All in the Family Pt. 02

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The days following the event that had made Bobby Edwards a man was surreal for him. He could not believe he had sex with his super-hot stepmom, and she wanted to have his baby, too.

Every night, he had a dream about that encounter with Julia. He dreamed of her naked body. He dreamed about how his cock looked in her mouth. He dreamed about how his cock felt inside her. Every morning he woke up with a boner so stiff he had to jerk off before he could start his day.

Things were different after Julia and he had sex. Julia nor his Dad ever made a comment about it. It was as if it had never happened. His Dad had to know all about it. Bobby was sure Julia would have told him about it, in non-descriptive terms. But his relationship with his Dad seemed as normal as ever.

Bobby’s relationship with Julia, however, had changed. Julia was polite and attentive as any stepmom could be, just as before, but somehow, she seemed cold and distant. Bobby noticed that she hardly ever made eye contact.

Julia spent the days following her attempt at conception with Bobby making sure her husband George was well attended to. She loved her husband and she wanted to make sure he did not become jealous of his son’s participation in their attempt to conceive.

Every night she made her husband happy by making mad passionate love to him. She acted as if she was a honeymooning bride. She wanted to make it up to George for allowing another man to have her body.

It had been her idea to seek a sperm donor to conceive a child. George’s sperm count was very low, as confirmed by the doctor. George had agreed. He knew how much a child meant to Julia.

However, George would not agree to go to a sperm bank for a donor for two reasons. One, being a frugal man, George objected to the cost. Two, being a proud man, George wanted any child bearing the name Edwards to be and Edwards, fathered by an Edwards.

The first candidate George considered was his brother Norris in Florida. Norris would certainly have agreed to do his brother a favor, but Norris was 8 years older than George and his fertility was probably worse off than his own.

Norris did have a son, Chad Edwards, but he was in prison for poaching alligators out of season and wouldn’t be released for another 18 months. Julia wanted to conceive now.

Bobby was the logical choice for George. Bobby was good looking, very intelligent, kind, and youthful. George knew that Bobby would contribute excellent genes to Julia’s child. Bobby had inherited excellent genes from his mother. His mother had been a fine specimen of a female.

George suspected that his son was still a virgin. He had never seen Bobby with a girl. Bobby never mentioned any girls and George noticed how shy and nervous Bobby got whenever a young attractive female was around. He was just so shy.

George had no reservations about another man having sex with Julia to become pregnant. She had been married before, so it wasn’t as if Julia had come to him as a virgin. But he didn’t want her screwing around with just anyone like a whore, either. George himself had had many relationships throughout his life with many women. Being an ex-marine, he had known slews of women from around the world.

The possibility of putting Julia and Bobby together might solve two problems. Julia would quite possibly get the child she desperately wanted. Bobby would certainly be relieved to have his virginity taken.

George knew that Julia would be the perfect person to initiate Bobby. She was more mature and far more talented than any bimbo college girl. If Bobby lost his virginity to Julia, it might give him the confidence jump-start he needed to begin to be a man instead of a nervous shy kid.

Julia was against the idea of Bobby being the sperm donor. She thought that it would be too weird to have sex with her husband’s son. She tried to talk George into reconsidering the idea of getting donor sperm from a clinic. George would not consider it. Clinics cost too mush money and he was adamant that the donor be an Edwards.

After weeks of deliberation, Julia finally relented. She wanted to have a baby so badly. She wanted to feel the feeling other mothers felt. Julia was also a dutiful wife. If her husband thought this was the way it had to be, she would comply.

Julia did have sex with her stepson. She had attempted to accomplish the mission with some formality, but she had lost control of the situation. She had not been prepared for the size of Bobby’s anatomy. He was so much larger than either her first husband or George, the only men she had ever been with.

In her effort to extract the needed seed from her stepson, she had been unprepared for the sensations her body had experienced with Bobby. What should have been somewhat clinical had totally escalated.

Julia had enjoyed having sex with her stepson. His cock had filled her like no other before. She couldn’t remember when she had an orgasm more intensely than that day with Bobby. Even now, days after casino şirketleri the fact, she became wet and excited whenever she thought about it.

Julia felt guilty. George had asked her if she and Bobby had sex as they had planned. She told him that they had, without offering details and George did not ask further about it. It was as if he had asked her if they had gone to the grocery store together or watched a movie together.

