An Old Joke

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Author’s note: for the purposes of this story everyone is at least 18 years old. I cannot control you if you want to imagine some other age for me and other characters.


I fucked my sister.

The short version is pretty simple. I stood at the top of the hallway-like stairs while totally naked. Of course, I had a hard-on.

“Hey, Sis!” I called down the stairs.

She looked around the corner. Saw me and ran up the stairs.

She pulled off her pants and panties before lying down on my bed.

I really didn’t know what to do, but I got on top and brushed my cock up against her bushy bush.

Sis took hold of my cock and guided it. Then she pushed on my butt in order to get me moving. I figured out what to do after that.

My mind was going “wow, I am really fucking!”

That’s the quick version. The “seduction” actually took more than a year.

Sis was my childhood playmate. She was a year older. She always had time for me. We were best friends as well as being siblings.

When Sis grew boobs I didn’t think anything of it, but Mom told me I couldn’t take baths with Sis anymore. I didn’t understand, and asked. Mom simply said something about girls needing privacy. It was a few years before I saw real live naked boobs again. I appreciated the view more the next time!

The next boobs I saw were on the woman next door. I just happened to be looking out a side window one night. I saw her, naked from the waist up, as she was pulling down the shades to her window. I got about three seconds of view. Three seconds was enough to put a ‘pop-up’ in pants.

“Hey, Sis, guess what I saw,” I said as I flopped down on her bed. She was looking at outfits in her closet.

“What did you see?”


“A robin? I saw one yesterday.” Robin sightings are a big deal because that means spring is coming.

“Nope, better than a robin.”

“I can’t guess. Just tell me.”

“Nope, you gotta guess some more.”

“No, I don’t, little brother. I will tickle it out of you.”

Before I could react she straddled me on her bed and started to tickle my ribs.

“OK, I give. I will tell you.”

Meanwhile I became aware that she was sitting right on my erect cock. Even though two pair of blue jeans and two pair of underwear separated us I felt (or imagined I felt) the heat of her pussy.

Sis quit tickling and I relaxed to enjoy being flat on my back with a gorgeous woman seemingly grinding her private part against my private part. To this day, years later, I have craved being fucked in that position.

“I saw Mrs. Rovino with no top on.”

Sis got up quickly when we heard Mom call out “Who wants popcorn?”

A few nights later Sis found me staring out the window at the Rovino’s. I didn’t hear Sis come in and I jumped when she said, “Any luck with the boob watch?”

“Naw, she is always dressed when she pulls down that shade, or sometimes Mr. Rovino does it.”

“Too bad,” she said as she disappeared into her room.

A couple of minutes later she reappeared. “Hey, Buck, look at these.” I looked. Obviously she had removed her bra. Slowly and sensuously she lifted her t-shirt until two of the most wonderful breasts appeared. Back then I had only pictures in dirty magazines — and three seconds of Mrs. Rovino — for comparison. They stood proud and pointed right at me. “That’s all you get,” said Sis as she put her top back down.

“Yours are much nicer, and bigger, than Mrs. Rovino’s,” I said.


This is where the old joke gets inserted. It goes like this: A brother and a sister were home alone one day. They explored their parents’ bedroom. The girl found some condoms hidden under the father’s underwear.

“Hey, look at these! Dad has some rubbers in here.”

“Lemme see,” said the boy.

“Hey brother, wanna try one out?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, let’s ‘do it’ with one of these rubbers.”

The boy protested for a bit, “It’s probably not right for a brother to do his sister.”

Of course we all know that teen boys are eager for fucking, and it didn’t take much on sister’s part to get him to cooperate.

“Wow, brother, your cock is much bigger than Dad’s!” said the girl.

“I know,” said the boy, “that’s what Mom told me.”

End of joke.


Anyway, my story of family fucking isn’t quite like that old joke, but I like to think it was more fun. This tale begins with my sister casino şirketleri and continues through the other members of my family. Yes, I had sex with them all.

