Dwayne meets Ham

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In early June, 1984, Dwayne had just started his summer break leading into his Senior year at Colorado State. It was a Friday, late afternoon. He should have been prepping for a night on the town, but instead he sat sulking with the TV remote in his hand on his couch in his 2nd story 1-bedroom apartment. He knew the summertime programming wouldn’t interest him or distract him from his unfulfilled dream of finding a man. Not any man, mind you. The Man. It seemed an impossible task.

He ran down his formidable checklist of required attributes. He had to be older, mature, big bellied, handsome faced, physically imposing but tender and affectionate, mutually attracted, proximate and available. He ran the odds and guessed each person he encountered would have at best a 1 in 100,000 chance of qualifying fully. That would mean there were maybe 3 possibilities in the whole of Fort Collins. He had played with a few big boys on campus out of desperation, but they were just that, boys. He needed a real man.

He thought about how easy it seemed for the guys he saw at the gym to just hook up on a whim. He had fended off many offers from non-qualified candidates there. He sat the remote down and held his head in his hands and mentally condemned himself, “Why do you have to make this so hard?”

Just then, as though in response, he heard a booming laugh in a bass register followed by a distinctly familiar West Texas drawl through his open window. He recognized the responding voice as that of his middle-aged, downstairs neighbor, Janis. He was drawn in. He slipped out his door and peered over the rail.

His heart jumped. As best he could tell from above, the man below matched all his physical criteria at first glance. Without hesitation, he hit the central stairs right next to his apartment and headed down.

Dwayne emerged and headed right for him. He quickly mentally reimposed his own, previous West Texas drawl as he extended a hand in greeting. “Howdy! You sound lika ‘Good Ole Boy’. What parta Texas ya from?” In his peripheral vision, Dwayne noticed Janis’ quizzical look.

Dwayne’s slender hand disappeared into the stranger’s meaty paw. He noted ‘Ham Remodeling’ on the pocket of his short-sleeved denim shirt. The stranger’s fully bearded face lit up at the familiar accent, “West Texas… Midland and Lubbock. Name’s Ham. Pleased ta meetcha!”

“Dwayne, here.” He cocked his head as they finished their enthusiastic shake, “So, Midland first and then Lubbock?”

They ran their histories and realized they had lived just 2 miles apart in Midland for nearly 10 years then 8 blocks apart for 4 in Lubbock.

Following the line of coincidences through, Dwight queried, “So, ya just visitin’?”

“Nope. Janis ‘ere has agreed to let me leave my sleepin’ bag rolled up and stashed behind her couch, as the song goes.”

“Hell, I live straight above. Ya realize if this keeps up, wur gonna hafta move in together.” Dwayne grinned precociously and did a quick, appreciative scan of Ham’s body.

Ham grinned back. His eyebrows bounced and he did his own quick scan of Dwayne’s wide shouldered but slender frame, noticing a significant bulge in his jeans extending to his left hip pointer.

Janis moved in territorially and clung to Ham’s stout arm, glaring at Dwayne.

Dwayne took the not so subtle hint and closed with, “Well, it was really nice to meetcha, Ham. Y’all have a nice day, now” He gave Ham a two fingered salute, winked and retreated up the stairs to his apartment. His heart pounded at the thought of the definite spark between them. He wondered if he had finally beaten the mountainous odds.

He leaned into the open window to listen to the aftermath below. He couldn’t quite make out the words but noted a bitter tone in Janis’ hushed voice followed clearly by Ham’s annoyed response, “Do ya really think ya own me, woman? After one night?”

Seconds later, Dwayne heard the stairs creaking bahis firmaları loudly as Ham pounded up the stairs and then the angry slam of Janis’ door. Dwayne opened his door with a smile just as Ham was about to knock.

“Well come on in, neighbor. Take a load off.” Dwayne gestured to the couch.

Ham entered and sat as Dwayne shut the door. “Can I offer ya a beer?”

Ham exhaled a sigh, “I could surely use one ’bout now.”

Dwayne crossed to the fridge for their beers asking, “Trouble in paradise?”

“Yep, ya could say that. I told ‘er I wanted ta take ya out for a beer ‘n talk ’bout old times ‘n she got all pissy. I tripped ‘er trigger last night ‘n now she’s actin’ like we’re married or sumpin’.”

Dwayne sat next to him and they cracked their beers, tapped cans and took a long draw.

“I can see where she’d wanna hang on to ya, Ham. Yur quite the catch.” Dwayne blushed and hit his beer again as his stomach nervously fluttered.

Ham grinned and winked while placing his strong hand on Dwayne’s knee, “Ya ain’t half bad lookin’ yurself, boy. Mind’f I geta better look?”

Dwayne shuddered inside, smiled happily, rose and went over to lock the door and draw the curtains.

He turned to Ham, moved in close and pulled his t-shirt over his head, revealing his well developed hairless chest, wide defined shoulders, muscular upper arms and his slightly rippled stomach. Ham licked his lips and went for Dwayne’s belt.