Julia’s sex life with George had always been good. George was a very skilled lover and never failed to make her climax. The sex with Bobby was on another level. She knew the size of Bobby’s cock was part of it, and maybe the fact that she and Bobby were so much closer in age than she and George had something to do with it.

Julia felt ashamed that she had enjoyed having sex with Bobby so much. She felt like she had betrayed George by experiencing so much pleasure with his son. In the days that followed her tryst with Bobby she and George had made love every night and some mornings.

She could not help comparing her husband’s cock to the son’s. George was only slightly below average, even her first husband was a bit larger than George, but the son possessed a cock of immense size and girth. Whenever she made love to George now, she thought about Bobby and the passionate earth-shattering sex they had that day.

Now she wondered if she was carrying Bobby’s child. He had certainly contributed enough sperm to impregnate her. Only time would tell.

Julia found it hard to be around Bobby after their encounter. She certainly did not want to arouse any feelings of jealousy in George, so she made a conscious effort to be aloof with him.

Bobby could feel the difference in the way Julia was treating him. They had interacted so casually before. Now it was like it was the first few months after his father had married Julia, when they were strangers.

He didn’t know what to expect it to be like after they had slept together. But he hadn’t expected her to be so distant.

Losing his virginity to his stepmom had exactly the effect on Bobby that his father had hoped for. He began to feel more confident with members of the opposite sex.

The first test of his new found confidence happened when he bumped into a girl he had went to high school with. Lorrie Tatum had been one of the cool girls at Butler High. She was a cheerleader, a good student and a very attractive girl. After high school, she spent two years in college, but quit and got a job in a bank as a loan officer.

Bobby ran into her at the pharmacy when he went to pick up a prescription for his Dad. Lorrie looked even better to him now than she had in school.

Bobby wanted to say something to her. He felt like he should say something. But what? He didn’t have the right words. He had never been calm under pressure around girls.

Suddenly, Bobby found his tongue. “Lorrie Tatum, how long has it been? You look amazing.”

“Bobby Edwards? I haven’t seen you since graduation. What are you doing with yourself?”

“I still live with my Dad while I go to college. Really, I’m just kicking around, looking for answers for all the wrong questions.” Bobby asked himself, “Where did that come from, idiot?

“What are you doing with yourself?” Bobby asked.

“Working at the Two State Bank. I’m a loan officer there. You should drop by. I might loan you some money” she teased.

Bobby and Lorrie continued to chat while they waited for the prescriptions. Lorrie remembered how shy Bobby had been in high school. He seemed to have come out of his shell a little bit, but she could still see he was a bit reserved. She had always been attracted to Bobby. Who wouldn’t be? He was a very good-looking boy and now a handsome man. She would have easily gone out with him in high school, but Bobby never asked, and he always ran like a scared rat whenever cornered by herself or any of her friends.

Being older now, and wiser, Lorrie decided to take the bull by the horns.

“Let me see your cell phone, Bobby.”

Bobby fished his cell out of his pocket and gave it to her, not knowing why.

“Here’s mine. Put your number in my contacts and I’ll put mine in yours” she said.

OK, Lorrie.”

“Thanks, Bobby. Now you have mine and I have yours.”

Lorrie’s prescription was ready to go. She paid for it and then turned to Bobby.

“I have to run, Bobby, but I have a feeling I’ll see you again soon. Bye!” She turned to leave, but as she did, she turned her head and said, “Check out my number.”

Then she was gone. Bobby looked at his phone to look up her name. When he found it, it read?

Lorrie Tatum

562 578 0956


Call for a Good Time

Bobby swallowed hard. There was no mistaking her meaning. That’s the kind of stuff guys write about girls on bathroom walls. If she wrote it herself, it could mean only one thing.

Bobby decided he would call Lorrie. Just as soon as he got up the nerve.

The casino firmaları day finally came when Julia realized she was not pregnant. Eventually she told George about it, although she was reluctant.

“That’s to bad, Honey. I know how much you were hoping for good news. Don’t worry, it will happen.”

George embraced his wife to comfort her.

“You just have to keep trying. You’ll have your baby. I promise” he said. “I’ll have a word with Bobby.”