As I said earlier, Sis and I were good friends growing up. Childhood was full of doing things together. We played together, we went to school together, we did our homework together, and we watched TV together. We even bathed together until that time Mom put a stop to it.

The closeness resumed after that wonderful day in April when Sis showed me her boobs.

For the next several months Sis would tease me with views of her tits and sometimes she’d lower her pants so I could get a quick peek at her panties. But the event that really got my boner hard and caused me to find manual relief several times for weeks was the shower scene.

“Hey, Buck,” she called out from the bathroom one time as I was passing. “Look here!”

There she was fully naked. I could see everything. I stared at her pussy. It was my first ever view of a hair-covered crotch. Sis did a teasing dance for a few seconds, but then shut the door and turned on the shower.

Another hot time was a few weeks later. Sis came home from a date.

I was in my room. She came in smiling like she had a big secret.

“Guess what happened tonight,” she challenged.

“I donno, Sis, you tell me.”

“OK, brother dear, John [her date] put his hand under my bra and felt my boobs. I let him. It wasn’t all that comfortable so I told him to unhook my bra.”

“Wow, Sis, what else did you two do?”

“We kissed and he caressed by boobs for a long time. When he tried to reach into my pants I stopped him.”

“Lucky John. He got to touch them. I only get to look once in awhile.”

Sis put on a big grin and took off her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra anymore.

“Here you go, .little brother, feel me up.”

Did I need to be invited twice? Nope. I palmed both of those size C boobs at the same time.

“That’s enough,” she said, “I need to go to bed to play with myself for awhile. Tee hee.”

It was just a few weeks later that I had my first fuck. It was the quickie described at the start of my narrative. It was fun. It was fodder for many memories, memories that included masturbation, of course.


The second time was even better.

It was a Saturday night. Sis and I each had dates the night before, but nothing that Saturday. Mom and Dad were out for the evening doing whatever it is parents do when they go out.

“How was your date with Nancy?” asked Sis as we sat almost side-by-side on the family couch watching some dumb rerun on TV. It was barely nine o’clock and we both already had our pajamas on — modestly covered by our bath robes, of course.

“It was OK,” I replied, “I enjoyed the movie, and grabbed a couple of gropes during the darker scenes.”

“Were her boobs as good as mine?”

“Donno, she wouldn’t let me get my fingers under her blouse.”

“So, you probably didn’t get any action later, right?”

“Nope. No action for me last night, Sis. How’d it go for you? Did John get into your panties?”

“I let him play with my titties, but I don’t think I like him enough to go any farther with him. My pussy is for guys I really like.”

“Whoa, Sis, you must like me. Tee hee.”

“Yes, Brother Buck, I do like you.” With that she took my hand and guided it between her legs.

You know what a guy does with his hand and fingers when they get on top of a pussy, don’t you? Of course, you know. I vigorously rubbed away.

“Not so rough, brother! Be gentle.” Sis used her hand to guide my fingers to the right spot and the right pressure for pleasing her. You might say she used my fingers to masturbate. Nevertheless, I paid close attention to the pussy pleasuring instruction.

“Wanna do it?” I asked.

“Say ‘please.'”

“Please, may I fuck you?”


The next part of my story deals with Dad rather than Sis.

“Buck,” asked Dad, “Do you want to go on a fishing trip with me again this summer?”

“Of course, I do, Dad.”

“Unless you have other plans let’s go next weekend. We can leave Friday right after I get off work. We can stay an extra day because I can take Monday off.”

“That’s great, Dad.”

Dad and I have gone fishing together for years. It is great for father/son bonding and companionship. The overnight and weekend trips started after I began high school.