Dwayne kicked off his shoes as Ham unhitched his belt and fly, unzipped and dropped Dwayne’s jeans to his ankles. Ham gently rubbed his stomach with his left hand and traced the bulge of his stiff endowment through his tight briefs with his right. He spun Dwayne around and kneaded the cheeks of his ‘bubble’ butt and noted his well defined back and leg muscles. He pulled down the briefs enough for access and inhaled at his ass crack, detecting only scented soap and a very slight, delightful, fresh and youthful musk.

Ham spun Dwayne back around as he stood and enveloped him gently in his strong arms, gazing into his ocean blue eyes. “Yur one hot lookin’ kid ‘n I wanna bed ya, but I don’t take nutin’ without consent. How do ya like it?”

Dwayne sighed with relief, checking off the remaining requirements on his list, “I’d love to start slow and build up, if you’re ok with that.”

Ham smiled with a gleam in his eyes, “Hmmm. A romantic. I like that.” He grabbed Dwayne’s hand as he stepped out of his jeans and followed Ham to the bedroom.

Once inside, Ham wrapped him in a tender embrace and gently pressed his lips to Dwayne’s. Dwayne swooned and opened wide for a passionate tongue kiss. After a minute, they broke the kiss and Dwayne reached for his shirt buttons while Ham popped his belt, fly and zipper, simultaneously kicking off his loafers. They were soon clad only in their briefs and socks.

Dwayne interjected, “Give me just a sec.” He went to his stereo, “60’s or 70’s?” he inquired.

“60’s” Ham replied. Dwayne pulled the appropriate romantic mix tape and popped it in his stereo and hit play. He dimmed the lights and flipped on the ceiling fan. Noting Ham’s rigid, apparently 8 ½”, girthy member through his briefs, he quickly opened his bedside table’s drawer and pulled out the lube and a clean washcloth, chose a ‘Magnum’ condom and laid them all on top for easy access.

As Ham sat on the bed, Dwayne removed his socks for him then stood and dropped his briefs and removed his own socks. He stood before Ham with his slightly slimmer but still thick, cut 7 ½ inches pointing straight at the ceiling. Ham stood and Dwayne pulled his tighty-whities down to his ankles and Ham stepped out of them.

Dwayne rubbed and admired Ham’s stout, hairy thighs. He moved his hands up to Ham’s groin and ran his fingers through the dense, salt and pepper bush while staring at his uncut slab of manhood that pointed up, 45 degrees off vertical, stabbing the kaçak iddaa bottom of his furry, rounded belly with the half unsheathed head.

Rising, Dwayne rubbed circles through the soft fur covering Ham’s wondrous belly then kneaded his full, firm breasts.

Ham threw his left arm around Dwayne’s neck and pulled him back into a passionate, tender kiss. He reached down with his right hand to feather his fingertips along the length of Dwayne’s shaft. He gently drummed the exposed glans with two fingers with a light touch that Dwayne really appreciated. Dwayne whimpered his passion through his nose. He twitched and spasmed but didn’t retreat from the incredible sensation as he began rapturously running his fingers through Ham’s slightly greying black hair that was cut in a ‘High ‘n Tight’ and looked deeply into his steely grey eyes.

Precum oozed from Dwayne’s member and Ham spread the lubricant luxuriously up and down the inch below the slit. Dwayne began involuntarily flexing his manhood. “Oh Ham. Yur gonna make me cum.”

Ham relented and swept Dwayne onto the bed, assuming a missionary position with Ham on top, on his knees between Dwayne’s thighs and propping his weight on his fists. Dwayne wrapped his legs around Ham’s lower back and started kneaded his heels into the tops of his buttocks, hitting an erogenous nerve that signals mounting to the brain. Ham began grinding their pelvises in a figure eight pattern, matching Dwayne’s alternating kneading. Their naturally slicked heads wiped across each other left and right under Ham’s belly. Dwayne’s breath came in shallow, huffing spasms as he tried to stave off an early climax again.

Ham switched his weight to his left to run the fingers of his right paw through Dwayne’s wavy, light brown locks and gazed into his adoring eyes, “Damn, boy! Yur a real live wire.”

Ham then orchestrated a shuffle into a 69 position and grasped the base of Dwayne’s throbbing endowment with a finger and thumb and began administering a tongue bath, occasionally bobbing down until the head tapped the back of his throat. Dwayne took his pace and action cues from Ham’s performance and they relished in the mutual connection without driving to a climax for a good 10 minutes.

Ham spun back around and lifted Dwayne’s ankles up and over until he could tuck his toes under a ridge at the top of the headboard. He then moved down and took in the aroma of Dwayne’s exposed and presented hind end. “Ummm. Nice and clean. Just the way I like it.”

He playfully and gently bit first the right then the left cheek before lapping the length of Dwayne’s valley from stem to stern. Dwayne moaned his appreciation. Ham then started lapping at his target like he was eating an icecream cone. Dwayne’s sphincter clenched and released in time to the stimulation as his moans became louder and more passionate. The headboard lightly tapped their gentle rhythm on the wall.

