Dr. Patty

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Jennifer sat in the waiting room of the OBGYN’s office, crossing and uncrossing her legs. The two receptionists at the desk were both occupied, and the waiting room was empty but for Jennifer, a fact for which she was very grateful. She knew her discomfort was obvious and, if one were to sit next to her, it was possible to detect the faint odor of her extreme arousal.

It had been two weeks. She dripped with excitement constantly and no matter how much she masturbated or how many times she had sex with her current fling, it just wouldn’t go away. Wearing underwear was torture; she was aroused so constantly that even the tiniest brush of material on her sensitive clit would send her over the edge. She woke up every morning drenched and craving something she just couldn’t put her finger on. Finally she could take it no more and booked an appointment with her long-time gynecologist Dr. Patty.

Jennifer had been seeing Dr. Patty since her junior year in high school when her first boyfriend had cheated on her with the town bicycle. After ruining the girl’s reputation and surprising the patrons of a restaurant by throwing an entire glass of water into her boyfriend’s face, she had gone straight to Dr. Patty to make sure she had not caught anything unfortunate as a result of her boyfriend’s infidelity. She had been clean, thank god, and despite the awkwardness of a first gynecologist appointment, Dr. Patty did her best to make Jennifer comfortable.

A no-nonsense woman in her early 40’s, Dr. Patty had raised three children and had seen it all. She was wise, unflappable and totally unaware of her physical appearance. Though not a beauty by any means, Patty had perfect, almost porcelain skin and delicate hands more suited to piano playing than wielding a speculum. Her nails were always manicured with the same color: OPI’s Big Apple Red. She had turned Jennifer onto the color as well after only a few appointments. Trim in figure, she dressed in nondescript sweater sets over which she wore a lab coat. She wore Ralph Lauren loafers not for the brand but because she found them more comfortable than any other type of shoe. Jennifer looked up to her in a way that was perhaps unusual for a patient to gynecologist relationship but there is an odd sort of camaraderie when you have allowed a strange woman to poke around your lady parts.

After a few moments, Jennifer’s name was called by a nurse. She was instructed to give a urine sample and then make herself comfortable in one of the examination rooms. Jennifer walked into the bathroom and pulled down her running shorts. She positioned herself over the sample cup but could only drip from excitement. Concentrating hard, she finally squeezed out enough for the sample and put it through the little door. A few drops of her juice floated obviously within the cup but Jennifer was beyond caring.

In the examination room, Jennifer stripped and put on the desperately unfortunate cotton wrap that was standard in the gynecological profession. Jennifer had firm D-cups of which she was normally very proud but was now cursing, as her tortured nipples rubbed against the cotton. She knew she was dripping onto the paper of the examining chair and considered honorable suicide via speculum before Dr. Patty came in. This truly was an embarrassing situation but she had complete faith that Dr. Patty would know exactly what the matter was and how to fix it. She always did.

Soon Dr. Patty came in, greeting Jennifer as she always did and making small talk. She casino şirketleri sat on the small stool at the end of the examining table and smiled. “You know the drill, Jennifer. Feet into the stirrups.”

Jennifer hesitated. She knew that her pussy would be stretched wide open by the positioning of the stirrups and wasn’t sure she could handle it. Finally, she decided to come clean.

“Dr. Patty…I just wanted to give you a head’s up as to why I’m even here.” Jennifer cleared her throat uncomfortably and felt herself blushing. “I…uh…I’m constantly…aroused. I guess you would say.” She felt herself go even darker red and both her face and her pussy felt like they were on fire. “I don’t know what the matter is. But it won’t go away, and I think I’m going to die, partially of embarrassment. I just didn’t want you to get down there and…think…well I don’t know. Anyway there it is and I think I’d like to die now so if you could just hand me something with which to bash my brains in I’d be awfully appreciative.”

Dr. Patty threw back her head and laughed heartily. She knew exactly what the problem was and saw enormous hilarity in Jennifer’s discomfort, thinking that she was the only woman to which this kind of thing happened.

“Okay Jennifer, thanks for the warning. Now put your feet up and let’s see if we can clear things up.”

