A Weekend in the Country Ch. 04

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I awoke Friday morning just before dawn, which is quite usual for me. My mom was lying on her side facing away from me, and I was right behind her, spooning her. The feel of her ass pressed up against my cock felt so good that I just laid there for a few minutes before getting up and going to my room to get dressed.

I went down to the kitchen and made some coffee then went out to sit on the east porch of the house and watch the sunrise. A few minutes later I heard her come down the stairs and in to the kitchen. She stepped out on to the porch, coffee in hand, and wearing that light blue night gown that had turned me on so much before we’d began to touch each other.

“You’re up early.” I said.

“I am, and good morning,” she said, as she leaned down to kiss me softly. “Do you know if that little nail salon that was a block off the town square, next to the old bank building, is still in business?” she asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but I think it is. I was by there a few weeks ago but I really didn’t pay any attention as to whether it was open or not. Why, you want to get your nails done?”

“I was thinking about it.” she replied. “I haven’t had them done in a while, not that I ever had them done that much, but I thought if that place was still in business then yeah, I’d get them done.”

“If they’re not still there, there’s one in Tilton, and it’s a regular spa. They do manicures, pedicures, facials; the works. I know they’re in business because they have an ad on the radio. So you could drive over there if the one in town has closed. ”

“I think I will; and you, what’s your plans for the day?” she asked.

“I’m heading to the north pond to take out those willows that I never got around to marking the other day.” I said winking at her. “So, as soon as I finish my coffee I’m going to grab the chains and the chainsaw and get busy before it gets too hot.”

“Well, you be careful over there.” she said as she stood up. “I’m going to get dressed and go get my nails done. Do you need anything from town?”

“No, I don’t believe I do.” I replied.

The morning sun had just popped up over the top of the hill and as she passed in front of me I could make see a perfect outline of her body and I was immediately filled with desire. I got up and followed her inside the house, my eyes glued to her shapely ass, my cock swelling. Was it always going to be like this, I thought to myself? Am I always going to feel such an intense desire to touch her, to have her touch me, or is just the newness of the situation? I’ve fucked several women in my life, some out of love and some out of lust; but I couldn’t ever recall such a deep feeling of needing to touch them. Nor could I recall such a swift physical reaction to their mere presence.

“What are you staring at?” she playfully asked as she sat her coffee cup in the sink.

“You.” I replied as I followed her to the foot of the stairs. I put my hands on her waist, “I’m looking at you and thinking about taking this nightgown off of you.” I said, as my hands slid behind her, cupping her ass and pulling her body against my fully erect cock.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as I being to kiss her neck. “That sounds like a wonderful idea, but why don’t you save that for later? How about I go to town and you go do what you’ve planned instead?”

I wasn’t disappointed, but I was frustrated, sexually that is. As I released her she said, “While you’re doing that I have something I want you to do for me.”

“Sure, what’s that?” I answered.

“When it’s safe for you to do so, and by that I mean when the trees are down and the saw is turned off, I want you to think about what you’d like to do to me tonight. Or, think about what you want me to do to you tonight.” she said as reached down and gave my cock a little squeeze through my clothing. “Now,” she continued, “I’m going up stairs and get dressed then go to town.”

As she stepped away from me I could see her hard nipples pressing against her gown, just like they were the first night I had her. She stepped back towards me, leaned forward and kissed my lips softly. “By the way,” she said in a half whisper, “just so you know, I’m very wet.” She smiled, laughed softly, patted my cheek and disappeared up the stairwell.

As I turned to leave the room I couldn’t help but laugh. I would never thought that my mom could be such tease, but it was obvious that she was, and a very good one at that, because for the rest of the day all kinds of thoughts and images flashed through my mind as I cut down the trees, limbed them out and hauled the trunks to a nearby ditch. My cock was between half and fully hard most of the day and at one point I noticed a wet spot on the front of my jeans. Doing what my mom had asked had put me in such a state of arousal that my pre-cum had soaked through my clothing. By the time I’d finished up and was heading back to the house I was so horny that the thought of ripping her clothing off and taking her the moment casino şirketleri I saw her crossed my mind. As I traveled across the field I reached a point where I could see the house and barn. Her car was parked in the drive behind mine. I pulled the tractor throttle lever down and shifted to 3rd gear.

