Alpha Eyes Ch. 04

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I sat in the living room of my father’s penthouse apartment.

Around me, the luxury of the place was obvious.

The couch beneath me was rich, brown leather. The carpet under the soles of my bare feet was hand-woven and thick. The walls were a smooth, creamy white color hung with several pieces of art my dad had admired. They were mostly modern pieces, geometric, with long, straight lines and bold colors. He’d once told me, I like pieces that make me think of buildings. And mountains. Like I can close my eyes and climb them, higher and higher and higher…

I felt filled with a sense of pride as I thought of my father, a man who had come from nothing and built all of this. This is for you, Dad, I thought. I won’t let anyone take what you rightfully earned.

I was naked.

So were Stephanie and Mariah, the two gorgeous babes fawning over me like just touching my skin was the ultimate drug.

I sat facing the entryway, Mariah standing behind me with her fingers massaging my neck and shoulders. My Viking goddess of a stepsister was kneeling between my spread knees, her sculpted mouth being put to good use on my thick, throbbing manhood.

I glanced down at Mariah’s phone, which lay face up on the cushion beside me.

“Found him. Brought him back to your place.” I’d had Mariah send the message as soon as my ex-girlfriend could string more than two words together.

My stepmother’s response glowed right beneath it.

“Don’t go anywhere. On my way. 10 minutes.”

I wondered where she’d been. Ah, well… I thought. I could find out soon enough. Soon my stepmother’s mind would be mine. Just like my ex-girlfriend’s. And her daughter’s.

“Fuck, Steph…” I groaned, my chrome-colored eyes rolling back. “You’re such a hot little cocksucker.”

It felt good to let the words roll off my tongue.

I felt my stepsister’s moan of pleasure shiver up my dick and into my core, pinging pleasure through my nerves. My balls were drained and still recovering from shooting their load deep inside my utterly bimbofied ex, but that just made her ministrations all the more pleasant. She wasn’t doing this because I needed to cum. She was doing this because because it felt good to have her gorgeous slut mouth bobbing up and down on my cock.


Stephanie’s mouth came off rigid pole and then her tongue was bathing my length with long, slow licks. Her full lips kissed my shaft up and down, eyelashes fluttering with wanton need. “I’m so glad my mouth pleases you, Master…” Her blue eyes were bright and glittering, staring up into my face. She wanted me to meet her gaze so she could fall into my shining, silver orbs.

But I didn’t give her the satisfaction.

Back to it, I ordered silently instead, looking away. I was suddenly worried that my strange new power might have some sort of battery life, as if by using it with abandon I might drain myself and not have enough juice left to absolutely shatter Laura’s mind.

And that would never do.

“Mariah…” I murmured.

“Yes, Master?” The response was immediate, the wonderful, luxurious sensation of her slim fingers digging into my muscular shoulders never ceasing.

“Ahhh… That feels good,” I groaned. “But can you be a dear and go get something for me?”

“Absolutely, Master.” The eagerness in her voice was obvious, and I grinned without turning around.

Perfect… I felt the word resonate through her mind as I pushed it through the invisible connection between us. I let my eyes drift closed, focusing 0n the pleasure of the hot, wet mouth bobbing up and down in my lap and channeling that sensation as I tried something new.

I visualized the small glass vial I’d taken from Silvia, my therapist. I created a clear image of it in my mind’s eye: hard, smooth glass, mostly full of some sort of clear liquid, with a black rubber eye dropper screwed into the top. Then, I took a deep breath and reached out.

Floating in my consciousness was a small bubble. It was, as far as I could tell, a sliver of Mariah’s consciousness, captured by my new eyes and absorbed into my own, expanding mind. It bobbed slightly in the darkness, next to two other bubbles: Stephanie and Silvia.

I imagined touching Mariah’s bubble, holding out an image of the vial.

Go find this for me.

“Absolutely, Master…”

I heard the soft sound of footfalls disappearing towards the other room, where I’d left my clothes. As far as I knew, the vial would be in one of my pants pockets.

“Ohfuck…” I grunted as another wave of electric bliss rolled over me, and let my hand reach out to stroke across Stephanie’s head.