Jennifer lay back on the table and slipped her feet into the stirrups.

Dr. Patty moved closer and turned on the examining light. She had to stop herself from gasping; Jennifer hadn’t been kidding. Her clit was engorged and protruding from its little shell. Her tiny hole was dripping juice that ran all the way down her ass crack, begging to be licked. Jennifer squirmed and it was clear that she was uncomfortable.

Dr. Patty cleared her throat. “I’m going to start touching now, is that okay?”

“Yes,” came the faint answer.

Slowly, Dr. Patty pulled Jennifer’s lips apart, checking to make sure there were no physical irregularities in or around the area. She moved her hands over Jennifer’s inner thighs, and noted they were quaking with the effort of suppression. She traced the edge of one nail over Jennifer’s poor little clit. She heard a sharp intake of breath.

“Are you doing okay up there?” Dr. Patty asked.

“If you are, I’m going to do some touching inside just to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.”

“Okay,” Jennifer responded in a strangled voice. She was having seriously bad thoughts and knew she was on the edge of another, useless orgasm. She felt Dr. Patty’s long and delicate finger slip inside her and a new wave of goo slithered out of her hole. She had always been attracted to girls but never had the opportunity, or the nerve, to act on it. Though she knew this was totally professional, Jennifer couldn’t help but wish that Dr. Patty would move her finger in and out and maybe do a little licking while she was down there.

Dr. Patty curled up the tip of her finger, her nail brushing the top wall of the inside of Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer now could not help herself and let out a tiny moan. Dr. Patty noticed this but made no comment and continued to brush the tip of her nail backwards and forwards as Jennifer’s hole leaked more and more juice.

After what seemed like an eternity, Dr. Patty removed her finger from Jennifer’s slit. Turning to the sink to wash her hands, she said, “Just as I thought—your clitoral sponge is highly over-full. When the pressure is released, it results casino firmaları in squirting, which is the liquid of the clitoral sponge being expelled via the urethra during orgasm. Being that it is such a delicate and temperamental part of the vagina it’s no wonder that you’ve been in such discomfort. But don’t worry, nothing is wrong or broken down there.”

Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief, but the moment was short lived. “But Dr. Patty, what can I do about it? I’m going nuts over here and I’ve been masturbating like a fiend and nothing’s helped.” She blushed at this accidental confession and failed to notice Dr. Patty’s grin.

Dr. Patty reassured Jennifer, “That’s pretty typical actually. Because of the location of the clitoral sponge, it’s really difficult to reach via masturbation or even during sexual intercourse. The easiest way I’ve found to set it off is via oral sex but even that sometimes doesn’t work, depending on the skill level of your partner.”

“Oh Christ,” Jennifer muttered to herself. “My current fling doesn’t really know what to do down there for whatever reason. Guess I’ll have to go to Craigslist and hire someone that does.” She began to sit up and collect herself.

Meanwhile, the cogs in Dr. Patty’s head were whirring and spinning in a way that she was unaccustomed to. Before she could stop herself, Dr. Patty blurted out, “I have a proposition, if you’re interested.”

Jennifer stopped what she was doing and looked at Dr. Patty. “I’m desperate, if you couldn’t tell. Proposition away.”

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Dr. Patty said in a rush, “I know it’s highly unorthodox and obviously with your express permission, and silence, only, I’d be willing to help you.”

Jennifer flushed all over again and tried not to notice that her nipples were standing at attention once more. She weighed the thought for about 30 seconds and then nodded. “I’m ready and willing and obviously I promise not to say anything about this to anyone. I wouldn’t want you to lose your license. Then who would I see?”

Dr. Patty couldn’t believe it and neither could Jennifer. Finally, Patty broke the ice. “Very well then, if you want to lay back again go ahead. And if you want to take that dumb robe off you can as well. I hate those things personally.”

Jennifer did just that and Dr. Patty adjusted the stirrups so that they stretched Jennifer’s steaming pussy open even wider. Her juice was dripping fast and furiously down her crack and onto the carpet.

“I’m going to begin now,” Dr. Patty said. “Is that okay by you?”

