Blowing My Cousin

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My first gay experience came at the young age of eighteen with a much older man. This man was my cousin, the son of my mother’s sister.

I grew up on the northern east coast. He grew up in the south on a farm. We would visit most every summer. Joe was my favorite cousin. He would take me out on the tractor and taught me how to ride on the back of a flat trailer and throw bails of hey that weighed as much as I did across the pastures to feed herds of cows. He was a big, tall, gentle man who loved animals and was kind to everyone.

When I was eighteen, he was in his late thirties. He had left the farm to drive tractor-trailers for a living. He would deliver new trucks all across the country and Canada, then fly home for his next run. One summer, he delivered a stack of trucks to a dealer in our area and stayed over at our house for a few days. I was excited that my favorite cousin was staying over, but not in a million years would I have guessed that I would be taking this man’s cock and cum into my mouth that very night.

I shared a bedroom with my younger brother who was away at camp for a couple of weeks in the summer, and so my cousin roomed with me for his stay.

At an early age, I knew I had a strong sexual attraction to both men and women and I fully intended to experience a man as possible. I was never “confused” about my sexuality and just accepted my bisexuality as who I was. I would later realize that Joe was my favorite cousin because I had had a sexual attraction to him from the time I was in grade school; I just hadn’t realized it until that week he stayed with us.

On the first night of his stay as we were preparing to go to bed, he closed the bedroom door and took out a small bag containing some marijuana and a pipe. We had stayed up late watching movies and everyone else in the house was asleep. “I know you get high, right?” he asked. I told him I loved getting high. We sat on the floor under an open widow and smoke a couple of large bowls being careful to let the smoke draw through my window fan. What I didn’t tell my cousin was that getting high made me insatiably horny, and that I often got high to enhance my fantasies of giving a man a blow job. I was stoned as hell by the time we finished two bowls and my mind was racing with visions of him lying naked on the bed, me prone between his legs making love to his cock with my mouth, but I never consider it might really happen.

He put his stuff away and walked over to the door and locked it. “I sleep naked and I don’t want your mama or little sister to walk in and see me dick to Jesus!” To my astonishment, he began to strip down completely naked in my room. He was a country boy and not given to modesty. I did not consider this a sexual advance, but the sight of his nude body so aroused me that I became terribly self-conscious and had to steal glimpses of him as he undressed. As he stood naked folding his jeans and shirt over the back of a chair, I realized that I found his body incredibly beautiful. He was a big man, easily six foot two. He was muscular with a middle-aged belly that had developed since he had quit the farm to drive trucks. His body was covered with dark hair. When he turned from the chair and walked toward his bed, I saw his full frontal body approaching. He had the most wonderful cock and balls I’d ever seen. His cock was large and partially erect and swung gently as he walked. I began hoping desperately that the locked door and his arousal was a signal to me that he wanted something from me.

I was now having a difficult time averting my eyes from his cock and he seemed to be in no hurry to cover himself. He moved around the room naked looking at my models and making small talk. “Got any little girlfriends we can sneak in for a blow job?” he asked with a smile. “No” I said in a shaky voice. Surely he was throwing me hints, I was just to terrified to tell him that he didn’t need any girls, and that I’d love to take care of that gorgeous cock for him. “Too bad” he said “I love a good blowjob when I’m stoned”

Did he have any idea what he was doing to me? Was he just sharing boy talk or could he see right through me? It didn’t matter. I was too frightened to make the first move and nothing was going to happen unless he stated it. If it was all in my head, he might be repulsed by my admission that I was bisexual. It simply wasn’t worth the possible humiliation to take the chance. But oh how I hoped he would finally ask if I’d be willing to let him put that gorgeous cock in my mouth. “Well…’night” he said and lay down on the other bed.

“‘Night” I replied sheepishly, an unexpected inflection of disappointment obvious in my voice as he turned off the light. I undressed in the dark. It was not my modesty but rather the rock-hard erection I had that I did not want him to see. So I made my way to my bed and slid in.

