Always Been Close Ch. 01

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My father left us when we I was 13, so my mother, Kim, raised me mostly all on her own. She was a great mom, working two jobs to make sure we always had a roof over our head and food on the table. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for her, but she never let on that she was stressed out. She was always there for me, and did her absolute best to raise me right. She had me when she was a teenager, so she was a lot younger than the moms of most of my friends growing up. She had an occasional social life, but she kept that away from me for the most part, so I really never viewed her as anything other than “mom.”

She was medium height, in pretty good shape for her age, as a consequence of her job as a fitness instructor at the local gym, with long brunette hair she mostly kept in a ponytail. She primarily wore workout clothes both to and from work, and similar athletic wear around the house, so modesty was certainly not a priority around our household. She wasn’t some pornstar in terms of her proportions, but she definitely didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about for her late 30’s body.

That being said, having gone through most of puberty and becoming a man without a father, my mom was my main source of information on everything from how to put on deodorant to the “birds and the bees.” Because of our dependence on each other, and the relatively small age difference between us, I grew into an adult without really ever feeling any of the discomfort or shame around my mother that I think most guys do. My name is Mike, and the events of this story take place during the summer after my freshman year of college, when I ended up moving back home. Ever since I turned 18, my mother and I had a basic understanding regarding sex. I never had to run to my room to jerk off or steal her Victoria’s Secret catalogues. If I felt the urge to jack off, I just did it wherever I happened to be when to mood struck. My mother never got offended, or made a big deal of it. For the most part she just ignored it, taking it as just a normal part of the developmental process of a young man. In fact, it sometimes seemed almost like she enjoyed watching me, as she would sometimes make comments or little exclamations, especially when I shot a casino şirketleri big load onto my stomach or into my hand. I’d often talk to her casually while I was jerking off, about school or girls or whatever happened to be on my mind. This went both ways, as since she wasn’t really dating very often, she too had urges and would frequently bring her vibrator down to the living room after dinner and get herself off a few times while we watched TV.

As the summer progressed, these casual conversations about sex started to become a little bit more focused and specific. It seemed like just about every time I started stroking my cock, she would ask me what I was thinking about, or if there was some girl at school that had gotten me all hot and bothered. It was around this time that I started dating a little bit more frequently as well, so I would routinely be getting home late from nights out with some of the girls from my school. Initially, my mom acted supportive and enthusiastic about me getting out and meeting people, but after a while it sort of started to seem like she was…I don’t know, almost jealous? She would ask a lot of pointed questions about who I was out with, and what we were doing, and what the girls looked like. She would ask me to describe them in detail, and especially she asked a lot of questions about how tight their bodies were, how big their tits were…and what they were willing to do.

Over time, this developed into a bit of a routine. Because my social life was getting a little bit more active, I was jerking off a lot less, and because I was home a lot less I didn’t really notice my mother’s self-love activities as much either. Instead, on most Friday and Saturday nights, I would come home after a date, and my mother would be sitting on the couch, having a glass of wine, watching TV. She would ask me to sit next to her, and tell her all about my night. The first few times, I just sort of gave her a general recap, but she kept asking probing questions, and really wanted to know specific details. Where did we go, what did we do…how far did I get? She wanted to know everything I did with the girls I was dating…and she wanted details.

At first I was a little bit embarrassed casino firmaları to be telling her all of this, but then again, this was my mom. We had no secrets from each other, I could tell her anything. I have seen her naked, and she had seen me, so many times, what did I have to hide from her? So I started to tell her in more detail. As I told her about making out with one of the girls from school, and slipping my hand up her shirt, my mom was listening intently, sipping her wine. As I told her about how I slowly slid my hand lower, into her panties, my mother did the same with her own hand, and began gently rubbing her pussy and breathing heavily.

“What else did you do, Mikey?” she asked, softly.

“Nothing, mom, thats it, I played with her a little bit but then she said her dad was waiting for her and she had to go home.”

“Oh, you poor baby, I bet you are all excited, and you didn’t even get any relief. If you need to take care of it, go ahead, baby I dont mind.”

She was definitely right, I had a real case of blue balls after my date, and especially after sitting her and recounting it all in detail while my mom fingered herself. I unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down around my knees. I was rock hard from all of this conversation, and it didn’t take my long to explode, spurting cum all over my hand and onto my stomach. About 5 seconds after I finished my mom started moaning through her own orgasm, and we both quietly got dressed and went to bed.


The next week, I went out for another date, with a different girl, the barista from the local coffee shop downtown. This date went…a lot better than the previous one, and I got home a lot later than I had last week. Nonetheless, my mom was still sitting up and waiting for me on the couch.

“Hey sweetie, you are late tonight, how was your date?”

“Ha, well, sorry mom, but um, yeah, it went really well,” I replied.

“Tell mommy about it, I’ve been sitting here waiting up for you and I’m excited to hear how it went,” she said, and I noticed that she was wearing one of my old T-shirts…and it didnt appear like much else.

I sat down next to her on the couch, and she leaned güvenilir casino over and rested up against my shoulder. I started telling her about the date, how we went out to a movie, and then for dinner at this new tapas place. After that, I drove her home, but while we were parked outside her house, I leaned over for a kiss. I told her how we made out for a few minutes, and then I felt her hand reaching for my belt.

“Oh wow,” said my mom, as she pulled up the t-shirt a little revealing her trimmed, glistening pussy underneath. “What did she do?”

“Well, she took out my cock, and then she…well, she leaned over and…she started sucking it.”

“Ohhh fuuuuck,” my mom said, now furiously fingering her clit, occasionally slipping her ring finger into her wet hole.

“Yeah, it was…pretty good!” I said, starting to get hard again even though I just had an orgasm about 20 minutes ago.

“Did she suck it good, honey?” she asked.

“Yeah, it was amazing, she seemed to really know what she was doing.”

“Mmmm, I bet she did, baby, you deserve a girl who knows how to suck your cock right, did she finish you with her mouth baby? “

At this point I was hard as a rock, both from telling the details of my night and from the sight of my mother panting and moaning like a bitch in heat while she rubbed her clit to my date report. I took my cock out, and started to stroke it slowly.

“Do you mind if I jack off a little, mom? I guess I still have a little left in me!”

“Of course Mike, I don’t ever mind you doing that, but I want to hear the rest of your date, ok?”

“Ok, well, yeah, she just kept bobbing her head up and down in my lap, taking my dick in her mouth, and it just felt so good…I told her I was about to cum, I didn’t want to surprise her…”

“Thats a good boy, thats how I raised you, you always want to be respectful and let a woman know you are about to cum,” she replied.

“Yeah, exactly, well, I told her, and…she just kept sucking! I must have blown the biggest load ever, and she just kept sucking and sucking and swallowed it all down,” I said, speeding up my fist on my cock.

“Oh my god, baby, I bet she loved it, I bet your cum tasted so fucking good, I bet it filled her little belly all up,” my mom said as she started to convulse in what I had come to realize was the throes of her orgasm.

I erupted as I watched her climaxing. This new routine was…sure something.

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