Julia knew she would have to have sex with her stepson again. She wondered what it would be like this time. Would it be mechanical, or would she cream all over his cock again like the first time? She felt like a slut for sleeping with her husband’s son and enjoying it, even if it was only to get pregnant.

George went to talk to Bobby.

“Son, Julia is not pregnant. I’m going to have to ask you to mate with her again.”

Bobby’s heart fluttered. Just the thought of the possibility of being with Julia one more time made his mind explode.

“One encounter just wasn’t enough, Son. I need you to step up to the plate and give your best effort. You need to mate with Julia as much as possible for this to succeed.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes, Dad.” Bobby said.

“I’m leaving for a company meeting early Friday morning. That gives the two of you three days to accomplish the goal. I won’t be back till sometime Monday.” George told Bobby.

“Yes, sir.”

“Make me proud, Son. I know you will.”

Bobby could hardly wait for Friday. Just then his phone announced a notification. It was a text from Lorrie. No message, just a picture of selfie of Lorrie in front of her bathroom mirror with no clothes on. Bobby’s dick got hard as a rock.

He went to the bathroom and locked the door. He pulled out his dick and started to stroke it. Then a thought occurred to him. He took a picture of his hard cock with his phone. Two can play at this game. He sent the picture to Lorrie.

Instantly he regretted doing that. WTF. Why did he do that. She might think he was a pervert. What if she called the cops? What the hell was he thinking?

The alarm went off on his phone again. It was another text from Lorrie. No picture, just text. “Nice. Very Impressive.”

Friday could not come fast enough for Bobby. For Julia she dreaded it. Bobby was filled with raging hormones begging to be released. Julia was filled with apprehension wondering if she could remain in control of the situation.

George left the house in the wee hours of the morning to catch a flight to Dallas. Julia arose at 8 am as was her custom. She immediately began thinking about what the day would bring. She put on a white house robe.

She went to the kitchen and began preparing breakfast for herself and Bobby. She made two southwestern omelets and poured two large glasses of orange juice. She knew this was Bobby’s favorite. She wanted to please him.

Bobby smelled the food cooking, but it did not awaken him. He was already awake anticipating the opportunity to be with Julia again. He got up and put on a T shirt and some short over his briefs. He knew they would be naked soon enough, but he did not want to come on as being too eager or rude.

When Bobby entered the kitchen, Julia greeted him and asked if he was hungry. He said he was, and he dove in as if famished. They said nothing much, just chatted about the weather and what was on TV last night.

When the meal was over, Julia said, “I’m going to take a shower. Would you do the dishes and then take a shower yourself? I’ll call you when I’m ready.”

“Sure, anything you say.”

Bobby did the dishes in record time and dashed to the shower. He groomed himself meticulously from head to toe. He wanted Julia to be pleased with him. When he was done, dressed in a pair of jogging shorts, he sat down at his computer to watch some porn. It wouldn’t hurt to take a few notes.

Julia had taken a long relaxing bath instead of a shower. When she was finished, she didn’t bother to dress. What was the point? She wrapped a large towel around herself and sat down at her dresser to do her hair and makeup. When she was finished, she sat there in silence for a while. Finally, she got up and walked down the hall to Bobby’s room. She knocked on the door.

Bobby closed the laptop computer and opened the door, surprised to see her. He had expected to be summoned to her room, but she had come to him.

“I think we should begin.” Julia said.

“Yes, we should.”

Julia walked in the room. Bobby shut the door behind her.

When she was standing by Bobby’s bed, she dropped her towel to reveal her nude body. Bobby looked at her with pure lust in his eyes. The sight of her made his brain burn.

What happened next was beyond Bobby’s control. The raw primitive animal inside him escaped, and Julia was taken by surprise. He walked over to Julia and gently picked her up in his arms. He placed her on her back on the bed and pushed her legs up in the air, exposing güvenilir casino her sex to him.

Like a hungry wolf, Bobby dove into her with his tongue, an act he had never done, but had witnessed many times while watching porn.

Bobby plowed Julia’s sex with his tongue, licking from the base of her slit to her clit. Julia was shocked by Bobby’s enthusiasm.

Julia frequently enjoyed the pleasure of George’s tongue, but she did not expect this assault from Bobby. It would contribute nothing to the goal of impregnation, but she did not attempt to argue the fact with her stepson. Instead, she resigned herself to his eager attention. It was, after all, very pleasurable if not necessary.