One casino firmaları of the bonus features of those trips was the cabin in Montana where we stayed. There was a huge stack of magazines. Actually, two stacks. One stack was fishing and hunting magazines. I paid little attention to them. The other was, you guessed it, girlie magazines including Penthouse and Playboy. Those two are kind of tame compared to some magazines in the stack. Not only did I see bare boobs, and bare pussy, I saw pictures of women sucking off men, women getting fucked in the pussy and in the ass, and women licking each other’s pussies.

The first couple of years I would sneak a peek at the pictures whenever I thought Dad didn’t see what I was doing. If he left the cabin I could take longer lingering looks.

And, you know I jacked off in the bathroom secretly.

“Buck, here have a beer,” said Dad this year.

Two beers later Dad continued, “Let’s look at magazines.” He pulled three off the girlie stack and handed them to me. Then, he grabbed one for himself. He turned immediately to the center fold-out. “Wow, look at the tits on this one!”

Shocked is too strong of a word perhaps, but I was extremely surprised that my dad would share naughty pictures with me. I thought of him as being a straight-laced moral man.

After another beer and flipping through more pages of nakedness, sucking, and fucking. Dad announced. “This is making me horny. I bet it’s doing it to you, too.”

True, I had a nice hard-on and was thinking about taking a trip to the bathroom to relieve myself.

“No need to be sneaky about it, Buck. I know you masturbate. It’s OK to take care of yourself that way. In fact, I feel the need to do so myself.”

With those words spoken he pulled down his pants and underwear. When he started jacking off I figured it was OK for me to jack off, too.

Talk about your father/son male bonding!

We slept in late Saturday morning. All that beer (and ejaculation) does make a guy sleepy.

I woke up with a hard on. With no embarrassment I pumped my member to completion with my father right there. I thought he was still asleep, but he was watching me. He smiled at me when I noticed him.

The rest of the morning and the afternoon were anti-climatic. We drifted out on the boat, catching a few fish, and talking about this thing and the other thing. Sex was not one of the topics.

That night, however, Dad brought out the beer again.

“Let’s be more comfortable tonight,” he said as he moved a stack of magazines to the bed. “Those chairs aren’t very good for what we are going to do.”

I nestled onto my side of the bed and took up a magazine. Dad went to the other side, but not until he undressed down to his underwear. Well, I can do that, too. I took off everything except my Fruit of the Loom.

We lay side by side enjoying the same magazine. We took turns turning the pages and commenting.

“I’d like to slide my cock into that one.”

“This one just looks like she wants me to fuck her.”

“That guy’s got a huge cock! Think it would all fit in her pussy?”

“That blow-job looks like fun.”

Dad suddenly turned to me. “What do you know about blow-jobs? Ever have one?”

“Nope,” I replied, “but it looks like fun.’

“Buck, it is. I will show you” he said as pulled the top of my underwear down. Next thing I knew he was sucking on my cock. Those magazines and the beer had me feeling pretty horny so I didn’t even think about stopping Dad. With his tongue swirling and head sliding up and down, Dad brought me to the third orgasm that wasn’t by my own doing. The first two, you recall, were with Sis.

“Well, was I right?” asked Dad. “Was it fun?”

“Whew,” was all I could say.

“I don’t expect you to return the favor, but, son, there is something you can do for me.”

“What’s that?”

“Your Mom is good in bed. She gives me very satisfying screws and often sucks me off like that. But, there’s one thing she refuses.’ He paused for a bit, like he wasn’t sure if he could bring himself to say it. “Ass.”

At first I was a bit bewildered. Isn’t screwing often called getting a piece of ass? I don’t know why, because one fucks the pussy, not the ass. Oh, the light bulb went on. Dad wants to fuck Mom’s ass. Mom won’t let him. That means, yes, yes, that means he wants mine. How can I refuse the man who shares beer, dirty magazines, jack-off sessions with güvenilir casino me, and who just finished giving me a great blow-job?

“OK, Dad. Let’s do it.”

“It works best if you get on your hands and knees with your behind up in the air.”

I got into position.

