Chad vs. Brad Pt. 02: The Relapse

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It had been three days since the wild night of the massage, when Brad fucked Chad’s ass. So far they’d been doing their best to act as if nothing had happened.

Right after the fucking, Brad had made clear a few things were going to change around the dorm. Chad would be less overbearing, stop tripping him as a joke. Stop pulling his chair out from under him right as he was about to sit down at his desk. He’d stop name calling completely, no more of that stupid “Brady-waby” nickname,

You know, respect. Basic human dignity. For each infringement, an additional person would be told about the incident. Chad had nodded, eyes narrowed. “Fine dude. But you’re not fucking my ass again. You can tell who you want, but you’re not making me do anything.”

“Fair enough.” Brad had replied, albeit reluctantly.

Since then, Chad had stuck to the rules. Brad hadn’t had much chance to talk to him though, as he was avoiding their dorm room as much as possible.

Brad should have been pleased. His quality of life had drastically increased. But he couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. He’d gotten over the confusion he’d felt about his same-sex attraction surprisingly quickly. It had just felt so good dominating Chad, owning his body even though the other man was so much stronger physically. He had to have him again, and this time he would make Chad beg him for his cock.

Alone in his room, Brad started stroking his hard member, thinking of the possibilities. Visions popped into Brad’s head of bending Chad over a bench on the quad, where anyone could see him. The thought of Chad laid out in the open air, ass undulating, brought Brad to an intense, almost painful orgasm. He sighed, absently licking the cum off his hand. He would get this to work somehow. He’d just have to be strategic about it.

‘It’s just like Settlers of Cattan,’ he mused. ‘Build up gradually, look for your opportunity.’

Brad was fortunate, as opportunity fell into his lap just a few days later. His Friday class was cancelled, and he slept in later than usual. When he went in to take his shower, Chad was already there. The stalls were divided only by vinyl curtains that did a laughably poor job at the best of times ensuring modesty, and recently half of them had been torn down by a bunch of drunken heathens from Alpha Chi Omega. When he spotted Brad, Chad started almost imperceptibly, and an adorable pink blush darkened his skin from his cheeks all the way down to his knees. Brad did his best to act as if he hadn’t even noticed Chad was there, turning on the hot water and soaping up his hair. He glanced at Chad surreptitiously from the corner of his eye, and saw Chad was watching him. Chad’s big cock was plumping to attention. Brad hadn’t admired it at length before, and was impressed when he did now. It wasn’t particularly thick, but It had to be 8 inches long, and veiny.

Brad soaped up his own cock, using the pretense of cleaning himself to give it a slow, sensual rub. When he grabbed his balls, there was a sharp intake of breath from Chad. His mouth had fallen open slightly, looking red and inviting. This tongue flicked out of the corner of his mouth, then back in again just as quickly.

“Like what you see?” said Brad, dropping the pretense and now and beginning to jack his thickening cock. “No!!” spluttered Chad, jerking backward. Brad raised an eyebrow, looking down at Chad’s now fully erect cock. Chad’s blush deepened to crimson as he noticed, and tried to cover himself with his hands. “That’s just from…warm water.”

“Whatever you say, man,” said Brad, flashing his teeth in a wolfish grin. “Come find me when you’re ready for more.”

“No way you—” Chad slapped his hand over his mouth, realizing just in time he’d almost broken a rule.

Brad just smirked, and left. He’d struck the first blow in his campaign.

Brad started studying in his dorm room with just a bathrobe and underwear. casino şirketleri It was comfortable, and helpful in ruffling Chad when he came back late. If he saw Chad looking, he’d give his best evil smirk and grab his balls in a lewd, crude gesture. Chad always looked away quickly, but Brad could tell from his tormented, hunted expressions he was affecting to him. ‘Patience Brad,’ he said to himself. ‘We’re getting there.’

Friday night, Chad brought a woman back to the room. Brad was already asleep, and woke up to the sound of their vigorous rutting. “Oh yes…,” a feminine voice breathed. “I’m going to cum Chad,”

“Oh yeah baby,” Chad groaned. “Take that fucking cock.”

There was about 30 seconds more of vigorous thrusting sounds, with a lot of theatrical moaning. The girl finally left at 3:00am, and Chad went to get a shower.

Brad sat up in bed. ‘He might be too tired, but on the other hand, that may be to my advantage’ he mused. He went to sit on the edge of Chad’s rumpled bed. By the time Chad returned, Brad was giving a leisurely rubdown to his massively erect cock through the material of his underpants.

Chad paused, shocked, eyes going straight to Brad’s bulge. Brad pulled the tip out through the slit of the boxers, and squeezed, getting some precum to bead at the tip. Chad gasped, nearly dropping his towel.

“That was quite the performance, dude. Was it for my benefit?” Asked Brad in a sultry tone.

‘No you–I mean, no Brad! Of course not! But you can tell, you know, now you heard that, I love fucking chicks!”

