and snuck it full of whiskey from her dad’s stash. Her parents and brother were watching a movie, but she begged off and locked herself in her room, crying in jags and guzzling long shots. Emma hated being drunk, and usually stopped after a few sips, but tonight felt different.

Darren had been the one for her, she thought, they had even talked about going away to college together. But now, with six months left of high school, she didn’t know how she’d deal with seeing him in class all the time.

If only Sara, that stupid whore, had fucked off after she graduated. But no, she hung around town in her shitty apartment and twirled her gum in her fuck-me boots at the bowling range. The stupid slut wasn’t getting enough cock from those middle-aged bowlers, she had to pick up on the high school guys too. What a bitch.

As Emma got drunker, and grew more upset about Darren, she also got angrier at Sara. Finally, sloshed, she decided she should just go confront the bitch. Let her know how much pain she’d caused. Maybe she would fuck off and Emma could patch things up with Darren.

She slipped out the window and made her way down the street. Everyone knew Sara lived in an apartment above the bowling alley she worked at, and Emma’s house was not far away. She stumbled up the stairs to Sara’s apartment—the lights were off but she started hammering the door anyway.

After a few minutes an annoyed Sara opened the door in her nightgown. “Who the hell are you?”

Emma had thought she would stand up to Sara and shout her down, but she surprised herself by starting to cry. Sara was beautiful, with long black hair with dyed red streaks, a slim figure, and full breasts. She looked kind of like a gothy Betty Boop. Emma could see Sara’s tits straining against the sheer nightgown, the nipples hardening in the night air. How could Emma compete against that? Sara noticed her sniffling and waved Emma inside.

Once on the couch, Emma tried to apologize. “I’m sorry, I… my boyfriend is Darren.”

“Who?” asked Sara, settling into a nearby chair.

This shocked Emma. “Darren, he—you—I found out he was, he was…”

“What? Fucking me?”

Emma choked up. Sara didn’t even care. How could casino şirketleri Darren have thrown her over for this bitch?

While Emma sobbed a little, Sara disappeared into the other room. She came back holding a bottle of wine, already open. “This is from last night, it’s still good.” She poured Emma a glass. “Don’t take it personally, girl, but I fuck lots of guys. Guys like Darren, who just want to have fun. I don’t go around stealing them from their girlfriends either. They just come by and try to pick me up at the alley, and if I like them I bring them up here.”

Emma gulped down the wine. “I just thought he liked me.”

“I’m sure he liked you fine. You’ve got a killer body with a tight ass. I bet you look pretty when you aren’t drunk and crying too. You seem like you might have some perky tits, but the ass especially. Did he ever try to fuck you in the ass?”

“We didn’t do that. We just… I just sucked on him a bit.”

“Shit, well, then maybe you should blame him for wanting some pussy, but you shouldn’t be surprised.”

Emma wanted to hate Sara but she had been thinking the same thing. That was why she’d blown Darren in the first place, to try to distract him from wanting more from her, at least then. “I’m not a prude you know. I was going to let him fuck me soon, after the prom.”

“Let him fuck you? Didn’t you want to fuck him?”


“Well, shit, why let anyone fuck you? You should be out getting yourself fucked. If you didn’t want his cock, why not get yourself a good cock you liked?”

“I did like him.”

“It doesn’t sound like it.” Sara poured Emma another glass.

“You don’t have to fuck everybody, you know.” Sara smirked. “You’re a virgin, huh? Saving it for the prom, for him? Why him? Why the prom? Don’t tell me that was your girly daydream. Didn’t you fantasize about fucking?”

“Of course, I’ve had fantasies.”

“Of him? Darren?”

“Sure, sometimes.”

“But not all the time.”

“Well, not… a girl can fantasize without being a slut.”

“Sure she can. But why just fantasize? Why not go get what you want?”

Emma slammed back her drink. “I don’t know.”

Sara was silent for a while, eyeing Emma up. “How old are you?”

“Seventeen. No, wait.” She looked at the clock, which read 12:57. “Eighteen. Just now. It’s my birthday.”

“Shit. Rough night for your birthday. Look, I’m sorry, okay? He tried to fuck me and I let him. It had nothing to do with you.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I’ll leave.”

“You don’t have to leave.” Sara moved over to sit beside Emma. “Have another drink with me, a birthday drink. It’s a new year and you can start it off right, without assholes like Darren hanging off you.”

“Yeah. He is an asshole. You’re right. I’m sorry. I came over here so angry with you. I’m still a bit angry.”

“You poor girl. So confused. And a virgin still.” Sara laid a hand on Emma’s thigh. “You don’t even know what you want from a man yet. Don’t get so attached to them.”

Emma casino firmaları nodded, drinking. Sara filled her glass again, then returned her hand to Emma’s thigh, stroking a little. “So you’ve sucked a little cock, but haven’t had one in you? What about a dildo?”

“A what? No, no.”

“You should. You need to get your pussy ready. Otherwise it’ll hurt too much, your first time will be terrible.”

“I couldn’t. I’d have to buy one, I wouldn’t even know where to start, and I’m only 17… 18 now.”