Soon Bobby’s tongue found her clit. He teased it with his tongue and tried to capture it with his lips. Julia’s body soared into a state of sensual heat. Julia cried out. “Oh, my god, Bobby.” She succumbed to the intense pleasure that Bobby was giving her. Her pussy became wet with secretions which were smeared on Bobby’s face.

Bobby lapped away at her clit, up and down, side to side, until she was pushed to the edge of an intense orgasm. Bobby held her there, right on the edge, and she shuddered and writhed about on the bed, gasping. Her hips rotated and thrust upward with increasing urgency.

Bobby had been holding her legs open with his hands. That was no longer necessary because her legs were splayed wide open. Bobby reached up to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples. She wailed with delight.

As Julia’s body became enraptured with exquisite ecstasy her shapely figure became rigid and convulsed with pleasure. Her whole body entered a state of euphoria on a level she had never experience before. She quivered and shuddered as she descended into a deep blue pool of orgasmic abyss.

Before Julia’s orgasm began to subside, Bobby quickly mounted her. Placing the tip of his throbbing cock at her entrance he rubbed the bulbous knob all over her slit, continuing to tease her clitoris. He greased his steel shaft with her wetness by sliding it up and down the furrow of her sex.

Julia was panting, visibly shaking. She needed Bobby to fill the deep void of her lust with his hard cock. “Please Bobby, don’t tease me.” Bobby lined up at Julia’s entrance, the gateway to heaven, and pushed an inch inside, just the head. Julia bit her lip as she felt him advance inside her.

Bobby found no resistance to his invasion. Julia was very wet, and his cock was coated with her juices. With a firm gentle push, he sank all eight inches of his cock into Julia’s warm, wet pussy. The heat that surrounded his cock was incredibly delightful.

“Oh, Julia, you feel so damn good.” He savored the moment for a while, then began to fuck her.

With slow steady strokes Bobby slid his throbbing cock in and out of Julia. Each time he withdrew, Julia attempted to stop him by clamping down tight on his shaft.

Bobby caressed her breasts while he fucked her. Her nipples had become erect. Julia’s breasts were very sensitive to pleasure. She relished the attention to them.

“Pinch my nipples, Bobby. That’s it, just like that.”

Bobby began to increase the pace. Faster and faster he stroked into her. Julia began to feel the approach of an orgasm. Intense sheets of red heat blanketed her body. Bobby was pounding into her, and it felt exquisite to her. She fucked back at him, sheathing him each time he withdrew.

Bobby pulled his shaft out of Julia and turned her over with her bottom in the air. He had always wanted to try fucking from behind. It looked so sexy when he saw porn stars do it. Julia knew what he wanted. It was one of her favorite positions. She wiggled her ass invitingly. Bobby relished the sight of Julia’s ass in front of him.

Bobby inserted his cock once more into Julia’s heavenly pussy and began to thrust into her with all he had. Their bodies slapped together in perfect rhythm. Bobby’s balls were tightening, and he felt the familiar feeling of impending ejaculation.

“Slap my ass, Bobby” she told him breathlessly. He did and it sounded like a tree limb breaking. “Harder!” she said. He slapped her other ass cheek, even harder this time

Julia also was on the verge of her second orgasm. She reached between her legs and found her clit. It took only a moment of stimulation to set her off. Her body exploded in a fiery, scorching flame of white-hot ecstasy. Waves of pleasure pushed her into a zone of bliss so paralyzing she could barely breathe.

“Oh. Oh, Oh, please fuck me harder, Bobby. Fuck me hard.”

Hearing Julia beg him to fuck her, literally begging him, pushed Bobby to the edge. With one last plunge, shoving his cock all the way in, giving her every inch, his cock exploded in a fountain of hot fertile cum inside Julia’s warm wet pussy. His balls convulsed over and over, until he thought they might implode. He came until he had nothing left.

They both collapsed on their backs on the bed, both wet with sweat and panting. When their bodies had begun to come down off the mountain of carnal gratification, it was Bobby who spoke first.

“Do you think your pregnant now?”

“I don’t know. It’s a bit early to test” she replied. A moment of silence followed.

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