“We need some lubrication, too.” He reached into a dresser drawer and pulled out a tube of something.

He squeezed some slippery stuff onto my anus and smoothly rubbed my opening. It actually felt good and erotic. One finger gently penetrated. I loved the sensation and my cock popped up bring and strong again.

“Ready or not, here I come,” declared Dad as he pushed his cock into my butthole. Contrary to what I was expecting that did not feel good. It was uncomfortable. It was more than uncomfortable. It actually hurt a bit. In spite of the discomfort I was excited and turned on.

Dad was done quickly. He rolled over and fell asleep.


Toward the end of summer Dad’s lodge had Father-Daughter dinner. The lodge alternated year by year between Father-Son and Father-Daughter events. This year it was the daughters’ turn. Sis wore her prom dress from last spring and Dad wore a rented tux. They looked nice together.

Shortly after the pair left Mom said, “Hey, Buck, it’s your turn to help me with the dishes.” Lucky me, Sis and Dad didn’t eat at home, so there weren’t many dishes to do.”

“Buck, did Dad talk to you about protection during your fishing trip. He said he would.”

“Huh? Protection? What do you mean Mom?”

“I know you are the age that you will be wanting to have sex with girls. Did Dad tell you about having protection during sex?”


“I figured as much when I saw that the package of condoms that he was supposed to give you was still in his dresser drawer.”

I knew about condoms, but a conversation about them with my mother could be embarrassing. I decided to play dumb just to see if Mom would get embarrassed, too. “Condoms? What are they? What do they have to do with protection?”

“Buck, are you playing dumb, or do you really not know about using these things?” She held out a package labeled Trojan.

“Trojans. I have heard of them. Some guys tell jokes about them, but what are they for?”

“Buck, you wear one when you have sex with a girl.” I could see Mom’s face getting red.

I just couldn’t resist teasing Mom some more with my supposed ignorance. “How do they work? How do I wear them?”

Mom was a bit flustered, but also a bit giggly when she replied. “You roll them onto your…your…thing before making love.”

I started laughing. “I can hardly believe that my own mother is telling me this! Any chance you will show me how to put one on?”

Mom giggled, too. “I call your bluff. Pull down your pants and we’ll put this one on you,” she said as she unwrapped a package.

“Yeah, right, Mom. No, I call your bluff!” Down came my pants. My hard on was sticking up over the top of my underwear. “I dare you to put a condom on me.”

Mom was wide-eyed as she stared at my crotch. “Take it all off. I want a better look.”

I obeyed.

“Here’s how to put on a rubber,” she said as she rolled one onto my throbbing member. “Now, let’s go into my bedroom so I can teach you how to use it.”

I led me by my hand into the room she shares with Dad. In twenty seconds she, too, was unclad. She pulled me onto the bed saying “I want you to slide that thing into me right here.” She pointed to her pussy.

I found myself fucking for the third time in my life — and now with a second woman. I tried to hold off as long as I could, but my spunk soon coated the insides of that rubber. I could tell that Mom wasn’t satisfied, so I rolled off in order to use the finger fucking technique that I recently learned from my sister.

“Oh…oh….oh…. that feels so good,” said Mom.

The condom has slipped off when my cock when limp. So when I started to get hard again I wasn’t wearing it.

“Buck, can you fill me again? I am just about ready to explode.”

I fucked my Mom a second time. Her juices and the cum on my now bare dick made for a smooth slippery slide that enhanced the experience.


In the morning when it was just barely getting light I heard someone sneaking into my room. I peeked to see Sis.

“Buck,” she whispered, “I wanna tell you something.”

“What is it?” I whispered back.

Sis climbed into bed and straddled me. Her pajama covered pussy rested on my pajama covered cock. “Buck, I let Daddy fuck me last night.”

“Wow, Sis.”

“His cock is smaller than yours.”

“I know, that’s what Mom told me last night.”

The End (for now)

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