All In The Family

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The Morelands are the only family in Texas that gets along perfectly. It wasn’t always that way, of course.

Mr. and Mrs. Moreland, we’ll call them Everett and Kelly, used to argue a lot. You see, Everett had a thing for younger women and Kelly had an eye for blondes.

Considering their ages, the married couple was doing pretty well. Everett was about 6’1 and had a tan complexion. His hair was black, short, and curly. His eyes were a clear, watery blue-green, which was striking against his long black eyelashes. He was born with gorgeous teeth, and he stayed in shape by playing basketball.

Kelly was also quite attractive. She was a petite woman, about 5’4, and had red hair and hazel eyes. She wasn’t all that slender, but Everett found her attractive.

The Morelands had two children: Chris and Jenna. Chris was a college student in his early twenties, a very handsome young man with heavenly blue eyes and golden blonde hair. He was 6’2 and a football player.

Jenna was eighteen, 5’7 and 130 lbs. She was fairly popular and intelligent. She had long, straight, dark blonde hair and eyes that changed from blue to green.

Kelly and Everett were proud of Chris, but were beginning to worry about their younger child. Lately she had been seeing a twenty-four year old, Jimmy. He was 6’7 and weighed 250 lbs. He had longer, black hair and dark brown eyes. He didn’t seem very smart or charming.

You can imagine how angered the rest of the family was when they came home early and found the couple on the living room couch making neck hickeys.

Everett was even angrier than his wife. His face turned tomato red and his eyes nearly shot out of his head. “You slutty, ungrateful whore!”

The family looked at the father in disbelief. None of them had ever heard the high-moraled man use language like that before.

Jimmy was ready to high-tail it out of there. He went to the door and stopped. Then Mr.Moreland said, “That’s right, you punk kid, get the hell off of my property!”

It was truly a sight to see the 6′ tall, 200 pound man scare the giant youngster out of his house.

Jenna casino şirketleri stared at her father, humiliated. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

Everett looked at his pretty teen daughter. She was using her patented puppy dog face-big eyes and a pouty mouth, it never failed. “Aww, sweetheart, I didn’t mean to scare your little boyfriend out of here, but you don’t want to be a slut, now do you?” He sat beside her, stroking her slightly messed hair.

“No Daddy.”

Meanwhile, Chris was examining his pants. Suddenly he realized what a hot little sister he had. Hell, she’d given him a boner! He turned away, hoping his mother wouldn’t notice.

Well, she noticed his pants alright, his cute ass, that is. Kelly’s eyes were glued to those twenty-something buns of steel. Soon Cris could feel his mom’s eyes on his butt, but he didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Everett turned around and looked at his wife. They exchanged a “I know what you’re thinking” look, and told their kids to sit tight while they talked in the kitchen.

“Honey, did you ever notice how sexy are kids are?” The man asked.

“Honestly? I’ve been eyeing Chris for a couple years now.”

“Really? Do you think we should start a family thing?”

“I don’t see why not. Let’s go in the living room and tell them about it.”

The pair walked into the living room and said, “Hey kids, how about we play a little game?”

“What type of ‘game’?” Jenna asked.

“You don’t have to play games with us, guys. Jenna and I were listening at the door when you were in the kitchen. We think it’s a great idea.” Then Chris sat right beside Jenna, putting his arm around her.

Everett and Kelly looked at eachother, shocked as Chris planted a firm, wet kiss on his sexy baby sister. “It sure is hot to watch you two doing that to eachother,” Everett said, creeping up behind Jenna. “But I think that Daddy wants some of his little girl right about now.”

Jenna turned away from her brother, smiling wickedly at her horny father. “Okay Daddy, how do you want your little girl?”

“Hot and wet,” he said, sliding his hand up her thigh and massaging casino firmaları her pussy over her panties. “Daddy’s cock is so hard for his babygirl.”

While Chris was watching his father and sister discuss their hotness, his mother had stripped herself nude. Chris looked at her in awe. “You’re beautiful,” he told her, smothering his head against her breast.

“Eat Mommy’s dripping pussy.”