“Yes, Dr. Patty.” Jennifer said. “Do what you need to do.”

Once more, Dr. Patty slipped her middle finger into Jennifer’s sloppy pussy. As wet as she was, her hole was still so tight that Patty could feel the muscles gripping her knuckle. She resisted the urge to lick up all the juice that was coming out but it was difficult. Dr. Patty took a deep breath. “If at any time you feel uncomfortable or want me to stop just let me know, okay Jennifer?”

“Okay.” The response was hardly more than a whisper.

Dr. Patty began to slowly move her finger in and out of Jennifer’s pussy, curving it upwards as she did so and scraping the tip of her nail lightly along the upper wall. The effect was instantaneous; juice began flooding out of the hole. Dr. Patty abandoned all pretenses and bent her head to lick them up. The taste was incredibly sweet and she had to stop herself from removing her finger and tongue fucking the young güvenilir casino girl. Above her, Jennifer was breathing hard and heavy, loving every minute and yet terrified of what was happening.

Gently, Dr. Patty touched the tip of her tongue to Jennifer’s clit.

“Yessss Dr. Patty,” Jennifer hissed without warning. “More, Dr. Patty.”

Emboldened by her request, Dr. Patty began to slip her tongue up and down the sides of Jennifer’s clit, barely touching it and sending delicious shivers all through Jennifer’s body. She removed her finger and sucked at Jen’s tiny hole, loving every drop of juice that came out of it. She sensed that Jennifer was getting close and though she wanted to continue lavishing affection on her gorgeous pussy, she knew firsthand how uncomfortable constant arousal could be and decided to stop teasing.

Spreading Jennifer’s lips with one hand, she slipped her middle finger in again and made a beckoning motion with it, gradually increasing the tempo. She bent her head again and lightly tongued the tiny space between Jennifer’s hole and her clit. Finally she sucked the entire clit into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue over and over again, still punishing her pussy with those long red nails.

Jennifer felt her orgasm building, but it was different than she was used to. It felt like it was coming from lower down in her pussy, maybe like she had to pee. She tried to warn Dr. Patty of this but she couldn’t form the words. Instead she arched her back and gave her doctor better access to her greedy clit. Dr. Patty was sucking at it with all her might and Jennifer could hardly take it. Without realizing it, Jennifer began to tweak and play with her painfully hard nipples, pulling on them and kneading her breasts.

Then the magic moment came. “Dr. Patty,” Jennifer gasped, “I think I’m going to cum.”

Her gynecologist’s response to this was to pull Jennifer’s pussy into her face even farther and she began to lick at her clit with a new vengeance. These short, fast strokes sent Jennifer over the edge and her pussy began to spasm as jet after jet of clear liquid shot out of it, soaking Dr. Patty’s face and her bangs.

It seemed to go on forever, the delicious fluttering of her clit and the tense pulling of her pussy muscles but finally Jennifer stopped bucking and collapsed upon the table. She felt weak with pleasure but beyond happy and finally, sated.

Dr. Patty sat back with a pleased look on her face. “Feeling better?” she asked.

“Infinitely,” Jennifer sighed. “But I’m so sorry I got you all wet! I’m so embarrassed.” And it was true, she had splashed her doctor’s face and lab coat with her juices.

“It’s completely fine,” Dr. Patty reassured her. “I always keep a spare lab coat and there’s a sink right here so I can wash up. Don’t even worry about it. I’m just glad you’re feeling better.” She turned to the sink and began to splash water on her face which was covered in sticky juices, resisting the urge to lick her lips.

“Oh Dr. Patty you have no idea. I feel completely different. And that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had, bar none.” Jennifer began to put her clothes back on. Dr. Patty smiled but did not respond.

As Dr. Patty was about to leave the room she poked her head back in. Jennifer turned around, expecting advice for next time or something equally mundane. “Actually,” Dr. Patty admitted, “I do have an idea. And just wait until you find out how to cum like that every time.” She closed the door and walked down the hallway, grinning.

Jennifer stood in the room, shocked. Had her gynecologist just professed to being a squirter? And was there promise of a continuation? She shook her head, obviously this was a one-time thing. But still.

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