Big Beefy Bob , I

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‘Can I ask you something?’ Bob’s voice sounded a little strange.

‘Yeah.’ I replied.

‘Why don’t you like me?’ my work colleague asked.

I blushed beet red. How the hell could I explain to this big bear of a man that far from not liking him I was crazy about him. And crazy in lust too. Whenever I thought he was wasn’t looking I would stare hungrily at that big, shapely butt of his as it stretched his faded blue jeans and bounced up and down as he walked. How many nights hadn’t I wanked myself to sleep thinking about sliding my aching cock between his warm and furry cheeks.

‘Well…’ his voice snapped me out of my day dream.

Bob, it’s not true that I don’t like you.’ I said.

‘You have a funny way of showing it.’ he replied.

I was torn. A part of me was terrified of him finding out my secret. He could make life hell for me if he took it the wrong way. I liked my job and I didn’t want to have to leave if Bob and I couldn’t get along. And yet a part of me wanted to tell him the truth. He looked so wounded and I hated the idea that he thought I hated him.

I took a deep breath. It was now or never.

‘It’s not what you think, Bob.’

‘What is it, then. Do I have BO? Or something else…’

‘It’s…it’s just that, well… I like you too much.’ I blurted out.

He looked puzzled. I was going to have to spell this out for him.

‘You see,’ I began ‘I find you very attractive and I have these strong feelings for you.’

He chuckled, softly at first, but it soon turned into a belly shaking laugh.

‘Why didn’t you say anything before?’ he asked.

‘Well not all straight guys can handle a gay guy having the hots for them.’

‘Who is straight?’

It was my turn to be puzzled. I looked over at his smiling face and watched as his ruby red lips parted slightly. The tip of his tongue darted out past his perfect, white teeth and licked his lips.

‘I don’t understand…’

‘I’m gay too,’ he said ‘ and I’ve been wanting your ass ever since the day I laid eyes on you.’

‘Why didn’t you say anything?’ I asked.

‘Well, look at me. I’m not exactly the world’s best looking guy.’

This conversation was getting ridiculous. All I ever thought about was sexing up his big, beefy body and he thought I was too bahis firmaları good for him. It was time to stop talking and time to show him how I felt. I had the storeroom keys on me, so I rattled them and told him to follow me. His eyes lit up and a blush crept across his cheeks. You could just about smell his sexual excitement and I swear I saw the beginning of a bulge in his jeans.

We snuck off into the store room and I locked the door. His arms opened wide and I fell into them. As he wrapped his beefy arms around me I could smell the fresh apple smell of his hair. My cock lurched in my pants. I licked the side of his neck and caught a hint of salty sweat. He grunted and sought out my lips and we were soon locked in our first kiss. It literally took my breath away.

His lips were so incredibly soft and his breath minty fresh. I couldn’t resist grabbing a firm hold of his muscular, meaty ass as we kissed. I kneaded his butt flesh in my hands as I pressed my eight inch throbber against his hard cock. It felt incredibly thick, though not very long. I didn’t care how big his cock was; I just wanted him.

I could have stood there and kissed him all day but time was limited and my hunger too overpowering. I dropped to my knees and pressed my face against his beer bottle thick truncheon. It felt so good as I rubbed my face up and down against the cloth of his jeans. His fingers caressed my face, gently urging me to give him what he longed for.

I opened his fly button and lowered his zipper. I pushed his jeans down to his knees and pressed my nose into the soft white cotton on his underpants. I inhaled deeply; that delicious scent of an excited hairy man filled my nostrils and sent my lust into overdrive. As I nuzzled at his crotch I stroked my hands up and down his hairy, tree trunk thighs. A very large wet spot appeared where his cock head met the fabric of his underpants. I licked at the spot, getting a delicious tang of precum on my tongue.

I spotted a small hole in the frayed cloth of his underpants. I stuck my finger through it and ripped his underpants to shreds. He was shocked but terribly excited. His thick club sprung free and almost took my eye out. Wrapping my hand around the impossibly thick base, I guided the slightly more slender cock head into my waiting mouth. He gasped kaçak iddaa as his beautiful cock made contact with the interior of my wet, warm mouth.