Ham speared his tongue and began plunging and prying open the tight ring only to have it pinched and expelled over and over. Dwayne was in a delirium and thrusting upward into Ham’s tongue as he exclaimed in time, “Yes…yes…yes”. Each cry was matched with a firmer thud of the headboard against the wall.

After about 5 minutes, Ham noticed Dwayne relaxing into it and letting his tongue plunge freely. He rose and grabbed the lube and applied a generous portion on his first two fingers and smeared Dwayne’s ass crack and swiveled his index finger at the gate until it parted to allow entry. He slowly sank in all the way and began rubbing upward and felt the firm rounded edge of Dwayne’s prostate and began tapping and rubbing it with his fingertip. Dwayne’s eyes rolled back and he began quaking and grunting as his precum streamed out continuously, painting his lower abdomen as his pulsing member slapped his stomach in time to Ham’s prodding. Ham stared with delight at Dwight’s rapturous reaction as his own member bounced against kaçak bahis his belly with his pulse.

Ham wound his wrist in circles, widening the entryway before adding a second finger to the mix. Dwayne’s sphincter quickly adapted and Ham went for a third finger and rotated them to the left then the right. Dwayne squirmed and moaned as he reached blindly and found the condom and tore the wrapper open with his teeth and handed the over-sized sheath to Ham, “I need you inside me now, Ham!”

Still twisting three fingers, Ham managed to unroll the pre-lubricated condom down to the base of his organ with his free hand and then assumed a mounting position on his knees with Dwayne’s heels at his shoulders. With everything lined up, Ham withdrew his fingers and immediately replaced them with the tip of his missile and easily gained initial entry without protest.

He slowly rocked his hips and dropped in slightly deeper with each stroke, reading Dwayne’s face for any sign of discomfort but only witnessing an enthralled, pleading visage. Dwayne reached up and kneaded Ham’s furry breasts while emitting a continuous moan of pleasure and clenching Ham’s shaft at the bottom of each plunge.

Once Ham was fully hilted, he leaned over Dwayne and began nibbling at his lips and then drove his tongue deep into Dwayne’s mouth while continuing his luscious pace. They fell into each other’s eyes as they savored their complete merger. Ham moved his arms inside Dwayne’s legs. Dwayne wrapped his legs around Ham’s belly while maintaining his angle of penetration. He pulled him in tighter, whimpering his deep satisfaction at being completed filled by the man of his dreams.

Ham could sense his climax approaching as his breath quickened. He broke the kiss but not his eye contact, “Ya with me, boy? Ya ready for more?”

“Take me, Ham. I’m all yours!”

Ham resumed their deep kiss and steadily increased his pace while adopting full length strokes. They were soon snorting their breaths in rhythm with his punching penetrations, building to a crescendo as the headboard smacked ever more quickly and loudly into the wall.

Ham broke their kiss, panting hard. Dwayne watched his face and melded with Ham’s swelling excitement as tears of passion welled in his eyes.

“Ya ready ta cum with me, baby?” Ham’s eyes were wide and desperate.

Dwayne practically screamed, “I’m ready, Ham. I’m ready NOW!!”

Ham felt Dwayne’s slick member flex hard against his belly as it began shooting his seed between them. Ham slammed home, bucked and exploded with Dwayne’s second forceful orgasmic clench around the very base of his shaft. He arched his back and bellowed, “HOLY FUCK, BOY!” as he began filling the condom, quaking through 7 intense bolts.

Ham eventually slipped slowly out and rolled off onto his back beside Dwayne as they both panted hard and stared glassy eyed at the ceiling as they floated back to earth. Ham took Dwayne’s hand in his and gave an appreciative squeeze. “That was absolutely, FUCKING AMAZING, Dwayne! I cain’t remember ever havin’ as intense ofa time. I hope we can do it again soon.”

Dwayne traced a finger through Ham’s soft furry pelt on his chest and belly. “I’d love to be with you anytime you’d like, all the time, in fact. I’ve been looking for you for years, Ham.”

Ham looked into Dwayne’s eyes and saw his deep desire shining through. He gathered Dwayne in a luscious wet kiss and ran his meaty fingers through his hair. He felt his erection growing again almost immediately, still in the messy condom. He broke off, “Damn, Boy. Ya really get me goin’! I think I’d be really happy ta have ya ta myself.”

“Oh Ham! You have no idea how happy that would make me!”

Ham gathered Dwayne up and pulled him onto his chest and resumed their deep kiss.

After melting into each other for another 5 minutes, Ham suggested they clean up and go out for a steak to celebrate.

As they headed out to the parking lot, they noticed Ham’s suitcase and duffle bag stationed to the right of Janis’ door.

Ham smirked at Dwayne and they gathered his things and scrambled back upstairs to put them where they now belonged.

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