“Don’t know where to find one? You silly girl.” Sara emptied the rest of the wine bottle into her glass. “You can use anything, if you’re careful.” She brought the empty wine bottle to her mouth and licked around it. Emma watched her, giggling at how ridiculous Sara looked.

Then Sara pulled aside her nightgown. She was naked underneath, except for some tiny pink panties — her beautiful full breasts bobbed as she settled back into the couch. She pulled the panties to the side to expose her slit, then slid the slim end of the wine bottle into her pussy.

Emma didn’t know what to say or do. She stared, transfixed, as Sara slid the head of the bottle further into her pussy, then began to slide it in and out, fucking herself slowly. “Mmm,” Sara moaned. “You see?”

Emma just stared. If she hadn’t been drunk she would have bolted. But she was feeling vulnerable and curious, and simply shocked. Sara closed her eyes and fucked herself with the bottle for a bit, while Emma watched. Then she opened her eyes and looked at Emma, pulling out the bottle.

“Here, try it.”

“I can’t.” Emma just stared at the bottle, wide-eyed. Sara leaned forward, her free hand grabbing Emma’s breast through her t-shirt, rubbing a thumb over the hard nipple.

“Of course you can. I bet your pussy is dripping wet. Come on, I’ll show you.” Before she could protest, Sara had Emma’s pants down, to see her pussy was indeed dripping. She bent down, kneeling in front of Emma, and began to eat her out, aggressively.

Emma’s thoughts went blank. She’d let Darren eat her out a little, but he’d done it almost like a duty, to try to get his cock sucked. Sara just laid into Emma’s pussy like it was the best thing around—she sucked her clit and slid two fingers into Emma before she could protest, and before she knew it Emma was holding the back of Sara’s head, humping her face.

Sara pulled back from Emma’s pussy and grabbed the bottle, then started to slide it up Emma. She gasped as the neck slid in—Sara moved in gingerly in and out of Emma’s dripping pussy, smirking as Emma gasped. “You like that? A cock is way better than that.”

“Darren,” Emma moaned, “what about Darren’s cock?”

“Darren? He’s fine. There’s much better.” Sara shrugged. “There’s lots of cocks, sweetie.”

With that Emma exploded. She shrieked and pushed Sara’s hand away. Sara just smiled.

“You like thinking about how there’s lots of cocks? That get you going, sexy? There’s lots of cocks, and lots of pussy güvenilir casino too. You’ve got an especially sweet one.” Sara stood so that her crotch was level with Emma’s face, as Emma collapsed on the couch. “Try this pussy out, girl.”

Sara pulled Emma in, and although Emma’s thoughts balked, I’m not a lezzie!, her body leapt for Sara. She pushed her tongue greedily into Sara’s pussy, tonguing and sucking. Sara’s knees started to buckle from the force of Emma’s assault on her soaking pussy.

“Come over to the bed,” Sara said, pulling Emma down the hall. The two nearly fell into the next room, onto the mattress. Emma’s top was still on, her panties dragging from her ankle. Sara yanked the remaining clothes off and, now that Sara had shed her housecoat, the two were naked together. Sara cupped Emma’s breasts and bent over to suck on the nipples.

Emma felt like electricity was sparking through her skin. She had never so much as admired another woman’s body, other than the normal jealousy about a fuller breast or a trimmer waistline, and now the slut that had fucked her boyfriend was stuffing Emma’s tits into her mouth. And she liked it. She couldn’t blame Darren for fucking Sara, she decided, although she still blamed him for fucking somebody else. He could go to hell. But for now, Emma was in heaven.

Sara let her breasts fall out of her mouth and repositioned herself—Emma just went along with everything and found herself in a 69 position, lapping Sara’s pussy as Sara tongued her dripping slit. Sara ground her hips, rubbing her juices all over Emma’s face. Emma bucked as Sara dug in, and came again, but Sara wouldn’t let up, and Emma soon came a third time. Sara pulled off her, face dripping pussy juice. Emma smiled, blissful, as Sara leaned back to prop herself up on some pillows.

“Come over here,” Sara ordered, spreading her legs to push her pussy out to Emma. “Put your hand in it.”

Emma moved to her tentatively. She reached down and slid her fingers into Sara’s slit. “Yeah, just like that, but more. Push your whole hand in.”

She tried a second finger, then a third. Sara moaned as Emma pushed them in an out, and then turned over, the pillows under her stomach, pushing her ass into the air. “Push it in me.” She moved her ass and pussy back towards Emma, who slipped her fingers into Sara’s pussy again, and then took a chance with her whole hand.

Sara screamed in pleasure and shouted for more, and Emma pushed her hand in up to the wrist. She moved her hand in and out of Sara’s pussy, really into it now that she had started. She still felt a little in shock. My hand is up this slut’s pussy, she thought. Right where she let Darren put his cock. She started fistfucking Sara harder with that thought, still a little angry with her for fucking Darren. Sara screamed and yelled for more, then finally exploded in orgasm, her pussy in spasms around Emma’s hand.

They collapsed together in bed, sweaty and sticky with each other’s cum. Then Sara spoke. “Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

Emma didn’t know what to think, so thought nothing, just laid there. Her face was slick with pussy juice and she tried to feel bad about what she’d done. But she just felt tired, and satisfied. And maybe hungry for a thick, hard cock.

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