Bi-Brad Ch. 02

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The knock on the door had to be Tom. We both liked girls, but after that drunken same-sex experience with each other in college we seemed to be hooked. The past three years of man-sex was intense, but I think I was more committed than Tom. Well, at least up until today.

I work so hard, I usually don’t have time for much of a relationship and women tend to need that time. So, since I’m attracted to guys too, Tom always provided the sexual release I needed.

Tom, on the other hand, had developed a relationship with some girl and our sex had been less frequent. I was just a fuck on the side for him now, I think. Which was okay. He needed a lot of sex and variety while I didn’t really have the time for much more.

Since our sex was less frequent, he suggested I find me a woman as well. A suggestion I disregarded until just a few hours earlier when Jill, a female colleague practically attacked me at work. So I fucked her. I think she just wanted to see what it was like with what she thought was a gay guy to combat the fear she had of settling down with her fiancé to be.

It was a quick, wild fuck. I could get used to a woman like that. So if Tom stopped showing up as much, maybe I would start liking women more again, starting with Jill.

I opened the door. Even though I ran every day and lifted weights to stay in top form, Tom seemed to have me beat. Sure I had a muscular chest, biceps, flat abdomen and toned thighs; but Tom’s chest and arms rippled through his shirt and where my stomach was flat, his was a washboard and though my thighs are firm and toned, you could almost see the definition of each muscle through his pants.

He stepped inside and as soon as the door closed he wasted no time. His lips closed onto mine and our tongues instinctively sought out its mate. They then circled and entwined in an erotic dance.

His hands groped for my ass as I wrapped my arms over his shoulders.

“What, no foreplay?” I asked in between kisses.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you all day.” He said.

“Well, here I am. Let me light a candle or something.”

Tom broke off our kiss long enough to start stripping off his clothes. “No time. We’ve got reservations to eat tonight.”


“Soon. Let’s fuck first. I’ve got to have you.”

I had no problem with a fuck. I started stripping off my clothes as well and we groped and kissed all the way to my bedroom. By the time we made it to the bed, we were two naked men with only flesh and muscle between us.

Our dicks bobbed in front of us. I crawled on the bed and heard Tom open a drawer where the lube was kept. I was still on the edge of the bed on my hands and knees when I heard him flip the tube open then his deep voice.

“Hold it, Brad. That’s just how I imagined you, all day.” He said.

I was on my hands and knees, just barely on the bed. I froze there with my ass facing Tom. I sensed him kneeling behind me. My dick twitched and my balls tingled with anticipation as he parted the cheeks of my ass and planted a kiss on my asshole, which I kept shaven just for him. Well, he kept his shaven likewise. It was incredibly personal and sexy.

Tom lubed a finger then replaced his tongue, which was now encircling the rim of my ass with his finger. I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of it sliding into me. Tom finger fucked my ass a few moments and I spread my knees further apart to give him more access.

But when he withdrew his finger and I heard lube squirt onto his dick, I rocked even more forward on my knees and leaned onto canlı bahis şirketleri my elbows with my ass high in the air at the edge of the bed. I heard a squishing sound as he lubed the shaft of his dick. I closed my eyes and could see his dick from memory as I listened to those erotic sounds of what was about to come.

Tom was the same eight-inch length that I was. He liked it well lubed so by the time he finished, it would be glistening. When the sound stopped, I sensed movement behind me. I steadied my knees and breathed deeply. My balls tingled and my heart beat a little faster.

Then I felt him. His left hand rested on my left hip. Then the soft flesh from the head of his dick pushed it’s way between the cheeks of my ass and parted them gently. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down the crack of my ass; partly to tease me; partly to center it on my asshole.

“You want me, Brad?” he asked. His voice was lower now, sensual; more sensual than you would expect from a man. And that’s part of what I loved about sex with two men.

For some reason, men don’t try to be macho or feminine even, when making love to another man. They just do what feels right. Or at least, that’s how it is with us. When don’t try to be something else in bed. We give up our bodies and our egos.

“Yes.” My ass twitched.

“You really want me?” He rubbed that glistening phalanx against my quivering hole.

“Fuck me, Tom.”

