Boy Toy

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Terry could still get hard from the memory of that cold October day, when he had experienced his first gay encounter. He had been just nineteen, a freshman at college who had got in on a football scholarship. He had been late for English Lit and the professor had played the role of an angry bitch, putting him on the spot for his tardiness…

“Mr. McKenna, you honor us with your presence. We have postponed today’s lesson just to expound on the wonders of a football player’s hectic schedule. Tell us, Mr. McKenna. At what point did you realize that you are actually not a top notch genius?” The class laughed at Mr. Erickson’s joke. Terry blushed in embarrassment and quickly took his seat.

“See me after class, McKenna.”

Great, he thought, a meeting with the asshole. Like I need this now. He had been under a lot of stress lately, what with the championships coming up and his coach and teammates depending on him to help them bring the trophy home. Not to mention the fact that his long time girlfriend had broken up with him, saying that long distance relationships would never work. He let out an audible sigh and was startled when the professor said, “Earth to Mr. McKenna!” earning him another laugh from his classmates.

“You just keep wracking up those popularity points, don’t you, McKenna?” the professor frowned at him. Terry bowed his head in shame. “After class, McKenna, after class.”


Terry waited until the classroom was empty before he approached Mr. Erickson’s desk. The professor leaned back in his chair and studied Terry’s profile for a moment. Terry thought that he was thinking of some great remark to insult him. Erickson was famous for being an asshole. Terry expected nothing less from him.

“Tell me, Terry. How is college life?”

The professor’s question startled Terry. He hadn’t anticipated that the man would question him about his life. He thought that the man had better things to do than worry about some jock’s day.

“W-well, college is okay,” he answered.

“Good, huh? What kind of a response is that? I thought that you jocks had it all in college. Pussy, beer, shit like that.”

“Uh,” Terry did not know what to tell him. Sure there had been parties, but Terry was not the type of person to sleep around. He had been loyal to his girlfriend, even after they had broken up. He found it hard to find someone else to take her place. He wasn’t ready for another relationship, not now at least. He thought that it was a good opportunity to concentrate on his education.

“When I was in college, I was a wild man. I fucked everything and everybody. Have you ever done that, Terry? Have you ever fucked everything there is to fuck?”

Terry was starting to feel uncomfortable. He couldn’t believe that they were having this conversation. “Uh…”

“I’ll take that as a no, kid.” Erickson got up and locked the door. “College is all about experiences, Mr. McKenna.”

Terry watched as the professor walked towards him. Something was up. Why would he lock the door?

“Mr. Erickson, I’m going to be late for my next class.”

“Yeah, well you’re going to fail mine if you don’t do some extra curricular activities.” Erickson threatened.

“Like what?”

The professor leaned against his desk and zipped down his fly. Terry let out a gasp of shock. He could not believe what was happening.

“Suck my cock.”

Erickson’s blunt words rang in his ears. Terry felt dizzy with disbelief.

“If you do it, I’ll pass you out of this nightmare that you call English Literature. Hell, you won’t even have to attend the rest of the semester. If you don’t do it, well, there is the door. You can unlock it and leave. I won’t hold it against you.”

Terry stared at the bulging, thick penis that stuck out of the opening in the professor’s khaki pants and shuddered. What a way to get an easy A. He thought about how difficult it had been for him even to understand what the hell some of the world’s greatest minds were saying. He still could not fathom anything in the subject, but to give a blowjob to a jerk of a professor just to get an A…

“No, casino şirketleri I can’t,” he said.

“Sure you can,” Erickson muttered and fisted his cock. He ran his hand up and down the swollen thing, getting it good and hard. “You just bring that pretty mouth of yours over here.” Terry could hear his heart pounding in his ears. He could leave; the professor said that he could. Still, what he demanded from Terry made him curious.

“I could suck your cock if you want. I love sucking cock,” Erickson said and licked his lips. He tugged on his dick, and Terry could see how tight the skin had stretched over his shaft. Terry felt his cock start to swell of its own accord. Erickson saw the tell tale bulge pressing out from Terry’s jeans and chuckled. “Getting a little tight in there, McKenna?” Terry blushed. Erickson straightened and walked towards Terry. He stood before him, still holding his cock in his hand, and touched the tent at the front of Terry’s jeans. Terry gasped and jerked his hips back a little. Erickson ran his thumb along the hidden member and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Tell you what, McKenna. I’m going to suck you dry, and then you’ll do the same for me.”

Terry could not move as Erickson fondled him. He was so close that he could see the tiny little hole at the top of the professor’s penis. A tiny drop of pre cum glistened at the tip. Terry found himself licking his lips. The action confused him. He was not gay. He had never been gay to begin with.