After my eyes adjusted, I realized I could see him clearly from my bed only a few feet away from the lights of the street lamps. He lay naked on his back on top of the covers, too hot a night for even a sheet. The mound of his cock was clearly visible to me. I pulled my sheet up over myself and rolled over to face the other way. I closed my eyes tightly and tried not to think casino şirketleri about this beautiful naked man lying only feet from me. It was hopeless of course. A few moments later I heard him breathing. I rolled over and gazed at him lying there with a huge eight-inch erection in his hand! He was slowly rubbing his cock and balls. My god it was beautiful. His cock was large and I could see the shining head of his dick as he held it pointing straight up. Under my sheet, I had my hand around my own cock quietly fantasizing that I was curled up between his legs licking his balls and cock. My hopes had been dashed by then and I assumed the best I could hope for was to quietly, voyeuristically watch him masturbate and maybe catch a glimpse of his cum as he shot off in the pail light. My intentions were to quietly cum into the towel I kept in my bed as my imagination worked through how I would bring him to a screaming orgasm in my eager mouth, if only I had the guts to crawl over to him.

I was so engrossed and so stoned that I didn’t realize he was perfectly aware of what I was doing.

“You wanna come over here?” he whispered. It startled me so bad I jumped out of my skin. He laughed, “I didn’t mean to scare ya”. He took his cock in his hand and pointed in my direction. “It won’t hurt ya boy and I wont tell no body” Perhaps he had sensed for all those years that I was bi, or perhaps gay. For whatever reason he seemed confident that I would not refuse him, and he was absolutely right. His cock was so large and so hard that it both terrified me and fascinated me at the same time. My heart was pounding so hard I could hear the blood rushing in my ears.

“Come on over here boy, nothin’ wrong with a little curiosity at your age”. It was crystal clear now that he was hoping for the same thing I was, he just needed to be sure. He had more to loose than I did. And I knew of course he certainly wasn’t going to tell my mom and dad that he stuck his cock in their son’s mouth!

I moved over to him and sat on the side of the bed. I knew everyone else had fans going in their room so I was not too concerned that anyone would here him if made noise. My breath was shaking as I tried to control the pounding in my ears.

“You can touch it if you want”, he said. I laid a hand on his thigh and rubbed his leg as he held his cock. The feel of touching another mans body was incredibly arousing to me to my surprise. I was trembling all over even in the heat, and my heart was racing. I placed my hand on his balls and rubbed them gently. His balls were hanging loose between his legs and they felt so soft and hairy and the heat of his body poured off of them. He moaned a little and moved his hand away from his cock. I moved my hand up and wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft. It felt so powerful and so strange in my hand.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked him. I was surprised at the sound of my voice, so shaky and halting, so vulnerable.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“Can I kiss it?” I asked.

“Ya, I’d like that”, he answered.

I bent down and put my lips on the tip of his dick. I felt a drop of wet fluid on my lips. I licked it from the tip of his cock and tasted it. It was salty and sticky and tasted wonderful. He smelled of the musk of his balls and Old Spice. I could feel the heat of his body radiating from between his legs. I bent down to him and kissed the skin just under his large head. The skin of his dick felt and tasted wonderful against my lips. A low long moan came from him as I gently kissed the spot under his dickhead, rubbing my moist lips on him.

“Do you want me to give you a blow job?” I asked

“Have you ever done it before”, he asked

“No, but I know what to do”, I answered.

Of course my idea of what to do was all based on the many detailed fantasies I’d run over and over in my mind of what I’d do if I ever got the chance to indulge myself on another mans cock. I had a girlfriend who only gave me head because she wanted me to do her. I was good with my mouth and she always had intense orgasms when I ate her. I figured if I could do that to a girl, I could do it to a man. I used to watch her suck me off and always wished it were me doing the sucking. She didn’t much care for the taste of cum and always spit mine immediately into a towel. I vowed that if I ever had a man cum in my mouth, I’d lovingly swallow all he gave me and never insult him by spitting out his sperm.

“Now if you start, you can’t chicken out on me.” He said, All I could manage was a shaky “I wont, I promise” because the thought of his cock in my mouth suddenly took my breath away.

He moved up the bed into a reclining position against his pillow, spread his legs and said, “Why don’t you lay down right here” as he patted the space on the bed between his legs.

I climbed into the bed and placed myself between his legs, now staring up at his cock and body. This close, I could see every detail of his cock. It was about eight inches long with a large purple head gleaming in the light of the street lamp. It was so thick I could not wrap my hand completely around it. The skin of his cock was warm and covered in thick veins standing out all over it. casino firmaları There was a bush of thick dark hair at its base that wrapped down to a set of balls sparsely covered with long hair. His legs and the mound of his belly were also quite hairy. I would later learn these men were called “bears” and it set the pattern for my preference in men.