He rubbed it some more. I heard him moan as he pressed his flesh against me. I tried to spread my knees further apart.

“Damn, your ass feels good, Brad. You’re so warm.”

“You want me. Don’t you Tom?”

“Yes.” His voice was low. It quivered.

“You’ve wanted to fuck me all day, haven’t you?” I said rubbing my ass against his dick. His left hand squeezed my hip.

“Yes.” He moaned.

“Then fuck me, Tom. I want your big dick inside me. Fuck me.”

Tom steadied himself with his left hand. I felt him center the tip of his dick against my puckered ass, which was now tingling to the point it was numb. He pushed against the puckered folds of my flesh as I relaxed, allowing the head of his dick to slip smoothly within me.

The feeling will never grow old. As he entered me, it was like a shift occurred in space and time. Immediately, we became one flesh, a warm fullness sweep over me and my chest burned with desire.

Deeper Tom glided into me. Soon his right hand rested on my right hip as he guided himself farther within the depths of my bottom. The fullness within me grew. My dick twitched and I exhaled slowly.

As soon as I accepted him fully, he slowly withdrew his dick, but not completely. When the rim of his dickhead neared the entrance to my ass he reversed the movement and rocked his hips forward again. Each withdrawal motion caused me to feel empty and long for him to plunge back deeper inside.

Slowly, he repeated the motion. Soon the longing for him to remain inside caused me to involuntarily rock my ass onto his dick. I rocked my hips back and forth in unison to the motion of his dick. We were fucking.

I lost all sense of time. Tom fucked me slowly at first, but gradually the pace quickened. My balls now tingled and my dick was sensitive as it bobbed below us. I could hear Tom groan with pleasure as we fucked.

The sounds of flesh meeting flesh filled the bedroom. The groans sounded more like animals than humans. I knew if I touched my dick, I would explode.

“Brad, I’m going to cum.” Tom said as he squeezed my hips firmly.

“Cum canlı kaçak iddaa in me Tom.”

“I’m going to cum.” He fucked me harder. His dick now glided in and out of my ass like a piston. My dick twitched and the shaft ached. My balls rocked gently back and forth. I raised up on all fours to brace myself, so that I could push my ass back onto his dick and drain it of his cum.

“Fuck me, Tom. Damn your dick feels good.”

“I’m cumming Brad. Oh, shit….I’m cumming….Ahhh….”

Tom began to jerk spasmodically within me. And although some would think it takes some sort of subservience to allow a man to fuck you in the ass, on the contrary, it is at that moment that I felt a great sense of power.

I took great pleasure in knowing I could have this effect on my lover. He was in my complete control at this point, in fact, he had lost total control over his own body. He was under my spell and my body made him writhe and cum in throes of uncontrollable ecstasy. And this desire would burn within him until we fucked again.

The warmth of his cum splashed inside me. I could feel every twitch of his dick. His body jerked with my ass impaled on his shaft squeezing every drop of cum from him. But I too couldn’t hold back anymore.

When Tom’s grunts turned to sighs, I leaned forward until his dick popped from the rim of my ass. I flipped over onto my back and began jacking myself off in full view of Tom still holding his glistening dick and standing over me at the edge of the bed.

For some reason, it was then that I felt vulnerable and no longer in control. Tom had now come back to his full faculties and it was now I who not only was helpless as my orgasm began to build, but I was masturbating in front of my lover, unashamed and unable to stop.

Tom’s cum was about to leak from my ass when it suddenly clenched tightly. I lifted my hips upward and saw a smile spread across Tom’s face as he enjoyed the show. My balls pulled up tight. The shaft of my dick twitched, then my body stiffened. Suddenly, my skin became super-sensitive. My thighs trembled and I shuddered briefly.

“I’m cumming Tom. Oh, I’m cumming….” I tried to scream it again but the words caught in my throat.

“Cum for me, Brad.” I heard Tom say before he bent over and licked a drop of cum that leaked from my ass.

As soon as his tongue touched my ass, white globs of cum spurted from my dick. But by the time the first glob landed on my stomach, Tom lifted his head from my ass and clamped his mouth over the head of my dick as I pumped the remainder of my sticky load down his throat.

Tom sucked and swallowed as stream after stream burned through my shaft. I continued to jack off as Tom sucked.

