Chris, Tale 01

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“Wish me luck?” asking this of Max, my husband, as I turned from the mirror after putting that damned stubborn stud in my earlobe.

“Of course, but I still wish you’d let me tag along to watch,” Max replied in a teasing, kidding manner.

Pretty sure he was kidding…hmmm, might have to think about that a bit.

I leaned over and gave him a big ol’ smooch, then stood back, saying, “Do I look tempting and mouth-watering?” doing a bit of a twirl afterwards.

“Not a fair question since you always do, to me anyway,” Max said, racking up points in the process.

“Well played, Maxie-boy, well played indeed.”

Hey, praise is never a bad thing, right?

“Anyways, I’m a guy and we already know that you light fires in guys….this Vic is a chick and you of all people know that I’m clueless with chick-thinking,” laughing as he said it.

“As are most men, Maxie-boy, so don’t beat up on yourself, sweetie…well, I guess I’ll know soon enough…Okay, I’m out the door, baby,” and with that, I kissed him goodbye again and headed for my car.

Backstory: We are in our mid-thirties, Max and I, and married eight years. Long story short, the bedroom scene with us had gotten a bit pedestrian and boring. This little nugget of truth came out from the both of us during a tequila-filled night of shots and hot-tubbing on a weekend getaway.

The next morning, after many cups of coffee and much aspirin, Max and I both owned up to making that statement and feeling that way about our sex life. That admission got us to talking of ways of spicing things up which led to talking about “taking a look” at the swinging scene, that’s all, just “take a look.”

Well dear hearts, “taking a look” led us to the computer to search out the swinging scene in our city.

Damn! Who knew?

That’s right, tons of information about swinging in our city, in your city, in their city, in every city it seemed. So, we discovered a lounge that was mentioned in several comments on the website of a ‘couples club’ we were checking out. The lounge was an informal spot for people in the ‘lifestyle’ to meet prospective playmates in a public place, lessening first-time meeting tensions, of course.

Well, Max and I decided to go to the lounge the next weekend and have a drink to, you know, “check things out.”

The drink wound up being several which led to me getting fucked doggy-style by Max as I gave a world-class blowjob to our new friend, Jon, who we met at the lounge. That encounter deserves its own story but not now, we’ll save that for later.

All of the backstory occurred a couple of years ago and we’ve been part of the “lifestyle” for almost two years now.

Max and I mostly had threesomes with select single guys but we also bopped a few couples along the way. The funny thing is, with couples, there was never any play between me and another woman. I wouldn’t have initiated any play but I wouldn’t have discouraged it either.

On the drive home from a play-date with another couple at their place, I vented to Max that I must be unattractive to women since none of them ever made a pass at me.

“Damn, pisses you off that much?” Max asked, sounding a bit shocked judging casino şirketleri by the tone of his voice.

“Yeah, I guess it does…I mean, you know how I fantasize about it, how I talk about sex with another woman to get my motor running before we have sex.”

“Yeah, I know, I know,” Max replied, “and the fact that you’ve never had any sort of sexual contact with a female is pretty surprising, wouldn’t you say?”

“Could have, I guess, but once I discovered sex with guys, that’s pretty much what I focused on and I probably missed thrown passes at me from gals…I guess.”

About a week later, I had an email in our account that we used for swinging contacts. The email was from a twenty-two year old named Vic. The attached jpeg showed a drop-dead gorgeous red-haired young woman with juuuusssst the right amount of cleavage showing, you know?

She asked if I’d be interested in meeting for a drink. Just me. And her. No husband. No boyfriend. Just us.

End of backstory and into the here and now….


The faint aroma of magnolias struck my senses just the voice registered in my brain.

“Vic?” saying this as I turned to face ‘the voice’.

She hugged me in welcome-and not in a ‘sisterly’ manner either-then took my hand, saying, “C’mon, I’ve already got us a table across the dance floor.”

“Thanks, Madge,” Vic said after she had given the server our order. Then, turning to me, “Damn, Chris, you’re even hotter in person,” following that point-scorer with a smile.

“Thanks,” I stumbled to say, hesitating a bit, then gushing, “Why? I mean, how? Why me? We’ve never met, I’m sure…I mean I know, I’d remember if we had.”

“I’ve seen you a few times at Chico’s (referring to the lounge used as a meet-up place) when I was meeting a date and you caught my fancy, that’s all…checked a couple of local websites, found your ad, sent you an email and, voila, here we are.”

“How’d you know I’d be interested in, you know, just you and I, no men? I mean, we, Max and I, didn’t saying anything about me being bi or…”

“I didn’t, of course, but I thought I’d find out for myself…guess I guessed right? Maybe?”

“Guess you did,” I managed to croak out in a nervous voice.

“Thought we’d have a couple of drinks here and then you could follow me to my place…it’s not far, couple of miles is all,” Vic cooed, moving a bit closer to me in the curved booth.

“Follow you home?” I said, full of all kind of attitude, “you’re that sure that I’m going to want to follow you home, are you?

Moving right up against me, Vic turned my head towards her with a soft hand to my chin and placed her soft-as-butter lips on mine.


In a nano-second my mouth was opened to her probing snake-like tongue and my arms were around her, as hers were around me, and we were locked into a heart-pounding, pussy-wetting, kissing embrace.

Breaking from our kiss, she leaned back and stared at me through half-closed, sultry eyes. Reaching out with her hand casually, she softly fondled me, saying, “Well, you tell me.”

“How far did you say?”

Okay, if I’m going to be truthful in the telling of this tale I must admit that I casino firmaları pleasured myself a weeee bit on the drive to Vic’s place. Not a lot but enough to give me a nice little ‘get-off’ that only had me close my eyes for a nano-second when it happened.