“Just take your time and have some fun with it. Relax in to it, I wont do anything to hurt you”, he whispered as he sensed my nervousness. He was patient and gentle, and I trusted him completely. As first experiences go, he was all I’d ever dreamed of.

I closed my eyes and started licking and kissing the inside of his thighs for a few moments, just enjoying the smell and feel of his hairy flesh. I placed my open mouth on his balls and kissed and licked them as he moaned quietly. When I opened my eyes, I saw him staring down at me with a look of concentration and contentment on his face. I propped myself up on my elbows and took his cock in one hand while I rested the other on his thigh. I placed my tongue right on the generous wrinkles of loose flesh just under the head of his dick and slowly caressed it with my tongue. His cock stiffened as he drew in a long breath and let out a stifled moan. “That’s nice” he sighed. He closed his eyes and laid his head back as his body squirmed slightly. He spread his legs further apart so that I had room to reach everything as I worked on him.

Even though this was my very first experience at giving a blowjob, I felt perfectly confident and comfortable. It felt completely natural to me. I know exactly what Joe was feeling and it was incredibly powerful to be giving this kind of pleasure to a real man. There would be no awkward guessing here and I know in that moment that Joe was in for a wonderful experience. I had a clean, pretty face and long blond hair, small for my age and from Joe’s perspective looking down on me, he could easily imagine me as a young girl giving him a fine, sensual blowjob. And that was very erotic to me.

Joe opened his eyes and reached down with one hand to hold his cock. With the other hand, he held my head gently and tilted it to one side so that my face was at an angle to his dick. I continued to lick the underside of his dick as he slowly stroked himself. He pushed the loose skin sheathing his dick up around his cock head and moaned, “Right their honey, suck it right there”. I took the gathered skin in my mouth and sucked and licked him as he held his cock for me. He was watching me work on him with a look of absolute contentment and pleasure. He rubbed my head gently with on hand as he continued to slowly stoke himself against my mouth, my lips now wrapped around his shaft just under his cock head as my tongue moved over his fleshy cock.

“Hold your tongue out for me”, he whispered. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue flat across the underside of his dick. He began to rub his cock back and forth on my tongue, holding my head in the exact position so that he was in complete control of all movement. He moaned softly as the muscles in his body flexed and relaxed in an involuntary rhythm. His cock was now so hard that the head of it felt like a large rubber ball as it passed over my mouth and face. His breathing became more and more heavy as his whispered words came out broken and panting. “That’s it baby that’s it…oh god that feels so good”. At first I thought he was about to cum across my face, but he pulled my head up and asked:

“Have you ever tasted cum?”

“Just my own” I replied.

“Did you like it?” he asked.

“Yes, I love it” I replied.

“Would you like to taste mine?” he asked.

“Ya” I replied, “I’d like that very much ” I answered.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” he asked.

“Yes” I answered, “I’d like that very much,” I whimpered.

“Will you swallow it for me?”, he asked

“Yes” I replied in a whisper “I wanna suck you while you cum and swallow all of it”

I was so stoned I wasn’t sure for a moment if this was really happening or if I was lying in my bed dreaming. I tried to imagine what it would be like the moment he released in my mouth and my whole body shivered in anticipation. Something I’d fantasized about so many times was about to really happen. I had imagined many times what it would be like to hold a man’s cumming cock in my mouth. And my fantasies always involved an older man just like this one. For all my imaginings, I knew I really had no idea what a cock bursting in orgasm in my mouth would really feel and taste like, and I was overwhelmed with pleasure knowing I would soon feel Joes cock doing just that.

I propped myself up on my elbows so I could get my face over his dick. I got a good look at it in the light. It was so big and beautiful, and the head of his dick was so large that I wasn’t sure how much of him I could take. I licked the head of his cock all around to get it wet. Then I opened wide and slowly worked it in. His dick felt strange and fleshy as I took it into my mouth, soft but firm and filled with power. I didn’t realize until that moment that a man’s cock would have a flavor to it, but I could clearly taste and smell a distinct musk unlike anything I’d ever tasted güvenilir casino and would never forget.