When my head cleared Tom collapsed on top of me and we kissed. His tongue was still sticky from our cum.

We didn’t lay there long, however. Tom pulled me up and we quickly showered and headed for the restaurant.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked as we settled at a table.

“There’s someone I want you to meet. Don’t be mad. I just thought it would be better if you met her officially. I figured it was better this way.” He said.

“Oh, no Tom. Not your new girlfriend.”

“Hey. She’s not new. We’ve been together for six months and I’ve kind of been pressing her to marry me. She’s fabulous.”

“Marry her? Does she know about us? Does she know you fuck a guy on occasion?”

“Of course, not. I’ll figure that out later. I may not even tell her. I haven’t decided yet. For now, I just wanted you to meet her. canlı kaçak bahis Oh, don’t look, here she comes.” “Hi Tom. Sorry I’m late.” I sipped my drink but the sound of the sultry, female voice caused the liquid to go down the wrong way. I coughed briefly as I caught Tom and the woman embracing out of the corner of my eye.

I stood. She smiled. I smiled. I coughed again then cleared my throat then extended my hand.

“Jill this is Brad. Brad, Jill.” Tom said.

“Hi.” I said.

I can only guess what Jill was thinking. I know my mind was reeling and Tom had no clue. Jill was a cool customer though; she didn’t miss a beat. With the exception of a brief pause when she extended her hand, you’d think we never knew each other.

We ordered. There was the usual small talk. Tom introduced me as his best friend. Jill kept eyeing me and I kept eyeing her when Tom wasn’t looking. She had changed clothes since she and I fucked earlier and I must admit, she was stunning.

No longer in her usual business outfit, she wore a black dress, form fitting and boy did she have the form to fill it. Her legs looked even sexier than when I lay between them just hours earlier, eating that beautiful pussy of hers. I wondered if she had made her decision on whether to marry her boyfriend. At least, now I knew whom that boyfriend was.

Apparently, she had questions as well and she found a way to ask them. Just as the waiter was setting out our food, she looked at me, and then knocked over a glass of water directly onto Tom’s lap. Tom grabbed a napkin and began drying himself.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. Why don’t you go to the men’s room and use the hand dry on that.” She said.

Tom agreed and headed for the men’s room. Before he even arrived, Jill’s face turned serious.

“What the hell is this all about?” she said.

“Jill, I didn’t know you were his girlfriend. Honest. It’s a surprise to me too.”

“Surprise. You think I’m concerned about a quick office fuck. Is he your boyfriend? The guy you tell me you fuck.”

“Jill, I…”

“It is. You’re fucking him. That’s just great. And I was the one worried about settling down.”

“It’s more like, friends with benefits is all. You know, I told you at work my sex life has dropped off since you came along.”

“Your saying he’s just fucking me more than you now. That’s supposed to make me feel better?”

“Jill. You’re the one that was worried about settling down, you know…worried about fucking just one guy the rest of your life. Remember?”

Jill’s eyes shifted. She spotted Tom returning.

“If it’s any consolation Jill. The fuck today was the most incredible fuck I’ve ever had with a woman. Hell, I think I like women again. How about…” I couldn’t finish the sentence. Tom sat down.

“Did I miss anything?” Tom asked.

“Oh no honey. Brad here was just asking me how I liked my meat.” She said.

“It looks good.” Tom said picking up a fork.

“He was telling me he liked meat as much as I do. ” She pierced her fork into her food lightly then slowly ate it in a sultry fashion.

“Yea, Tom. I was wondering if she liked her meat.” I said.

“I like my meat. I had meat this afternoon and you know what? It was fantastic.” Jill said. She pierced a piece of steak on Tom’s plate.

“Tom. I like your meat.” She said. She then pierced a piece of steak on my plate then ate it too.

“What are you doing?” Tom asked.

“And you know, Tom? I’ve decided. I like Brad’s meat too.” Jill said.

I rubbed my eyes.

“Is there something I need to know?” Tom asked.

“We need to talk.” Jill said.

“I tell you what, why don’t I catch a cab back to my apartment and leave you two alone for a bit.” I said.

It looked like a good time to leave. So I did.

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