Mom heard me coming across the field and was standing on the porch with a bundle in her hand when I pulled in to the yard and shut down the tractor. Her long, red hair was down, a beige colored blouse, unbuttoned just enough to show some of the cleavage of ample breasts, a tight little black skirt that showed just enough of her thighs to make you want to see more and a pair of heels. Mom had done a lot more than just go get her nails done!

“I’m fixing supper and you’re taking a shower.” she said, tossing the bundle at me as I stepped down off the tractor.

“What’s for…”

“Tacos” she said as she went back in the house.

I didn’t want a shower! After thinking about her all day and then seeing her dressed to kill, the last thing I wanted to do was take a shower. I wanted to fuck her and I wanted to fuck her right now!

Tossing the bundle on the ground, I took the fastest shower of my life. It was all I could do not to jack off and relieve my excitement as I lathered up and rinsed off. I reached over, grabbed the bundle and unrolled it. It turned out to be a towel, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Mom had forgotten to put underwear in the bundle, but something told me that she’d forgotten on purpose.

Supper was damn near torture for me. Mom had indeed gone to the nail salon and gotten both a manicure and pedicure. She asked me about my day and if I’d finished up doing what I’d sat out to do. As she set the table she’d lean over, giving me a perfect view down the front of her blouse. When she brought the plate and silverware over to set in front of me she leaned down far enough so that her breasts brushed my shoulder, then turned a little as she straightened back up so that her breasts lightly brushed my face. Mom was teasing me without mercy and it was working. I was dying!

“You look fantastic!” I told her as she set down and we began to eat.

“Well, thank you, son! I feel fantastic. When I was sitting the salon I thought it would be nice to get some new things, so when I got finished up there I went shopping. Do you like it?” she asked, as she stood and turned a circle.

“I do.” I replied. “I like it a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you dressed so…sexy.”

She paused and a somewhat serious look came across her face. “This may sound strange to you,” she started, “but I haven’t felt sexy in a long time. You’ve made me feel very sexy these past couple of days so I thought it might be nice to dress in a way that shows how I feel. I’m glad you like it.” she said smiling.

We finished up dinner with more small talk and it was all I could do not to stare at her and think that later in the evening I was going to make love to this woman sitting across the table from me. I didn’t see my mom sitting across from me. I saw a beautiful and sexy woman that I was going to touch.

All the bending and lifting I’d done most of the day had taken its toll on my back and the hard kitchen chair I was sitting in wasn’t doing me any favors. I pushed back from the table and stood up, “I need to go sit on the couch, mom. My back is aching and this wooden chair isn’t helping.”

“You go in and relax while I clear the table.” she said, as she arose and began gathering up the dishes.

“You need a massage,” mom said, as she entered the living room. “Stand up and show me where it hurts and I’ll rub it for you.”

I stood up and turned around, pointing to the place on my lower back.

“There?” she asked, as she began rubbing the area I’d indicated.

“Yeah, right there. Make a fist and push your knuckles in as hard as you can and kind of twist your fist.”

“Like that?” she asked.

The relief was instant. “Oh, yeah. Just like that.”

“Your shorts are kind of in the way.”

She was right, they were, so I pushed them down just a couple of inches then she resumed pressing that area.

“Better?” she asked, continuing to push and twist her fist against me.

“Yessss,” I sighed. “That feels so good!”

She moved her mouth up close to my ear, “And this?” she asked as her other hand traveled around the front of my body, slid down inside my shorts and wrapped around my cock. “Does this feel good too?” she asked, as she began slowly stroking me.

Sighing deeply I replied, “Oh yes, yes that feels wonderful, and if you keep doing that I’m going to cum soon.”

“Yeah? Then you must be very horny.” she said, while continuing to stroke me. “You must have been thinking about me like I asked you to. Did you think about me while you were working?”

“Yes, I did and I got so hot and turned on that I couldn’t wait to get finished so I could get back here and be casino firmaları with you.”

“Did you think about sucking my nipples?” she asked.


“Did you think about touching my wet pussy?”


“Did you think about licking and sucking my wet pussy?” she asked, stroking me a little faster.