Brad laughed. “Of course you do Chad.” Then, deliberately, he pulled his briefs down. His erect cock popped out completely, lurching to point straight at Chad. Chad’s jaw dropped, but he was silent, gaze fixed on Brad’s prick.

“You don’t mind right? You can just ignore me. Plan your next date,” said Brad, stroking his now bare cock.

Chad lost his grip on the towel, and it slid to the floor. Chad didn’t seem to notice. Brad could see Chad’s own cock plumping up now.

“It’s so huge…” breathed Chad.

Brad just laughed. Chad’s cock was bigger than his, but he seemed in awe.

“And it all fit into that big, slutty butt of yours.”

Chad shivered. “Don’t say crap like that man.”

“I’m only telling the truth. Just look at your cock right now.”

Chad looked, and groaned, realizing he was now fully erect.


“Yes” said Brad, “no matter how much you like chicks, you can’t deny you love dick.”

“It’s not true” whined Chad. He was moving back and forward in apparent discomfort, but Brad noticed it was bringing him closer to the bed.

“Your such a whore, I bet you’re hopping I fuck you in the ass again.”

Chad’s eye’s snapped up to Brad’s face.

“No way man! I told you I’m not doing any gay shit again.”

Brad stood up, and took two steps to close the distance between them.

“Come on Chad. You can’t even stop looking, dude. You know you’re a slut. Just admit it.”

Chad was breathing hard now. Brad rocked just a bit closer, and the tip of his cock nudged Chad’s. It was really just a brush, dicks passing in the night. To Brad’s complete shock, Chad’s knees buckled and he ended up on his knees on the floor at Brad’s feet.

It took Brad a moment to realize what had happened. Chad had actually spurted onto Brad’s stomach. As Chad looked up, shaking with horror, Brad wiped it off and tasted it. “Oh my God man” said Brad, laughing “I can’t believe you came on me, and you’re still hard!”

“No man!” Chad protested. “I’m not doing this again.”

But Brad noticed his expression was dazed, almost wistful, gaze fixed on Brad’s cock. Chad’s cum on this tongue tasted of victory.

“You already are, dude.”

Chad shook his head, but his face was still wearing that dazed, haunted expression. His body was flushed all over, like it had been in the shower. casino firmaları Brad moved hips forward and began rubbing his fat member onto Chad’s chiseled cheekbones.

Chad’s eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned loudly. His mouth opened just enough for his moist tongue to peak out demurely from between his lips

“You want to suck my dick, don’t you Chad?”

“Oh god…” Chad turned a look at Brad full of torment, his hard dick bobbing in response to Brad’s crude language. Brad deliberately mashed his balls into Chad’s face, reveling in the feel of Chad’s soft skin against his sack.

Brad leaned back then, and placed the head of his dripping cock against Chad’s lips. He felt them trembling, and then the tip of Chad’s tongue slid out and rested against it. Brad fought for control, the tension winding him up.

“Suck my cock dude. You know you want it.”

“I can’t!” Chad whined. “Only total sluts like sucking!”

“Just give it a little taste then.” said Brad, sympathetically. “That’s not the same, is it?”

Chad did nothing for a minute, just panting, looking longing at the bulbous tip. Then he leaned forward and licked it. There was a high-pitched moan of lust from Chad, and then Brad felt the entire head of his cock being engulfed in the warm, wet heat of Chad’s mouth. Chad was licking and kissing the head passionately, even closing his lips around it to give suction. Brad moaned in ecstasy, struggling not to just thrust into Chad’s throat.

“What a beautiful fucking whore you are” said Brad. “Bet you’ve never given one of your girlfriends cunnilingus this enthusiastic.”

Chad popped off his dick, outraged. “I wouldn’t give a chick oral! That’s gay! And you’re making me!”

“How am I making you?” said Brad. “I’m not even moving. Plus, you’re like 200 lbs heavier than me. You could beat me up, or even just walk out of the room”

“It’s your voice” said Chad, red all over. “You’re hypnotizing me! You sound like a batman villain or something. You’re so elegant, and sexy….” Chad trailed off, apparently ogling Brad’s torso. Brad was about to retort something about the ridiculousness of thinking his skinny pale body was sexy, when Chad suddenly took his cock in his mouth again.

Brad groaned. Chad was taking his cock much deeper this time, making delicious, sloppy noises. His mouth and chin were wet from saliva he was drooling out around Brad’s cock. “Yeah slut,” said Brad. “You look so fucking hot on your knees.”

Chad whimpered, but redoubled his efforts, adding a hand that alternated between jacking Brad’s shaft and awkwardly massaging Brad’s balls. Brad moaned, his eyes drifting closed. It felt exquisite, that was the only word for it. The image of Chads on his knees, Brad’s cock jutting out of his mouth, caused Brad’s balls to begin to tighten.

But he didn’t want it to end just yet. He pulled his cock out of Chad’s mouth.