The professor was unzipping Terry’s jeans. He knelt down before Terry-still gripping his bulbous cock in his hand –and removed Terry’s throbbing cock from the confines of his underwear and pants. The feel of the professor’s warm fingers wrapped around Terry’s shank made him tremble with excitement. The professor gave Terry’s cock a little pull, causing a moan to escape his lips. The professor grinned and lowered his head to the hard red shaft. Terry squirmed on the balls of his feet. The excitement was too much to handle. He felt Erickson’s warm mouth envelope his pulsating organ. Terry grimaced and clutched Erickson’s head in his hands.

Erickson moaned as Terry’s trunk went down his throat. He did love a fine cock, and Terry’s was an impressive piece of man meat. He was about one inch thick, and ten inches long. Erickson could not wait to get him into his ass.

He held Terry’s cock steady at its base with one hand and captured the younger man’s heavy balls within his other. He squeezed the fleshy orbs and heard Terry groan in response. He bobbed his head up and down on the jock’s pulsing staff. He tasted a small sample of the jock’s juices. He savored it on his tongue before he let the precious fluid roll down his throat. He released Terry’s rod for a moment and told him, “You taste so fucking good.”

Terry whimpered at the professor’s crude sounding words. It made what he was doing to him seem all the more real, forbidden. Terry did not want to think what people would say if they were caught in this compromising situation.

“Stop thinking too hard, McKenna. Just enjoy my mouth on your big cock. I could have given you a passing grade for the size of this thing alone,” Erickson dove back into his work, coiling his tongue around the burgeoning stem.

He gently bit into the fold of skin that surrounded the head of Terry’s cock. Terry winced and sucked in some air through his teeth.

“You like that?” the professor taunted him. He looked up at him and let his tongue flutter all over the prominent vein that stood out on his shaft.

“Shit…” Terry groaned.

“Mmmm….” Erickson tugged on the underside of the ten inches with little nips of his teeth. The skin there was delicate and soft and Erickson’s efforts produced the sexiest sounds from his student. He pumped his hand over the hefty cock and rubbed it all over his flushed face. The scent and flavor of the monster rod made him as hard as a bull. He had to have him now, or he would burst.

“Turn around, McKenna,” he bade him.

Terry looked nervous. He hesitated for a while.

“Come on. Either turn around and place your hands casino firmaları on the desk or leave,” the professor instructed.

Terry did as he was told, bending over the desk. He gasped when he felt Erickson pull his pants all the way down his legs and off him.

“What are you doing?” he asked.


Erickson placed a hand on the back of Terry’s neck and pushed him forward until his head touched the cool, wooden desk. Terry noticed that Erickson’s grade book was open. He saw his name and flinched as he saw the grade written next to it.

“I put it there for incentive. You’re not going to chicken out are you?”

Terry gritted his teeth and shook his head. No, he wasn’t going to leave. He could not afford not to go through with this. Not if he wanted to pass. Besides, he was intrigued with the professor’s obvious lust for him.

Erickson nudged the younger man’s legs apart until the muscles in Terry’s legs were well defined. He massaged the taut curves of Terry’s behind, kneading the golden buttocks. He smacked the unmarred flesh with the flat of his hand and watched it jiggle. Terry’s cock and balls swayed from the impact. “Nice…” he muttered.

He spanked Terry several more times, liking the way that Terry’s ass was starting to turn red. He pinched the aching flesh there. Terry moaned. Erickson grasped the flesh of Terry’s buttocks and parted them roughly. He stared down at the shy, pink, little rosette that was Terry’s asshole. Erickson thought that it was just begging to be fucked.

He forced Terry to place one of his knees up on the desk, giving Erickson ample room to examine the shy bud at length. Terry shuddered as he felt the professor’s finger prodding at his ass. Everything was happening so fast. He was scared out of his mind. Multitudes of what ifs ran through his mind. They halted when Erickson’s thick finger entered him. He cried out in pain and struggled to evade the thrusting intruder. Erickson restrained him by putting his hand on his neck and pressing him down against the desktop. Erickson went on and continued to violate Terry’s ass with his finger. Terry grunted as his chute got reamed none too gently. The humiliation made his eyes mist over.

How had he come to this? He was a fuck toy, an instrument to be used and discarded when it was convenient enough to do so.

Erickson pulled his finger free and immediately covered the twitching orifice with his mouth before it could close completely. Terry gasped as the professor’s tongue lapped at him. His face turned crimson as he realized what the professor was doing. He was tonguing and sucking his ass.

A small sound of embarrassment escaped Terry’s throat. Surely, Mr. Erickson could not be taking pleasure in such a shameful act!

“Mmmm…” Erickson’s moan vibrated over the nerve endings in Terry’s ass. His tongue darted past the tight muscle of Terry’s anus and tickled inside of the younger man’s sensitive passage.