He let go of it and said “It’s all yours baby”. I took it in my hand and moved my head up and down sucking his cock. To my pleasant surprise, I had no trouble taking at least half of his large dick. I could feel the head of his dick in the back of my throat as I moved down on him. His cock filled my mouth but it was not so huge that I was unable to service him well. He felt so good in my mouth that I started to moan. “yaaaaa, suck it baby, suck it,” he moaned quietly. His body squirmed and I could feel his legs moving around me. He was moaning quietly and his breathing was deep and rapid. I could see his belly and chest heaving up and down as I pulled him in and out of my mouth. I slowly sucked just the first couple of inches for a moment and took him out of my mouth to lick his cock all over. He groaned as I worked my tongue over his stiff dick. I moved down and began licking his balls. They were so hot on my face and smelled like a man in that wonderful state of arousal. I could feel the soft skin and hair of his balls on my tongue and in my mouth as I bathed and kissed every inch of his loose ball sack. I spent several moments just licking his beautiful cock and balls. I was lost in my own euphoria. He must have seen how much I was enjoying myself when he said:

“Damn…you really like lickin’ don’t ya baby”

“Yaaa..” I answered grinning with delight, “I can taste you better when I lick”

“You like the way that thing tastes?” he asked

“Oh ya, it tastes wonderful”

“You still sure you want it in your mouth when I cum?” he asked

“Ya…I want to taste your cum”

“There’s gonna be a lot of it, can you take it all for me?” He asked

“You can cum as hard as I long as you want. I promise I’ll suck you ’till your completely finished”

“Damn I would love that” he said, “none of my girlfriends would ever let me cum, they always pulled back at the last minute. The most I would get is a jack off and most of ’em didn’t care much for givin’ head”

“So you’ve never been sucked off?” I asked

“Once or twice but one took a couple of shots and stopped in the middle of it and the other about puked. Had a hooker suck me off once at a truck stop but she spit it out all over the floor of my rig”

“I’d never spit a man’s cum.”, I said “That’s insulting to spit a mans cum out. Besides I love the way it tastes. The whole point of giving a blow jab for me is to feel you cum in my mouth. That’s what I want, so this will be a first for both of us”

“Is it okay if I stand up” he asked.

“Yes, any position you want” I said as I slid off the bed and went down to my knees. I wanted him to use my mouth for his pleasure, to place me in any position he needed to feel as good as he could. He could have done anything he wanted to me. I had never felt such complete submission and it felt wonderful.

He rolled off the bead and positioned himself in front of me as I knelt before him. He towered over me, his body filling my field of vision. I pushed my face up under his cock and massaged his balls with my mouth and tongue as I rubbed his ass with one hand and his leg with the other. He smelled so good and his body was so hot. My face was covered and surrounded by him. He had complete control over me and all I wanted to do was surrender to him utterly, be just a vessel into which he would deposit all of his deepest, most powerful desires.

I could feel the incredible power of his body over me as he enjoyed himself with me. I anticipated all that pent up force that I know would have to explode soon as his body descended deeper and deeper into its erotic pleasures. I wanted all of this man’s power to burst through his cock and into my mouth, to have him drain completely as he lost all control in an intense orgasm all focused into me as though my small mouth was an endless source of acceptance of all his body could experience in orgasm. I pulled back and took him in my mouth again, both my hands now wrapped around his cock. I took him deep this time, almost all of him and held him deep in my throat. He let out a long moan. I moved my hands around to hold his ass as I sucked him. I wanted to swallow his entire body.

He placed both hands on the sides of my head and gently moved his cock in and out of me. I was looking up at his body watching his arms as they moved my head in and out, his chest heaving, his belly quivering, the look on his face, all engulfing me as I lovingly, eagerly took his thrusting manhood. I closed my eyes and moved my hands over his ass, the back of his legs, his hairy belly, rubbing him everywhere I could reach. His thrusting motion increased and I lost myself as I felt his whole body give in to his natural male fucking motion. I held my throat open for him and allowed him to plunge his rock hard cock into me over and over again. To my astonishment, I never once gagged or retched. I was simply in a trance of incredible pleasure at being the object of his body fucking me in the mouth. He slowed and moved his dick gently left and right in my mouth in a rolling motion of thrust and retreat. He held me still for a moment, his cock half way in me and I could feel several strong throbs as he pulsed his cock and moaned with pleasure. He slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth for a moment and asked “”Is that okay?” “Yes baby” I answered, “You can fuck my mouth, all you want”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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