“Mmmm…” Chris spread his mom’s legs and worked his tongue into her older, experienced cunt. She tasted so different from the girls his age. He flicked his smooth tongue in and out of his horny mother, greedily taking in the scents and flavors of a mature woman.

When Chris was done, his happy mommy had cum three times, screaming loudly each time. She was now lying on the floor, spent from her intense pleasure.

Everett walked to Kelly, squeezing her nipple hard, “Don’t you want to play, sweetheart?”

“After a while, Mommy wants to watch.”

“Your wish is my command,” he told her, slipping his tongue into his wife’s mouth. “Well now there’s only one girl-a sexy, sultry, fine ass eighteen year old girl,” he said, making his way to Jenna.

Chris sat down on the couch, “I want Jenna to ride me! Will you do your big bro a favor and ride him like a pony?”

Jenna looked at her brother’s now exposed cock, anxious to get it inside her. Still, it was wrong.

“Jenna, do what your brother says,” her father ordered.

Jenna smiled, “Okay Daddy!” Then she lowered herself onto her brother, her tight pussy gripping him without mercy.

“Sweetie, don’t you want to lift your ass a little higher, so Daddy can get a piece of that hot ass?”

“Mmm, yeah Daddy,” she moaned, thrusting herself down hard into her brother’s lap.

“Oh fuck Jenna, you’re the tightest little bitch I’ve ever done,” Chris groaned.

“And imagine how fucking tight ass must be. Shit, I’m gonna blow my load right now!” He fingered her pink rosebud, trying to get it ready for his viscious pounding.

“Ohh Daddy that feels soo good!”

“Yeah, but it’s hard to get myself lined up with you bouncing all over güvenilir casino your brother like that!”

“Sorry Daddy, but I’m so hott- and Chris is SO BIG! OHH!”

“Don’t cum yet, Jenna, I wanna fuck the shit out of you first,” Chris warned her.

“Me too,” their father told them.

Finally, Everett managed to get his head in Jenna’s asshole. “I’ve never done this before,” he said, “I guess if you can’t have an easy wife, an easy daughter’s the next best thing!”

Kelly said, “I heard that!”

“Ohh, Daddy it hurts! It hurts! Mmm but it feels so good! You and Chris are tearing me apaaaart! Daddy, yours is even bigger than Chris’s!”

“Thank you sweetie,” he chuckled, lovingly biting his daughter’s sweet neck.

“Ohh, Chris is growing inside of me!”

Chris smiled, “That’s right Jen, I’m gonna cum right in your tiny little pussy.”

“Not before I do!” Jen screamed, grabbing her brother’s shoulders hard.

“Oh god Dad! Jenna’s milking the shit out of my cock! That’s brutal!”

“Take it like a man, son.”

“Ohh god, fuck me haaard!” Then Jenna lost her breath, and gasped for air.

“Be careful with your sister!” Kelly called to them, as she thrust three fingers into her recently eaten cunt.

“No, no, don’t be careful with me!” Jenna pleaded, begging the two men to fuck her harder.

Then Chris grabbed Jenna by the waist and pulled her all the way to him, letting all his sperm swim inside her, “Aw, that’s the shit!”

Meanwhile, Everett was stretching Jenna’s virgin asshole to the max. “God, you’re a tight squeeze. Breathe, breathe, ahh, that’s a good little girl! Let Daddy ALL the way in!”

“Mmmm Daddy, you’re so good to me.”

“I always had a soft spot for ya, Jen, but right now it’s REALLY hard, and ready to cum!”

“Oh Daddy, please not in my ass!”

“C’mon sis, you know you want it!” Chris laughed.

“You’re right, I do!”

Then Everett wrapped his strong arms around his young daughter, squeezing her tightly. The cum in his balls was about to bust like a volcano, and even Jenna knew it from the heat he was giving her. He groaned deeply as he locked her in place, letting his semen free in her small, round ass.

“I’m still horny!” Jenna yelled.

“I will not be ignored!” Kelly stood up, needing to be part of the action. Stay tuned…

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