Using all the skills I possessed I gently nursed that fat, fleshy cock of his while I alternated stroking his thighs and kneading his beefy butt. My own cock was leaking copious amounts of precum and begging for release. I got to my feet and Bob immediately fell to his knees and undressed me. You would swear he hadn’t had a meal in over a week, the way he fell upon my cock. It was soon sunk into the back of his throat while his sexy lips brushed my pubes.

He worked my cock so expertly I knew I couldn’t last. I looked down at his face and he was lost in lust. Never had I seen a happier looking man. And then my senses started to shut down. My eyes screwed up tight as orgasm began to build.

Suddenly Bob shoved his thumb up my ass and that was it, game over. I grunted as hot jets of spunk blasted out of my cock and down his throat.

After Bob drained my balls he took me into his big, strong arms. His warm red lips closed around mine and when his tongue pushed into my mouth I got the salty-sweet, acidic aftertaste of my own cum. I slid my hands up and down his broad back, that was so deliciously smooth and in such strong contrast to his hairy chest. His hard cock, jutting into my stomach, reminded me of his hunger.

I kissed my way down his chest and belly before licking his beefy nuts. He sighed gently as I worked them over good. Sliding a hand up his thick club I found a blob of precum at the tip of his mushroom cap cockhead and smeared it around. He groaned out loud then, and I knew he needed to sink that cock into a warm hole.

I got up and pulled my cheeks apart.

‘Fuck me, big boy!’ I growled.

‘Are you sure?’


Bob stepped up to bat and I could feel his hard, warm slippery mushroom cap slide against my sphincter. It was pure bliss. He teased for a minute or two before getting down and rimming my asshole. I just about jumped out of my skin as his tongue darted into my fuck canal, lubing me up good.

My own cock was rock hard now and I started stroking it as Bob got back into position. He pushed his fat cockhead against my hole and popped in before being forced back out again. My ring protested kaçak bahis at being stretched that wide, that soon. So Bob worked his thick middle finger into me. That was much better, and soon my love knot began to relax and let his finger glide. He massaged that place inside that always gets me crazy and I had to fight back my orgasm.

‘Gimme me your cock, Bob.’ I begged.

This time he had no difficulty in entering me. That fat cock sausage pushed past my resistance and into my hungry ass. He held still for a moment and then began to gently pump in and out of me. I could feel his huge, low hanging balls slapping against me. My hand flew over my straining cock, which felt like a steel rod encased in warm satin.

I forgot time and place as I concentrated on that wonderful feeling inside my ass. I was stretched about as wide as I had ever been and I was loving it. Each and every nerve down there was alive and tingling in pure pleasure. Every now and then a little gurgle would escape from Bob’s lips and I realized that he was enjoying this horny fuck every bit as much as I was.

Bob’s breathing got louder and louder as he delighted in the warmth of my ass. I clamped down on his cock, over and over, and drove him crazy. He switched gears and really started rabbitting that thick spear into my ass. The only resistance he met was when I gripped his cock with my assring, squeezing tight before letting go. A bead of his sweat plopped onto my back. His balls were all sweaty and clammy now, and I could feel my own sweat dripping off my body.

Bob reached under me and tweaked my nipples.

‘Oooh yes.’ I screamed.

That encouraged him and he really started working them over now, crushing them hard and driving me wild. And then he slapped my ass, really hard. It was a bit of a shock at first, but it did something amazing to me. It was if he had touched a raw nerve that was directly connected to my asshole and my cock.

I pushed back against him as my orgasm coursed through my body. Another heavy volley of scalding cock juice shot out of my cock and I bellowed the place down. Bob let loose then as he gave one final, savage thrust into my ass. His cries drowned out my own as he flooded my fuck canal with his pent up sex bear juice.

Suddenly there was a pounding on the storeroom door.

‘What the fuck are you guys doing in there?’ our boss’ voice boomed through the door.

We both grinned. We had lost our jobs, but we had found each other.

Copyright 2003 Daniel Blue

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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