“Did you think about fucking me?”

“Oh yes, mom, I did. I thought about that more than anything else.” I moaned.

“I have one more question for you.” she said, slowing her strokes. “Did you think about me sucking your cock and making you cum in my mouth?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Good.” she said, “Take off your clothes, sit down and lie back on the couch.”

I did as she instructed, waiting to see her kneel before me and take my throbbing, dripping cock in her mouth, then sliding her smooth, wet lips up and down on my shaft until bringing me to orgasm. Just the thought of feeling her take me in to her mouth was enough to almost make me cum. Instead of moving towards me, like I had anticipated, she backed away, staring straight in to my eyes.

Half whispering, “Stroke your cock.” she instructed.

I wrapped my hand around my cock and began stroking myself slowly.

“Watch.” she ordered, as her hands begin unbuttoning her blouse, one button at a time, ever so slowly. After the last button was unfastened she slowly began slipping the blouse off of her shoulders, her gaze set upon my eyes, watching me watching her. My heart skipped a beat as the blouse slid from her body, dropping to the floor and revealing a white, sheer, see through bra. Immediately my eyes were drawn to the dark area surrounding her nipples. Her hands slid sensuously down her body to the top of her skirt and began to slowly push it down past the curve of her hips. So captured by the sight of my mom stripping for me I had stopped stroking my cock. Her hands stopped pushing the skirt down.

“Stroke your cock.” she ordered again.

I began stroking myself again and as I did so, she began again to slid the skirt down her body revealing a lacy pair of sheer, see through, boy cut panties. Immediately I noticed that the triangle patch of red hair around her pussy was gone. I stared in awe, and lust, at the sight of my mom’s clean shaved cunt.

“Up here. ” she said, redirecting my gaze to her breasts. She reached back behind her and unhooked her bra, then slowly slid each strap off of her pale shoulders. Clutching the bra over her breasts she asked, “Do you like what you see?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied somewhat breathless, “I love what I see.”

“Do you want to see more?” she asked as slowly she began to lower the bra.

“Please.” is all the reply I could muster as the thought came to my mind that my mom had taken complete control of this situation. I had never felt, or acted like I was in complete control of what we had started and experienced, but I realized that whatever control I may have had, or thought I had, was completely gone. At least it was this evening.

“Down here.” she said, directing my gaze from her erect nipples back down to her panties. “Keep stroking your cock.” she said.

She began to push her panties down slowly. I wanted to tell her to take them off but the words wouldn’t come. The want, the need, the lust racing through me fragmented my thoughts to the point that the only thing I could completely focus on was her body. She continued to stare at me as I watched her pushing the panties down farther and farther until at last I had a full view of her smooth pussy.

“Watch.” is all she said as she spread her legs and slipped her hand in between them. She moved her fingers up and down her slit. “I was telling you the truth this morning when I told you I was wet; and I’m telling you the truth now when I say that I’ve been wet all day.” Then she moaned softly as she slid two of her fingers up inside her body and began sliding them in and out.

I sat up on the couch, intent on getting up and going to her.

“Sit down.” she said. “Lie back and put your hands behind your head.”

As I did so she removed her fingers from her body and walked over to me.

“Open your mouth.” she said; her fingers moving towards me, then sliding them inside my open mouth. I closed my mouth and began tonguing and sucking the wetness from her fingers. She reached down and removed my hand from my cock, then wrapped her hand around me and began stroking and squeezing me as she removed her fingers from my mouth. She slid her hand down to the base of my shaft then knelt down on the floor, leaned her head down and ran the tip of her tongue all the way up the underside of my cock. Shivers raced through my body as she massaged that sensitive area under the cock head with the tip of her tongue. She slid her tongue up over the tip of cock, pausing to lick clean the head, which was covered in my pre-cum, then slowly began taking me inside of her mouth. I closed my eyes and slid forward güvenilir casino on the couch just a little, allowing me to lie back further, and arched my back slightly. My eyes opened in surprise and something like shock when I felt her fingertips circling my nipples, which immediately became hard at her touch. She gently rubbed and squeezed my nipples while slowly moving her mouth up and down on my cock, fucking me softly with her mouth.