Her blonde hair was soft under my fingers, and I loved the texture of her intricate braids. I felt the heat of her need in her desperate suction, her cheeks hollowing as she purred under my touch. Her heavy breasts were bouncing against my legs with her enthusiasm and I casino şirketleri could feel her hard nipples brushing across my skin.

I closed my eyes and fell into the sensation, gathering my strength and focus.

One or two minutes passed.


I glanced up. The elevator doors were sliding open.

I leaned back, smirking.

Between my legs, Stephanie moaned and fingered herself, her muscular, athletic thighs spread wide to allow her to jam several fingers into her dripping, wanton pussy. She was practically fucking her hand, the sensation of my cock in her throat driving her wild with lust.

Everything was perfect.

And the games were about to begin.

* * *

My stepmother strode through the elevator doors with the air of a returning empress, so caught up in her own deluded sense of victory that she was halfway across the floor before she realized that other people were already in the apartment.

When she did she froze, and I saw her green eyes narrow into slits.

She didn’t say a word, but I she didn’t need to. My eyes were sharper than ever before, now, and even from twenty feet away I could see the facial twitches as various emotions flashed across her features. Shock, anger, fear, and then a slight widening of her eyes that I realized was…


Laura knew something.

“Stephanie?” Her voice trembled a little, was slightly higher and more strident than usual, but other than that had its usual air of firm, demanding authority.

Her daughter stopped sucking my cock, glancing up into my face for permission before turning halfway around. “Oh! Hi, Mom!” Her voice was higher than usual, too, but had a distinctly different cast. I’d given her a few suggestions, made a few improvements.

I didn’t just want to be surrounded by brainless bimbos, but the opportunity to shock Laura was too good to resist.

“Honey, are you okay?” Laura’s face was twisted into an expression of concern, and it would have fooled most people. But my eyes and mind were clearer than before. I could see that behind that expression Laura was more concerned for herself than she was for the beautiful, naked babe kneeling at my feet.

“Dilan said he was going to have a talk with you!” Stephanie’s hand was stroking up and down my cock, which was nice and slick from her mouth. I felt her slim fingers wrapped around my girth, keeping me rock hard for what I knew was coming.

I let a soft groan escape, breathing out a sigh, and Laura’s eyes snapped from her daughter’s face to mine. She didn’t meet my eyes, even from half a room away, I noted with interest. Then, I allowed an easy smirk to slide across my lips.

“You know what’s going on,” I bluffed. “Come sit down…” I patted the seat beside me. “Unless you want me to absolutely obliterate,” and here I gently stroked my stepsister’s cheek and guided her willing mouth back down onto my hard, swaying pole, “your daughter’s mind. For good.”

The woman’s tongue came out to wet her lips, which were twitching with suppressed rage and uncertainty.

I glanced down into Stephanie’s face. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” I murmured, pitching my voice so that my stepmother could hear the singsong, carefree tone. “You’d like to just be a brainless bimbo fucktoy, forever and ever…”

Those beautiful blue eyes squeezed shut and my stepsister shuddered with pleasure, her moan of lust all the answer I needed. Her mouth never slowed, those plush lips massaging my shaft and bobbing up and down… up and down…

My gaze snapped back up to Laura. “Over here. Now.” My tone was sharp, commanding, and I was surprised to see my stepmother twitch, like she’d been struck by an invisible force. Like she was resisting an instinctive urge to obey.

Interesting… I thought.

The woman who had made my life unbearable for the past year took a slow, hesitant step forward.

I remembered every time she’d complained about my lack of a job, about my bouts of anxiety or depression, about how I spent more time in the gym than I did developing “real life skills.” I thought of all the money she’d blown on clothes and dinners out with Stephanie (I’d never been invited, of course) while I stayed in and ordered takeout. I remembered all of that, and I remembered how she had been the one with my father the night of the accident. I knew it probably wasn’t fair, but I’d seen their fight. I knew he wouldn’t have been in that car if it hadn’t been for her.

“Was this what you were looking for, Master?”

My thoughts were interrupted by the appearance of another player on the scene. Mariah, her big tits bouncing and her hips swaying back and forth, had eagerly returned from the other room. The stunning brunette had the vial of Silvia’s drug held up toward me in one hand.

My eyes flickered sideways for a moment, but not before I saw my stepmother’s face, and I could casino firmaları tell she recognized the vial. Fear flashed across her features, then, and she started to turn, like she wanted to run.