A whimper came from Terry. The professor’s tongue had caused an unexpected ripple of pleasure to pass through him. The tip of his cock rubbed against the smooth surface of the desk. Erickson licked the soft stretch of skin that was between Terry’s anus and his sac. Terry cried out in pleasure. He trembled in earnest now. Another drop of precum exited the slit in his penis. Erickson pulled the throbbing cock back to his mouth and greedily sucked on the sticky liquid.

“Ooooooohhhhh….shit,” Terry heard himself say. He closed his eyes and felt tumultuous sensations running rampant through his cock. He began moving back and forth, rocking his body so that more of his cock could be lathered in the professor’s hot saliva.

“Mmmm…” Erickson continued to murmur, adding to Terry’s frustration. He returned his finger to the boy’s tempting ass and without hesitation, probed the startled bud. Terry cried out, but still kept on wiggling his ass like some horny dog in heat. Erickson tenderly bit the head of Terry’s dick and gleaned the slit of its sweet, thick emission. At the same time, he pumped his finger inside of the boy, widening him for his entry. He added güvenilir casino a second finger and grinned when Terry protested audibly.

“It has to hurt before it feels good,” he told him.

Terry relaxed and worked his cock into the older man’s throat. It felt tight and warm, like a woman’s pussy. Erickson sucked him one more time before releasing his shaft and devoting his attention to the young man’s anus. He licked and fingered the stretched orifice, keeping his flushed student on the brink of sexual madness with his ministrations.

He finally removed his fingers, positioned himself behind the panting boy, and pressed the head of his drooling cock against the pink bud. Terry visibly tensed. He was afraid. This was the decisive moment. If he allowed the professor to put his cock in his ass, his life would forever be changed.

The blunt dick pierced his quivering hole and bored through his tissue, tearing a cry from Terry’s lips. He gripped the edge of the desk and closed his eyes as a flood of tears threatened to spill free. Erickson’s dick continued to fill and fill him, until Terry was certain that it would never stop. Erickson grunted in pleasure at the feel of the young man’s virgin ass. There was nothing like it. He slid all the way in until his balls touched Terry’s balls. When he was all the way in, he caressed Terry’s smooth back and let out a sigh. Terry twitched beneath him.

“Fuck…” Erickson said in bliss. “This is so unbelievable.”

He then began to move inside of Terry. Terry groaned as his insides were pulled and pushed by the professor’s massive dick. He thought that he was about to die, so full to bursting was he. The heat that emanated from his spanked cheeks combined with the bloated heavy sensation within his ass nearly undid him. Erickson’s frantic strokes claimed him completely, leaving no area untouched. Terry thought that the man had branded his very name where no one else had dared to pass.

“I love it,” he heard himself say. “Don’t stop! Please!”

“Yeah, I knew that you’d want it, McKenna.” The professor increased his violent thrusts, driving his cock deep into Terry’s virgin backside.

Terry groaned as his cock head was crushed into the desk. His precum smeared across the varnished top. He felt Erickson’s shaft skid against his prostate. The little gland sent a thrumming sensation throughout his nether regions and Terry found himself riding the first wave of his orgasm.

He lifted his head from the desk and cried out. Heat infused every limb in his body.

Erickson slid his hands up and over Terry’s hardened nipples and pinched the tanned peaks. Terry shuddered and came all over the desk. His steamy juices dribbled over the edge and rolled down the side.

“Shit!” Erickson grunted and suddenly erupted into Terry’s firm warm ass. His thick, foamy come coated Terry’s anal tract.

Erickson gave him several more jerky thrusts before he pulled free and examined his handiwork. Rich white man nectar was oozing from Terry’s fluttering anus.

Terry squeezed his internal muscles and moaned. He was filled with cum and the sensation was that of decadent silk spilling free from his ass. He loved the feeling.

He looked over his shoulder at the professor’s slowly softening cock and blushed. He wanted to lick the man’s dick clean.

As if reading Terry’s mind, Erickson grinned and said, “We may have to continue this some other time, kid.”

“Oh, yes,” Terry said eagerly. “You did say that I would suck your cock.”

“Among other things…” Erickson said and came forward to finger Terry’s ass again.

Terry slid back on to his fingers and groaned. Erickson pulled his fingers free all too soon and swatted his horny student on his flank.

“Get dressed, McKenna. I have another class to teach in fifteen minutes.”

Terry was disappointed. He got dressed and gathered his things, watched as Erickson cleaned up his semen from the desk.


Erickson handed him a piece of paper with his address and phone number.

“Any time you need help studying McKenna or hell… a sound fucking, give me a call. I’ll take care of you.”

Terry smiled bashfully and told him, “I’ll do that.”

He left the classroom feeling wonderfully sated and not even the October chill had dimmed the warmth of his sexual escapade with Professor Erickson.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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