And, truth be told, it only got me hotter for some more.

Not a bad thing, right?

“It’s not much but it’s comfortable,” Vic said as she ushered me through her front door.

Her “not much” was a two-story, stand-alone condo in a gated community that catered to the up and comers and the been-there, done-that crowd that were empty-nesters. Her patio, on the back side, sported a rather large hot tub that could probably hold six adults and was totally secluded from prying eyes by huge bushes festooned with gorgeous blooms of some sort.

“Fix you a drink, sugar?”

“I’ll have what you’re having,” this said as my eyes took in her décor and wall-art.

“Two rum and cokes coming up.”

“I should warn you…I’m a light-weight when it comes to alcohol,” I said quickly when I saw her liberally pouring in the Bacardi 151.

“All the better to get you hammered and take advantage of you,” Vic replied with a snarky little smirk, “and, yes, I absolutely would do that,” chuckling as an exclamation point to her statement.

“Well, here’s to getting taken advantage of,” clinking my glass against hers afterwards.

She just smiled as her eyes undressed me while taking a huge slug of her drink.

I liked it.

Putting her drink on the counter, she moved towards me, her hand cupping my ass as she pulled me towards her crotch. Tilting her head, her lips wrapped around mine, her tongue slid slowly between my opening lips.

I put my glass on the counter and embraced Vic tighter to me as I surrendered to her kiss, feeling her crotch rubbing against mine as her hands, both of them, cupped my ass cheeks, holding me ‘in place’ as she dry-fucked me.

We kissed and humped each other for what seemed like hours, both of us freely fondling each other, our tongues taking turns in each other’s mouth.

“I don’t need any more liquor…,” I gasped between kisses, “I’m ready to be taken advantaged of,” returning my mouth to hers after saying it.

“Follow me, sugar, let’s get naked,” Vic cooed, taking my hand in hers and pulling me behind her towards the stairway.

She sat me on the edge of her king-sized bed, stepped back and began to slowly undress, her eyes ablaze with lust.

I was getting hotter by the second as I stared at her, her breasts and pink nipples begging me to suck them I thought.

And, I so wanted to do that.

As if having read my mind, she stepped out of her thong, totally naked now and stepped over to me, cupping my head in her hands and pulling my mouth towards her breast.

Closing my eyes, I opened my mouth wide and sucked her tit into my mouth, the fullness of it muting my cooing sounds as I suck harder and harder.

Pulling her hands from behind my head, she slipped them down my blouse and began fondling my boobs, her fingers pinching my hardened nipples, softly at first but increasingly harder. Each pinch from her fingers caused me to gasp in pain while güvenilir casino cooing from the pleasure that the pain caused.

Pushing her boob into my mouth even further, she placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed until I was flat on my back with her laying on top as I continued to suck her breasts, moving my mouth freely between them to do so.

Then, as if possessed, I placed my hands on her hips, lifting and pulling until her glistening, trimmed pubes were scant millimeters from my lips.

“Awwww, yeah, sugar, make love to mamma’s pussy,” Vic murmured as she teased my lips by rubbing her wet pubes across my lips.

Her smell was intoxicating, smelling faintly like roses, driving me mad and making me excited. With my hands now on her firm ass, I pulled her pussy hard against my mouth as I opened it to wrap my lips around her throbbing, swollen clit.

“Aaaahhh, oh God,” she cried when I bit her hardened clit, gnawing and sucking on it as if it were the last meal I’d ever have.

I chewed, gnawed, licked her unmercifully, the whole time feeling my own orgasm building quickly, scant seconds it seemed, from erupting.

But it was when I slipped my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt that my own orgasm burst forth, my panties quickly becoming soaked with my juices.

She came for what seemed like hours, the whole time grinding against my mouth and tongue, her breathing excited, her voice spewing unintelligible mutterings.

Collapsing next to me on the bed, she rolled onto her side, her fingers making quick work of getting me out of my blouse and bra.

“Thought you were a newbie…thought I’d be doing you first….what happened?” she cooed just before sucking my breast and nipple into her mouth.

“Don’t know…guess all the years of fantasizing about it took control,” I chuckled softly, her sucking on my nipple getting me hot and bothered all over again.

As her finger entered my juicy cunt, she quietly said, “Honey, that was as good as I’ve ever had…swear to God.”

Grabbing her wrist with my hands, I held her hand and finger in place and began humping as if I were fucking a cock.

With her mouth on mine in a tongue-swapping kiss and her fingers, two of them now, deep in me, I climaxed like it was my first time, wracking and shaking my body hard.

“Good, baby?” she asked softly as I climb down the mountain.

“Ooooh yeah, really, really good,” I replied while lifting my hips so that she could get my panties off of me to join the rest of my clothes on the floor, next to the bed.

“Hang on bitch,” she chuckled, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” dropping her mouth onto my ‘little man’ in a flash.

Suffice to say, she was right!

I dragged myself home around three in the morning, climbing into bed quietly so’s not to wake Max.

“You smell like you’ve been rolling in pussy,” his sleepy voice croaked from his pillow.

“Feels like it, too,” I softly replied.

“As good as your fantasy?”

“Better,” I answered softly as the ‘need’ to suck his cock starting to bounce around inside of my brain.

“Good, I’m glad,” sweet Max replied.

Reaching to his crotch, he on his back now, I grasped his hardening cock and began slowly stroking him.

“Gonna’ see her again?”

“Probably…you okay with that?”


And that, dear hearts, is why Max got the blow-job of his life that morning…

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