She slid down my cock, all the way down, then stopped moving, holding me for a few seconds in her throat, deep throating me, before slowly sliding her lips back up. Reaching the tip of my cock she let me fall from her mouth and began to kiss the lick my groin area, moving upwards one inch at a time. Taking my cock and balls with both hands she massaged me as her kisses moved up my body. She squeezed me slightly as her mouth closed over my left nipple. Her tongue caressed my nipple and her hands squeezed me. Shivers and chills tore through me as she swirled my nipple with her tongue before sucking and gently biting it. Her hands alternately massaging and squeezing me. A deep, throaty, animal like moan came from her as she sucked my nipple hard and squeezed me to the point of slight pain while sliding one of my legs in between hers and pressing her body against it; the warmth of her wetness covering my leg as she massaged her pussy against it . She released my nipple then kissed it softly before moving back far enough for our eyes to meet. What I saw rendered me breathless for a moment, for what I saw before me was a woman taken completely by desire; desire to take and to be taken, to want and to be wanted, to pleasure and want to be pleasured. A desire so strong and deep that only unbridled, uninhibited sex could satisfy.

Leaning forward she pressed her lips hard against mine, her tongue spearing inside my mouth before taking mine in hers and sucking it. Her kisses covered my mouth, my neck, and shoulders. My cock was dripping a steady stream as she squeezed and massaged both my cock and balls. Her kisses traveled up my neck then she began to lightly nibble at my ear. I shivered again at the sensation of her lips on me and the knowledge that my mom was completely overtaken with sexual want.

In a low voice that can only be described as hungry she said, “All day I have thought about sucking you tonight. I want to feel you explode in my mouth.” Then she leaned down and took all of me in her mouth.

Rubbing, squeezing, massaging my balls, she slid her warm, wet mouth up and down my shaft like a woman possessed. Reaching up with one hand she massaged and squeezed my nipples. Her long, red hair flew up and down as she rapidly stroked my cock with her mouth. An orgasm began to quickly build inside of me. All day my thoughts had been focused on having some form of sex with her. All day long the words she’d told me “I’m very wet” echoed in my head. Doing what she had asked me to do had worked, and worked well. I had been horny all damn day and nothing could satisfy that desire except her.

“Oh god, mom. I’m going to cum!” I moaned as she continued to furiously suck me.

“Damn…Oh fuck…fuck, mom…fuck…you’re going to …I’m cumming..OH FUCK, I’M CUMMING!

She pulled her head back, holding about half of my cock in her mouth and began using her tongue to lash, slash and rub that sensitive area below the cock head and squeezed my nipple hard just as that first contraction that releases the first stream of cum reached the point of being unstoppable. The pain of her squeezing my nipple heightened and intensified the beginning of my orgasm.

“FUUUUUCK!” I shouted, as the first stream of my cum flooded her mouth. I heard her choke as my cum struck the back of her throat, but she didn’t stop. Holding me in her mouth, massaging my cock with her tongue, ‘OH FUUUUCK!” I shouted as the second stream of cum flowed in to her mouth.

I wrapped my hands in her hair and pulled her forward then thrust my cock all the way inside her mouth, causing her to gag, as another stream of cum erupted from my pulsating cock. I reached down and grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing them as another, lesser spray of cum entered her. Exhausted, breathless, I laid back on the couch as the little aftershocks rippled through me. Mom held me in her mouth for a few more seconds before releasing me. She leaned back and looked up at me. The sight of my cum dripping from my mom’s mouth caused a rush of adrenaline to flow through me. There were tears glistening in the corners of her eyes, tears not caused by sadness or joy, but rather from being choked by my cum and gagged by my cock.

She stood up then spread her legs and straddled me, her extremely wet pussy resting on my softening cock. . She lay down on me as I wrapped my arms around her, aware of the feel of her nipples pressing against me.

Stroking her hair softly I said, “That was wonderful, mom.”

“It was for me too, son.” she said softly as she slowly started to move her hips, rubbing her cunt against my cock.

“Mom, um, it’s going to be a little while before I can do that.”

She laughed softly, “I know” she said, “but it still feels good. That girl you saw in Montreal, did she suck your cock like that?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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