“I wouldn’t do that!” I snapped, my voice cutting through the air like a knife.

The woman froze.

That’s perfect, darling, I praised Mariah silently, and the brunette’s face split in a grin of satisfaction.

Then, to Laura, “Remember whose mind is in your hands…” I let out an exaggerated sigh and then slowly, gloriously, took Stephanie’s face between my palms.

The athletic blonde offered no resistance as I slowly pulled her mouth onto my cock.

I felt myself hit the entrance to her throat and kept going, my length sliding into the tight, hot confines. She had no gag reflex, even for my thick shaft, and when her nose was pressed to my pelvis I finally stopped. I didn’t let up, staring across the room into my stepmother’s face as her daughter deepthroated my manhood.

I waited.

I felt the pressure in Stephanie’s body, the tension mounting, her body vibrating with the buildup of pleasure. Her nostrils flared and she was taking short, tight breaths.

I waited.

My cock was throbbing, reveling in the hot tunnel of Stephanie’s throat.

“Okay! Stop it! I’ll do what you want!”

I heard the defeat in Laura’s tone and grinned.

“Very good!” I praised, and released Stephanie’s head. That’s a good girl…

With a groan of pleasure, the buxom blonde pulled back and her mouth came free of my cock. Her eyes squeezed shut and her hands fell to the floor as she climaxed. Her entire body flexed, her fingers digging into the carpet and her toes curling, and then she collapsed to the floor. I’m not sure if her body could actually handle that much pleasure.

“The benefits of service…” I murmured easily as my stepmother carefully crossed the distance between us. I leaned back, my physique on display, my cock drooping to one side, still glistening from Stephanie’s saliva.

I eyed the older woman up and down as she approached, blatantly, my cock twitching at the sight.

For a woman in her mid-forties, Laura was in stunning physical condition. I supposed it was to be expected, I thought, from a woman whose goal had apparently been to land an absurdly wealthy husband and then spend her time spending his money.

Her hourglass figure was wrapped in designer fashion, brands I didn’t care enough to recognize, and her long legs were sculpted by a daily pilgrimage to the top-tier gym my father had had installed downstairs. Her hair was naturally darker than her daughter’s, more of a honey blonde than platinum. Her blouse strained to contain tits almost as big and perky as Stephanie’s.

She eyed me with obvious distaste, turning around to delicately lower herself onto the couch as far away from me as she could manage.

I admired the way her skirt stretched across her tight, round ass.

She was still avoiding my eyes, I noticed, but now I could also notice other things. Her heartbeat was pulsing fast in her throat, my eyes picking up the fluttering of the skin where the vein pumped and pumped, and I could actually hear the low tha-thump, tha-thump tha-thump.

Incredible, I thought.

“I almost can’t be upset with you, Laura,” I said, and my tone was easy and open. It was the first time I’d used her name in ages — usually our conversations consisted of her cutting remarks and my sullen silence — and I saw her shudder slightly. “Because even though you tried to pay my therapist to drug me, tried to dig around in my head, you accidentally gave me the greatest gift I’ve ever received.”

My stepmother swallowed. The sound was loud to my enhanced hearing. She stared at the floor in front of her. “What did you do to my daughter?” Her voice was low and tight and defeated.

Like she already knew, I thought.

“Hmm…” I mused. I raised a hand to stroke my jaw, which felt theatrical but satisfying. “No, Laura, I think I’ll be the one asking the questions.”

Her jaw tightened, and I could tell she was repressing her natural urge to lash out at me in anger.

“For example,” I continued, “what did you do to me?”

I saw her fingers flex, like she wanted to curl them into fists, but then she slowly flattened them on her thighs. She turned to look at me, risking a glance into my eyes.

It was just a quick meeting of our gazes, not enough for me to do anything with my new abilities, but I saw her green eyes widen.

“That’s right,” I nodded. “They’re silver now. Strange, isn’t it?”

She didn’t respond. She was looking down again.

“So… What was the drug you gave to Silvia? What information did you want her to find out from me? And, most important, how vital to you is your daughter’s continued ability to think?”

The woman shifted, and then sighed. When she spoke, it wasn’t güvenilir casino in the tone of the woman I knew. It was in the voice of someone who had been striving for something for months and years, only to have it snatched right out from under her.