Chad seemed lost for a moment, and looked up at Brad imploringly.

“You’re going to beg me to fuck your mouth, Chad.”

“No man, please.”

Brad slowly jacked his cock, watching Brad’s face contorting with the inner struggle between lust and humiliation.

“I could walk away right now. Go take my own shower.”

Finally, Chad broke.

“Please fuck my mouth Brad,” he said, voice wavering.

Brad pushed his cock between Chad’s lips, watching the obscene stretch of them around his girth.

“Take it all whore” he said, grabbing Chad’s head and starting to thrust. Chad gagged, eyes watering, as Brad breached the back of his throat. As Brad began to speed up, his balls slapped over and over into Chad’s chin, punctuating his dominance.

“A minute ago you owned that chick, now here you are begging for cock.” Said Brad, pausing for a moment to leer into Chad’s eyes. “You love this! You’re a suuuuuuuuuch a fag, man.”

Chad was hard as a rock still. “Nwwoooo” he mewled out around güvenilir casino Brad’s pistoning cock. “Nwat Fwag!”

Brad chuckled at his absurd denial, and kept on fucking Chad fast and hard. Chad lifted his hands to Brad’s hips, clinging to his straining buttocks for dear life.

It was the look of lust in Chad’s eyes that finally brought him over the edge.

“Yeah bitch. Take my cum.” said Brad, exploding into Chad’s mouth.

Chad jerked back, but it was too late. His mouth was filled with Brad’s cum, and Brad continued to cum, spraying Chad’s handsome face.

“Fuck! Said Chad, trembling, “it’s all over me!” He reached up to wipe it off, but Brad stopped him.

“Leave it if you want me to make you cum.”

Chad looked anxiously up at him. Brad’s balls might be spent, but the urge to dominate Chad still raged.

“Lay down on your back”

When Chad complied, uncertain, Brad bent over and picked up Chad’s legs, positioning his torso so that Chad was rolled back onto his shoulders. Steadying Chad with a hand on one hip, he wet his fingers in his mouth and inserted two into Chad’s anal orifice.

“Aw fuck” said Chad, spasming around Brad’s fingers and wrapping his legs around Brad’s waist like a vice. Looking down at Chad’s jerking, defiled body, Brad knew that the image would forever be burned into his memory.

He grabbed Chad’s cock while he shoved his fingers in and out of his hole, fast.

“I’m going to make you cum on your face, Chad.”

Chad just moaned. His cock was twitching and jumping in Brad’s grip.

“I think your statement before was pretty interesting, when you were trying to deny you were a fag around by cock in our throat,” said Brad. “I think the evidence points against you. You’ve had a guys cum in your ass and in your mouth now, and both times you were completely hard. Now you’re about to cum on yourself from being finger-fucked.”

“No I’m not—It’s just you—you keep getting me confused!” Chad panted out.

“Well in that case” said Brad, taking his fingers out, “since you’re confused and don’t really want this, I can always stop now.”

“Please man, I’m so close,” said Chad. He was in a pitiable state, face covered in drying cum, sweat beading out all over his chest, prodigious muscles twitching from the strain.

“Say, ‘I’m a faggot.'” Brad ordered.

Chad shook his head. There was a high pitched keening noise, like from a wounded rabbit. “Please Brad, please” he moaned. He pushed his butt into Brad, almost grinding. Brad nearly got hard again from the feeling of Chad’s smooth cock sliding against his palm.

“Say it, bitch.” Brad breathed out.

“Noooo…..” said Chad, but Brad could tell his will was already half demolished.

Brad hoisted Chad’s hips up even more with both hands, and leaned down. Without even thinking, he stuck out his tongue and licked Chad’s puckered entrance, teasing him. ‘How am I even holding him up?’ Thought Brad. It was like the adrenaline had supercharged him.

“Fuckfuckfuck pleaaaase” said Chad.

“You know what to do.” said Brad. Chad’s knees were on his shoulders now, with Brad still standing but awkwardly bent over. This was going to kill his back.

It was worth it though, because Chad finally broke.

“I’m a faggot whore” moaned Chad, almost sobbing. “I love your dick.”

Brad thrust his tongue into Chad, making him scream in pleasure. Brad saw he’d bit into his arm to keep the sound traveling. Brad couldn’t believe this was happening. He felt like a god.

Brad worked his tongue in and out sensually, leaving Chad a blubbering mess.

“Oh god man. Fuuuuuck meeeee.”

Finally, Brad punched three fingers in at once.

Chad yelped, and came in two intense bursts, covering his face and chest in a massive load.

He went limp, making Brad think he’d passed out. He settled him to the floor gently. Chad twitched and tried to sit up.

Brad brought him a washcloth, and helped wipe the sperm off his face. They looked intently into each other’s eyes for a long, strained moment. “I hope that’s cleared up a few things,” said Brad.

***To be continued…***

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