I might have felt sorry for her…

Only no, no I wouldn’t.

* * *

I was stunned.

Maybe, knowing what I did of my stepmother, I shouldn’t have been.

But I was.

Mariah was standing behind me again, leaning forward and rubbing my neck and shoulders with confident hands. I felt her warm breath on my skin, hot with desire, and her touch had kept my body primed and ready. Stephanie’s hand rubbed absently up and down my thigh, occasionally stroking across my thick shaft where it lay, draped across my lap.

“All about money…” I mused. “It was all about money… Always, with you…”

Laura stared ahead, her face stone. She didn’t acknowledge her daughter, who had risen after several comatose minutes to kneel with her face resting on my thigh. She didn’t acknowledge the strangeness of the situation, and I wondered whether that meant she was more resilient than I expected or that her mind was simply overwhelmed. “Yes.”

“You needed Silvia to find out an 8-digit passcode from me, something that my dad might have used to encrypt his largest investment accounts, because he never trusted you enough to share them.”

“He said they were yours!” The woman whirled suddenly, snarling at me, and her face was tight with the anger that only boils up in moments of defeat. “That you’re earned them! Like you’d ever done something to earn anything in your life!”

She wasn’t frightened, I realized. She was angry. And I could suddenly understand why. She thought that I deserved my father’s money even less than she did. She thought I was just some spoiled rich kid who had never done anything to earn a single penny of “Daddy’s money.”

I realized how little effort she’d gone to to understand me and my father.

When I was six years old, I’d made my dad a birthday card every day for a year. I love you, Daddy, I’d written. You’re so good. Go win today! Love, Dilan. P.S. Mom loves you too!

I obviously hadn’t understood the concept of birthdays, but later my father had told me that my cards had kept him going when he had wanted to give up. Later, when his building projects stalled, when investors pulled out, when he just couldn’t keep going anymore, he would sit me down and talk to me, sometimes for hours at a time. He would lay out his problems, he would lay out his fears, he would lay out his doubts, and I would sit and nod and tell him that it didn’t matter because he was the best dad in the world.

It was a lot to put on a kid. And a lot of it went over my head. But I did it for him.

I’m not saying I went out and did the work. My father did the work. He was an incredible man. But I certainly wasn’t the spoiled brat Laura thought I was.

I realized I’d been musing, relaxing into the couch and into Mariah’s touch, running my fingers along Stephanie’s braids. I had barely reacted to the woman’s fiery tirade. It was almost like her emotions were far away, too far away to bother me anymore.

Laura was panting, staring into my face with angry, fiery eyes.

And then, at the same time, both of us realized her mistake.

I reacted first.

I blinked. And then I focused. And before my stepmother could stop, my own silver eyes were blazing straight into hers with all the force of a mental tidal wave.

Her green eyes went wide and she flinched backwards, but not fast enough to escape. It was like I’d reached out and grabbed her in my hands, forcing her to stare into my face. I saw the micro-twitches in her face as she strained to look away, but couldn’t.

Her green eyes were panicked. Then fearful. Then glazed.

“That’s good, Laura,” I murmured as she struggled to maintain her mind. “Very good… Just keep looking into my eyes and falling… Deeper… And deeper… And deeper…”

My cock swelled, a fierce heat filling my body. I felt the pounding force beating like a war drum behind my forehead, the pressure in my ears like they wanted to pop. For the first time, I truly felt like I wanted to conquer someone, like I wanted to conquer this woman, like I had the right and duty to do so.

Laura swayed slightly, shook her head. A furrow appeared between her eyebrows, her mind throwing up walls as I drove deeper and deeper into her mind.

The fierce pressure grew, and grew and grew.

I didn’t know if it was because Laura was older, more mature, or more mentally driven than the other women I’d taken, but I needed my utter focus to break her.

I spoke to the others. I wanted some alone time with my new, future toy. “Girls, why don’t you go play?”

I didn’t look over at Mariah and Stephanie, but I felt both of them stiffen as they glanced from me to each other and back.

“Um… Master…” It was Mariah. She sounded apologetic, like she didn’t want to disappoint me. “You know I want to please you, Master, more than anything… But…”

I turned to face her now. “You’re not into women?”

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